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Elimination Platformer

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A subgenre of Platform Game, where the goal of each stage is for the player(s) to clear each stage by eliminating all the enemies.

While these games have the same basic mechanics of walking around and jumping as conventional platformers (which sequels to these often are), the stage design tends to be far more compact than games based on collecting things and/or finding the exit, with far less in the way of fixed hazards. Often each stage is just a single screen, with Directionally Solid Platforms to make it easier for the players and enemies to get at each other. Frenetic 2-player co-op action is often (but not always) the point.

Typically, players' primary attack works to trap or stun enemies, who then need to be finished off with some further effort that sends them flying all over the screen, taking out other enemies in their path, before turning into bonus items.

Compare Platform Fighter.

These games include: