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The Peacekeeper is a 2013 2D top-down shooter made in Adobe Flash by Berzerk Studio, where you must defend your peace farm from hoodlums that want to steal your peace. You sit in the trench and gun down the incoming hoodlums, while dodging their shots by moving left or right within the trench.

Yes, really.

Play online as the Peacekeeper and promote peace and morality through any means necessary. It available on iOS and Android as well.

Do not confuse this with the third installment of the arcade game, Rushing Beat, which is known as Rushing Beat: The Peacekeepers in certain territories.

The Peacekeeper contains the following tropes:

  • Action Bomb: The Huggers.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: The Mooks will keep coming no matter how many get slaughtered.
  • Awesome Backpack: Upgrading it somehow gets you more money.
  • BFG: The Pacificator - A powerup that temporarily replaces your rifle with a rocket launcher.
  • Bloodless Carnage: Inverted. When the Peacekeeper kills his enemies, their bodies and equipment instantly disappear, but the gory splatter remains.
  • Boss Rush: Immediately after beating the third boss, you get to fight all three of them at the same time.
  • Crazy Survivalist: The Peacekeeper gives off this vibe, given that he apparently lives on a farm.
  • Crosshair Aware: The rocket boss's attack is shown with a big crosshair on the ground, and is mimicked by his offshoot Mooks.
  • Degraded Boss: The first and second bosses both get regular troops based on them. The third boss inverts this, meanwhile, by being an upgraded version of the axe-throwing Mooks you've been gunning down from early on.
  • Enemy Chatter: The source of most of the story comes from conversations between the assorted enemy types and bosses.
  • EMP: Stuns all enemies (including bosses).
  • Excuse Plot: Again, you're defending a peace farm against raiders who want to steal your peace.
  • Everything Fades: Played with. The dead bodies of the defeated enemies disappear almost instantly, but a gory blood splatter remains for the remainder of the level.
  • Faceless Mooks / Gas Mask Mooks: Your enemies.
  • 419 Scam: A Nigerian princess wants to send you all her peace!
  • Hitbox Dissonance: The game's a little iffy in this regard. The Peacekeeper's hitbox is smaller than his actual body, so it can be hard to be sure when it's safe to return fire during pitched fights.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In the name of 'peace', these guys are willing to slaughter each-other wholesale.
    The Peacekeeper: "Violence solves nothing!!"
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: The Mooks were apparently trained there. While they can be relied upon to at least try to hit the Peacekeeper, they are generally thwarted by the simple act of taking cover.
    • Hero-Tracking Failure: The red-armored machinegunners are even worse than their comrades, simply blasting away in a straight line without even aiming. When snarked at by his comrades, their representative defends himself with "I HAVE A CONDITION!".
  • Incoming Ham: The Conflict Resolutor's first appearance. The other soldiers snark that it's time to stop using lead-based paints on their armor.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: The axe-thrower from the Enemy Chatter makes horrible puns about his axes. All. The. Time.
    • Hurricane of Puns: And so does the axe-wielding boss. Naturally, the two immediately indulge in a pun-fest.
  • Insurmountable Waist-Deep Trench : The majority of enemies apparently can't be bothered to actually enter the trench, or at least shoot down into it while the Peacekeeper is ducking. The rocket trooper - who can attack the trench interior from range - is quick to deride his comrades for this.
  • Large and in Charge: The bosses are about twice the size of everyone else.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: The three bosses, fed up with being humiliated by the Peacekeeper, group up and attack simultaneously for the final battle.
  • Ludicrous Gibs
  • Money for Nothing: Averted, the upgrades are locked to five, then seven and then ten levels as milestones are passed, ensuring you'll always need money for something.
  • Mook Chivalry: Discussed. The shotgun soldier wonders why they don't just all swarm the trench at once.
  • More Dakka
  • No Indoor Voice: The Huggers.
  • No Sympathy Between Mooks
  • One-Hit Polykill: There are several medals for doing this with a grenade.
  • Only Sane Man: The shotgun trooper in the Enemy Chatter.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Huggers, if their lines are any indication. It's quite possible they're literally trying to run up and give you a hug. It's also possible that they're simply insane.
    Hugger: POTATO!
  • Screaming Warrior: Multiple:
    • Huggers, whose screams loop even when the game is paused the game or during a death scene while one is onscreen.
    • The Peacekeeper will occasionally shout when using a grenade.
  • Shield-Bearing Mook: Based on a boss that uses the same equipment, one enemy type carries bulletproof shields that they use to protect themselves and their fellows. However, they expose themselves in order to attack.
  • Spread Shot: Some Mooks use shotguns to counter your dodge movements. Later on you can begin upgrading your own gun to fire like this.
  • Steampunk: The Peacekeeper wears medieval-looking Powered Armor, complete with steam pipes on his backpack.
  • Take Cover!: You take no damage from bullets when keeping your head down (i.e. not firing). Axes, flamethrowers and rockets, however, will deal damage.
  • Unusual Euphemism: 'Peace' is used as one for just about everything, from expletives to money.
  • Video Game Flamethrowers Suck: Averted. While they have extremely short range, Mooks with flamethrowers will kill you very quickly if you don't move out of the way.
  • Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys?: The bosses briefly wonder why the Peacekeeper keeps getting better and better equipment to fight with, despite never leaving his little trench.