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At typical level; A mishmash of various genres.

By Noumenon Games, Nimbus is a game on the PC that mixes aspects from a variety of games, including red, blue, and yellow (and green) color switch puzzles, color coded portals, racing against deadly obstacles at times (and the clock, if you're aiming for the quickest times), barrel cannons, physics puzzles, and secret stage exits, among other things. The objective of each stage is to solve various puzzles as quickly as possible without becoming stranded the ground nor running into a dangerous obstacle. The ship does not propel itself in any way. The player will need to find ways to accelerate to gain/maintain height and speed whilst avoiding (most often lethal) traps or bumping into walls, which will considerably decrease their speed.

In short, Nimbus can be described as a Puzzle Platformer, except without the platforming, instead relying on gliding mechanics.


There is an online leaderboard for players who enjoy competing for the lowest possible times.

Reviews for this game have been very positive and there are many plans for this game's future. It can be purchased from Steam for $10. There is also a downloadable demo for those who want to try the game out first.


  • Bonus Stage: The scrapyard. Accessible immediately after the credits stage.
    • The Christmas levels. Unlike the Scrapyard levels, these alter your global average time.
  • Difficulty Levels: Easy (infinite amount of continues from checkpoints), Normal (5 continues from checkpoints), and Hard (0 continues from checkpoints, rendering them only useful for launching and forcing the player to finish stages in one go)
  • Excuse Plot: The girl ship has been kidnapped by Goleyeath! Are you a bad enough ship to rescue her?
  • Fake Difficulty: The left-right controls are inverted, which is hard to get used to on its own even in late game, but, when moving at fast enough speeds, the controls start working in a manner where left=left and right=right until the player slows down again.
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  • Green Hill Zone: It looks like it belongs in a classic era Sonic the Hedgehog game. Specifically, the first one.
  • Mini-Game Credits: It's actually its own stage with a goal and coin to collect.