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Video Game / Titan Lunch Retaliation

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Titan Lunch Retaliation is a Launcher game made by Berzerk Studios.

The story is pretty much an excuse for you to go on a monster genocide. One day, an anonymous Greek warrior is about to have lunch, when a monster comes and steals said lunch from his hands. Enraged, the warrior decides to jump down a mountain and glide towards any monster he can find, brutally slaughtering any he can lay his hands on, no matter how big it is.


To this end, the warrior has a sword (To kill monsters) and a grappling hook (To grab the monsters when he's gliding towards them). Everything from doing the initial jump to throwing the grappling hook is done with a single button. As you glide a certain distance, boss monsters appear, which require a number of timed button presses to slay. As you kill monsters and do repeated gliding rampages, you earn money with which to upgrade the warrior's equipment to ease his Roaring Rampage of Revenge.


This game provides examples of: