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ALRIGHT! note 
Vanoss' slogan on his old banner

Evan Fong (born May 31, 1992), also known as VanossGaming or simply Vanoss, is a Canadian Let's Player. He is most commonly found playing in Grand Theft Auto V, Garry's Mod, or Nazi Zombies.

Silly, slightly cunning, and relatively focused when he wants to be, Vanoss stands out as an almost perfectly generic description of any Let's Player. He simply tries to have fun when playing and goes out of his way to cause any action he comes across, even his own, to become sillier in some way, says something unrelated at the time to go out of his way to make other players flip their lids or just does something stupid, risky, or in no way worth it at all to get a funny response. He is also fond of editing his videos and preparing skits, and will often go out of his way to get friends to act them out and place the skit in the lead up to any video or at any point within a video.

Often seen hanging out with a set of other YouTubers and Let's Players, most notably with:

Also, of note, all of the people listed above tend to play together regularly enough that they can easily be grouped together, but they do all have their own videos and collabs, and they often have their own friends that they bring in to their own videos. A few more names you might occasionally see here and there across the different channels include SilentDroidd, Racingcatz, SMii7Y (and his buddy Kryoz Gaming), Bryce Games, and CaRt0oNz, who are friends with various members of the central group. Vanoss himself isn't the head of this group of Let's Players (no one is), but he does frequently come up with ideas, and introduces and leads some of their videos—and has the most subscribers out of all of them. However, it's not uncommon to see any one of others in the group take charge in any given video. This group does not have an official name, but typically gets referred to as Vanoss and Company, the "Banana Bus Squad" (after one of their nicknames for a vehicle in GTA V) or some sort of variation thereof by their fanbase.

Other gamers who are heavily featured in the examples below but who are, for various reasons, no longer actively associated with Vanoss or the others are Craig Thompson (Mini Ladd) and Ohmwrecker.

Vanoss' signature look is based on his GTA V online character, being comprised of (always) an owl mask and either a red and white jacket with a black undershirt or a makeshift Batman suit that he uses in his "Bat Owl" guise (the latter look has replaced his Luigi player model in Garry's Mod).

In January 2019, his gaming channel ranked 32nd in the list of most subscribed YouTubers. As of August 2021, he has 25.7 million subscribers and over 14 billion views since his first videos, which started around 2012. His channel, at one point, gained more subscriptions per day than known YouTube giant PewDiePie. In 2014 alone, his subscriptions rose from approximately two million to over ten million.

On March 13, 2021, Vanoss, co-starring with BasicallyIDoWrk, Terroriser and WILDCAT, began releasing a new webseries, Alpha Betas, on his channel.

He has social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He has an article on The Other Wiki here. Vanoss also stars in the YouTube Red animated series Paranormal Action Squad alongside SeaNanners and Mr Sark, and has a series of animated skits of him and the Crew by Pegbarians.

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Tropes related to Vanoss and his friends include:

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     A - E 
  • The Ace: Certain members of the group are this on specific games.
    • Terroriser and Nogla are this in Mario Kart 8. For Terroriser, this is in stark contrast to his Butt-Monkey portrayal in other games.
    • Mini Ladd was this in Grand Theft Auto V racing, contrasting his former Butt-Monkey status in Mario Kart 8.
    • Lui is this in GTA V.
    • I AM WILDCAT is this in Fortnite: Battle Royale.
    • Racingcatz (Cody) made only one appearance in Mario Kart 8, which was also the group's first video playing the game, but he immediately solidified himself as the absolute best of the group, winning multiple races with tilt controls.
    • Vanoss is an absolute BEAST at, of all games, Shotgun Farmers.
  • Accidental Innuendo: Comes up when Daithi notices that, in the Mario Kart 8 Dolphin Shoals track selection window, the way the dolphin is framed makes the bit of its tail that's showing look like a penis.
    Nogla: He kinda looks like he's got a fuckin' chub going!
    Mini: That dolphin is built like a tree stump!
  • Actually Pretty Funny: A couple of instances are provided by Wildcat:
    • At the end of a Mario Kart 8 race, he complained about his controller not working right, which led to an amazing roast from Terroriser:
      Wildcat: I'm pissed because it was fucking good and I can't say anything, it was funny! Fucking insta-roasted!
    • During one of his Among Us streams, he noted that as much as Nogla's playstyle frustrates and annoys him, he enjoys playing the game with Nogla for that very reason, as he shakes the game up, disrupts good players, and generally makes the game into good content for the viewers.
  • The Ahnold: Terroriser lapses into this personality whenever it seem funny to do so...which is often, although he's become more and more annoyed with the role, apparently feeling it to be something akin to being a Pigeon Holed Voice Actor.
  • Animal Motifs: The group has a tendency to frequently don animal masks when playing GTA Online, and in many sessions, they've taken up superheroes based on them. The Digital Avatars for some were even codified based on this.
    • Vanoss: Night Owl (or Bat Owl after some legal issues with DC over having almost the same name with Nite Owl from Watchmen). It was originally a combination of several different outfits from the game (a mask with a tactical outfit and some superhero emblems), but has since become his primary look. While he uses the red jacket outfit on the side, he's basically become synonymous with owls as a result of him redesigning his channel around it. His Garry's Mod avatar has become a stylized version of the outfit, and he's changed his Twitter description to "professional superhero".
    • Delirious: Batcoon. This outfit of a completely black Batman-like suit with a raccoon mask, is similar to Vanoss but is used less frequently since his main caricature consists of a blue sweater and a hockey mask.
    • Wildcat: A pig with a helmet. His outfit isn't superhero-oriented, and it took advantage of a glitch in the game where the mask could be worn with a helmet. It has since become his caricature too following a channel redesign in August 2017.
    • Moo Snuckel: Early Bird. The outfit is made as an addition to his non-superhero one, where he gets a blue jacket and a bald eagle mask.
    • Terroriser: A glitched horse head following a GTA video where he accidentally creates the glitch, though he doesn't always wear it.
    • Ohmwrecker: His Garry's Mod avatar is a giant rabbit suit. However, he doesn't transfer this outfit to other games.
    • BigJigglyPanda: Panda is right in his name, but his GTA avatar doesn't wear a panda mask. Instead, his Garry's Mod avatar wears a panda hat and underwear. During sessions, others often joke that his avatar is homeless and commits crimes regularly.
    • Lui and Basically both use monkeys.
    • Though Mini doesn't have a signature animal character, he does have his "giraffe camel man" Mii.
    • This comes up in Far Cry Primal, where many of the guys played the game early under sponsorship by Ubisoft. Moo, Vanoss, Delirious, and Wildcat had solo sessions where they'd meet an animal matching their friends, and proceed to name them accordingly. All except Vanoss named the owl scout after Vanoss, the owl himself fought a boar and referred to it as Wildcat, and the list goes on for a bit longer.
  • Angrish: Basically, Nogla, Wildcat and Panda are the four members that commonly go into rage mode when playing most games (most others tends to focus their rage on one specific Berserk Button).
  • Animate Inanimate Object: In Gmod, some of the members use a model based on an inanimate object as their player character. WILDCAT used a bag of Doritoes before settling for his GTA look, while SMii7Y uses a carton of milk.
  • Attack! Attack... Retreat! Retreat!: Whenever some of their well planned shenanigans go south, so do their reactions.
    Nogla: Just knife 'em on the instant kill...
    (Two zombies attack simultaneously.)
    (Gets downed.)
  • Atomic F-Bomb: Everyone in the group will have the occasional explosive curse, but Basically, BigJigglyPanda, and Wildcat are especially prone to this, and it's Fourzer0seven's default way of raging.
  • Batman Gambit: In the video "Vehicle Avalanche and the Gentleman's Fight!" Nogla tells Vanoss' team not to use tanks against them and instead go for a fist fight. When Delirious asks how he knows they'll agree to the terms, Nogla says they'll do it for the content unless they're "shitty youtubers". Vanoss and Moo do end up coming in for a fist fight that goes wild
  • Becoming the Mask: A two-pronged example for a number of the group, such as Wildcat and Vanoss himself. What started as amusing animal masks in GTA 5 became the most iconic aspects of their characters, to the point that any depiction of Vanoss (official or otherwise) draws the mask as part of his physiology, creating a human with the head of an owlnote . On a personality level, some of Night Owl has bled into Vanoss' own in-game persona, especially in Paranormal Action Squad.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Many things set Panda off, but the two worst offenders are not being competitive in Mario Kart and Golf It courses that heavily rely on trick shots and RNG. This usually results in him yelling, slamming his hand on his desk, or simply leaving the room for a few moments. He's had to put his mouse back together multiple times after throwing it in anger, and one time he kicked his TV and broke it.
    • Delirious doesn't take kindly to his character being impersonated in GTA V. Killing in-game dogs in front of him isn't a very good idea either.
    • Terroriser used to be a group-wide Berserk Button for the group in Black Ops II, due to him using the knife in gun games to set back the others, to the point where he actually managed to piss off MOO. Cut to sessions of Mario Kart 8 and mini golf years later, and he's still just as bad to Moo.
    • For Nogla, destroying the cocktus. Anything he deems unfair or annoying, especially getting screwed by RNG and someone letting someone else win intentionally, also tends to set him off. Violently.
    • Wildcat also has a similar berserk button to Nogla. Dying a lot in Death Runs and the like tends to really annoy him. He also hates items in Mario Kart 8 and will gripe about them at the drop of a bomb—er, hat.
    • For Terroriser, it's badgering him to do the voice or referencing Terminator/helicopters in any fashion.
    • Basically is the most notorious for this. Almost everything annoys him and this can lead to hilarious rage. He even has a playlist of him raging on his channel.
    • Mini Ladd quickly tired of people joking about comas and Toyota Tacomas (referencing the hit-and-run), and in his third video about his fan-made subreddit, he announced that anyone doing so on his Twitch streams would be instantly permabanned. He also hates the "You've been Gnomed!" meme and on his meme streams, he would go as far as running out of the room if he even thinks that a video is going to include it.
    • Like Panda, Moo Snuckel hates RNG-heavy courses in Golf It, especially when playing with Terroriser.
  • Best Friends-in-Law: Averted. Cartoonz dated Delirious' sister for 8 years before breaking up.
  • Big "NO!":
    • Reasonably this happens when something unexpected occurs in a video, but Vanoss himself has a very distinctive yell of disbelief.
    • Played for laughs at the start of this video.
    • Wildcat's infamous rage at Racingcatz started with "No, come on! NOOOO!"
  • Biting-the-Hand Humor:
    • The YouTube-themed Deathrun video probably sets a record for the most insults toward YouTube and its users in 17 minutes, unintentional or otherwise.
    • The YouTube "Adpocalypse"note  has been heavily mined for sardonic humor.
      Nogla: Let's title the video "Dolphin Dick" - who's got the balls?
      Mini: Yeah, Nogla, have fun making zero money off that video.
      SMii7Y: It's not like we're gonna make any money anyway. *proceeds to plug his Twitch channel*
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: In Gmod Guess Who, one of the guys will always taunt one of the others before the taunted unleashes his secret ability and flees in the chaos.
