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  • Enigmata 2 has the boss music, Can't Be Still. A very adrenaline-filled rush of a boss music that'll keep you excited.
  • Monsters Den 2 has this as the boss theme.
  • The gameplay music for Mouse starts out simple, then a counterpoint forms and gradually takes over from the first line. (For full enjoyment of the melody, open a level but don't start the maze.)
  • The music for Galactic Gems 2: New Frontiers conveys a sense of a majestic vista or a hard-earned triumph.
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  • Toon Town Online: Most of the themes are catchy and fun, like the game implies. Heck, even the boss battles sound great! What's even more impressive is that they were all MIDI files (though most private servers have converted them to OGG for the sake of consistency).


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