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So. There's this game where you control a plumber throughout a colorful fantasy world made of blocks. You jump on enemies to kill them, travel through pipes, collect powerups including mushrooms, one that turns you into metal, and one that turns you into a balloon. The goal is to collect coins and reach the flagpole at the end of the level. Sounds familiar, right?

Aside from the part where collecting coins causes new plumbers to appear, and you control them all simultaneously, of course.

Enough Plumbers is a flash game created by Glen Forrester in 2010, building off of a previous game, Enough Marios, that he made for a contest in two hours. Plumbers can be found here. The game also has a sequel, playable here.

This work contains examples of:

  • Affectionate Parody: Of the Mario series.
  • Balloon Belly: In a parody of Super Mario World's P-Balloon, a powerup will make your plumber balloon up.
  • Big Bad: The final boss is Bowser, with Shigeru Miyamoto's face.
    • The tutorial enemy in the second game, who has Bowser-Miyamoto's skeleton dangling from his fishing line.
  • Bottomless Pits: Just like in the Mario series, you want to avoid having all your plumbers fall into these.
  • Captain Ersatz: The plumber is one of Mario.
  • Fire-Breathing Diner: The pepper powerups will make one plumber burst into flames. He is immune to fireballs, but cannot spawn new plumbers without burning them to death.
  • Gonk: We get to see a closeup of the plumbers face everytime you complete the level in 2. Ditto with the "princess" in the ending.
  • The Goomba: A parody of them exists in this game. They function just the same though, except they're smart enough to not fall off platforms/cliffs.
  • Goomba Springboard: You can jump on some enemies, but unfortunately they won't give you a big boost like in the Mario series.
  • Goomba Stomp: Including one where you kill the Lakitu-esque Goombalike that's been giving you gameplay tips from the beginning, in order to springboard from it.
  • Interface Screw: Psilocybin mushrooms make plumbers glow red and invert their controls. Which is actually a good thing in this game, since it cancels other "powerups" and lets them move in a different direction from the rest of the plumbers.
  • Invincible Minor Minion: There is also this jumping gray robot-looking thing that is completely immune to your attacks.
  • Magic Mushroom: Psilocybin mushrooms that make plumbers glow red and reverse their controls, to be specific.
  • Nintendo Hard: Puzzles with precision platforming. One wrong move and you're most likely starting the level over.
  • Poison Mushroom: Although they're all used to solve at least some puzzles, certain powerups are almost guaranteed to kill the plumber who gets it, such as the soda (which makes them constantly float up), the metal hammer (which makes them too heavy for most jumps and some floors) and the bomb (which makes them explode after ten seconds).
  • Teamwork Puzzle Game: You may not need every clone, but you should try to keep as many with you as possible. Otherwise you may have to start the level over due to not having enough clones.