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When you watch Disney, you see some timeless tales being told. Often these tales are ones of good versus evil, of a group of heroes going up against and defeating an evil villain. But what you don't know is, you're only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Disney has actually been chronicling a war that's been going on since the dawn of time, one that has spread across many dimensions and affected many lives. Below are explanations of the two sides, as well as a list of known members of each army. Read on to learn more.



There are no spoiler tags in these theories, and it covers everything Disney related. That means that soon enough there will be spoilers for the newest Disney or Pixar movies, the newest episodes of Disney produced shows, Kingdom Hearts, Epic Mickey, Star Wars and recent/current Marvel Cinematic Universe storylines. You have been warned.

If you want to contribute, feel free, just be sure the character is from a work that's Disney owned, not Disney distributed / airs on a Disney channel. (i.e. no Naruto Shippuden, Jimmy Two-Shoes, etc.) If you have doubts, ask yourself: could the work continue without Disney supporting it and without any change in copyright? Deleting entries is not friendly. Just because you didn't like a particular movie or show doesn't mean other people don't. Also, the Inner Circle and the High Council are now full, no other heroes or villains will be admitted. If you feel a character should be placed in one of these categories, take it to the discussion page first.

No meta stuff. That would likely lead to several joke entries like "Eisner's a Friend!" and Fan Dumb like that. The Kingdom Keepers is an exception, but only if it's explicitly stated in the books.


Alternate Universe versions of characters are different characters from the original unless you can tie them together in a rational way. (eg: the princesses of heart are the same princesses as their movies since Kingdom Hearts generally doesn't mess with their movie storylines. However, the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland and the one from Once Upon a Time are 2 different characters as their stories go in vastly different directions.)

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Compare and contrast Lost Tales of Fantasia, a fanfic that also combines all of Disney into a single conflict narrative, and has quite a few similar ideas, but is more of an actual story, and takes its style and tone in a different direction.

The theory:

It is a given in the Disney universe that magic exists, and that magic is good, inherently - a la the Blue Fairy, the Wishing Star, the three Fairy Godmothers of Sleeping Beauty, etc. What the villains use in Disney films, then, is not the natural magic that makes sure that good is rewarded, but something far more sinister - that which Maleficient herself claims when she bellows, "And now you shall deal with ME, O Prince, and all the powers of HELL!!"

The powers of Hell are also called, "Friends On The Other Side" from The Princess and the Frog. They are the Big Bads of the Disney universe, working through many other villains. Their main goal is to collect souls to make like themselves, while their secondary goal is just to bring about destruction and pain.

There are a few rules about them:

  • They cannot travel outside of the Other Side except in two places. One is Bald Mountain, where the entryway to their domain is located. Even then, they cannot leave this area, nor can they travel during the day because they are helpless against the purity of day. The second is Wonderland, which has enough chaotic magic to allow the Friends to slip in. They keep this hidden from the Gods (see below) to make sure they don't realize this and fix the problem.
  • Chernabog is the highest evil power in the Disney multiverse, but remains a member of a group of Big Bads of a similar power level from other Disney universes called the Friends. All the others are Inner Circle members, agents, dark masters or arch-demons.
  • The magic they give cannot affect the user at first. This is a test run, to see if they would be good clients. Should they prove worthy, they are given more power.
  • They cannot give regular animals magical powers. So that means any villain that acts like a regular animal or lives in a world where humans are unaware of their intelligence cannot have magic. However, Funny Animals (including Magica DeSpell and Chuckles) can, since they're human enough to learn magic.
  • Should a client prove worthy enough, they will be admitted to the Inner Circle after their deaths, where they will continue to spread pain through the afterlife.
  • Prolonged exposure to the Friends and their dark magic can cause some monstrous image changes, as you'll see in more than a few clients.
  • Aside from clients, they also have agents. There are three kinds of agents in this war. First class agents are similar to Friends in the fact that they're creatures born of evil powers, but they are not as powerful and can leave the Other Side. Second class agents are evil animals and humans who willingly recruited themselves to the Friends. They act as messengers, scouts, and the like.
  • Clients who aren't worthy to enter the Inner circle but performed well in their life can still be kept around, being resurrected as third class agents. They don't have the same powers as the Inner Circle, and they exist at Chernabog's whim, but it's far preferable to what happens to those who displease Chernabog...
  • Dark Masters are very powerful Clients who did very well in life, but decided to refuse the now allowed position of Inner Circle member. Instead, they decide to work alongside the Inner Circle as a sort of Elite Mook Agent. They have a lot of power compared to a regular agent.
  • There's a level of creature in between the Friends and Inner Circle. They are the Arch-Demons, evil beings who are only just as powerful as the Inner Circle, yet they are also made from pure darkness like the Friends and first class Agents. The main reason to fear these guys is the fact that they can leave the Other Side indefinetly.
  • The Friends will also employ Associates. These are a kind of villain, usually some form of Chaotic Neutral, who works for the Friends helping them gain a foothold in a certain world or collect souls. Not clients and thus not owing a debt to the Friends, they are usually paid in riches as opposed to power. Chernabog dislikes having these freelance agents who can come and go as they please, so he usually tries to lure them into a formal deal, but they are often too smart for that.
  • The Friends will occasionally manipulate from behind the scenes as well. Not everyone useful to the Friends' interests can be lured into becoming a Client, so the Friends use their agents to goad people into commiting acts of villainy on their own initiative. This will usually be either someone who isn't evil but could be pushed in that direction given the right motivation, or a villain whose personality wouldn't allow them to make deals with demons.
    • Another way they have of manipulating events unnoticed is to affect the weather. The reason climatic battles against villains often happen under a freak thunderstorm is that the Friends caused the storms, since it is a background that stimulates their fighter's inner evil.
  • Each client gets a Villain Song as a free bonus. Not all of them chose to use it.

