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The Sixth Martin Van Buren, complete with a fabulous coat.

"Martin Van Buren was known as something of a free-spending dandy, favoring brightly colored vest and ascots and strange, luminous waistcoats. Only later did we find out that this was because he was a Time Lord."

This is it. The Stock Epileptic Tree note . A page for every theory that involves characters who are actually Time Lords/Ladies. Contains spoilers!!

See here for a vlogger's take on these theories.

And finally, The List, Yes that list.

Identified Time Lords:

Time Lord: Nickname TARDIS or Related Device: Companion (s)
??? The Doctor The TARDIS "Chosen very carefully"
Melody Pond
Doctor Who series 6 spoilers!
River Song Whichever vehicle she steals The Doctor
Steven Moffat The Grand Moff The BBC Building Mark Gatiss, Matt Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch
Shakespeare The Bard The Globe His acting troupe... And his wife Anne Hathaway, whom he dropped off in 2001 so she could star in The Princess Diaries
Shakespeare is also the leader of the travelling acting troupe from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, which would explain a lot. The Player The Wagon His acting troupe
Kyon The Slider N/A - he slides The SOS brigade (Haruhi is kept in the dark about this.)
H.M. Murdock. See the show's Wild Mass Guessing page for a whole Epileptic Tree about this one Murdock. Or the name of whatever persona he's taken on that week. The van (although that's more B.A.'s thing).....maybe Murdock's a stranded Time Lord without a TARDIS. Hannibal, B.A., and Face
Sailor Pluto, who is also possibly the Doctor's granddaughter Susan. The Sailor The Gates of Time and their immediate environs Sailor Chibi-Moon
David Bowie seems to have a habit of regenerating, with about five to account for as of 2014. First, he was a quirky folk singer, then a red-mulleted transexual alien (Ziggy Stardust-Diamond Dogs). Then a decadent, vicious aristocrat (Young Americans-Station to Station). Then, a moody avant-garde (Low-Scary Monsters). Then a rather generic pop star (Let's Dance-Never Let Me Down). Then a lively cynical intellectual with a serious dark side (Tin Machine-Earthling). And finally, he became his latest form, a down-to-earth hipster (Hours...-The Next Day). Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke, an alligator, The Sovereign. The armoire he steps into at the end of the Lazarus music video. Iggy Pop, Klaus Nomi, Brian Eno, Trent Reznor, Devo, Kraftwerk
The eponymous Profesor Rossa of the chilean nature show "El Mundo del Profesor Rossa". Need proof? Weird clothes, check. Curly hair, check. Older than he looks like, check. Un-orthodox colors of clothing, check. Several companions (Don Carter, Guru Guru, el Tio Valentin), check The Professor His manor, which could transport you from places to places in Chile and abroad and his trusty Betamax and VHS tapes (Maybe, some Sonic Tapes?) Don Carter, Guru Guru, El Tio Valentin
Since Foreman clearly isn't her real surname, she is also possibly Susan Sto Helit... Unknown N/A. When she really needs one, she just borrows her grandfather's. Death of Rats and Quoth the Raven
...which means the Doctor is Death in addition to everything else. Which makes a vague sort of sense, since Death is, as stated below, a Time Lord in Purgatory. That and the Doctor is a Walking Disaster Area and it's a very cold day in hell when Everybody Lives and downright arctic when the fatality count doesn't reach one before the end of any given adventure. The Final Reality Binky Albert
Great Cthulhu The Dweller in the Deep; The High Priest of the Great Old Ones R'lyeh A few dozen shoggoth
Gordon The Mechanic A trash can, taken over by Oscar a horde of children
Dr. Disaster N/A Unknown, but The Court incorporates TARDIS technology (it grown organically, and the Year 8 dorms are larger on the inside).
Nagi Homura N/A Whatever is behind that door at the end
James Bond The Bachelor, Rassilon, The Agent Can look like any Cool Car, and contains far more gadgets than its volume ought to allow A staggering array of beautiful women
Sam Tyler The Master He lost it in Manchester (or NYC, depending on the regeneration) and left the perception filter on
And Gene Hunt The Guv Ford Cortina XL/Audi Quatro Motorcar Chameleon Circuit: Faulty. His Cars are always imperfect copies of what they&'re supposed to look like. The Cortina XL (XL badge is clear on the front grill) never had a vinyl roof. The Quatro wasn't available in right hand drive in 1981.
Jack Bauer The Bauer His Briefcase All CTU agents
John Connor The Future Leader Of Mankind Nudity Cameron, his mother Sarah, Arnie
Elizabeth Weir N/A Her watch John Sheppard
MacGyver (1985) The MacGyver He builds them out of household objects as needed
Mary Poppins, who eventually regenerated into... The Nanny Her bag All her charges, including grown ones like Bert
Ms. Frizzle The Teacher The "Magic" School Bus Her students and Liz
Beakman; Bill Nye and Mr. Wizard are other regenerations. The Scientist Beakman's lab Lester the Rat
Donnie Darko The Manipulated Living The jet engine. Frank the Rabbit
President Josiah Bartlet The President The White House His staff
Paul and Leto II Atreides The Emperor An ornithopter Sietch Tabr
Prince Eric Charming The Prince N/A His wives
Batman The Bat; The Detective; the Caped Crusader; The Dark Knight; Matches Malone The clock that leads to the Batcave, which is the inside of the TARDIS. The rest of the Bat-Family, Alfred
Willy Wonka The Amazing Chocolatier The Great Glass Elevator Charlie Bucket
Michael Jackson The King of Pop Neverland Ranch Four other family members
Dr. McNinja is the final regeneration of The Doctor. He's replacing standard regeneration with sheer badass. The Doctor Presumably, The TARDIS, the same as his former form. Gordito
Vector Prime The Guardian of Time and Space is a TARDIS by virtue of scanning one for use as an alt mode Safeguard, Jolt, Six-Speed, and Reverb
Primus The Creator Vector Prime, who was given a Spark as one of Primus' first energy-being deeds The entire population of Cybertron
Ryo Akiyama The Slider, meaning Ryo may or may not be Kyon's regeneration or pre-generation Milleniumon Whoever his digimon partner is at the moment. He also partners with other chosen in the games, so Taichi and Ken also.
Zordon was in his second to final incarnation, and used his final regeneration for the massive energy wave. The Sage The Command Center/Power Chamber Alpha 5, Tommy Oliver, Andros
Tohno Shiki The Eyes His knife
Iroh, who is The First Incarnation of The Doctor, from before his actual series started. The Dragon (he chose the name "Doctor" later) Zuko's ship was his TARDIS. Prince Zuko
The Angry Video Game Nerd, who, like the Doctor at one point, was trialed and sentenced by the Time Lords to lose his memories and be human. He regenerated into an angry young man who spends all his time playing horrible video games. He implies that it is his duty or destiny to play bad games, no matter how much he would like to escape, and his theme tune even begins with: "He's gonna take you back to the past..." The tragedy of this is compounded by the fact that he is "Chronologically Confused" about several things. It is possible that his clones are regenerations, and that he regenerated during a teleportation during the Star Trek episode. The Nerd The Power Glove Kyle Justin
The Nostalgia Critic is obviously a regeneration of the same Time Lord which explains the comparisons between the two and their reactions to one another. The Glasses The Swirly Chair The Nostalgia Chick (who's just biding her time until she takes over)
Both Hiro Nakamura and Takezo Kensei. The Fanboy, The Samurai N/A - Hiro doesn't need one, Takezu doesn't have one Ando is Hiro's companion
Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted "Theodore" Logan are not only Time Lords, they're the first Time Lords. More like, Bill S. Rassilon! Rassilion, Omega The phone booths The Princesses
Will Navidson The Photographer His House, which is far larger on the inside. Karen, Ton, His Kids
Rufus is clearly also a timelord. As is Clarence Clemons in the Future. Are the other members of the E Street Band? The Other The phone booths; evidently a genetic form preference of the TARDISes.
Bruce Springsteen. The Boss A '69 Chevy with a 396. Stevie Van Zandt
Death (See Below and Above). The Reaper His house, which is bigger on the inside. Albert
Cole Hawlings. The Doctor (2nd incarnation) His Punch-and-Judy booth Kay Harker
Mycroft Holmes. The Cynic The Diogenes Club.
... regenerated into L The Detective Wammy's House Watari
... and he regenerates into Near. Also known as Aeon N Wammy's House
Prior to regenerating into L he was Fionn Maccumhail... The Thumbsucker N/A
... and between those incarnations, he was Paul McCartney of The Beatles. The Cute One The Help!! House John, George, Ringo
... and has since regenerated into Peter Wentz of Fall Out Boy. N/A N/A
... and before ANY of those, he was Prince Siegfried (Mytho) from Princess Tutu The Prince, Mytho (technically not his real name) The Swans Fakir, Rue
Blackadder. The Black Adder The time machine from Blackadder Back and Forth Baldrick
Ben Tennyson......If the Doctor touches the Omnitrix when it's in "collect" mode. The Shapeshifter? The Rust Bucket (or Kevin's car, provided it stays well away from 1976) Grandpa Max, Gwen, and Kevin Levin
Gary Seven N/A N/A Roberta Lincoln
Princess Rosalina The Star-Mother The Observatory The Lumas
General Forsythe The General N/A
Tsunade The Legendary Sucker Sake bottle Shizune
Mr. Game & Watch is not only a Time Lord, but he has used his TARDIS to become Lord of Hammerspace. The Game Machine An R.O.B.? Those people who hold his fireman trampoline
All anime characters who display High-Pressure Blood. The high pressure comes from having two hearts pumping blood extra hard. The lack of regeneration everywhere is simple- they do not know that they are Time Lords, and, as the Master shows, regeneration can be rejected. As they do not know it is a possibility, Their minds make it real. Those who believe that they can live badly enough do so, explaining all the death-defying stuff and revivals, which are more a case of convincing them that they can regenerate than externally forcing it. By extension, Fist of the North Star takes place in Galifrey's more violent past. Varies Varies Varies
Charles Ofdensen and Mr. Selatcia The Manager (Ofdensen) possibly Mordhaus (Ofdensen) Dethklok (Ofdensen), The Tribunal (Selatcia)
Dr. Rockzo The Rock 'n Roll Clown, Leonard Rockstein jail and rehab Cocaine
The Gentleman He even has a Time Lord-ian name. He's at the end of his regenerations, though. The Gentleman N/A
Doctor Ivo Robotnik, a.k.a. Eggman The Carpenter; The Eggman; The Walrus His Egg-O-Matic, the hovercraft he usually uses. It's not nearly as destructible as his other devices, implying that it is merely a plasmic shell. His first appearance ever shows him extend a wrecking ball larger than the craft itself, so it obviously can distort space. Metal Sonic
... who regenerated into Jamie Hyneman The Mythbuster The M5 Industries building Adam Savage
...and was Walter White in a previous regeneration Heisenberg, the Kingpin The RV, later the Superlab, the Chrysler, and his barrel of cash Jesse Pinkman
Mister Rogers The Champion The Land of Make Believe, or The Trolley
Jesus, who regenerates into... The Savior N/A The Disciples
Santa. The Toymaker His sleigh. Mrs. Claus and the Elves
Sakura is a Time Lord banished to humanity, and all the "angels" are other Time Lords meant to keep him in check. The Pedophile N/A Dokuro-chan
Malcolm Reynolds The Captain Serenity His crew
Commander Shepard The Commander The SSV Normandy Garrus, Tali, and Joker
Urdnot Wrex The Krogan His ancestral armor His clan
Doctor Strange The Sorcerer (in one alternate incarnation equivalent to the Time Lord Victorious, he became known as The Chessmaster) The Sanctum Sanctorum Wong, Night Nurse, occasionally Spider-Man, Wanda Maximoff
Sovereign Nazara himself Saren, Benezia, and an indeterminate number of Geth
Harbinger, who regenerated into Joshua Graham The Harbinger The Collector Base The Collector General and the base's inhabitants
Han Solo, later known as Indiana Jones and Agent Deckard and President James Maarhsall. The Archaeologist, The Nerf-Herder, The Blade Runner, The Fugitive, The President. The Millennium Falcon, Air Force One. Chewbacca
Enrico Pucci The Priest Stairway to Heaven/Made in Heaven
Funny Valentine The President Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Scarlet Valentine
Yuko Ichihara The Witch Her house, which has its perception filters on overdrive "Watanuki Kimihiro"
Mega Man. Mega Man X, Cyber-Elf X, Model X, Mega Man Trigger, and Trigger's partial regeneration, Mega Man Volnutt are his regenerations, flawed by the fact that he is a beta robotic Time Lord. More than just a robot, indeed. The Blue Bomber Eddie the Flip-Top Robot (Classic), Data (Trigger and Volnutt) Roll, Zero
Zero. Yup. He's We Can Rebuild Him personified. The Crimson Swordsman N/A Mega Man X
Of course Dr. Wily, Isoc, Dr. Weil, and Master Albert are the same being. (And Wily the boat guy from Mega Man Legends!) The Roboticist His castle, with the UFO as backup The Yellow Demon
Lazarus Long The Madman, Albert Einstein Eventually, the Gay Deceiver
All of The Other Darrins Varies Varies
Simo Häyhä The Sniper/ The White Death Finland
Derren Brown, who is also a Jedi. The Mentalist N/A
... who regenerates into Patrick Jane. He is psychic - he just had a Ten-esque lapse of judgement. The Mentalist The CBI Van Lisbon, Rigsby, Cho, and Van Pelt.
Big Boss, and, by extension, his children. Big Boss, The Snake Every cardboard box he touches. Their CODEC crews
Clockwork. The Ghost His castle in the Ghost Zone Daniel Phantom
Ms. Hawking the jewelry store owner. N/A N/A
Cable and Nathanial Summers. Nathan, Dayspring, Askani'Son, Soldier-X, Christopher, The Messiah (circa Cable and Deadpool) Greymalkin Deadpool (whether he likes it or not)
Cid, and thus by extension... The Engineer The Airship The Heroes of whatever era he's in
...his son Balthier The Leading Man Located somewhere on the Strahl Fran
Mick Foley The Hardcore Legend Currently on loan to WWE and being used as the Hell in a Cell cage Sting, Mikey Whipwreck, Paul Bearer, Vince McMahon, The Rock, and Jeremy Borash, in that order
Commander Kahn. How else was he able to send the agents to 15th century Italy? N/A N/A
Kiva Andru. N/A When the Glorft's Avatar prototype was changed to Megas, it also became Kiva's TARDIS (until Coop destroyed the time flux control unit). Coop and Jamie
Sheriff Andy Taylor. The Sheriff The Ford police cruiser that updated itself every year from 1960 to 1966 Barney Fife
Phoenix Wright. The Ace Attorney The MASON System Maya Fey, Pearl Fey, Trucy Wright
The Nibblonians from Futurama. Varies Varies Varies
Lelouch and, by extension, Mentok (See above) The Chessmaster N/A C.C.
