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Batman is a Time Lord.

This explains his ridiculous number of areas of expertise, his physical superiority (which cannot realistically be explained by "he works out"), his gadgetry, and his intellect. He frequently displays knowledge of meditation techniques similar to those used by The Doctor. He has been active in Gotham since the 1940's, with his regenerations being the reason his personality is so different from era to era. His appearance changes due to artistic reinterpretation are also because of this (though there is little appearance variation compared to the Doctor, it should be pointed out that not all Time Lords' regenerations vary as wildly as the Doctor's). Over the years, he has had the following regenerations:
  • 1st: Gun-toting psycho vigilante. (1939)
  • 2nd: Takes on Dick Grayson as companion, becomes more of a father figure, lightens up a bit and has more science-fictiony adventures. (1940-1963)
  • 3rd: Lightens up too much, becomes campy and eccentric. Spends most his time using Gallifreyan tech to design absurd bat gadgets — Bat-Dalek repellent, anyone? Also makes the utility belt "bigger on the inside". (1964-1969)
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  • 4th: Regenerates into the dark, Gothic horror-influenced Batman of The Bronze Age. (1970-1986)
  • 5th: Grim Post-Frank Miller / Post-Crisis Batman. (1987-1993)
  • 6th: Douchebag late '90s/early 00s Batman. This is the only one we see him regenerate into, during the Knightfall storyline. Shondra Kinsolving didn't heal him, she just helped him regenerate. (1994-2005)
  • 7th: Post-Infinite Crisis Batman. (2006-?)

Amongst timelords, he is known as The Bat, or possibly the Knight. Or maybe The Bachelor (after all, if we have a Doctor and a Master, there's only one degree level we're missing...). Robin, Alfred et al. are his companions; the Batcave, and possibly all of Wayne Manor, is his TARDIS.

  • He can't be The Bachelor, that's James Bond.
  • What about The Associate?
  • Ra's al Ghul, himself a blatant candidate for Time Lord-hood (perhaps he's Batman's version of The Master?) refers to Batman as "The Detective". Perhaps that's his official Gallifreyan title...

The Joker is also a Time Lord; he has a similar relationship with Batman as the Master has with the Doctor, and he regenerates specifically to match his nemesis. (This also explains why the Joker's never been executed — he'd just regenerate.)

  • Yes, he was (Detective #64, "The Joker Walks the Last Mile"). Yes, he did (the same story)
  • The Joker's regenerations are more markedly distinct than Batman's: Caesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, and Heath Ledger are at least as different as The Doctor's different iterations. (Which makes sense, given how chaotic the Joker is...)
  • The Joker was nearly killed off a couple of times early on, once dying, being buried, and then being revived by henchmen. This one resulted in his later change from creepy premeditated killer with a weird face to psycho with a series of less-deadly gimmicks. Coincidence?
  • The description of the Joker undergoing a personality shift in Batman #663 is highly reminiscent of the way regenerations were described in the Doctor Who Novelisations in the eighties.

Dick Grayson is also a Time Lord. He is known among them as The Heir.

  • 1st - The youngest member of the Flying Graysons.
  • 2nd - After his parents died, he became Robin.
  • 3rd - Nightwing.
  • 4th - Becoming Batman during Prodigal.
  • 5th - A newer Nightwing, defender of Bludhaven.
  • 6th - Taking up the cowl after the death of his mentor.
  • 7th - Nightwing, defender of Chicago.
  • 8th - Agent 37. Like Batman's 6th regeneration, this one needed help, this time from Lex Luthor.

(This theory is based solely on the fact that in one issue of JLA: Classified, a Dalek can be seen in the Batcave trophy room.)

  • Going on into the "Batcave is his TARDIS" idea, it's entirely possible that the grandfather clock in Stately Wayne Manor doesn't hide the entrance to the Batcave, but contains the Batcave — that is, the grandfather clock is the TARDIS from the outside, and the Batcave is its interior.
    • Does this make the Batman of Zurr-en-Arrh his version of the Valeyard?
      • Actually, he's the Dream Lord.

An interesting post-script to this theory - Batman currently IS a literal Time Lord in the comics - at least in the current storyline, he's been blown backward into pre-history by Darkseid, and is rumored to be repeatedly reincarnating his way back to the future, living multiple lives. More solidly, he has definitely left at least some evidence behind for people in the present to find, with the intention of letting them know he is still alive in the past, so they may potentially find someone with time travel powers (and those people definitely exist within the DCU), to return him to his own time.

Submitted into evidence: visual proof Batman is indeed a Time Lord.

Alfred is most definitely his companion. It makes more sense than Robin when you consider that he's pretty much been there with Bruce his entire life and throughout his career as Batman. Even when the other Robins left the nest, Alfred has stuck with Batman through thick and thin. He may even be a Time Lord himself.

Calvin is a Time Lord

Come on, he does travel in time. About his inability to do schoolwork, compare with Susan Foreman in the very first episode of Doctor Who.
  • That would make the cardboard box his TARDIS. Also, the Doctor is mentioned to have been bad at a number of his classes on Gallifrey, and yet he is very knowledgeable when he goes on historical trips, so Calvin seeming Book Dumb isn't much of a stretch.
    • Also, his T.A.R.D.I.S. has three levels of camouflage. A working chameleon circuit — it looks like a cardboard box. A perception filter — so no-one throws aforementioned cardboard box out, as refuse. Finally, a real cardboard box clamped to the front-door, if anyone manages to get past the perception filter and looks in they'll just see a cardboard box interior.
    • Calvin isn't Book Dumb. He just finds the American school system a waste of his time. He'd rather read up on things like dinosaurs. Or he's hiding his intelligence so he doesn't get sussed out like Susan.
  • Hobbes is his companion.
    • HOBBES is the Time Lord who came to mentor Calvin, who is destined to grow up to become some all-powerful superbeing. The cardboard box is the TARDIS. Also, Hobbes' personality perfectly matches the (Tenth) Doctor to the letter when the Doctor has fun. Complete with 'girls are fun, but I'm not quite sure how to deal with them'. And who else but a Time Lord would find Calvin Ball interesting?
    • Who DOESN'T find Calvinball interesting? Are we all Time Lords??
      • This explains why Hobbes wanted out from Calvin piloting the cardboard box - with the doors open and exposing yourself to the time vortex!
      • That's what the goggles are for.

  • Calvin is a young Time lord who was John Smithed and shipped off to earth by his parents in hopes of saving him from the Daleks when the Time War turned sour. His TARDIS quickly became an inconspicuous cardboard box, but the object into which Calvin's time lord memories were locked, randomly chosen and hastily created, did not function without unexpected side affects. With Calvin's Time Lord memories and persona in such an easily manipulated form, a stuffed tiger, it quickly began to function as its own distinct consciousness, calling itself 'Hobbes' in reference to Calvin's true Time Lord title- The Philosopher.

Calvin is NOT a Time Lord, but the cardbord box IS a TARDIS.

As stated above the cardbord box does do an awful lot of weird stuff. However, if Calvin were really a Time Lord, he would have remembered to turn the safety switch off before trying to profit from it. That, and he would have a Sonic Screwdriver. Ms. Wormwood might be the Time Lord who lost it.
  • Perhaps Hobbes is the Time Lord, disguised as a stuffed animal, and Calvin is his only companion.

Jason is a Time Lord

He was sent to Earth when the Time War turned sour, had his TARDIS taken away, his memories of being a Time Lord wiped and placed into the Fox Family, where a spell was put over to make everyone (inculding Jason) think he'd been there all along. His book smarts come from faint unwiped Time Lord memories where he'd go on trips in his TARDIS to historical events where he'd see them unwrapping before his eyes.

Jason is a regeneration of Calvin

Following on from the previous WMG, when Calvin is 10 years old, he dies in a sledding accident. His death triggers the release of his Time Lord memories from Hobbes, who returns to being nothing more than a stuffed toy. The memories are returned to Calvin, triggering his first regeneration. He becomes Jason. Due to his new appearance, Calvin decides to leave the family he had settled with. Retrieving his TARDIS, he sets off in search for a new home. However, the TARDIS broke down outside the house of the Fox family. Calvin alters their memories to make them believe that he is the youngest child of the family. He decides to call himself 'Jason' to avoid confusion with his previous form, and decides to settle with them until he can repair the TARDIS, which he still hasn't.

Garfield is a Time Lord, who was permanently placed in the body of a cat as punishment for unrevealed actions on Gallifrey.

