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Video Game / Toss the Turtle

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Toss The Turtle is a 2009 online game that is almost Exactly What It Says on the Tin. You shoot a turtle out of a cannon and pepper him with bullets in the hope of getting major distance. Along the way, you can grab cash for upgrades at the shop and ammo for the gun to continue shooting the poor turtle.

Also, the land is littered with spikes, goombas, bombs, gangster hounds, angry suns, flame dudes, small and big birds, street fighting bananas, cars, UFOs, chainsaw-wielding maniacs, and angry ground creatures. That pretty much makes it a Weird and Hilarious American Thing.

You can find it on Newgrounds here or on its official website. The artist, Gonzo, has also gone on to create art for another game, Goin' Up.

A sequel, Super Toss the Turtle, was released December 22nd for iOS and Google Play. It includes the same action packed game play, while adding new cannons, guns, power ups, and characters.


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