WALL•E The Woobie His ship EVE
The President, whose regenerations include every president in U.S. history. This includes every President of the Continental Congress. Furthermore, the regeneration from Cyrus Griffin to George Washington was a result of the Time War. The President (Mr. President) Currently takes the form of Air Force One, but can also become a huge mecha. The Vice-President, which is merely a title given to his companion
The Prime Minister, whose regenerations include every UK Prime Minister. See Above. The Prime Minister 10 Downing Street
The Prime Minister, whose regenerations include every Canadian Prime Minister. See Above. The Canadian Prime Minister Parliament Hill
In fact, it may be safe to say that each stable nation has its own Time Lord-in-chief, who maintains the illusion of a changing head of state in order to throw the normals off the trail. This is the true "One World Government" that all the conspiracy kooks are nutso about. Varies Varies
Kane. He's immortal, and there's even canonical evidence that he regenerates from wounds that should have killed him. The Messiah/The Prophet Temple Prime
Zasalamel N/A The Clocktower N/A
The Undertaker. C'mon now, how many times have we seen him die, just to come back looking completely different and with a tweaked character? The Undertaker The urn Paul Bearer, Kane
Alfredo Aldarisio The Traveling Salesman N/A
The Janitor The Janitor Sacred Heart Hospital (or, more specifically, his broom closet).
Harry Potter The Boy Who Lived The tent borrowed from Perkins Ron, Hermione
Henry from Eureka - he has a sonic screwdriver N/A He apparently doesn't have one, as he had to find a different means to travel back in time. He could have simply lost it between the present and future, though. The various townsfolk of Eureka and Jack
Henry from The Time Travelers Wife N/A Whatever it is, it's broken but good. Clare
The Cheat The Cheat The King Of Town's grill (large enough on the inside to hold Strong Sad). Strong Bad and Strong Mad
The Contributors (Each is a separate regeneration) The Contributor, This Troper TVTropes Wiki The Reader Of This Page
The TARDIS The Doctor Varies
Stephen Fry Oscar Wilde, The Headmaster, The Jeeves, The Narrator, Melchett etc. His black cab Hugh Laurie, Blackadder & Sackboy (also see)
Sackboy. He can travel anywhere as long as the level isn't locked, and certain levels even bestow upon him time-bending powers. Sackthing, Sack, Sackgirl, etc. The Pod The Narrator, Toggle, Oddsock, Swoop
The G-Man The G-Man His briefcase Gordon Freeman
Tom Clancy. The Master of Military Suspense N/A
Michael Phelps- he apparently competed in the Munich Games. The Swimmer Unknown; definitely has a pool room, though.
Sherlock Holmes, who is also called Danuve and happens to be half Vulcan. Also, his previous incarnation was called C. Auguste Dupin. His subsequent incarnation is still called Sherlock. The Great Detective 221B Baker Street Watson
John Munch The Cop N/A
Dr. Henry Killinger The Diplomat The Magic Murder Bag
Every Ditz is a different regeneration of a Time Lord with power of Haruhi-esque proportions The Ditz Varies
Original Bubs (regenerated into Bubs) The Haggler Bubs Concession Stand (it's bigger on the inside) Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Coach Z
Sam & Max The Freelance Police The DeSoto (it's sentient and has a soul)
Kasuga Ayumu Osaka Chiyo's Dad.
Link Hero of Time/Men/Goddess/Hyrule Master Sword (alternately, the Temple Of Time) Various Expository Fairies/other companions, Princess Zelda
Captain Price The Captain His Hat Various (usually Scottish) SAS operatives from WWII to 2016
Stephen Colbert The Pundit The C Desk Jon Stewart
Chell Subject Name Here The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device The Companion Cube
The blue portal, with the alternate skins as regenerations Blue The portal gun The orange portal
The orange portal (for regenerations see above) Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold (depending on what color you think it is) The portal gun The blue Portal
Gilliam Jeager and Raul/Fiona Ganedan Helios Olympus for Gilliam The XN Geist for Gilliam, the Excellence for Raul and Fiona
Sergeant Johnson The Sergeant His cigar Master Chief
The Time Traveller The Time Traveller The Time Machine Weena
Lara Croft The Tomb Raider Croft Manor
Altair The Assassin The Animus
Dr. Gordon Freeman The Free-man His crowbar Alyx Vance
Kirby The Kirby Warp Star, or later, the Dragoon.
The Stig The Stig The Reasonably Priced Car Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond
Kaede Nagase The Master Ninja Her Pactio artifact; an Invisibility Cloak with a whole house inside. Probably a Cassiopeia too, for the Time Travel part. None at the moment, usually the lolicon twins
The Princess The Princess N/A
The Professor The Professor He's hiding it somewhere on the island. Alternately, it is the island.
Ramona Flowers The Hair Her Bag Scott
The Warden The Warden Superjail Alice, Jared, and Jailbot.
Weegee Luigi, Gay Luigi, Mama Luigi, Guyii, Fortran. [Adobe
Hikaru Shidou The Magic Knight Of Fire; The Last Pillar of Cephiro Her own willpower
Ciaphas Cain, Hero of the Imperium! The Commissar A scout-pattern Salamander Jurgen
Neo The One The Matrix Trinity, Morpheus
King Arthur The King (or The Knight) Avalon The Knights of the Round Table
Sir Topham Hatt The Fat Controller his car The enignes
Narga The Divine Dragon The levels Sword of Seals 16x, Tower of Valni 8 and Shadow Dragon 24x
Madotsuki N/A The Bed
Che Guevara, who is also Uboa and Nyarlathotep The Revelutionary His motorcycle, also the glowstick
Nebula N/A Alisa Southerncross
Lord Nemesis Mender Silos The Pillar of Ice and Flame
Ingram Prisken, who was Gilbert Durandal in a previous incarnation. After this one, his regeneration malfunctioned somehow, leading to the empowerment of... Time Diver The Astranagant
Cobray Gordon (Another) Time Diver The Dis Astranagant
The Dog The Dog His water tank
The Doctor The Doctor Demon Crown
Chuck Norris, who was both a full regeneration from Teddy Roosevelt as well as a split much like Doctor 10.5 The Chuck Norris His Beard
Kotarou Kobayashi N/A N/A
The Old Wizard The Wizard His staff Luna
Dexter Morgan The Dark Defender; The Bay Harbor Butcher most probably the room where he kills his victims Miguel Prado for a short time, although Dexter didn't like it.
Sanae Hanekoma The CAT; The Producer His Cafe Wild-Kat Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
Rumisiel The Stoner A Filing Cabinet (currently misplaced) Ash, Emily
Helen Cutter Ms Evil Fanservice unknown
The Cat The Cat Red Dwarf Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer, Kryten
Dylan Hunt The Restorator; The Paradine The Andromeda Ascendant
The Borg Queen The Queen Borg Sphere The Borg Collective
The Main Character from Baldur's Gate, who is also a previous incarnation of Dexter Morgan. (see above) The Hero of Baldur's Gate; The Child of Bhaal; The Bhaalspawn The Pocket Plane Too many to list here
Lavok Corthala N/A The Dimensional Sphere
Shinichi Kudo, who happens to use the pseudonyms Conan Edogawa, Danuve, L, and possibly Loki. Two of his previous incarnations were Sherlock Holmes and C. Auguste Dupin. (see above) The Great Detective probably several different ones
Ark The Creator Pandora's Box
Doctor Emmett Brown The Doctor The Delorean, later The Locomotive Marty McFly, Clara Clayton, Jules and Verne, Einstein.
Ginko. That's how he gets those modern clothes being in 19th century Japan. N/A Mushi.
Dialga The Temporal Pokemon Adamant Orb Whoever can catch him
Looker The looker. A poke ball that he "catches" himself in His Croagunk
Ferb Fletcher The Man of Action His various physics defying inventions Phineas Flynn
Chester A. Bum The Bum Alternates between a pie, a Cheerios box, a Pepsi bottle, a can of tuna and a coffee can
Shouty Guy The Euthanizer The entire Mondo Medicals facility
Sophie Hatter The Hatter Howl's castle door Howl, Michael, Calcifer
For that matter, probably Howl too The Wizard His castle door Sophie, Michael, Calcifer
Melchior, Gaspar, and Belthasar The Gurus of Life, Time, and Reason Epoch, but only for Belthasar Crono, Marle, Lucca, Robo, Frog, Ayla, Magus
Doctor Parnassus The Doctor The Mirror of Dreams
Captain Gordon, 37th Defender of Earth!, who regenerated into... The Defender Thursday Jennifer
Bang Shishigami The Divine Lightning of Justice His giant nail Hironobu Kageyama
Dean Winchester Hunter of Monsters 1967 Chevy Impala Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Castiel, Chuck the Prophet
Takeshi Kaga (regenerates into Mark Dacascos) The Chairman Kitchen Stadium The Iron Chefs
Cody, with Joshua as a regeneration. The geek, Hijotee's O.C. (Joshua), the gay guy (William Country counter part) N/A Fellow time lords Gwen and Joshua
Gwen The goth girl TDI's confessonal, why she never, never leaves it. Fellow time lords Cody and Joshua
Ezekiel The home schooled sexist, home school, big Z, Zeke, the first one off His own hat Who ever turns out to be his one true girlfriend
All three Eds, as regenerations of each other See below See below See below
Ed The idiot, Edzilla, Ed-o-puss His tub of GRAVY! Jib, the other two Eds, whatever object he gives a name to
Edd, who also regenerated into Hank Hill The nerd, Double D His hat The other two Eds
Eddy The scamer, profesor scam His so called "brother's room" The other two Eds
Zee Tee, his Evil counter part at the end being his regeneration Flower-man The eversion points N/A
Bart Simpson The Bart man, el-Barto His skateboard Milhouse
Homer Simpson, who has a very long regeneration chain. To start, he regenerated into... Homer, Hulk-Homer The couch Marge
...Phillip J. Fry, who regenerated into... Fry Bender, that orb from Bender's big scorenote  The crew
...Peter Griffin, who regenerated into... The fat-man The house Like Ed, what ever object he gives a name to
...Eric Cartman Cartman N/A Kenny
Hank Hill, who regerated to Ezekiel (See above) Hank Propane and propane accessories The Hill family
Parker Parker Don't know—she parked it somewhere. The Leverage team
Donny Donowitz The Bear Jew Unknown (but he does have a sonic bat) The Inglourious Basterds
... who regenerates into The Scout The Scout Either of his bats, one of which is likely left over from his last form, if a little beat up. Either Reliable Excavation and Demolition or the Builder's League United.