Well duh! Haven't you read Garfield: His 9 Lives? Over the years, he has had the following incarnations:
  • 1st: Lived during the Cave Ages. Regenerated after being shot with an arrow by a caveman who wanted to eat him.
  • 2nd: Joins the Vikings shortly after regenerating. After being frozen in ice twice (one waking in 1984; the other in 2984; he regenerates during the second wait of hypothermia) he reclaims his TARDIS (which has ended up in a museum) and heads to 1964.
  • 3rd: Takes on the alias of 'Sam Spayed' and becomes a detective in 1964 New York. Regenerates in 1972 after being shot by a goon.
  • 4th: Becomes a mindless 'regular' cat, becomes a lab cat and is turned into a dog by a serum. Committed suicide after his transformation. Had the shortest lifespan of all his incarnations.
  • 5th: Has a younger body, taken in by a girl named Cloey. Died of natural causes.
  • 6th: Lands in Ancient Egypt shortly after regenerating, is adopted by the Pharaoh. When the Pharaoh dies, he is appointed 'king' of Egypt, but turns the role over to another person and leaves. Cause of regeneration unknown.
  • 7th: Regenerates into the form of a blue cat, taken in by "Freddie" Handel. Cause of regeneration unknown.
  • 8th: Regenerates into a female this time, taken in by a young girl, Sarah. Dies of natural causes.
  • 9th: His shortest-lived incarnation, a stunt double for Krazy Kat.
  • 10th: Current incarnation. He begins this incarnation in the form of a young kitten. He lands in 1978 America and hypnotizes a cat into believing she is his mother. He is eventually taken in by Jon Arbuckle. His TARDIS is locked in the form of a small blue cat bed. Sometime in the future, he abandons Jon and Odie to explore the galaxies.
  • Final regeneration: Cosmetically altered by the Cybermen.

The Garbage Man is a Time lord

The Garbage truck is his TARDIS.

Wally is a Timelord

He's a deserter from the Time War, who made a life for himself on Earth. He coped with the death of his people by perfecting not caring into an art form.

The Dog is a canine Time Lord.

He refuses to let his name be given for the same reason every other Time Lord does. His TARDIS is his water tank.

Snoopy is a Time Lord

We've seen the inside of his doghouse, and it is larger on the inside than it is on the outside, just like a TARDIS. Snoopy's time as a WWI Flying Ace who fought The Red Baron - despite living in modern times - has been well documented. And, depending on how frequently he travels back and forth in time, it's likely that some of his personas (Joe Cool and the like) are other regenerations of his; he keeps coming back to check up on his old companions like The Brown Children, taking care to avoid the Blinovitch Limitation Effect.
  • Jossed earlier, as there is a story arc where the doghouse is burned down and rebuilt. The more likely event is that Snoopy has created a series of tunnels in his doghouse.

Sam and Max are Time Lords, and the De Soto is their TARDIS.

The DeSoto appears indestructible, and it takes them across America, to Germany, to the North Pole, and to the moon in seconds. It has been shown to be sentient on a few occasions. It even has a soul.
  • But if that were true, then why were Sam and Max stranded when their past selves stole the time elevator? They should have been able to use the DeSoto to go after them rather than reliving the last year and a half. Also, would they let Sybil and Abe take a demoniacally possessed time machine on their honeymoon? (Okay, Max would; but Sam might have done something).
    • The Doctor's TARDIS is broken-down and can't make precision jumps well. It's entirely possible that the DeSoto can't travel through time anymore, only space. (It's just an RDIS.)
  • For this theory to work, only one on them needs to be a Time Lord. Are both of them Time Lords? If not, then which one is?
    • There's another explanation that's more plausible. In the comics they got to the moon by stuffing "thousands upon thousands of matchheads into the muffler". If it worked to get to the Moon, then why wouldn't it work for Germany and the North Pole?
      • First: You have a very low bar for "more plausible". Second: You'd overshoot. Germany and the North Pole are a lot closer than the moon.
  • This would explain how they got to Ancient Egypt in Fair Wind to Java, and why the Commissioner called them to tell them there was big trouble there.
  • If Sam is a Time Lord, how is he also Davros in the future?
    • He's not Davros. He just stole Davros's wheelchair.