  • Bowdlerise:
    • In mid-2018, Mini started overdubbing the worst of the swearing in his videos (both solo and with the rest of the guys) with the sound of a dolphin to try to stop videos from getting demonetized. He eventually stopped as it didn't seem to be helping much. In May 2019, he once again started censoring his videos, this time muting the swearing rather than replacing it with sound effects, but in September 2019 he stopped censoring his videos, as he claimed that it still wasn't helping his channel being monetized, though the first two minutes of his videos have the swears muted. He tends to heavily lampshade this, especially in his solo videos.
      I'm trying to pay my mortgage!
    • Sometimes some of the most truly offensive swears will get muted or overdubbed on certain players' recordings of sessions. For instance, at the end of one MK8 race Panda blew up at Nogla for razzing him about his team's poor performance, ending with calling him a "potato faggot". While most left that uncensored in their recordings, Basically censored it and Terroriser overdubbed it with Mario's "WAHOO!", although his Eye Take and nearly falling out of his chair laughing gives a good idea of what was said.
  • The Bully: Invoked in their Mario Kart 8 games:
    • In a few of Mini's early races, he complained about getting bullied.
    • In one race, SMii7y saw Marcel hit Mini with two shells and said "I'm gonna get fucking reported for bullying!"
  • Butt-Monkey:
    • Nogla is repeatedly killed by his teammates in various ways no matter what game they're playing. It is almost a Running Gag where they would either make sport out of spawn-killing him the fastest, or whenever the map or scenario loads, they would immediately off him first regardless of the situation.
    • Delirious in GTA V.
    • Terroriser whenever he's around, except in Mario Kart 8 where he's one of the best in the group, if not the best.
    • Mini Ladd was this for many of the group's early Mario Kart 8 sessions. A combination of genuine bad luck, getting screwed over by other players, and him having difficulty with the game due to being completely green to the franchise caused him to go on endless streaks of finishing last or next-to-last. However, he eventually improved to the point where he became one of the best overall players.
    • Panda has more or less taken over Mini's role as the MK8 Butt Monkey, as his gameplay has generally been worse than Mini's and he hasn't improved as much as Mini has. He also fell under it when playing Golf It and Tower Unite or just any sort of golf game, although like Mini in MK8, he's gotten better at golf games and generally doesn't rage as much.
      Wildcat: [playing Golf It with the gang after a long absence] I haven’t played in so long, Anthony got good!
    • Moo Snuckel turns into this when Terroriser chooses him as a victim, which is often, especially in golf games.
  • Camp Gay: Mini can do a really good rendition of the stereotypical hyper-feminine gay voice, and during CAH sessions he sometimes uses it to read sexually-themed cards.
  • Catchphrase:
    • "The results are in!" became this for the group's Mario Kart 8 sessions, said (usually loudly and/or sarcastically) whenever someone did really badly.
    • "It's all luck-based!", as a combined piss take on Mini saying this about MK8 and a reference to situations when luck seems to be needed more than skill in a game.
    • For the individual players:
      • Mini: "Let's go!" (although with his accent it sounds more like "Less go!"), "Stop that!", "Kobe!" (with "Cold beef!" as a variant), "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed."
      • Fourzer0seven: “Let’s go!”, "Mother bitch!"
      • SMii7y: "Yeet!", “Damb!”
      • Daithi: "Oh my days!", "This is AIDS!", "NOOOO JOE! NO!", "Howdy doody."
      • Moo: "Can we restart?"
      • Vanoss: "ALLRIGHT!", "Hoo-Dini!," and "sha ka ka". "Keep er going" is also used but rarely.
    • In one Mario Kart 8 race, the gang realizing that they're driving up a tree in the Wild Woods stage led to Matthew McConaughey and Owen Wilson's respective Catch Phrases being lampshaded ad nauseum.
  • Cheerful Child: Lui takes on this persona when using his "squeaker" voice.
  • Cluster F-Bomb:
    • Every single Mario Kart 8 video degenerates into everyone hurtling Flowery Insults at each other for getting taken out by items. One of the best examples is the aforementioned session with Cody, who hit Wildcat with a Bob-omb on the last corner of the last race in the session, costing him the win. Wildcat was already very frustrated at this point, both by Cody's dominance and how he'd been screwed over by items throughout the session, and this caused him to have an epic meltdown which ended with him storming out of the room and loudly slamming his door.
    • This side-splitting over-the-top Motor Mouth rant from SMii7Y at Ohm.
    • Wildcat personifies this trope, even when speaking normally.
  • Commuting on a Bus: Lui Calibre hasn't uploaded a video since July 2016, but he does play with the group on occasion and is still active on Twitter.
  • Contagious Laughter:
  • Country Matters: This particular epithet gets tossed around frequently, especially during Mario Kart 8 races and Golf It games, with a particularly vehement instance being Panda's rant at Nogla under Bowdlerize above which began with "FUCK YOU, CUNT!"
  • Crossover: Aside from the circle of friends, they have played with other YouTubers such as:
  • Cross Player:
    • Scotty's GTA avatar is female.
    • Panda and Nogla have both played Mario Kart 8 using their girlfriends' accounts with the corresponding female Miis.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: The aforementioned Sidemen LTS matches were this for "Mae and the Boys"; they kicked the Sidemen's asses in every round except for one fluke round.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Every member of the group serves as this to an extent, with Basically, Wildcat, Terroriser, and Nogla being some of the more prominent examples.
  • Death from Above: At the very end of one Mario Kart 8 race, SMii7Y came down from a jump, pulled in front of Mini maybe a second from the finish line and hit him with a shell he was carrying.
    SMii7Y: The snipe of the century, boys! [...] I'm out here tryin' to make this boy retire, dude! Did anyone see that shit?!
    Terroriser: I - we saw the minimap and it was glorious.
    SMii7Y: I just swooped in like Batman and took him out.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: Wildcat got off a...well, typical-for-Wildcat instance during one Golf It session.
    You fucking pussy with your pussy!
  • Digital Avatar: While most of the crew now use their GTA V player models in Gmod, they've used previous ones, and some continued using non-GTA models:
    • Vanoss: Luigi
    • Mini Ladd: Mario
    • Wildcat: A bag of Doritos
    • H2ODelirious: Buzz Lightyear, Jason Voorhees
    • Nogla: Zoidberg. He also occasionally uses his GTA V player model and has started using a player model modeled off his profile picture.
    • Lui: BMO
    • Basically: Finn. He eventually gave the model a Race Lift and now uses a more realistic model, with a larger head, humanoid face and big eyes.
    • Moo: Toon Link
    • Terroriser: Terminator. He still uses this.
    • Fourzer0seven: Woody. He currently uses a model resembling himself.
  • Dissonant Serenity: Wildcat during one Mario Kart 8 video where he tries not raging (keep in mind, this is one of the most, if not the most rage-prone of Vanoss' crew) and winds up succeeding to the point of creeping everyone else out.
  • The Dreaded: In Gmod: Guess Who, any hider with a Sudoku power-up is feared by the seekers. It's to the point that merely screaming "SUDOKU!" is enough to cause panic.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Some of the jokes told cross the line hard. For instance, Vanoss making a joke about delivering cocaine to Robert Downey Jr. as a nervously laughing Terroriser tries to tell him about RDJ's actual drug addiction problems and then proceeding to double down.
  • End-of-Episode Silliness: Downplayed in that some of the group occasionally invoke this trope on their videos, but the only one to play it straight up until late 2016 was Moo Snuckel. The ones that avoided this were Delirious, Ohmwrecker, Lui and Mini Ladd.
  • Epic Fail:
    • One infamously difficult obstacle on the Thanksgiving Gmod Deathrun caused everybody to die over and over, to the point where the life counter went into the negatives. Marcel skipped the obstacle after getting negative 20 lives. He tried to do so earlier, only to hit the knives again while Noclipping.
    • In a new map on the Gmod game Guess Who, Vanoss and his team hid in a house that could only be accessed through a well; the seekers couldn't find the way to get in, yet they still lost. Moo got shot because he spent too long on the house's watchtower, Wildcat accidentally teleported outside when using his Decoy ability, and Vanoss died from falling down ladders multiple times.
  • Establishing Series Moment: The gang's very first Mario Kart 8 video ends with Tyler going into an explosive fit of rage after getting screwed at the last corner, which culminates in him slamming the door at the end.