Rachel Alucard The Rabbit Nago & Gii Valkenhayn
Yumemi Okazaki The Fantasy Legend Probability Space Hypervessel Chiyuri and Ruukoto
Big Gay Al Big Gay Al The suitcase from his debut episode Mr. Slave, numerous outcast gay animals
The Avatar The Avatar Unknown Various; latest are Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko and Suki Mako, Bolin, and Asami
Ned The Piemaker The Pie Hole Chuck, Emerson, Olive
Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven/Tara Way The Paradox Dumbledore's Dumblydor's iPod Draco, Willow, B'loody Mary, Vampire, Snap, Loopin,
Yutaka [unknown] [unknown] [unknown]
Morgan Freeman, due to being Aya Hirano, Wendee Lee, and more, is not only a Time Lord, but a shapeshifter as well. [unknown] [unknown] [unknown]
David Xanatos who regenerates into Chef and then Will Riker [unknown] [unknown] [unknown]
Mister Maker The Maker His workshop The shapes, the kids, that damn ugly bird in the clock
Alternately, every life form in every universe is a Time Lord at some point in reincarnation. Thus, the Ultimate Question is really 'How many Time Lords are there in total?' 42. Varies Varies Varies
Tsukasa The Rider, Kamen Rider Decade, Decade Destoryer of World, Decade, take your pick. Natsumi's house in conjunction with the Decadriver Natsumi, Yuuske, Kaito (ocasionally) and Kivala
Gardevoir The Psychic, Embrace Pokemon The Pokémon World Gallade
Grand Moff Tarkin The Butcher of Alderaan The Death Star Darth Vader, Admiral Motti, and High General Tagge
Dom Cobb The Extractor The Somnacin suitcase The rest of the dream team
The narrator of every series The Narrator The voice-recording booth The cast
Mrs. Kim The Shopkeeper One of her antiques Lane's husband
Beck   His old Airstream trailer Jade
The main character of every Elder Scrolls game Eternal Champion, Champion of Daggerfall, Nerevarine, Hero of Kvatch, Last Dragonborn, Nerevar Unknown Uriel Septim VII, Martin Septim
Snoopy The Flying Ace The Doghouse Woodstock
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore The Wizard Hogwarts and/or Fawkes Harry Potter, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape
Gandalf Gandalf the Grey, Gandalf the White His staff Thorin's Company, the Fellowship of the Ring, the White Council
Smeagol/Gollum (the result of a faulty regeneration) The Hideous Thing The One Ring Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee
Skylord Lysander Ruler of the Skylords The Calaeno, later the Skyhold Xephos, Honeydew, Old/Knight Peculier. Actually, come to think of it…
Old/Knight Peculier (regenerated into the latter after dying from Israphel's curse, but not before Fumblemore prepared him a special potion which he learned to make from the Sisterhood of Karn, one which would help hasten his regeneration) The Innkeeper, King of the Templars, that strange old man The inn in Terrorvale Xephos, Honeydew
Simon/Honeydew (the former regenerated into the latter and became trapped in Minecraftia) The dwarf Jaffa cakes Lewis/Xephos
Lewis/Xephos (the former regenerated into the latter and became trapped in Minecraftia) The spaceman Yog Labs Simon/Honeydew
The Dark Pharoah Lehparsi/Israphel The Dark Lord The Jade Sentinel The Sands, Cultists
The T. rex (Jurassic Park) Rexie Isla Nublar (that's how they fit all the dinosaurs onto such a small island!) The Big One
Chip and Dale The 'Munks, The Rescue Rangers Hollows in trees, Rescue Rangers Headquarters Clarice, Monty, Zipper, Gadget, Tammy, Sparky, Foxglove
Calvin, who regenerates into... The Kid Cardboard box Hobbes
...Jason Fox The Brainbox The iFruit Marcus Jones, Eileen Jacobson
Why not Hobbes himself? The Tiger Unknown Calvin
Urban Chronotis, Regius Professor of Chronology (this one is kinda sorta canon, if he's the same person as Professor Chronotis in "Shada") The Professor His study Dirk Gently, Richard MacDuff
Steve? from Minecraft The Crafter He builds it out of diamond and obsidian the mobs
Mr. Potato Head The Spud Himself (Specifically, his butt.) Mrs. Potato Head, The Pizza Planet Aliens
The player character from Ace Combat (each is a different regeneration) The Ace His plane (explains the missile counts) His wingmen
Kei Nagase The Wingman Her plane. She also has the ability to regenerate into a youger version of her previous appearance She's usually one of the companions
Riku Imabitch (regenerates into the same body due to Time Lord down syndrome) The Emo Kid Alcohol Axel Rose, Zexion Doreone, Marluxia Queenly, Jesus Christ
Gilbert Beilschmidt The Prussian Busby's chair Gilbird
9-volt The Big N fanboy His Hoverboard Varies on game.
