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"What's weirder? Bug aliens having boobs or bug aliens having their own Will Smith? This is the kind of question serious writers of science fiction ask themselves all the time."
Hussie via his former Formspring

Andrew Hussie is a Webcomic artist best known for MS Paint Adventures, who rose to particular fame with his latest project Homestuck. Before he created MSPA around 2006, he spent several years trying his hand at a fairly diverse array of webcomic endeavors and wrote a small number of graphic novels (only one was actually published). Other old endeavors of his include ironic reviews of muscular horse pornography (no longer available), and Jandrew Edits, a series of humourous edits of Star Trek: The Next Generation in collaboration with Jan Van Den Hemel. He was also involved in writing a High School A.U. Dating Sim for Namco characters. Seriously.

It's abundantly clear that Hussie is a man who knows his tropes really, really well. Practically everything he does (but especially MSPA) plays with, subverts, double-subverts, deconstructs, exaggerates, hangs lampshades on, and otherwise works the hell out of the conventions of multiple genres at the same time. Also, if This Very Wiki is anything to go by, he's very, very quotable.


He maintains a Twitter account. He previously maintained two Formspring accounts and a Tumblr blog. His Formspring accounts, old deleted Tumblr posts, Q&A's and Blogspot, as well as his older works are archived both here and here.

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