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For a potential trimming of the Main/ namespace page by division by game engine and some genres. It'll likely stay for games which can't be put elsewhere, like ones that don't use a specific engine, frameworks, or plugin-enabled content.

Done folders: 4X Games, Action Games, Action Adventure, Adventure Games, Card Games, Detective Games, Endless Running Games, Escape the Room, Fighting Games, Launcher Games, Platforming Games, Quiz Games, Racing Games, Roguelikes, Rhythm Games, Stealth Games, Strategy Games, Virtual World Games.


Web games are Exactly What It Says on the Tin — video games which are meant to be played online.

1996-2001: early era, Flash mainly as an interactive animation

2001-2012: Web games as a casual gaming platform, second generation MMORPG, hosting sites like Newgrounds and Kongregate and etc

2012-2020: Decline, death of Flash, rise of HTML and Unity, something about .io Game and ports to Itch io

Nowadays, many games can be found on archiving sites or providers like Flashpoint. The indie scene is still active on sites like Newgrounds and the Idle Game genre is very strong, with The Modding Tree and its successor Profectus seeing wider adoption each day.


Pages where web games may already be indexed:

Games needing to be indexed by engine and/or genre:

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