Friends and The High Council

Tropes displayed by this theory:

  • All There in the Manual: This is the manual. The individual Disney stories generally show us only the individual battles of this war, not the forces behind it all or even the fact that these battles are part of a larger war. Even when the High Council members or Friends themselves show up, the war and their role in it can only be discovered by reading this backstory.
  • Always Chaotic Evil: the Disney equivalent of orcs who work for Maleficent
  • Ambition Is Evil: Many villains are clients of the Friends as a means to fufill their own ambitions.
  • Big Bad: Though they're the Greater Scope Villains of most of the individual stories, the Friends and the Inner Circle are this trope for the battle as a whole since they're the men and women behind almost all of the other villains. Chernabog is the biggest bad.
  • Big Good: The gods, who loom over the Disney multiverse as the other supreme leaders of the good fight besides the High Council but don't appear in any story besides Hercules and the Pastoral Symphony segment of Fantasia, and even in these stories are not the main characters. The High Council also fills this role in most Disney stories (some of its members still fill this role when they appear, but others are main characters). Zeus is the biggest good.
  • Black Magic: The magic the Friends give their clients.
  • Canon Welding: Not only internally, but any time Disney acquires another product.
  • The Chessmaster: The leaders of both sides of the war (with most other Disney characters being "chess pieces").
  • Cosmic Chess Game
  • Council of Angels: the High Council
  • Co-Dragons: The Horned King, Maleficent, and the Firebird are all this to Chernabog.
  • Dark Fic: A lot of elements are darker than the movies that inspired them.
  • Deal with the Devil: Essentially how any the villain besides the Enchantress got magic.
  • Demon Lords And Arch Devils: the Inner Circle and all the Friends besides Chernabog
  • Devil's Job Offer: Shun-Yu, Frollo, the Inner Circle, and other villains who got jobs from Chernabog after death.
  • Evil Counterpart: The second class agents of the Friends to agents of the High Council, the Inner Circle to the High Council itself, the Friends to the gods, Chernabog to Zeus, and Hell to Mount Olympus.
  • Fluffy Cloud Heaven: Mount Olympus
  • Grand Unifying Guess: A big one!
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Chernabog, who looms over the Disney multiverse as supreme villain and source of almost all evil but doesn't appear in any story besides the Night On Bald Mountain segment of Fantasia. The Friends in general and the Inner Circle also take on this role in most Disney stories.
  • Hell: As seen in the Silly Symphony Hell's Bells, some parts or it are fire and brimstone and some aren't. This is the eventuall destination of many unfortunate souls collected by the Friends. It is part of the Other Side.
  • The Heartless: The Friends feed on anger, hatred, and darkness for sustenance, but also command these creatures in Kingdom Hearts as their surprisingly cute mooks.
  • Legion of Doom: The Friends and their agents in general.
  • Legions of Hell: First and third class agents, Arch-Demons and Dark Masters.
  • Fanon: Some parts of the theory need to make a consensus on a special interpretation of a debatable sequence of a movie.
  • Made of Evil: The Friends, first class agents and Arch-Demons.
  • The Man Behind the Man: The Friends are beind nearly all of the vilains, with Chernabog being the man furthest behind.
  • Mega Crossover
  • Metaplot
  • Morality Kitchen Sink: The morality of people here is all over the place. You have the destructive, conquering friends, the good and noble High Council, members of the friends army that fell to evil sympathetically, members of the high council who while noble will often play dirty or ambiguously to win their part of the war, and of course the unaligned of various alignments and interests.
  • Multiversal Conqueror: Chernabog
  • The Multiverse
  • Religion of Evil: Some other evil beings literally worship the Friends
  • Satan: Chernabog
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Chernabog can stick out of his can each night but can't leave it completely.
  • The Starscream: Hell's Bells may show how the demon that later became Chernabog overthrew the original ruler of all evil and took his place. Jafar is trying to replace Maleficent and the Horned King as leader of the Inner Circle. Hades shows potential to become another Starscream, as he's often pursuing his own agenda.
  • The Wiki Rule: This theory now has its own wiki, albeit with the names of some things and groups changed to the tastes of the person who started it.
  • White Magic: The "natural" magic (i.e. the magic that is part of the universe and must be learned, rather then simply being given by another force like the Friends)

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