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The first video game adaption of Captain Tsubasa was made by Tecmo for Nintendo Famicom in 1988. The game adapts the second part of the original Manga, as the titular Tsubasa Ozora leads his Nankatsu Middle School's soccer club through a National Tournament against Hyuga Kojiro's Toho FC, toward the finale of U-16 World Cup division in France against West Germany Youth Jr. The American adaptation of the game is made in 1992 under the name Tecmo Cup: Soccer Game, which was heavily altered and censored because of an Americanization policy.

The game is known for its innovation of "Soccer RPG" or "Soccer Simulation" genre where a match is played in cinematic nature, as you input commands via menus for the players to do several actions then watch the outcomes. Winning a match levels up your team and lets you proceed to another match. Losing results in either rewinding into playing with the previous team or replay the same match with your team slightly leveled up. The game was positively reviewed, though in 1990, the sequel Captain Tsubasa Vol.II: Super Striker was released only in Japan, and was considered a huge improvement in the previous game, with heavily improved gameplay and pace as well as its own Alternate Universe story line that depicts its own version of the World Youth arc of the manga back when the manga only existed in loose concepts of characters and plot. Captain Tsubasa 2 was a huge Cult Classic among fans, and Tecmo spanned six more games toward the end of 1994.

In 1995, Bandai was given the rights to make two games based on Captain Tsubasa J, but ended up with horrible quality. On the other hand, Konami established several of its own games based on the manga with better quality, albeit with mixed opinions among each game. Throughout the 2000s, several games were created to cover the original manga, Road to 2002, and the Golden 23 arc. The next Captain Tsubsasa game was a Japanese web social game called Captain Tsubasa - Tsukurou Dream Team in 2011, using the basic concept of Tecmo's system with the ability to customize your team to compete with other users online, or participate in a single player campaign mode.

The list of Tecmo's Captain Tsuabasa video games including:

  • Captain Tsubasa (1988 - Famicom) / Tecmo Cup: Soccer Game (1992 - NES)
  • Captain Tsubasa Vol.II: Super Striker (1990 - Famicom)
  • Captain Tsubasa III: Koutei no Chousen (1992 - Super Famicom)
  • Captain Tsubasa VS (1992- Game Boy)
  • Captain Tsubasa IV: Pro no Rival Tachi (1993 - Super Famicom)
  • Tecmo Cup: Football Game (1993 - Sega Genesis)
  • Captain Tsubasa (1994 - Mega CD)
  • Captain Tsubasa V: Hasha no Shōgō Campione (1994 - Super Famicom)

The list of Bandai's Captain Tsuabasa video games including:

The list of Konami's Captain Tsuabasa video games including:

The list of other Captain Tsubasa video games including:

  • Captain Tsubasa: Jikkyo Typing (2003 - PC)
  • Captain Tsubasa Mini-game (Mobile)
  • Captain Tsubasa: Golden-23-Asia Gekito Hen (Mobile)
  • Captain Tsubasa: Nankatsu vs. Toho (Mobile)
  • Captain Tsubasa - Tsukurou Dream Team (2011)
  • Captain Tsubasa - Dream Team (Android and iOS) (2017)

Touhou Project fandom also made an Affectionate Parody video game based on Captain Tsubasa 2, entitled: Touhou Soccer Moushuuden on PC.

Tecmo's Captain Tsubasa video game series contains examples of the following tropes:

  • The Ace: Team captains have a lot better stats than regular players.
  • Achilles' Heel: Meao is weak against air balls, leading Tsubasa into developing Drive Overhead Shoot.
    • Ramcane in 3, who has the highest stats among all keepers in the game, but has low stamina. See 11th-Hour Superpower below.
  • Artificial Stupidity: Easier opponent teams will refuse to shoot even when it's the best chance to score; instead, they will play around by passing and throughing, allowing your players to try to intercept the ball.
  • Alternate Universe: Subverted on the first game which was according to the manga. However played straight from CT 2 onwards.
    • However in the Sega version, the Konami version, the Bandai ones and Dream Team this goes according to the manga.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Cyclone costs 400 Guts, and heavily injures Tsubasa's leg in 3.
    • Subverted initially, but later played straight with Wakashimazu's Abisegeri. In the 3rd and 4th game is a very powerful technique that can save a lot of ocassions, however on the 5th game this technique is dangerous.
    • Some Punches techniques in Captain Tsubasa Dream Team. Despite they are cheaper and more effective, the chance to end to the opponent is very high.
  • Badass Boast: Schneider in 3 boasts of his team members being top ranked at the kickoff against Germany Youth... then he blasts you with his Neo-Fire Shoot.
    • In Dream Team this is used when is about to start the Full Power Mode.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: Ishizaki and Yoko Katagiri
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: An incompleted Captain Tsubasa V's patch "Boy's Soccer Team 5" has an incredibly amount of Engrish, mistakes Misugi for Misaki, and calls Shun Nitta "Shinta".
  • Boring, but Practical, one-two passes combinations, particularly Tsubasa-Misaki's Golden Combi and Tachibana Bros' Gemini Attack. They can be exectute from anwhere (in opposed to normal 1-2s that require two players close to each other) and cost low guts, allowing you sip pass the opponent's lines easily.
    • Passes are on the same boat too. They are not good looking, but they are effective. The only exceptions are the Drive Pass on Captain Tsubasa 3 and 4 and the Tiger Pass on 5 since both can send to fly the opponents.
  • Butt-Monkey: Morisaki is this to the memetic level, because his stat is so poor he can hardly catch anything.
    • Averted sightly on Captain Tsubasa from Sega CD where he actually can stop regular shots and some weak special shots, however he can't stop any special shots from the main characters.
    • Doleman suffers from this in Dream Team,he is often listed as one of the worst keepers in the game and he is helpless without his duth partners.
  • Can't Catch Up: While regular players do have chances against the opponents, those chances wear thinner and thinner as the difficukty increase and starts telling you only a few key players can score effectively.
    • Wakashimazu suffers from this on Captain Tsubasa V.
    • It get worse on Captain Tsubasa Dream Team.
  • Chilly Reception: Pro leagues don't accept Japanese players so easily. The same applies to the rest of the asians.
  • Combat Commentator: Or in this case, a Soccer Commentator, who is totally biased against your team.
  • Critical Hit Class: Wakabayashi, since he doesn't have a special save, he has high critical rate instead.
    • Actually before Captain Tsubasa V there is a chance (which seems 5%) where any player can do an critical move like: dribble, pass, shot, head shot, volley shot, tackle or block and is being notified. In Captain Tsubasa V it got lowered even more (seems to be only 3%), but shows impressive animations and even better stats boost (while previously a critical shot can be as strong as a Banana Shot, in Captain Tsubasa V is as strong as a Drive Shot).
    • In Captain Tsubasa Dream Team it might be classified into 3 kind of Critical hits: silver, gold and rainbow which gives different boosts.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: AI has infinite Guts
    • Computer gets a lot of luck when attacking and easily get the ball you punched away quickly. Sometimes, CPU will keep spamming attacks until it eventually score.
    • The CPU is also willing to abuse the "no offside" rule. If your team is far up, it may pass the ball toward the striker in the position no one in your team can catch up with.
    • However this is inverted in Captain Tsubasa V: the CPU team does consume guts, but at 50% of the real cost. Also the player can now use the offside trap against the CPU team, so you can tire them and score them easier. However that doesn't work well with some character like Scheneider, Alexion or Arantes since their stats are high enough to screw the team way more than the others.
  • Cultural Translation: The two Tecmo Cup games.
  • Cute Sports Club Manager: Katagiri's younger sister Youko.
  • 11th-Hour Superpower: Musashi FC's Misugi plays only in the second half, though he's powerful enough to makes things even worse for you.
    • Same goes with Brazil Youth's Coimbra.
    • Inverted to the hell with Ramcane from Belgium in Captain Tsubasa III. He becames so weak that even Morisaki has better stats than him!
    • In Captain Tsubasa Dream Team there are some excellent players like Cha Incheon from South Korea which have excellent techniques, but consumes so much that they are only recommended to use by 2nd time or the suplementary time.
  • Expy: Tecmo Cup games have cast which reflects the original cast.
  • Evil Costume Switch: Like in the manga, Roberto wears black eyeglasses when he manages the Brazilian Youth team.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Nitta in 5
  • Fast Ball Special: Aside from the Tachibana Bros, China Youth have the Li Brothers that can do powerful air shot in a similar acrobatic fashion.
    • The Mexican team from the Captain Tsubasa Dream Team has similar techniques.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Captain Tsubasa VS takes place during the childhood arc, but somehow you get to play the World Cup, and even against the international all star team at the end of the game.
  • Glass Cannon: While Misugi's one of the better players, his gut consumes is also higher, and it simply drops to 0 after awhile.
    • It applies to some players like Cha Incheon on Captain Tsubasa Dream Team.
  • Harder Than Hard: By the 2's midgame, Sao Paolo FC is pit against All Japan Youth. Sao Paolo has only Tsubasa, while Japan are made of every best player of Japan except Wakabayashi.
    • Taken to a literal extreme in the match between Sao Paulo vs Milan in Captain Tsubasa IV, scenario 2. Only 2 players can beat the GK (Tsubasa and Ishizaki), while the rest of the team, including the defense can beat your GK!
      • This is averted on scenario 3 since you have Stratto too and since his shot is strong enough to defeat the GK, this is easier to win. Still, both are considered the hardest matches from Captain Tsubasa history.
    • And this just get worse in the Bonus Match against Canarias Stars from CT 5.
    • In Captain Tsubasa Dream Team there is the Extreme difficulty that makes the rest like a child play. The Hidden Abilities and the EX stages are even harder.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: Dreams FC vs Hamburg in Tecmo Cup: Football Game. You can't really do much because you're underleveled.
  • Married to the Job: The main angst involving Sanae is that, unlike in Road to 2002 manga, Tsubasa leaves her behind in Japan while he continues playing soccer in Brazil and Italy. (Though this is taken from the original manga, when Tsubasa left after graduating from junior high.)
  • Nintendo Hard: Nearly ALL the games from the series are really infamous for this. The difficulty spike is so big that most of the matches after the 1st one will be harder than expected.
  • Overrated And Under Leveled: Wakabayashi. While his stats are indeed better than Wakashimazu, the difficulty and his gameplay style which relies on critical catches make him somewhat less reliable during the middle of the game, when Wakashimazu's Sankoku Tobi is still an effective method to catch things.
    • By the time he is the preferred keeper in the last portion of the game, Wakabayashi tends to get overwhelmed by powerful shots to the point a player have to rely more on punching, and even then an unlucky shoot made by a Mook may get pass him. So much for the SGGK.
      • However this is inverted in Captain Tsubasa V where Wakashimazu is really weaker than Wakabayashi in most of the ocassions and even Wakabayashi can stop the Star Boost from Alexion. And to make it better he can stop ALL THE SHOTS outside the Penalty area!!!
  • Recurring Character: Gil and Renato stay with Sao Paolo in every game the team present.
    • Even more, Gil is the best attacker on their team (and one of the best overall) in Captain Tsubasa V if we don't consider the special techniques, beating even Nitta!!!. However Renato... is more like Morisaki by that moment.
  • Those Two Guys: Doutor and Amaral, the featureless defenders in your team who actually become the members of the Final Boss squad.
    • Sadly they didn't managed to appear in Captain Tsubasa V.
  • SNK Boss: Milan Team from Captain Tsubasa IV Scenario II. The WHOLE Team is extremely strong, they have 2 players with unstopable special shots (Stratto and Pipin) and the rest of the team, including the defense are extremely strong and can defeat your GK. On the other side, you have only Tsubasa and Ishizaki who can beat their GK.
    • And Captain Tsubasa V took this to a literal extreme with Canarias Stars. They seems to be normal players... but just check their stats... there are 3 players who can defeat ANY GK (including Muller and Savicevic) without any effort: No.2 Leonidas with his Overhead Kick, No.15 Garrincha with just dribbling your GK and the most dangerous, No.10 Arantes with just doing a normal shot inside the PK area... outside the area, only Wakabayashi can resist this, but as for the rest... good luck. Oh and I forgot someone extremely important: their GK Gilmar can catch most of the shots even specials ones!!!