Doctor Whooves/Time Turner (possibly The Doctor) My Little Time Lord The TARDIS Romana T. Colgate, Harold Saddlon, Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkamena Diane Pie, his marefriend Rose
Neil Gaiman The Writer a Gazebo Maddie, The Fabulous Lorraine, Amanda Palmer
Coconuts The Janitor His Plunger Sewer Creatures
Vishnu The Preserver [unknown] Multiple
Wakko The Great Wakkorotti Gag Bag Yakko and Dot
Garfield The Fat Cat His bed Jon Arbuckle and Odie
Lavi /Marian Cross Because those two are two alike for it to be a coincidence. So Lavi grows up, and travels back in time as Marian Cross Bookman Jr./The General Allen's Ark Bookman, Maria (the creepy butterfly lady), Allen (to operate Ark) and Co., and of course... TIMCAMPY
Lord English The Time Traveling Demon His Cairo Overcoat The Felt
Clockwerk The Monster Krack-Karov Volcano, various other machines lying around in storage Currently the Fiendish Five
Sissel The Mystery The Temsik Meteorite Lynne, Missile and anyone else he wants to save
The Ones The Father, the Son, and the Daughter The Mortis Monolith The Servant/Mother (abandoned after her fall from grace and transformation into Abeloth)
The Vault Dweller, who regenerated into his own grandson, then James, then possibly the Lone Wanderer and then Courier Six. N/A The Highwayman Tycho, Sulik, John Cassidy, Dogmeat, Dogmeat's Puppies, Dr. Li, Star Paladin Cross, Sarah Lyons, Rose of Sharon Cassidy, Veronica Santangelo, Raul, Craig Boone, Joshua Graham
John Green The Author, The Vlogbrother The Island of Nerdfighteria Hank Green, The Yeti (Sarah Green), Henry Green, Alice Green
Hank Green The Singer/Songwriter, The Vlogbrother The Island of Nerdfighteria John Green, Katherine Green
Grunkle Stan The Great Uncle, Mr. Mystery The vending machine in the Mystery Shack Dipper and Mabel Pines, Soos
KurtJMac The Farlander His Bed Wolfie Mcwolfington esquire Jr. III, Snarky Yellow Text
Phelan Porteous Phelous That shack he lives in. Lupa, The Nostalgia Critic, Sad Panda Q&A
Aichi who later regenerates into Kachi Any large slab of anything, or teleporting but that's dangerous. Saki, Airan, Isa
Nigel Thornberry The Nose The ComVee Marianne and Eliza Thornberry
Josie, Liza, and Phoebe The Assistant The Information Center Beakman and Lester
Phil Coulson The Agent Lola Melinda May, Grant Ward, Leo Fitz, and Jenna Simmons
Caliborn The Lordling His planet Lil Cal, Gamzee
Malcolm Tucker The Director, Malcolm Tucker, The Dark Lord, The Doctor No. 10 Sam and Jamie
Khan The Wolf, The Last Incarnation of Ghengis The River of Fate Artyom
Uncle Grandpa Everyone in the World's Uncle and Grandpa His RV Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger
Jefferson The Mad Hatter The hat
Sir John Falstaff The Glutton A stagecoach Prince Hal
Rick Sanchez The Grandfather His portal device Morty Smith
The Stranger ...The Stranger A beat-up '73 Ford Torino, his hat, "that good sarsaparilla" Jeffrey Lebowski (former Companion)
Jeffrey Lebowski The Dude A beat-up '73 Ford Torino (inherited from his former mentor), his bowling ball, White Russians Walter Sobchak
William J. Blazkowicz, who later regenerates into the Doomguy His own mugshot Caroline Becker, Anya Oliwa, and either Fergus Reid or Probst Wyatt III, depending on the timeline
Audrey Parker a.k.a. Lucy Ripley, Sarah Vernon, Lexie DeWitt and Mara The Detective, The Nurse (during her incarnation as Sarah), The Troublemaker (during her incarnation as Mara) the barn Nathan Wuornos, Duke Crocker, Clare Callahan, James Cogan (during her incarnation as Lucy)
Agent Howard The Agent the barn Audrey Parker a.k.a. Lucy Ripley, Sarah Vernon, Lexie DeWitt and Mara, James Cogan
Orion Pax/Optimus Prime and Megatron/Galvatron. Their rivalry trancends time and space as they regenerate into different incarnations across the multiverse. The Prime (Optimus), The Slag-Maker (Megatron) Prime's trailer, Megatron himself (IDW gave him an in-built Space Bridge) Bumblebee and the Autobots, Starscream and the Decepticons
Clock Master The Ruler Of Time He's his own TARDIS. My Son
Indrid Cold The Mothman A flying chimney Alexander Leek
Xehanort Mansex, Xemnas, 'Nort, Terranort, Seeker of Darkness, Ansem DARKNESS!! The True Org XIII
Ray Manzarek The Keyboardist His Keyboard Jim Morrison, John Densmore, Robby Krieger
Tyler Durden is a Time Lord, and The Narrator is him under the Chameleon Arch. The suitcase is where "Tyler Durden" is kept, which The Narrator never opens due to the perception filter, but when The Narrator notices that they "have" the same suitcase, his attention is then drawn to it, allowing Tyler Durden to slowly reach out of it. Eventually, the Narrator manages to "kill" Tyler Durden, effectively using up one of his regenerations in the process (explaining how he took a bullet to the head and survived) and becomes a separate incarnation. Depends on who has control over the body 420 Paper St. Marla Singer, Angel Face, Bob
