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Monster Legends is a Facebook web game (and mobile game) developed by a company called Socialpoint, creator of the similar game Dragon City. It bears many similarities to a number of Mons Series, particularly Pokémon and Monster Rancher.

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Provides Examples Of:

  • Adult Fear: Zenfira was a perfectly normal centaur child, until she followed a group of adults to Hell. Nobody ever noticed her, and she ended up left behind, quickly turning her from a happy child to a spirit of pure resentment and hate.
  • All There in the Manual: Every monster has a description that either gives some backstory on them, tells a funny joke or is a Shout-Out lampshading.
  • Art Evolution: A lot of the game's early monsters were a lot simpler, with generally more cartoony designs and shorter, stiffer animations. This style didn't last too long, though, as not long after, the art shifted to a more detailed, realistic style with much more fluid animation, and this ended up sticking.
  • Art Shift: Mop heavily references old-timey cartoons such as Looney Tunes, and this includes in his appearance and animations. Unlike any other monster in the game, Mop has an extremely simplistic design, is drawn with a thick outline, and moves in a wacky and erratic manner.
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  • Ascended Fanboy: Youtuber PopularMMOs did a series of videos on the game. This resulted in him actually being added to the game in the form of the MMOnster, now Patrion, and later on his (ex-)wife Jen as Tijen and pet cat Cloud as...Cloud. In addition, Vanoss Gaming and several of his friends are now characters in the game as well.
  • Bodyguard Crush: General Nishant has a female bodyguard who started following him everywhere.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory:
    • Hatching eggs faster costs gems, building structures/removing obstacles quickly costs gems, getting more workers to build structures and remove obstacles costs gems, building certain structures costs gems, getting certain monsters costs gems, continuing on the Adventure Map after your stamina is depleted costs gems, and gems are nigh-impossible to get without paying. Luckily, it's only $2 for 25 gems, so it's not impossible. However, 100% completion is still not easy on the budget.
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    • You need gold to buy the starter eggs and most building. To level up you monster, you need food which is got by spending gold. To upgrade buildings, you need gold and food. To get access to the cooler stuff, you need to level up and thus get experience point which you obtain by spending gold. Basically, if you want to get anywhere you need gold and need a good method of producing lot of it.
  • Com Mons: The monsters of the aptly named Common rarity, which are the only monsters you can buy with gold instead of gems.
  • R.O.F.L. is, simply put, the most ridiculous monster in the game. Not a thing about it is taken seriously, not even in-game, and everything it does is just a reference to various memes from the time it was made. However, all the same, it is still a Legendary monster, meaning it's very powerful relative to most others, and uses those memes to powerful effect, from crisping its foes with lasers to ramming them full speed (with Sanic, of course).
  • Santerion may be a silly-looking robot Santa Claus, but he's also one of the best best tanks in the game. Not only is he a Legendary too, but his Life stat is through the roof, and his trait makes him immune to status effects, and draws every attack the foes use (including Ao E moves) to him, effectively making his allies immune to damage until he's down (unless the enemy has Pierce, but that's getting off-topic)
  • A Day in the Limelight: Commander Alvid wasn't referenced in any event even a single time since her creation for a long time. She eventually, finally, did get more lore based on her with the release of her father, Vandecken.
  • Disc-One Nuke:
    • In early versions of the game, you would gain a free Dragonian Beast for beating level 10 in the Adventure Map, who has amazing stats for that point in the game as an Epic monster and multiple moves with Stun, which prevents a monster from moving for a turn. Worth noting is that it's also Nature and Earth elements, both of which are very early elements. This means that their temples will be some of the first to be obtained, and he'll be a very high level for a long time. Eventually, the Dragonian Beast qas been replaced by a Primigenius, another Epic monster of the same elements. Primigenius has even better stats than Dragonian Beast, as well as moves that not only use Stun, but also heal himself and apply shields, amplifying this trope even further.
    • By connecting the game to a Facebook account, you will get a free Komocat, as well as 50 free Gems. This can be done at any time, which includes the very start of the game, where Komocat will be extremely valuable as a powerful Rare monster of an element you won't have for a long time (Water). As if this didn't sound great enough, 50 Gems is fantastic even in the endgame, and will provide tons of help in many areas.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The first version of the game is almost completely unrecognizable from what it's like now. Some examples of how include:
    • Old monsters had more cartoony designs and stiff animations, compared to the more realistic, smoother look of the modern ones. See Art Evolution above.
    • Similar to Pokemon, rather than each monster having a unique set of skills, all monsters had 9 skills from a select pool. These skills were also very, very simple in name, such as Fast Attack and Lightning. Most monsters after the very first pool, however, chose instead to use their own exclusive set of more creatively-named skills.
    • Speaking of skills, this old pool of moves included other moves of the Physical element, like the previously mentioned Fast Attack and Mass Haste. This trend also died fast, as monsters began to use exclusively moves of their own elements, save for their default Physical move. This was eventually subverted by Warmaster Ragnarok, whos Death Door move is Physical.
    • The Metal element didn't even exist for a while. That's why there's no Metal Legendary monster that takes moves from the old pool, unlike every other element.
  • Infinity -1 Sword: Musu is easily breedable in the early 10's and is a great replacement for just about any uncommon monster. Especially when it reaches level 20.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: Uriel. You need a lot of gems, plus you need to reach the (previous) max level, 60, to get it, but in return, you get a powerful legendary monster with an extremely rare (and for a while, exclusive) revival skill.
  • Moveset Clone: Or, more accurately, Everything Clone. The game's unofficial mascot, Pandalf, has 5 versions of himself, in the form of Pandaval, Pandaxplorer, Pandafest, Super Pandalf, and Zomdalf, that are identical in everything but appearance. Heck, even their animations were identical (excluding Zomdalf) until Pandalf got his redesign.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Numerous examples, including:
    • Eggeater, an egg-eating Easter snake with magic powers.
    • Santerion, a robot Santa Claus.
    • Varuna, a literal zombie pirate who is also a crab.
    • Cavenfish is a pirate shark, and Storm Beard is a pirate lion with lightning powers.
    • Hornet, a cyborg lightning bee.
    • Crabbydroid, a crab-jellyfish combo with a robotic exoskeleton.
    • Belbreath, a butterfly-lion-bird hybrid.
    • Tryon, an incredibly similar dragon-chicken-centipede hybrid.
    • Stake, a robotic snail/snake with spider eyes.
    • Patrion and Tijen are both feline light warriors based on YouTubers.
    • Toshiro, a space robot samurai.
    • Grumpex and Zameleon both are and run a team of humanoid space chameleons.
    • El Dino Volador, an anthropomorphic gangster Triceratops that dreams of being a luchador.
    • Galante, Violet, and Galante Jr., all of which are humanoid bird-like romance gods.
  • Olympus Mons: The Legendary monsters. Especially notable are Uriel, "The light of God", and Timerion, who is immune to Status Ailments.

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