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"Fantasy Soccer that's out of this world!
Build the soccer team of your dreams using players with fantastic art and unique skills.
Become the best soccer manager in the universe in this CCG that's unlike any other!"
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Soccer Spirits is a free-to-play Mobile Phone Game where Fantasy characters are pitted against each other in war to be settled by playing Soccer. It was made by Korean game developers, Com2US and Bigball, in early 2014. A global release followed back in June 2014.

Long ago, many different planets fought each other in conflicts that exploded into a Great Intergalatic War. As the wars were fought, all the negative feelings like sorrow and pain were spread into the universe, and gave birth to a being of pure evil that transcends time and space called Veramod. As his power grew, the universe became barren, and the wars for resources became even more fierce, creating a vicious cycle that increased Veramod's influence and power and threatening all life. To oppose him, a Guardian made of pure light called Selena searched the galaxy for a way to turn these conflicts into something that caused no hurt, and found the answer in a underdeveloped and insignificant planet called Earth. The answer, of course, was soccer, and a tournament was created to solve all of the intergalactic disputes: The Galaxy League.


Now, in the near future, Earth is back to its old peaceful self, unaware of the happenings in the rest of the universe, but the other planets fell into unrest as rumors of Veramod's return are spreading and Selena is nowhere to be found. The remaining lesser Gatekeepers of the universe were tasked to find a hero in Earth and have him join the Galaxy League. This hero is Sam, an Ordinary High-School Student of Gale High, which is then sent to travel the galaxy in search of strong companions to fight in the next Galaxy League and stop Veramod. However, another heroine called Noa was chosen by a mysterious girl known as Eve, which seems to have her own agenda...

Each team is formed by 10 players, and the field is separated into three sections: Front, Middle, and Back. Victory is decided on who can successfully shoot the ball first into the goal, after going through all their defenses.



  • Artificial Stupidity: The AI for the game is practically notorious for misusing the team you have if you don't make a team that makes sense to it, especially for those who don't know how the AI works and build teams poorly. A pain to handle because Galaxy League requires you to use it.
  • Androids Are People, Too: The Metro City Team under Thunder element are a collection of humans augmented into 'neo-humans' and outright androids.
  • Awesome, but Impractical:
    • Due to the large variety of characters and their skills, some characters may fall into this category.
    • Strikers who used up 1.5 spirit (used to be 2 spirit) to use their shoot skill are considered this. Unless you run a Spirit generating team.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: Unfortunately suffers this due to poor translation issues. Often calling the obvious women with the 'he' pronoun.
  • Boring, but Practical:
    • Some passive skills on teams are amazing when utilized correctly.
    • Coexistence. New people may not tend to value this passive, but when used with high action speed and speed debuffs on enemies, it's basically a fast heal.
  • Bowdlerize: Several characters were redesigned to be less Ecchi to fit in with Korean decency laws.
  • Captain Ersatz: William is frequently pointed out to look like a buff Sasuke, Dale looks like Kamui, Igrit looks like a fanservicy Mikasa especially after evo, et cetera.
  • Character Class System: Each character type, separate from their element, is subdivided according to their use and how the AI will use them.
    • Striker: Responsible for shooting the ball at the goalkeeper, dealing large amounts of damage. Their active skill shoots the ball and buffs offensive stats such as critical rate, critical damage, and overall attack power.
    • Assist: Units with high technique and speed stats that are responsible for buffing certain players. Their active skill passes the ball to a selected player (either within the same line or ahead depending on the unit), giving their target another turn and buffs two of their offensive stats such as critical damage, critical rate, penetration, or recovers spirit. Increasing an assist's technique stat will boost the effectiveness of the buffs they provide.
    • Defender: Units with high HP, defense, and technique that serve to mitigate damage to the goalkeeper and to steal the ball from attackers with their active skill. Steals buff stats such as damage resistance, reflex or attack power in order to steal the ball, or apply debuffs the ball holder.
    • Goalkeeper: The team's final line of defense. Upon depleting a goalkeeper's health with a shot, the game is won. Goalkeepers typically have the highest HP and defense stats that are further buffed with blocking or power-up active skills.
    • Attacker: Units with high power and HP stats. At least one is found in the mid and back lines where they are used to deal large amounts of damage to opposing players. Their penetration active skills increase their attack power, penetration, and damage resistance in order to quickly punch a hole in an opponent's defense.
    • Leader: A class of varying specialties from the above, but are known for their team-wide active skills. Healers and Team Wide buffs are usually from this class of players.
  • Combat Stilettos:
    • Karin (E & EE), Yumi, Blade, Sharr, Rosette ("Impossibly ruthless, she likes to see people squashed under her feet. Many have challenged her to battle, but all have died at the ground under her feet.").
    • Dale also has a nice heels thing going on with his boots.
  • Disc-One Nuke: Legendary players, the rarest players to draw, have significantly higher stats and superior skill effects even when compared to 5-star players. You also get one for free at level 30 and likely won't consider benching them for another 50.
  • Dungeon Bypass: Uniquely for a leader, Jean's active skill shoots the ball through the opposing line and directly at the enemy goalkeeper.
  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: The game has elements corresponding to different specializations and races. Being strong against an element means that additional damage will be dealt, indicated in-game as 'Attribute Bonus!'.
    • Ardor: Normal human beings, albeit talented soccer players. Some have superhuman abilities (ex. Bora), but are generally normal people. Weak to Dark, Strong against Whirlwind.
    • Whirlwind: The faeries and nature spirits. They are usually animal-themed. Weak to Ardor, Strong against Thunder.
    • Thunder: The artificial humanoids. Androids and machines are prevalent here. Weak to Whirlwind, Strong against Light.
    • Light: Angels and holy beings. Weak to Thunder, Strong against Dark.
    • Dark: Demons and hellspawn. Weak to Light, Strong against Ardor.
  • Excuse Plot: There is a "Story Mode" in this game, however, there is no actual 'story' besides that of the character bios and the first 10 minutes of gameplay. The Story Mode itself is just a series of matches with ominous names as titles, with no narration or plot whatsoever. This is no longer the case as of the season 2 update, as various story mode matches up to Chapter Seven now include cutscenes further explaining the plot.
  • Fanservice: Every female and male in the game. This game runs on this trope.
  • Pervert Revenge Mode: If the player touches Althema's bust while she's in her bikini, she threatens to turn them into a frog.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: In Episode 1, Sage appears with pink hair, pink sleeves, and pink shoes. Yuna responds with, "Oh my!"