Superball is a Time Lord and has orchestrated the events of the past two seasons to keep Sam and Max from discovering his plan

We know from Chariots of the Dogs that Superball has the ability to time travel but keeps this a secret with his mind-wipe device. Also, the device doesn't seem to work well on Sam and Max, possibly because they're immune to hypnotism. Superball keeps turning up guarding doors.

Deadpool is a former Time Lord who is now human.

  • He was exiled from Gallifrey because of his erratic, homicidal nature, so he went to Earth, used a Chameleon Arch made out of duct tape, paper clips, pancreas, and Play-Doh, and stored his Time Lord persona in a fob watch. As a human, he became a mercenary, but he eventually developed cancer. When he allowed the Weapon X program to experiment on him and change his DNA, he saw his Time Lord memories, but he still had a human brain and body, so he went completely insane. He has No Fourth Wall because he saw the truth about himself. All of his weapons can be put together to be his TARDIS, but he hasn't discovered that yet.

Superman is a Time Lord

After he died in the fight with Doomsday, he regenerated into a form almost exactly like his first one. His third regeneration resulted in Superman Blue, and a fourth returned him to the status quo. It's a stretch, but we've got to fit this one in here somehow.
  • If one ignores the in-universe "multiverse" excuse, one could easily see "Golden Age" Superman, "Silver Age" Superman, "Bronze Age" Superman, and so on as completely different versions of the same person - essentially making each a different incarnation which ultimately regenerates into his successor.

Three individuals in Superman's supporting cast are Time-Lord affected humans (ala River Song)

A variation on the classic "X is a Time Lord" WMG.
  • It began when the Doctor rescued a couple from a Dalek by taking them aboard the TARDIS. However, he realized that they weren't suitable Companions (in fact, he learned, to his disgust, that the Dalek problem had started when the man had tried experimenting on the Dalek, trying to find the secret of its abilities) and summarily kicked them off the TARDIS. However, the TARDIS had had just enough effect on the woman's unborn child to give him some of the Doctor's characteristics. Like the Doctor, he is quite brilliant and has a talent for leadership and dealing with odd technology. However, he also shares the Doctor's megalomania (only turned up even higher).
  • Moving on, the Doctor rescued a woman from Sontarans. While they were traveling over her home town, viewing the sights, the woman pointed out a soldier as her husband and asked to be put down. The Doctor, remembering the Brigadier, thought it might be amusing to drop in for a moment. However, the soldier proved hostile, making numerous accusations regarding the Doctor's being an alien and paying no attention to his wife's attempts to explain the situation. Some time after the Doctor left again, the woman gave birth to a girl. The girl, as she got older, exhibited the Doctor's curiosity and tendency to attract odd situations. She also tends to do a lot of running.
  • Meanwhile, the Doctor had moved on, meeting an archaeologist and his bride as they dug up an alien artifact. The Doctor liked them enough that he took them on a number of adventures. However, a horrific incident occurred. The husband died and his wife was injured and traumatized enough that she lapsed into a Angst/physical coma just after giving birth. The Doctor, fearing for the safety of mother and child and experiencing the standard guilt, wiped her memories and replaced them with normal scenes, including her being informed that her husband had gone M.I.A. Her son grew into an adventurous young man sharing the Doctor's tendency to explore everything and to attract bizarre phenomena. He also has the Doctor's Charm Person tendencies, which means most non-villains like him or at least don't hate him. These experiences are also partly the reason why he wanted to regenerate as a ginger — the boy was born with a few wisps of red hair, and he wants a memento of him and his parents.
  • At some point, the Doctor investigates a bizarre sequence of events in an Earth city called Metropolis and is startled to find out that all three ended up there.

Dr. Manhattan is a Time Lord.

Dr. Manhattan created the Time Lords.

The events in Watchmen took place A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away...; the other Earth (the one we know and love) was a subconscious recreation of Dr. Manhattan's homeworld, with the events that led to his being removed by the Time Lords later. Dr. Manhattan created the Time Lords in a human image because he wanted creatures that both reminded him of his humanity and could understand the burden of existing beyond time. Dr. Manhattan has since reached enlightenment and withdrawn completely from existence, but his favorite child, also called a doctor, continues to do his work.

[[Frank Miller is a Time Lord.]]

And whores are his TARDIS.

Frau Totenkinder is a Time Lord.

  • And the rocking chair is her TARDIS (or at least it was).


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