Dr. Jekyll is a Time Lord on his second-to-last regeneration, and created Hyde when trying to surpass the thirteen regeneration limit. The Changer His Laboratory
Jekyll eventually regenerated into Bruce Banner, and as a side affect, Hyde also regenerated into the Hulk. The Hulk
Marwood is the Eighth Doctor under the Chameleon Arch, and "Withnail" is really the Great Intelligence after he jumps into The Doctor's Time Stream during The Name of the Doctor, and the entire movie is about Marwood trying to defeat him. The Eighth Doctor His TARDIS
Captain Willard The Assassin The boat used to go up the river Chief, Mr Clean, Lance, and Chef
Kurtz is a rogue Time Lord who the other Time Lords sent Willard after when Kurtz put himself under the Chameleon Arch and went insane as a result. The Colonel His compound The American Photojournalist
Colby was also sent by the Time Lords to kill Kurtz, but decided to side with Kurtz and also put himself under the Chameleon Arch
Billy Mays The Pitchman The car from the Impact Gel commercial Anthony Sullivan, Carla, Vince Offer
Riff-Raff The Ladies Cat The Cadillac Cleo, Hector, Wordsworth, and Mungo
Devo The Men Who Are Not Men But Are Devo Their Honda scooters Josh Mancell
Syd Barrett The Crazy Diamond The bike from "Bike" Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason.
Okabe Rintarou Hououin Kyouma Microwave Ophone, or Time Leap Machine Makise Kurisu, Shiina Mayuri, Amane Suzuha, Faris NyanNyan, Urushibara Luka
BRIAN BLESSED, who was preceded by Bran the Blessed The Largest Ham In Existence, Augustus, Richard IV Mount Everest Peter O'Toole, Kenneth Branagh
Mickey Mouse from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "Mickey" (as he regenerates into the same body OVER and OVER and...) The Clubhouse (TARDIS), Toodles (The Sonic Screwdriver) The Sensational Six (et al.)
Dr. Samuel Beckett, later reincarnated as Captain Jonathan Archer and NCIS Special Agent Dwayne Pride The Leaper The Quantum Leap Accelerator, before taking command of the starship Enterprise Admiral Al Calavicci, Subcommander T'Pol, Special Agent Christopher LaSalle
SCP-682 The Thing That Won't Die [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-053
Raymond Sipe The Roarer His YouTube Channel His fans
Jonathan Goldsmith The Most Interesting Man in the World A bottle of Dos Equis The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
The Foolish Magistrate The Magistrate The palace Tai-Tai, The Three Daughters, The Cook, The Reader of the Rules, Jun, The Miao Cats (who are also all time lords and ladies), The Sleeve Dogs, The Alley Cats
Lucky Luke may or may not be a Time Lord, which explains his appearance in that De Kiekeboes strip A Poor Lonesome Cowboy Jolly Jumper Rantanplan
Red Green The Handyman Possum Lodge (TARDIS; however the Possum Van is a backup TARDIS in case the Lodge's chameleon circuit goes on the fritz), Any roll of duct tape he finds (Sonic Screwdriver) Harold Green, Red's wife Bernice, Dalton Humphrey and Ann Marie, Mike Hamar (who regenerated from Father Dougal) Winston Rothschild, Bill Smith, Ranger Gord, Dougie Franklin, and all the other residents of Possum Lake
Haruhi Suzumiya. Yes! We finally did it, we combined two of our Stock Epileptic Trees! The internet is over. We can go home now. And to be serious, her reality-warping powers are because she was the daughter of one of The Doctor's previous regenerations and just before the Time War decimated half the time lords not listed here and freezer-burned Gallifrey, he created a tractor beam with his TARDIS to send her to another planet, Superman style. The beam flung her towards Earth and she landed in Japan. A passing motorist found her and adopted her, unaware of her powers, and the fact she is a Time Lady. Leader of the SOS Brigade North High School The other SOS Brigade members
Stella the Storyteller The Storyteller Split into 2 parts, with the travel functions being her door and her suitcase being the TARDIS interior proper. Barney and the kids
Randolph Carter Chandraputra or The Gentleman Who Travels Through Time and Space The Silver Key (he refuses to elaborate) Abigail Williams
Matthias (who regenerated from Martin the Warrior and has had many regenerations since) The Warrior Redwall Abbey (TARDIS), Sword of Martin (Sonic Screwdriver) Cornflower, Basil Stag Hare, Jess Squirrel
Mistle Toad The Toad Sage Toad Hollow Fur Foot, Beauty Stem, Elf Cup, Puffball, Panther Cap, Slippery Jack & Oyster, Shaggy Mane
Harry The Dinosaur Lover His bucket His dinosaurs