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A genre of video game that is essentially an electronic Collectible Card Game. It may be an exact conversion of a real-world game, or it may be something entirely new. If it's a new game, there will probably be rules and game mechanics that wouldn't be possible in a real-world game. If the game has a plot, of course, you can expect the card game to be Serious Business, maybe even not being considered a "game" despite the obvious rules workings.


To simulate real Collectible Card Games, you'll have to get cards randomly rather than choosing the ones you want (though in real life, you can usually find single cards in game stores), either by receiving them after battles or by buying booster packs at an in-game shop.

A Sister Trope to Fight Like a Card Player.


Games with Card Battle elements:

  • 7th Legion, a 1997 RTS that uses cards to boost units.
  • Age of Ishtaria is an RPG with characters represented as cards.
  • Anti-Idle: The Game has one of these in the form of the TukkunFCG mode.
  • Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt is a shooting game with characters represented as cards.
  • EA Sports' FIFA and Madden NFL series have a mode called Ultimate Team, in which players manage a team using virtual trading cards.
  • Divine Girls is a strategy game with characters represented as cards.
  • Dungeon Trackers is an RPG with characters represented as cards.
  • Elemental Wings is a Vertical Scrolling Shooter, with characters represented as cards that can be upgraded.
  • Fantasica is a tower defense game where units are represented as cards.
  • Final Fantasy VIII. Due to balance issues with the game's level scaling system, gaming the Triple Triad card battle mini-game and junction system while keeping your characters low-level is often the preferred playstyle.
  • Game of Dice is a Monopoly clone with abilities represented as cards.
  • Girls X Battle (Sexy Academy, Ninja Girls: Moe Moe Moe) is an RPG with characters represented as cards.
  • Hero Manager is an idle RPG with characters represented as cards.
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has a new mode called "Heroes and Heralds" in which there are multiple collectible cards that can be used in normal gameplay; they add many kinds of Status Buff such as speed boost, super armor, new combo strings, and many more.
  • Monster Avenue has a board game layout with card collecting.
  • Rise of Mythos is a strategy game with characters represented as cards.
  • Soccer Spirits is a Captain Tsubasa-style soccer simulator, with characters represented by cards that battle each other.
  • Soul Guardians is an action RPG with character abilities represented as cards.
  • Soul Rage is a Vertical Scrolling Shooter with ability cards.
  • Spirit Stones is a tile matching game with characters represented as cards.
  • Summoners War is an RPG with monsters represented as cards.
  • Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden has as bonus mode that tries to distill the classic Turn-Based Strategy formula into Card Battle Game. It doesn't work all that well, since it requires cards with amounts of text that would be impossible in real life and rolling huge numbers of dice to determine damage, but it's still a good Guilty Pleasure.
  • Sword of Chaos is a 3D action game where cards are used for minor upgrades.
  • Tale Seeker is a tile matching game with characters represented as cards.
  • Xenosaga had a complete card game called "Xeno Card" as a minigame. Unlike other role playing game card games (such as Triple Triad and Tetra Master), Xeno Card was a complete Card Battle Game, complete with boosters, rarity, card types, stack rules, phases, and such.