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Pastel Games is a web game site showcasing the games of Mateusz Skutnik, Karol Konwerski and their colleagues. The games can be split into two main groups: point and click adventure games and casual platforming games. All the games feature Scenery Porn thanks to the unique artstyle Mateusz utilizes.

In 2016, Pastel Games now redirects to Mateusz Skutnik's own website,

Major game series include:

  • Submachine - The site's flagship series, these eerie games deal with the mystery of ancient portals strewn across a number of dimensions and the player character's efforts to navigate the network.
  • Covert Front - Set in an Alternate History where World War I takes place about a decade earlier, secret agent Kara must investigate into the disappearance of a scientist involved in a top secret project. This series is now complete.
  • The Fog Fall - A man emerges from his nuclear fallout bunker to find the nuked-out United States to be quite a different place.
  • Daymare Town - A stark-white abandoned town must have its mysteries unraveled.
  • Tortuga - An imprisoned man must escape from an island ruled by pirates.
  • The Great Escape Series - You escape from various rooms. One of the more lighthearted series. Not to be confused with the trope or the movie.

Tropes common in these works include:

  • Nothing Is Scarier: The point and click games tend to have little if any character interaction, creepy atmospheric soundtracks, and stark, deserted environments.

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