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Say When is a short experimental game designed during a game jam about "killer interfaces". In the game you decide to apply modifications to a girl named Lilly, who feels empty inside. The game ends when you decide Lilly has had enough and then the player will read the consequences of their actions, if they were kind, if they were extreme, or anything in between. It is a game that attempts to explore mental illness and how we care for ourselves.



  • Earn Your Bad Ending: If creative enough the player can push Lilly to some truly dark and messed up places, even by doing normal things like eating or sleeping over and over and over again. It gets worse when you apply some of the more extreme behaviors to lilly.
  • Freeware Games: A free game that is played through your browser after downloading a link. There is an option to make a donation to the creator though.
  • Interface Screw: of a mild sort, when the player does something deeply damaging to Lilly the background will turn red.
  • Multiple Endings: At least 3 of them depending on how the player ends the game. These ends are influenced by any special conditions Lilly has gained.
    • On A Sunday Morning: Player ends with positive sanity.
    • Like a Ghost: Player ends with no positive or negative sanity
    • What Is Kindness?: Player ends with negative sanity
  • Video Game Caring Potential: The player can pick reasonable things for Lilly to do and help her, and the game praises the player if they are kind to Lilly.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: Of course, the player can also do things like encourage Lilly to get metal arms, hurt herself, take multiple sleeping pills one after the other, have one-night stands and even strange things like become immortal.
    • Some mods can be reversed too, in particularly cruel ways if the blows to her sanity are any indication.
    • Unfortunately sometimes even when you try to do things to make Lilly happy you can hurt her quite badly. For example, making her take prozac actually causes her to have a bad reaction to the medicine, and lowers her sanity by quite a bit.

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