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Slap City is a Platform Fighter created by Ludosity.

This game features many characters from Ludosity's previous games, namely Ittle Dew, Princess Remedy In a World of Hurt, Card City Nights, Hyper Princess Pitch and Iji.

Slap City is still in development, and the game currently has 8 playable characters.

Slap City contains examples of:

  • An Axe to Grind: Jenny Fox uses them, and she wields two axes at once. She is also capable of throwing them.
  • And Show It to You: Ittle's attack on a grabbed opponent consists in ripping their heart out and eating it.
  • Autobots, Rock Out!: Stages like Summit or Mecha Santa's fortress use rock music.
  • Batman Can Breathe in Space: Space Planet Earth stage takes place in space, but none of the characters are affected by it.
  • Cartoon Bomb: Ittle uses it in her forward-special attack.
  • Car Fu: In some stages, cars or freight cars appear. They can damage combatants. And they are completely indestructible.
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  • Chrome Champion: In arcade mode, one of matches send you an opponent with golden color. They are slow, but very heavy.
  • Crossover: This game uses many characters, locations, and things from Ludosity and Daniel Remar's past games.
  • Death from Above: In D.C.M.F.P.R. Facility stage, a wave of orbital strike hits the stage periodically.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Clutching is this. By holding left bumper, your character can "clutch" some of their moves, giving them different properties. For example, most moves give momentum in the opposite direction, allowing you to reverse your momentum mid-air instantly. Lots of the higher level play and techniques your characters can do are limited to clutching, and knowing when to use it opens up a lot of depth for even the simplest of characters.
  • Deadly Doctor: Princess Remedy becomes this. Her attack on a grabbed opponent has her repeatedly stabbing the victim with a syringe.
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  • Double Jump: Every character can do this, but Masked Ruby can do triple jump.
  • Eyepatch After Time Skip: The "old" skin for Ittle shows her with an eyepatch.
  • Fixed Floor Fighting: Temple of Null stage is this. This stage only has one medium-sized platform.
  • Free Floor Fighting: Most stages have multiple platforms.
  • Floating Continent: The Saturnian Palace is a beautiful castle orbiting Saturn.
  • Helicopter Blender: Public transit stage has a helicopter, and touching rotors will hurt you.
  • Japanese Delinquents: Ittle becomes this in her alternate skin.
  • Kung-Fu Wizard: The Goddess of Explosions fights with her martial arts and deadly fire/explosion magic.
  • Lethal Lava Land: Fire Zone stage, somewhat self explanatory.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Ultra Fishbunjin 3000. He looks like typical "strong but slow" character, but his front special attack allows him to move very fast.
  • Long-Range Fighter: Princess Remedy can dish out varied ranged attacks.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter:
    • Business Casual Man. He can earn money from attacking opponents with some of his attacks, and money can be used to buff his strong attacks.
    • Asha. Unlike other characters, he has only one special move, Teleport. And doing it consumes a teleport charge. He can recharge teleport charges faster by hitting enemies, or receiving attacks from them.
  • Meteor Move: Many characters have moves that launch the target downward.
  • Multi-Melee Master: Like her source game, Ittle uses many weapons in her attacks. A stick, the fire sword, the ice ring, a raft and its paddle, and more.
  • No OSHA Compliance: Turnip Corp stage has several laser emitters in the entrance. It will be activated periodically.
  • Overly Long Gag: Keep charging Ultra Fishbunjin 3000's down-special and he'll sit there for upwards to a minute as it keeps going, and going, and going, the effects getting more intense to the point that it looks like a small galaxy forming around his fist. If he maxes it out, it's basically a guaranteed K.O. against everyone on the stage regardless of where they are.
  • Pinball Projectile: Projectiles like Fishbunjin's dumbbell or The Goddess of Explosions's fireball ricochet off of walls or floors.
  • Pinball Zone: Bumpertown stage. Bumpers are capable to knock over fighters and deal some damage.
  • Retraux:
    • In arcade mode, you will fight against clone hordes in a version of the Fluffy Fields stage with N64-esque graphics.
    • Hurtland stage uses 8-bit visuals like original game.
  • Shout-Out:
  • SNK Boss: The final boss of Arcade mode becomes this in insane difficulty. They become really fast, damage and knockback from their attacks are doubled, and they also gain an orbiting fireball that can easily kill a player.
  • Suicide Attack: Fishbunjin can take his opponent into the pit by using his down throw on the ledge.
  • Sword Lines: Attacks with bladed weapons usually draw sword lines. Attacks from Asha make very noticeable lines, because he uses long red-colored Laser Blade.
  • Synthetic Voice Actor: The Main menu theme is sung by a Vocaloid.
  • Traintop Battle: Public transit stage. Fighters fight on top of a bus and other cars.
  • Unwinnable Joke Game:
    • The reallyjoel's dad difficulty returns and grants any computer player set to it insane speed and knockback, turning every hit into either an instant ko or infinite combo.
    • Arcade mode has Devil Insane difficulty, and this will turn all of enemies you will fight against into them. Unwinnable, indeed.
  • Victory Pose: Characters have their own victory/defeat pose, and they do it in the result screen. Most defeat poses are rather pathetic.
  • Victory Quote: The winner will say it in the result screen.
  • Womb Level: Healing Mode stage. This stage has some bones, teeth, and weird organic things, and a hostile demonic hand.
    Stage description: Don't ask.

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