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Video Game / PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist

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PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist is a 2D side-scrolling Platform Game, developed and published by Canada-based indie development studio Outerminds, Inc., in collaboration with YouTube's biggest mogul (let alone in the gaming scene) PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg).

Felix had long-time aspirations for launching his own video game, and in December 2014, he revealed to his fans that he was collaborating with Outerminds to make a PewDiePie-themed video game. He was heavily involved in the game’s development to ensure that it would turn out the way his fans would have liked.

The game was released for iOS and Android on September 24, 2015, but the fact that it wasn't free (costs $4.99) was subject to mass controversy, with Felix intervening to explain that it was only justified that the company who made the game get paid. Also, the game became the top-grossing paid game in the US App Store less than two hours after its release. The Microsoft Windows and OS X versions were released on December 10, 2015, with additional co-op mode.

The game includes references to previous videos and pop culture, with CinammonToastKen, Markiplier, Cryaotic (Cry), Jacksepticeye and Cutie Pie Marzia lending voices.

You get to play as the following characters:

  • PewDiePie (Companions: pugs Edgar and Maya)
  • Cutie Pie Marzia (Companions: pugs Maya and Edgar)
  • Markiplier (Companion: Tiny Box Tim)
  • Jacksepticeye (Companion: Septic Sam)
  • CinnamonToastKen (Companions: corgis Betty and Jackie)
  • Cryaotic (Companions: two Sup Guys)
  • PewDuckPie (Companions: two ducklings)

This game contains the following tropes:

  • Adaptational Badass: From acceptable targets annoying props, the barrel become a real threat to Pewds.
  • Adaptational Villainy: In Felix's Lets Plays, barrels were merely obstacles he likes to pin blame on. In this game, they're a genuine antagonistic force with a desire to contain.
  • Advancing Wall of Doom: The second stage consists of you trying to keep ahead of General Barrel's tank as you jump across vehicles while on the road. Falling onto that road is instant death (but a Diving Save can be done on your behalf).
  • Almost Kiss: Pewds and Cry, until Marzia's calling on the phone interrupted it (even if you're playing as Marzia during the stage where you first encounter him).
  • Avenging the Villain: Part of Generoll Barrel's motivation is avenging his brother General Barrel.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Markiplier, twice; the second comes after Felix calls for him beforehand.
  • Bland-Name Product: In the start of the game, Felix uploads his videos not to YouTube, but to PewTube.
  • Collision Damage: Contact with other parts of most enemies other than their head can harm you.
  • Color-Coded Characters: During the third stage, the playable characters ride on small planes in the following colors:
    • PewDiePie: Light Blue, though it turns Gold while he's in his Stephano costume
    • CutiePieMarzia: White (though her companions' planes are Light Blue like Felix)
    • Markiplier: Pink
    • CinnamonToastKen: Brown
    • JackSepticEye: Green
    • Cryaotic: White
    • PewDuckPie: Aqua
  • Crosshair Aware:
    • During General Barrel's Escape Sequence, a crosshair will appear on the vehicle that serves as the player's platform before he destroys it using his tank.
    • Falcon Hunter's 360 Pro No Scope crosshair will chase after the player while he spins around.
  • Damsel in Distress:
    • The Barrels busting into Felix's house suggests that they might got hold of Marzia, but she's sleeping in her bed by the time you get to her.
    • One fraction of the fanbase Felix has to rescue from King Barrel.
    • In one of the Arctic stages, this happens to Shannon (a shark), who is tied up when you meet her. Felix lampshades that this should be impossible since barrels don't even have arms.
  • Dem Bones: The skeleton mooks Xylo Bone will throw bones when they spot you. Their bone projectiles can be jumped on for extra height.
  • Distressed Dude:
    • The other fraction of the fanbase Felix has to rescue.
    • Jack when you first encounter him, having been kidnapped by the barrels to lure Felix. It's a Distressed Duck if you're playing as Jack.
  • Diving Save: When you're about to die, your companion(s) will dive in to take the damage for you.
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: And it's not just barrels. There are killer seals, ducks, Orcadorka (an orca) falling from the sky, exploding cows, Tyrannosaurus rex (named Little Flower), werewolves, Winged Unicorns, aliens, you name it.
  • Excuse Plot: Felix, King Barrel has kidnapped all of your fans! It's up to you to save them!
  • Eye Beam: Sam the Septic Eye can shoot beam under the following circumstances:
    • In the stage where you rescue JackSepticEye, it shoots down rock pillars that blocks your path.
    • Jack's Keep An Eye On YOU temporally turns Sam into a large version of itself that shoots laser at nearby enemies.
  • Fall Damage: Averted and lampshaded after Mark drops off Pewds in Africa.
  • Fartillery:
    • Fartcans release a cloud of toxic green gas after their death.
    • Edgar Fart is a brown cloud released from the bowels of Pewdiepie's beloved pet that can destroy and hinder any projectiles and enemy movements.
  • Forced Transformation: Cry's The Mask of Cuteness turns all enemies in sight into red Sup Guys, who are more passive yet can still inflict Collision Damage.
  • Foreshadowing: FalconLover appears as early as the first stage in the related videos in PewTube while Felix is noticing that his last video had zero views. They appear as a boss later in the last Africa level.
  • Funny Background Event:
    • In the Africa stages, there is a sentient sub sandwich and two donuts chasing a herd of zebras.
    • And during Felix and company's victory dances after defeating King Barrel, Jennifer, the rock blocking the cave exit where you rescued Jack earlier, can be seen floating in space.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration:
    • During the first stage, if you collected either of the pugs, they can already do a Diving Save on your behalf.
    • A duck stands in for any non-PewDiePie character in the story if you're ever playing as them (e.g. Stage 2 where Markiplier's supposed to rescue you…but you're currently playing as Mark) to avoid paradoxes.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation:
    • Sam will still pop up to shoot down walls in the level where you rescue Jack, even if you're playing as him and Sam's already taken two hits.
    • Even if Edgar or Maya get killed doing a Diving Save, you can still use Edgar Fart and Maya Ride.
  • Goomba Springboard: Since the charcters in the game mainly rely on killing enemies by jumping on them, it comes as no surprise. However, some levels require you to keep bouncing on mooks in order to pass.
  • Goomba Stomp: How you deal with most of your enemies.
  • Harder Than Hard: Pug Mode, which is unlocked after beating the main campaign and complete the levels with Bro difficulty. Here, you play as either Edgar or Maya as you navigate through the level with only one heart, no companions, no powerups and no checkpoints. Combined with the pugs' lower jump height, and this mode can be really grueling to complete, especially on the boss fights.
  • Healing Factor: Dr. Crab, which can be used to recover up to 3 hearts.
  • Hold the Line: Ken and Jack invoke this at the end of certain stages. Unless you're playing as them, of course.
  • I Have Your Wife: King Barrel to Felix, with a twisting variant that it wasn't Felix's girlfriend Marzia King Barrel took hostage of. Instead, King Barrel got hold of all of Pewd's fans.
  • Instant Ice: Just Add Cold!: Anything that lands in the cold water of ice levels will freeze instantly and die.
  • Invincibility Power-Up: Marzia's Maya Ride, Ken's Bear Hat Fusion, and Jack's Keeping an Eye On YOU.
  • The Legend of X: PewDiePie:Legend of the Brofist.
  • Loyal Animal Companion: All playable characters have them. They basically serve as two saves from instant death (unless you're falling into a bottomless pit).
  • Ludicrous Gibs: In this game, death blow people up into bits.
  • Made of Explodium: Any time someone or something is killed. In the case of barrels (and Tiny Box Tim), they become splinters.
  • No-Damage Run: In Pug Mode, you play as a dog with only one health and stripped of the use of powerups and checkpoints.
  • Medium Awareness: Felix seems to know that he's in a video game.
  • Mook Maker: The pink Barrelles spawn one or two Minirolls when destroyed.
  • Musical Assassin: EmoKeebo, whose keyboard shoots out musical notes that damage you.
  • Orphaned Punchline: The opening of the first stage.
    Felix: …And that, bros, is how you make bread using your butt cheeks!
  • Our Werebeasts Are Different: The T-9000 appears on the same spot where the lightning strikes as a human, and then turns in to a werewolf. They can cover a long distance when they leap and will relentlessly hunt you down when they spot you.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: The snowman in the middle of the cave is actually Generoll Barrel. Pewds sees through the ruse, but Ken doesn't until Barrel reveals himself.
  • Parasol of Pain: One of Generoll Barrel's attacks will have him trying to stab you with his umbrella multiple times from under the snow.
  • Rolling Attack: The blue Sanic Barrels and Pinecone Barrels mainly use this method to attack.
  • Taking the Bullet: If you're about to be killed, your companions will die in your place twice before you restart for real. Pitfalls and some attacks are One Hit Kills regardless of companions, though.
  • The Power of Love: Right before destroying King Barrel and freeing his fans, Felix claims this is what the Legendary Brofist is powered by and why King Barrel is incapable of using it.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Marzia is the only female playable character.
  • Shout-Out: The barrels and their desire to "contain" is based off of the Daleks and their desire to "exterminate".
  • Shows Damage: Tiny Box Tim and Septic Sam get this trope by virtue of being solo companions in contrast to Pewd's and Marzia's Maya and Edgar, Ken's Benny and Jackie, and Cry's two Sup Guys.
  • Shockwave Stomp: King Barrel creates blue shockwaves whenever he lands while he chases the player.
  • Smart Bomb:
    • The player's 360 Degree Pro No Scope is a superior version to Falcon Hunter's. When using the attack, the player will spin around, lock on to all enemies on screen and obliterate them all.
    • Brofist has Pewdiepie eliminate all foes on screen by breaking the camera with his fist.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: The explosions even look like brofists!
  • Tank Goodness: General Barrel's mighty flying tank.
  • Time Master: Time Warp slows down time significantly for a limited amount of time.
  • Twofer Token Minority: In addition to being the only female, Marzia is also a non-LetsPlayer, unlike the others (though she does make YouTube videos as well).