    F - J 
  • The Faceless: At least two people in the group haven't done proper face reveals:
    • Delirious has yet to reveal his real face to his subscribers. While his GTA V character does wear clown facepaint, it is covered by his signature hockey mask 90% of the time. He is wearing the mask in most depictions of Delirious, such as his video thumbnail art. Of all the gamers in or involved with the group, only Cartoonz has met him in real life and knows what he looks like. He's adamant that he will not give any information about Delirious' face unless he is given permission to. It's become a running gag for him to post a face reveal video every April Fools' or when he's reached a subscriber milestone.
    • Ohmwrecker has posted some photos on his social media that show his hands, but his face remains unknown. Impressive, considering that his online presence dates back to 2006.
  • Fake Russian: invoked Nico, Mini's character from their CAH sessions who bellows out white cards in a hammy Russian accent.
  • Fish Eyes: Nogla's channel icon has these, which carry over to his Garry's Mod avatar and his animated version in the Pegbarians shorts.
  • Flipping the Bird: Mini shot the bird at Terroriser near the start of one Mario Kart 8 recording session after being asked to save his webcam footage so Terroriser could gloat over it later.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: One of their episodes has Vanoss and Delirious switch to each other's signature clothings. Though not elaborated on, Mini and Moo also switch places in the same video. They later invite Lui in the game to mess with him.
    Mini: Welcome to Mind Freak!
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: They're all really good friends who've spent years bonding and making jokes at one another...but sometimes they cannot stand Nogla. Moo has rage-quit a handful of times because of how toxic he can get.
  • The Gadfly: Any one of them. Mostly Vanoss, who deliberately disobeys his friends and orders, or runs in guns blazing and kills them all (or ruins their plans).
  • Gasshole:
    • You can count on Kryoz letting out at least one huge belch in almost every video he's in.
    • Panda's frequently burped, farted, and complained about being really gassed up, especially when the gang's playing CAH. In one CAH session, shortly after Mini read a black card, he let out an incredibly gross belch that completely derailed the round...and ended up earning him the win.
      Mini: That was fucking disgusting!
      Marcel: Did you just throw up like a baby?!
      Panda: *laughing* That was the nastiest burp I've ever had in my life!
      Kryoz: Do you need a fucking bib?
      Marcel: Does Meleena need to come in there and burp you?
  • Genius Ditz: Nogla has become one when the group is playing Among Us. His frenetic discussion style and tendency to make spur-of-the-moment voting decisions based on little actual evidence have led to several Idiot Ball moments. Surprisingly, he's right almost as often as he's wrong and occasionally capable of very clever moves.
  • Giver of Lame Names: H2ODelirious will name any character or item relating to him [name]lerious, such as "babylerious", "assassinlerious", and for objects things like "gunlerious" or "batlerious".
  • Gretzky Has the Ball: During a GTA session, Nogla claimed to be a "Swinger for the LA Lakers" as an explanation for why his character was holding a baseball bat.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: It's practically a staple among the group, but Basically, Nogla, Panda, and WILDCAT are probably the ones who rage the most. About the only one who remains consistently calm, no matter how bad the game gets, is Vanoss. Moo used to be quite mild-mannered compared to the rest of the crew, however he's become much more prone to anger nowadays, especially whenever Terroriser is involved.
    • WILDCAT, in particular, has many instances of this, with perhaps the most well-known being a GTA session where he got so mad about Nogla (albeit, accidentally) killing him that he started going on a rampage in his room, making even Nogla and Terroriser frightened and concerned. To be fair, he had spent the entire session being made into a complete Butt-Monkey by his friends, so he was already in a rather bad mood. Also, for what it's worth, he seems to regret having gone that far.
  • Hidden Depths: Mini, Nogla, and Panda can sing well, considering how much they destroy their voices in recordings. Tyler can play a decent drum solo, Nogla can play guitar, and Mini is working on music production.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: In a Mario Kart 8 race on 3DS DK Jungle, Nogla picked up a Super Horn on the last lap and then waited by the cliff near the finish line for Terroriser to come up. However, when he Horned Terroriser, he knocked himself off the cliff as well, which ended up getting Mini Ladd the win.
  • The Hyena: Delirious often descends into fits of Evil Laughter whenever something hilarious occurs to him, usually causing everyone (including those watching) to join in the laughter track.
  • Ice-Cream Koan: Delirious lets out two random quotes of "wisdom" in one round of Overtime Rumble in GTA Online:
  • Idiot Hero: Delirious tends to give incredibly obvious hints to his and his teammates' disguises in Prop Hunt.
  • I'm Going to Hell for This: When the gang was joking about Stephen Hawking being underwater:
    Panda: There's a very hot, evil place in hell for all of us.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Vanoss' GTA V character very much resembled himself in reality, at least until the owl mask became part of the character.
  • Inopportune Voice Cracking: During one Mario Kart 8 race on GBA Cheese Land, fourzer0seven's voice cracked while calling Nogla a fuckboy, which left the others in hysterics. Mini calls back to this in his "The Best Roasts on Reddit" video about the people talked about on r/niceguys.
  • In-Series Nickname:
    • "Muni Ledd" for Mini, used by both himself and others.
    • Ohm likes to call Panda "Jigglesworth".
  • Insistent Terminology: The gang frequently calls the Super Horn a "boombox" when playing Mario Kart 8.
  • Ironic Name: During their skits, Moo is always the last to show up when wearing his "Early Bird" hero guise.
  • Irony: After learning that Miis wear helmets in Mario Kart 8, SMii7Y noted how lame this was considering that the characters throw "decapitated turtles" at each other.
  • Is This Thing Still On?: in a video featuring the group playing Among Us, they alternate between a proximity voice chat mod during gameplay, and Discord voice chat during meetings, with dead players muting themselves so they can't interfere or simply reveal who killed them. H2ODelirious is killed by an Impostor early in a match and during the meeting, thinking he's muted and nobody can hear him, blurts out that this is Vanoss's third time as Impostor, unwittingly outing Vanoss as an Impostor. To top it off, Vanoss wasn't even the impostor that killed Delirious, it was fourzer0seven, but Delirious had been messing with Vanoss and saw him go into a vent, which only Impostors can do, immediately after he was killed.

    K - O 
  • Karmic Butt-Monkey: Terroriser. Like Vanoss, Terroriser is a massive troll. Unlike Vanoss, Terroriser can never recognize when he is going too far. He has made MOO SNUCKEL ragequit (or at least made him royally pissed off) on several occasions, and almost always makes it the highlight of his video when he does, which makes it all the funnier when he suffers.
  • Lame Pun Reaction:
    • After Wildcat griped about GBA Cheese Land being chosen for a Mario Kart 8 race:
      SMii7Y: Why, Tyler? It's such a gouda time!
      Wildcat: I wanna stab you in the face.
    • During a GTA 5 video where the crew is in a comedy club telling jokes on the stage:
      Vanoss: "What do you call a magic owl? ''Hoo''dini!" *cue sting, sarcastic laughter and someone saying "I get it!"*
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Due to Vanoss' frequent shenanigans, karma will often come in the form of anything negative happening to him, simply due to the pure amount of times he started annoying his friends for no other reason than to bother them.
    • Brian/Terroriser is The Gadfly, very fond of trolling Moo during Golf It sessions by hitting his ball (if collisions are on) off the course, no matter the situation, often resulting in Moo losing his temper. Fittingly, viewers called it this when, during this session, when they were on the last hole, Vanoss hits Brian off course while the two of them were waiting for a wall to lower, forcing Brian to reset and play through the uber-long course again. Not only that, he suffers a glitch during the last part of the course that prevented him from getting into the hole, stopping mere inches from it, resulting in him receiving a 13-stroke penalty and losing first place to Moo. Cue Brian being quietly but royally pissed off at Vanoss, Moo screaming in triumph at his unexpected win, and the others (excluding Vanoss and Terroriser) laughing themselves off.
      • In the same course just moments after the above, Vanoss lampshades this trope when he flubs an easy shot and goes off course, and accidentally reset. He later on gets bounced by Terroriser during the last part of the course, failing to finish and receiving the same 13-stroke penalty.
      Vanoss: Oh well, I guess I deserve that after what I did to Brian.
  • Living Lie Detector: Vanoss is very good at picking up the tells in his friends' voices during the group's Among Us sessions.
  • Machinima:
    • Frequently uses these before and even during gameplay videos.
    • Goes fully animated with The Unboxing series made in Source Film Maker.
  • Macro Zone: The Toy Story 4 skit
  • Magnificent Moustaches of Mexico: Droidd's GTA avatar.
  • Malaproper: H2O Delirious and Daithi de Nogla are very prone to making malapropers.
  • Man of a Thousand Voices: Terroriser no doubt. Able to mimic the various members as well as a surprising variety of accents, but almost always known for voicing his most iconic role: The Ahnold.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Invoked by Mini after Nogla said he wasn't going to put a joke in his video.
      No, it's relevant, keep it in the video! You wanna stay on top of your game on this YouTube platform. You need the spicy, relevant memes!
    • Wildcat and SMii7Y have a hilarious argument about recycling old memes at the end of an MK8 race.
  • The Merch: All the guys have branded merchandise such as T-shirts and hats that they occasionally pitch in their individual videos. It occasionally gets referenced during gaming sessions, such as people joking with Mini about some of his stuff and Terroriser telling Moo that he should put "Can we restart?" on a shirt...which he actually ended up doing.
  • Monster Clown: It's heavily implied in Vanoss' Prison Edition video that Delirious' character has killed children at a birthday party.
  • My Greatest Failure: For Nogla, it was his signed 2022 Vanoss Crew-themed calendars. According to himself, it was Tyler who had suggested he create 25K of them while Daithi initially wanted only 10K with the former stating they could make a huge profit out of it. Well, they didn't as there was still a huge surplus of calendars in Wildcat's hands, effectively making Nogla lose money.
  • Nice Guy:
    • Moo Snuckel notably swears much less, rages much less, and is much less of a troll than most of the group. It's serious business when he starts to get angry.
    • Bryce McQuaid only games with the Vanoss crew occasionally, but along with Moo, he stands out as having very few genuine rage moments, laughing off pretty much everything that happens to him. He even congratulated SMii7Y after losing to him via a spectacular come-from-behind performance in a Mario Kart 8 race, something you'd likely not hear from anyone else in the group.
  • Nightmare Face: Mini Ladd's Mii, which he calls his "giraffe camel man", has its facial features in many different sizes and completely wrong locations. His thumbnail artist at that time even drew this on at least one occasion (which was even worse than the actual Mii), and the others have joked about how the Mii can look at them when facing to either side.
    Mini: You'll get the chance to see my brand new Mii.
    [everyone's Miis run onto on the world selection window]
    Terroriser: Craig, are you the giraffe that needs to be put down?
    Mini: *laughs* Look at him in all his glory! What a beautiful specimen!
    Panda: What the fuck is that thing?!
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant:
    • Dear God, Mini Ladd's "Pablo" persona: a psychotic 57-year-old ex-plumber, who casually engages in pedophilia with young children before murdering them in fits of violence. During his "Googling himself" video, he announced that Pablo was no more.
      Mini Ladd (as 'Pablo'): I took them all to the toilet. I did very...regrettable things to them. They look at their parents, they run.
    • BigJigglyPanda goes out of his way to make certain cards in Cards Against Humanity WORSE than they already are.
  • No Kill like Overkill: Their preferred method of destroying certain targets in most games is to lob as many explosives on it as possible. Taken to extreme levels in any Gmod game, where they completely drown the target with C4 charges. One such instance seen here.
  • Non Sequitur: Delirious tends to randomly reply to others with some very bizzare statements.
    Vanoss: Welcome to Murder Maze!
    Delirious: You're welcome!
  • N-Word Privileges:
    • Averted in the early days of Black Ops 2, when white and black players threw the N-word around in games. Used a lot less now, though, with a player who uses the N-word instantly being called out by Basically and some others.
    • This has come up a few times during CAH sessions:
      • In one game, Wildcat yelled out all the white cards for one round, including, "I'M 100% NIGGA!" Once the laughter subsided and he explained that he'd taken a comment from Basically as a go-aheadnote , Basically gave him a pass with the "Black stamp of approval" and told the comments section to shut up.
      • In a different game, the blank card read "I love a good book about ____". Daithi answered with a card that read "2 niggas kissing". Jay read out the card, but some of the other answers were also interesting. Daithi told Jay to pick his card, but Jay asked him to read it out with backup from the other players. Daithi refused so Jay chose Mini Ladd's card as the winner.
      • SMii7Y actually got Basically to join the call of a game that he wasn't playing in so he could give SMii7Y written permission to yell out the N-word on a card. On Kryoz's recording, he cuts out this section to make it look like SMii7Y said the word without permission. Nogla also noted he intended to do the same.
    • In one Mario Kart 8 session, Marcel made a very creatively (and incredibly) offensive statement that made his friends recoil in disbelief:
      Marcel: Get to the back, Rosa Parks!
      Everyone: Woah woah woah! / Holy shit! / Wow!
      Terroriser: Even I'm offended!
      JD: Marcel, you're making your white friends uncomfortable.
    • At the start of one Shell Shock Live session, Panda gave a deft subversion:
      Panda: Fuck yeah! Upgraded my muthafuckin' chassis, my niiiinnnnjaaaaas...
      *everyone cracks up, including Marcel*
      Mini: So close but so far!
  • Old Shame: invoked Wildcat to this day is deeply embarrassed by his Black Ops 2 days in which he created the "tube" and "puncake" songs.
  • Only Sane Man: Mini Ladd tended to play this role when he was with the others.
  • Once an Episode: The whole group has certain things happen to them whenever they play a game and usually is included in each of their videos of it, such as:
    • During the Ubisoft-sponsored videos for Far Cry Primal, every one of them that tried at one point freaks out about a large bird of prey picking up a goat.
    • Vanoss and Delirious can't seem to go a day of playing Garry's Mod without dying together simultaneously for one reason or another.
    • As of YouTube's updated rules, whenever one of them even indicates anything against black people, Marcel or one of the others will jokingly call them out for being racist.
    • Mini, or sometimes one of the others, can't seem to stop themselves from referencing memes whenever they play Cards Against Humanity.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Played With. Vanoss, Wildcat, Basically, Moo, Terroriser, fourzer0seven, Panda, and Mini Ladd, who are referred to by their real namesnote  almost as much as their gaming handles. The ones who play it straight are Lui, SMii7Y, Nogla, Delirious and Ohmwrecker. Although Lui and SMii7Y are not as protective of their identities as Delirious, we do not know their real names. Daithi's been called by his real name (David), but it's much less frequently than the others. Delirious has only mentioned his first name (Jonathan) in a Q&A session, and Ohm revealed his first name (Ryan) on a RUST stream.
  • Operation: [Blank]: Many times used for their various schemes and hijinks. Often with hilarious names.
    • Operation Bigfoot - Used frequently in CoD:4 Prop Hunt, where the player changes into an extremely noticeable object to taunt the seekers behind their back (the most famously used object: a rooftop satellite dish).
    • Operation Smoked Bacon
  • Overly Long Gag: When Vanoss, WILDCAT, Basically, Nogla, and Fourzer0seven were playing a Thanksgiving-themed Garry's Mod Deathrun map, Basically kept constantly failing a trap that forced them to make careful and precise jumps over huge knives, dying about 20 times in the process. He didn't take the trap well.

     P - T 
  • Person as Verb: Ohmwrecker's made so many boneheaded plays during the group's UNO games that "He Ohm'd it!" or some variant thereof has become a go-to description for dumb moves in multiple games.
  • Product Placement: Several of the guys have done sponsored videos of one form or another, such as:
    • Panda plugged Dollar Shave Club for a few months.
    • Mini and Terroriser were involved in a promotion for Razr phones that involved them going to a launch party and each getting one of the new phones.
    • Mini Ladd has plugged for Nzxt gaming computers; they rewarded him with a new gaming PC worth around $12,000.
    • SMii7Y's G Fuel sponsorship and his putting the S7 discount code in videos in any way he can has been a Running Gag for years.
    • Mini and Wildcat both have ads on YouTube plugging the mobile game Rise of Kingdoms.
  • Professional Butt-Kisser: Terroriser is quick to call his friends out for anything he sees as sucking up to their cash cow Vanoss.
    Terroriser: (Mockingly) Oh mister Vanoss you taste so good!
  • Pungeon Master:
    • Moo does this occasionally and it usually becomes his undoing in Prop Hunt.
    • Delirious does this to the point where he or his teammates are guaranteed to die because of how obvious the puns are.
      IAMWILDCAT *imitating Delirious*: Just got all these bottled up emotions because you're a bottle.
  • Punny Name:
    • Moo Snuckel's handle is a pun on "moose knuckle".note 
    • Mini's had a couple of these situations come up during Mario Kart 8 sessions.
      • Invoked when, after yelling that he was "getting bent over, dry!", he spouted "Hey, it's your boy Lubeless back in the building!", which led to:
      SMii7Y: Who's Lubeless?
      Mini: My alter-ego.
      SMii7Y: ...literally Lou, like, Lou Bliss? Hey, it's your boy Lou Bliss comin' at you with another Call of Duty commentary!
      • After one session where he was griping about constantly getting screwed near the finish line:
      Nogla: Mini Ladd's mad, guys.
      SMii7Y': More like Mini Madd. Heh-heh-heh!
  • Pre Emptive Declaration: A couple of these have come up during Mario Kart races:
    • During a race on Mount Wario:
      Basically: The best part is, the comment section's like, "You're terrible!" It’s like, we play on Frantic mode- *drives into a tree* I just crashed into a tree so my point is invalid, and it's just like...
      SMii7Y: *laughs* Yeah...yeah, you right.
    • During a race on Cheep Cheep Beach:
      Basically: Mini's in first, guys, Mini's in first!
      Mini Ladd: Yeah, I told you! I'm always in first for, like, two laps and then I get fucked-
      *almost as if on cue, Mini drives into a tree*
      SMii7Y: Ha! That's a tree, dumbass!
  • Rage Quit: Some members will inevitably do this, depending on the situation.
    • Nogla doesn't take bad luck well, but it only takes a truly horrible streak of luck to press the quit button.
    • Wildcat is also prone to this whenever someone trolls him way too hard or if he thinks the game session isn't being fair to him at all.
    • Basically does this often too. So much, the line he said whenever he did this has essentially becoming his catchphrase.
    • Panda rage quits when he gets frustrated at his in-game performance. He even caused Terroriser to end a stream early by quitting Mario Kart 8 after placing last in several consecutive races between the two of them and Mini Ladd.
    • Moo, of all people, has quit Golf It games after being messed with by Terroriser and Nogla one time too many.
    • During one Mario Kart 8 session where Mini was doing badly, SMii7Y was joking with Basically about thinking that Mini had rage quit...
      Basically: Did he leave?
      SMii7Y: He gone!
      Basically: Did he get so mad he quit?
      SMii7Y: He gone!
      Ohm: He did!
      SMii7Y: Marcel, he was here...but now he gone!
      Basically: Did he really rage quit?
      SMii7Y: Yeah, dude, he gone!
      Basically: Did he really rage quit?!
      SMii7Y: I don't think you understand the circumstances...that he gone!
      [long laugh-filled Beat]
      Mini Ladd: *growling* I'm right here.
      SMii7Y: *after the laughter* Oh damn, he's still here!
    • A meta example: During their "Irish Roadtrip 2017" video, Terroriser mentioned that he could tell that Mini was about at his wits' end with Mario Kart 8 when he was griping about the game being completely luck-based, and figured that Mini was only a few more bad sessions away from dropping the game for good.
  • A Rare Sentence: Many hilarious non-sequiturs have been spoken and lampshaded by one another. Outside of the mad libs sentences found in Cards Against Humanity, we have:
  • Reaction Video: Two pairs (Brian and Nogla, and Scotty and Anthony), post reaction videos on a regular basis, and they've roped in others on occasion.
  • Realistic Diction Is Unrealistic: Averted. Even scripted skits tend to fly off the rails very fast, resulting in stuttering, corpsing and eventually rambunctious laughter.
  • Revisiting the Roots: Vanoss and friends started out making funny videos for Call of Duty: Black Ops II before moving on to other games. When Black Ops II got backwards compatible for the Xbox ONE, almost everyone took the opportunity to post a Black Ops II video, ninja defuses and all.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: During a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?-styled episode where the guys were answering questions about themselves, Delirious got a question asking about the number of holes on his avatar's mask. He ultimately gets the answer wrong, it was 10 and he guessed 8 because he forgot to count the eyeholes, but he mentions there are 5 holes on the top and 3 holes on the bottom. There are 8 non-eyeholes on his mask, but it's 4 top and bottom.
  • Running Gag: Plenty, sometimes even lampshaded.
    • Nogla and Delirious (though mainly Nogla) getting killed for absolutely no reason.
    • Delirious getting hit by cars (players and NPCs alike) in GTA Online way more than one would expect.
    • An edited skit where Vanoss shoots the sky in random games to kill Delirious playing Gmod Sandbox (who is always depicted making dick-shaped monuments).
    • Everyone quoting The Dark Knight whenever some asks how they got these scars.
      "WHERE ARE THEY?!?"
    • Never getting past the tenth round in Nazi Zombies on their first try.
    • "STREME SPOATS" with Wildcat during GTA V heists.
    • Hoo-Dini.
    • Knawledge. note 
    • "". note 
    • When playing Cards Against Humanity, a common running gag blank card choice is to reference or mock a player's channel. A very common variant is Daithi's videos (usually it's either disliking them, not watching them, or mocking them for being unedited).
    • Nogla's microphone has a rare but hilarious habit of shutting off randomly and cutting him off mid-sentence.
    • In Mario Kart 8:
      • Terroriser has a tendency to go into complete silence when he's really focused. He usually quickly acknowledges this by calling himself "Silent Brian" and occasionally adding silent film background music and a scratchy, sepia-toned filter when editing his videos.
      • Terroriser calling out to Shigeru Miyamoto for help.
      • In one of Basically's videos, he was so frustrated with Terroriser that he blurred him out and left it like that for the whole video. He did this again in a later video.
      • Ohm making cracks about eating ass.
      Ohmwrecker: Hey, SMii7Y! (Hits him with a shell) Eat ass!
      SMii7y: (Laughing) Ohm just swoops in - "Eat ass!". He's handing out fucking flyers on why you should eat ass.
      Basically: Knocking on doors, going door to door...
      SMii7y: He's like a Jehovah's Assness!
    • Tiny hiding locations in hide and seek type Gmod modes are called "Terroriser spots", and regularly abused.
    • When SMii7Y is around, he'll usually add some of his own channel running gags to the pile:
      • John (KryozGaming) randomly burping in a session. It can either be impressive or disgusting.
      • Saying "Subscribe to KryozGaming"
      • Yelling "Yeet!" when he does something like throwing an item or making a shot.
      • Plugging G Fuel with the code "S7" to get a discount on their website.
    • Mini often saying or taking things out of context than he should.
    • If ever Delirious is in a GMod Prop Hunt video, always expect him to die for no reason.
    • Terroriser defying his role as The Ahnold. No matter how hard he tries, however, he will end up doing it even without the guys asking him to.
    • Moo or Basically coming up with lame yet still funny jokes and puns.
    • Abusing Moo's Toon Link player model in Guess Who games to hide in bushy locations due to Toon Link's extremely tiny size.
    • Moo asking if they can restart sessions, especially in golf games.
    • It doesn't come up much anymore, but for a while Mini and Terroriser griped in both group and individual videos about a list of the most famous Irish YouTubers that left off Terroriser, who's fully Irish and still lived in Dublin at that time, but included Mini, who's half Irish and half English and was living in Los Angeles. This also came up in Mini's "Try Not to Laugh - Roast Edition" where someone tweeted that since Mini was on the list and Terroriser wasn't, it showed how relevant Terroriser was.
    • From their Minecraft series:
      • Calling Brian's name.note 
      • Destroying the world around them to the extent that they need a server reset.
      • Wildcat's house blowing up.
      • Nogla's house just generally being shat on by everybody.
      • People disconnecting suddenly.
      • People riding in boats even when they're not in the water.
    • While playing, expect them to randomly draw Homer Simpson, regardless of what the word is. The drawings are often terrible.
    • "Look who's last to join again!" note 
    • A Gmod map maker repeatedly going out of their way to give the rest of the crew cool things, but give Brian a crappy version. For example, in a Halloween map, while everyone else got actual coffins, Brian got a small box which had a crudely drawn Terroriser logo.
      Terroriser (while his character is face palming): I. Hate. This. Map. Maker. He. Is. An. Asshole. Why. Doesn't. He. Like. Me?
    • Terroriser forgetting to turn his headset or mic on, and only finding out after several minutes of nobody hearing him.
    • Referring to players who consistently make bad calls in Among Us as having smooth brains and/or being the third Imposter (Nogla especially gets this label).
  • Sadist Teacher / Stern Teacher: Wildcat during Show-and-Tell.
