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Molleindustria is an Italian game developer that is specialized in making Web Games with relatively simple forms of gameplay, but with heavily satirical messages, predominantly from a left-wing point of view.

Quite a few of their games targets big corporations and their business methods or religious institutions, which has been the root of some controversy.

Their website, with their complete game library, can be found here

Molleindustria's body of work includes:

  • Every Day the Same Dream: A Salaryman has several dreams within dreams about an average day in his life. Is there some way he can break the cycle?
  • McDonald's Videogame: As the CEO of the fastfood chain, the player must manage everything from beef production, to food sales and public image. Subverts Cheaters Never Prosper very hard. Running an ethical and honest ship while warding off bankruptcy can be extremely difficult, so you are probably going to have to cut some corners and make some shady deals along the way to succeed.
  • Oiligarchy: A simulation game about increasing the amount of oil you own... no matter the financial and moral cost.
  • Run Jesus Run: Perform all of Jesus's miracles in no less than 10 seconds!
  • Faith Fighter: Religious figures such as Jesus, Ganesha and Muhammad rumble in this Fighting Game.
  • Phone Story: The player must brutally oppress underage and staved miners in Congo, prevent worker suicides in China, distribute Smartphones to the hungry Western marked, and recycle the discarded phones under unsafe conditions in India, to keep the technology gravy train running. Don't try to stop the progress, you cannot pretend you are not complicit.
  • Unmanned: Follows a Day in the Life of a drone pilot, who, depending on the player's choices, either has Patriotic Fervor, a troubled conscience, or is Only in It for the Money.
  • Green New Deal Simulator: In order to avert a climate catastrophe, the player is tasked with helping the United States smoothly transition to a post-carbon economy.