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Scriptwelder is a Polish indie game developer.

Originally, he was a poster on Newgrounds, producing games until 2015. He went live with a new game, Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive which is a longer, more comprehensive installment of his Don't Escape series. This would be his first game to be officially published and priced on Steam.

His two main series:

  • Deep Sleep
    • Deep Sleep (2012)
    • Deeper Sleep (2013)
    • The Deepest Sleep (2014)
    • Deep Sleep Trilogy (2019, commercial game, compilation of the three first games)
    • Deep Sleep 4 (TBA, commercial game)
  • Don't Escape
    • Don't Escape (2013)
    • Don't Escape 2 (2015)
    • Don't Escape 3 (2015)
    • Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive (2019, first commercial game)
    • Don't Escape Trilogy (2019, commercial game, compilation of the three first games)


Other games:


Tropes that Apply to scriptwelder and his other games:

  • Excited Show Title!: Excavate! and Waterworks!, his cooperations with Archeologia Live and Online.
  • Hold the Line: Primal Sands. You must defend yourself and your ship from the hordes of enemies until you can repair it and get the hell away.
  • Meaningful Name: scriptwelder's stories all share a common multi-verse via the Deep Sleep series which is used for the explanation of mind transference in Don't Escape 4. Many of his games have some connection or reference to his other games. 400 Years has a reference that implies that the hero of A Samll Talk at the Back of the Beyond made to this version of Earth somehow.