  • Sanity Slippage: The minigolf videos, like the Mario Kart videos, tend to degenerate into incoherent rage blubbering as people start losing their minds from frustrated swings and getting hit by other players.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Items in Mario Kart 8. Everyone has griped about the jankiness of item pickups and getting screwed by them at some point, especially Wildcat:
    • Part of why he was so mad about getting blown up by Cody in their session was because he had gotten nothing but coins over most of the latter half of the race and lost due to Cody getting a great item exactly when he needed it.
    • In one session, he got almost nothing but single or triple mushrooms in multiple races while everyone else was getting a more even spread of items.
    • In the Team Races video that was notable for Panda's rage at Nogla, Terroriser, Basically and Moo's team, including their A.I.s, got notably better items than Wildcat, Nogla and Panda's team, which Wildcat also complained about.
  • The Scream:
    • Panda in this Dead by Daylight which SMii7Y jokingly dubs as "the scream of the century".
    • Delirious, more often than not, in some of his horror games playthroughs.
    • In one Mario Kart 8 race, at the end of the last lap Mini ran into a banana that someone had dropped practically touching the finish line, prompting a long shriek that had everyone either in stitches or incredulous.
    • Scotty is well known for his piercing, high-pitched screams when he's angry or frustrated, which Panda invoked for his video of a Golf It session: "The Horrifying Screeches of FourZer0Seven".
  • Self-Deprecating Humor: Ohm's occasionally bagged on himself about his poor performance in Mario Kart 8.
    [Wildcat complains about his controller not working right, leading to the roast cited under Actually Pretty Funny above]
    Ohm: Mine's working, I just suck.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: They tend to apply a special rule to their Black Ops Zombie custom map videos, where they have to get the exact change when going for the final map ending unlock objective.
  • Serial Killer: They've used this trope a couple times during their skits and is the premise for their "Murder Maze" videos.
  • Signature Laugh:
    • Vanoss lets out a few short chuckles before fully busting into laughter.
    • Delirious has an Evil Laugh akin to Krusty the Clown.
    • Wildcat has a signature wheeze.
    • BigJigglyPanda's laugh is described as "a wail of a dying dolphin." Their CAH sessions have often joked about "Panda's fake laugh", occasionally pairing it against "Panda's real laugh".
    • Moo Snuckel has two different distinctive laughs, a series of short low-pitched chuckles and a series of high-pitched laughs.
    • Mini's normal laugh is rather croaky, but often when he thinks he's getting screwed, especially in Mario Kart 8, he sarcastically lets out a fast, high-pitched laugh that usually cracks up the other players.
      Mini: [near the very end of a race] Oh, now I get the fucking Bull[et Bill]-*insane laugh*
      SMii7Y: What the fuck? Whose laugh was that?!
      Nogla: That's Craig...that's his "I'm suffering" laugh.
    • Terroriser's laugh by itself is fairly normal, but when he's really cracking up he tends to start snorting. This amuses Panda to no end and often makes him laugh as much as whatever people found funny to start with.
      Panda: Piggyriser's back!
    • Scotty has a high cackle that often ends in a series of voiced inhales, which have been compared to a goose honking or the 'backing-up' alarm of a large vehicle.
  • Sir Swearsalot: Wildcat, the most foul-mouthed of Vanoss' crew. Panda can give Wildcat a run for his money, though.
  • Solo Side Project: The group do these occasionally. Notable games they have done these are Watch Dogs, Far Cry and even GTA V.
  • Squick: The whole point of the "Reddit 50/50 Challenge" videosnote  that several of the guys have done. Mini's noted that the bad scenes are worse than normal because they have to see them again while blurring them out during editing.
  • Stock Sound Effects:
    • Vanoss frequently dubs stock sounds over certain scenes to emphasize the event, or for pure comedic effect.
      • A typical shotgun sound usually denotes the finality of a person dying, regardless of the weapon being fired at the time.
      • Dave Chappelle's "Gotcha Bitch" was one in Vanoss' earlier videos.
      • A Scare Chord put in right before a jumpscare.
      • Either a "KAPOOYAH!" or a "WAHPOW!" gets dubbed over explosions.
      • James Doakes' "SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!" comes up whenever something unexpected happens to someone.
    • SMii7Y uses a heavy bass drop for the Super Horn and a "nom" sound for using coins in Mario Kart 8.
  • Stealth Pun: In a CAH game, one of Mini's turns as card czar had the black card (basically) "My erection is strong enough to break ___" and "A white supremacist rally" among the white cards. After a bunch of jokes about Nogla being racist earlier in the video, Basically started chewing out Mini for trying to choose another card, but upon picking it it was revealed to be Basically's he played the race card to win the round.
  • Stylistic Suck: Delirious deliberately uses a low-quality microphone because he finds his voice sounding too weird when using a higher-quality one, though recently he began using a high-quality microphone in several of his videos (particularly his solo videos).
  • Stuff Blowing Up: When playing GTA with Vanoss around, expect him to blow up something at some moment, either for trolling or for whatever reason.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Nogla maintains throughout their playthrough of a custom Zombies map that he did not search up Google in order to find out how to unlock the Easter Egg endings.
  • Sniper Duel: In the first half of this video.
  • Take That!:
    • During the Fortnite craze, WILDCAT and BasicallyIDoWrk switched to Fortnite as their primary source of videos. In more than a few cases (like in and Uno), their friends poked fun at their newest obsession.
    • In 2021, both Nogla and Terroriser posted videos labelled "Wow, are they still playing Gmod? I wouldn't know!" and "ADDRESSING THE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST ME" respectively for a Prop Hunt session, directly throwing shade at former member Mini Ladd for his insults towards the group and allegations.
    • In 2022, the shade thrown at Mini Ladd began to grow a lot more frequent, especially from Nogla's end, particularly on Nogla and Terroriser's reaction collab. It gets to the point that Wildcat asks Nogla if these jokes are going to become a common thing or not after the former made one in a video for Escape the Backrooms, and Nogla and Terroriser made a whole Meme Stream livestream to effectively take Mini Ladd's own.
      Wildcat: What's your guys's policy on these Mini Ladd jokes, do they stay in now or...?
      Nogla: (bluntly) Eh, yeah, they're starting to.
  • That Came Out Wrong: Several times they will make an Accidental Innuendo resulting in various instant reactions from the cast.
    Lui Calibre: Guys, it's gonna get harder, 'cause a bunch of dudes are gonna come. *immediately realizes his own innuendo and laughs*
    Moo Snuckel: Kelly (Wildcat's girlfriend) just tweeted, "Went to go get the mail and I can hear Tyler from the house screaming 'AHHH OMG HES SO BIG" and "EEEEE HES COMING'...."
    Car!Delirious: I need some gas! Anyone here wanna pump me?
    Mini Ladd: I was deep-throating daddy!
    • This following exchange in hide and seek:
      [Basically and Moo finds a button in a corner in the room they're hiding. Basically tells Moo to press it]
      Moo: It's... it's going like, in and out.
      Vanoss: ... again... really guys.
      Basically: What does it do?
      Moo: I don't know!
      *everybody laughs*
      Basically: It just wiggles!
  • Tempting Fate:
    • Anytime someone in Prop Hunt or Hide 'N Seek announces, "You're never gonna find me!" or "Guys, I've just won the game!"
    • If someone says something is going to be easy, chances are it won't be. This happens in Death Run videos more often than not.
  • Troll: Everyone in this group is this at one point or another.
    • Vanoss is one of the more prominent ones. He has a tendency to act like a dick to somebody at a random point in his videos, depending on what game he's playing. In GTA Online he most often, not exclusively just most often, directs this at H2ODelirious, In Gmod it's often anybody he is currently in the map with, and in zombie games he tends to avoid actively doing so as it will end the game early, but that doesn't stop him from walking away from somebody who's trying to camp out.
    • Terroriser straight up admits that he is this; his full handle is "The Gaming Terroriser", and his original schtick was going into other people's gaming videos and causing havoc. Since then, he's one of the most likely to deliberately mess with other players in group games, such as in this Mario Kart 8 session where he announces from the get-go that he's going to be fucking with whoever's in first.
    • Delirious and Cartoonz as "detectives."
    • Terroriser, Nogla and KryozGaming during Golf It and Golf with Friends games if collisions are on; they are well known for hitting their balls into other players' to screw up their games. Terroriser's done this to get GassyMexican and Moo to rage quit. In one Golf It game, Moo not only said "I hate you with every fiber of my being!" after Terroriser knocked him off a course, he even texted "I HATE YOU" to Terroriser.
    • SMii7y admitted as much during one Mario Kart 8 race where he was repeatedly messing with Mini and Basically.
      [SMii7y starts hitting Basically with shells on the last lap]
      Basically: Stop it! Stop iiiiiiit! SMii7y, you piece of shit, quit! AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGH!!!
      SMii7y: *laughing* Honestly, it's not even about winning, it's just...I'm just triggering people.
  • Troubled Fetal Position: In one of Mini's "#AskMini" videos, both he and Terroriser have scenes where they're curled up in the fetal position in the shower, bawling their eyes out.
  • True Companions: The group have been playing with each other for over 5 to 6 years now, with their chain of friends continuing to grow, yet they still stick together and often hang out with each other outside their YouTube careers. No matter how many times you hear them throw random insults at each other, make one another rage or just straight up just start arguing, these guys will always be close friends no matter what. The exception to this however is MiniLadd who the group cut ties with after he was accused of and later admitted to sexual harassment.

