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"GAMES FOR FREE? IT'S POSSIBLE! Join Gamekit and earn FREE gaming gift cards for playing games!"

Gamekit is a Polish digital distribut website where players can get gifts from playing various games. It is a gaming reward platform where gift cards and discounts can be obtained every time a player plays games and completes quests. The makers consider it the biggest platform of its kind in the world, with over 15 million users. From MMO games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Overwatch, and other mobile games, the quests range from reaching level 10 in a mobile game after downloading it via their services, to performing another task and uploading a picture of the same thing in a PC game with precise information.


Gamekit's services provide examples of:

  • Anti-Grinding: The website's terms of use state that users are not allowed to use multiple user accounts created over the same internet connection, this includes those made by family members.
    • Copy Protection: The terms of use also mention that users may need to enter personal information to ensure that the person is legit, for various safety percussions.

Games with quests offered by Gamekit:

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