    U - Z 
  • The Unintelligible: Nogla and Delirious occasionally dip into this. Delirious' occasions are usually due to him getting into screaming fits while Nogla's are often due to his accent, which was perfectly on display during a Mario Kart 8 session that was lampshaded like crazy:
    [Panda skims by a lightning trap without getting hit]
    Nogla: Anthony, you went straight t'roo dat electricity, how'd ya fuckin'...
    SMii7y: What?
    Wildcat: Hauwchafawkin!
    Panda: I'm not sure what you just said, but I'm sorry! *laughs*
    Nogla: Ah, I din' get any weapuhhhuh... [in SMii7y's recording, he puts huge question marks on the screen at this point]
    *everyone cracks up*
    SMii7y: Yeah, me too!
    Panda: It's become a game of "What did Nogla just say?"
    Wildcat: That's every recording session with Nogla.
    Nogla: And also, for fun, subtitle that sentence.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: For all the gang's bickering and bile it's obvious they care about each other.
    • Terroriser and Nogla are a prime example. The two Irishmen have more than once expressed their annoyance and loathing of each other during sessions. But they admitted that they are the closest friends to each other within the group.
    Terroriser: I hate you. I hate you! I fucking hate you! I fucking hate you so much! ... I love you but I hate you...
  • Vocal Dissonance:
    • Lui's "squeaker" voice makes him sound significantly younger. He has two series based on this voice.
    • BigJigglyPanda sometimes uses a squeakier voice that is very distinguishable from the others.
  • Vulgar Humor: Wildcat and Panda's raging often gets very creatively sexual and/or scatalogical, making watching the videos even funnier.
  • We Want Our Jerk Back!: In one Mario Kart 8 video Wildcat swears not to be angry again...and actually holds to this better than one would expect. The results creep everyone present out.
  • Wild Card: Just about everyone at some point. Chronic Backstabbing Disorder seems to be a common affliction.
  • Your Mom: Many a crude joke involving banging another player's mom has been said over the years.
    Nogla: Yeah, I got a (good throwing) right arm from jacking off to your mom!
  • Zombie Apocalypse: As a Gmod skit.

Alternative Title(s): Vanoss Gaming, The Vanoss Crew