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Chris Parker is a Time Lady who fled Gallifrey

Chris Parker is a Time Lady who used the Chameleon Arch on herself, and ended up on 1980s Earth. She wears the scarf because it makes her feel comfortable (a buried memory of either Romana or the Doctor), although the use of a huge fur coat as a disguise weighs the evidence closer to the Doctor.

Nonetheless, Brenda was her companion at the time the Arch was used, and is the only person who knows where Chris' TARDIS is (hidden in Chris' bedroom, with a safeguard enabled — it can only be revealed by activating Chris' Sonic Lipstick through Brenda's glasses at a certain part of the room {where the camera is situated at the beginning of the film}, hence why she is mortified upon losing them).


Brenda's reaction to the people in the subway station hints at an incident on Gallifrey that may have led to the Arch's use — especially the crazy young man, who looks enough like the Master of lore that Brenda is afraid the Time Lords have found her and Chris.

The "mob" is a group of rogue Time Lords (Faction Paradox?) that went to Earth to establish a sort of "mob mentality" and rise in power to the point where they can really screw with history from the inside. The notes in the Playboy issue are time-space codes, hence why they go after it (they recognize Chris for who she really is and think she'll report them to the High Council). As for the centerfold...that is "Chris", albeit before she has posed for it. The "mob" member that is eventually given the magazine is a spy on behalf of Gallifrey (although officially, he is there unofficially).


Chris does not have a fob watch (it is uncertain what her memories are sealed in), but has the (inactive) Sonic Lipstick for one logical reason — if Brenda had the Lipstick, she could be captured by knowledgeable individuals wanting to steal Chris' TARDIS.

(Yes, I know. In my defense, having the mentality that it's Doctor Who was the only way I could watch the movie.)

Marvel/Stan Lee

Stan Lee is a Time Lord

Stan Lee appears in numerous Marvel movies, frequently shown with one or more young women. Clearly, he is a Time Lord, except he focuses on traveling between realities rather then just in time.


The repairman is a Time Lord

This one actually makes sense. The repairman issues all kinds of cryptic, ominous-sounding warnings that turn out to be complete BS. In reality, he's just pissed at that guys for hijacking his TARDIS.

Mr. Kite is a Time Lord

The tent is his TARDIS, the Blue People and the Hendersons are aliens, and Prudence would have been his companion if her friends hadn't chanced upon the circus.

The Xenomorph in the first movie is a Time Lord.

Kane is his TARDIS!

Mary Poppins is a Time Lady

  • She arrives mysteriously, causes havoc, fixes the situation, and then leaves again.
  • Her bag, people! Her bag! It's bigger on the inside! And we know that the Doctor's TARDIS is only stuck as a police box because it has a broken chameleon circuit; why couldn't a TARDIS with a working circuit look like an ordinary bag?
    • And the parrot-headed umbrella that talks back? Not unlike K-9?
  • She is "practically perfect in every way." Doesn't that have the ring of Time Lord arrogance?
  • Bert is totally one of her former companions. He can sense when she is about to return. Probably hears her TARDIS whoosh.
    • Unless he's another Time Lord who just kicks around on earth all the time. Mary and Bert for the Doctor's parents?
  • Tea parties on the ceiling, or disturbance in the Earth's gravitational pull? Entering a chalk drawing, or a rift between realities that she must seal?
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Made up word, or alien dialect?
    • Alien planet.
    • Her real name. Her grandfather thought it was too long so he called her Susan for short. Later on she changed it.
  • Her love for tea! Good cup of tea! Super-heated infusion of free-radicals and tannin, just the thing for healing the synapses... Do you realise just how many tea parties the woman goes to?
  • In the books the children experience trips around the world with a magic compass, a Christmas shopping trip with a star named Maia from the Pleiades cluster of the Taurus constellation, a circus in the sky, befriend a statue that has come to life, a visit to cats on a different planet, and a Halloween dance party with their shadows as well as others.
    • In the books she's also presented as existing outside of normal time and space.
  • She can interact with an image in the mirror as if it had an independent existence. The Doctor could also do this; he trapped an enemy inside a mirror.
  • She evidently believes that Bowties Are Cool.
  • The Third Doctor has shown limited telekinesis. So has Mary Poppins.
  • For the record, this "guess" has long since been thought of as anything but wild, and is now considered canon by many.
  • Emily Blunt now being Mary in Mary Poppins Returns. Recast or regeneration?

Doc is, or is related to, a Time Lord.

Come on, it's a time travel trilogy, you thought this one WASN'T going to come up? Either Doc is a Time Lord who lost his TARDIS long ago and built the DeLorean to make up for it, or Doc has Time Lord blood in him which helps inspire his time-continuum-manipulating ways. He's the secret lovechild of the Doctor. That first incarnation does look rather similar to Doc. . . .
  • No no no no...Doc is a chameleon-arched Doctor. Unfortunately, he lost his pocket watch.
    • He accidentally sold his pocket watch to a pawn shop when he was low on money. His huge collection of clocks is a product of a subconscious effort to get it back.
  • Is Principal Strickland The Master?
  • No, no. Doc is an ordinary human who was imprinted with the Cyberman technology with some of the Doctor's technical skills and personality traits. He didn't start imagining himself as the Doctor like a certain other person did, but he got an inexplicable urge to travel in time, and eventually the means to make it happen.
  • Corollary to the original theory: Doc Brown is Susan Foreman's father. He is unaware of this.
    • If we take the Sailor Moon WMG page's theories, it would also mean that he's Chronos. Awesome.
  • All wrong. Doc Emmett Brown is just Peri's uncle. He got the idea and designs from the TARDIS after Peri and the Doctor visited him in 1955, unfortunally he lost his memory because of a Vespiform, and only retained the idea of Time Travel "as a dream"
  • Or, Doc is a Time Lord who, after landing in 1955 or sometime before that, lost his TARDIS and forgot that he was a Time Lord (probably from a bump on the head), and stayed there, but remembered the basics of building a TARDIS and kept that as a dream until a subsequent bump on the head caused him to remember the basic functionality of the TARDIS- the flux capacitator. Which he then built, and built his own TARDIS. Yay!
  • He also ends up traveling with a perky teacher named Clara...

Beast is a Time Lord.

Don't believe me? Just watch the ending. He almost died, and then he freakin' regenerated, for crying out loud! If that doesn't prove he's a Time Lord, I don't know what does.
  • The 'beast' form was just a regeneration that went a bit wrong, then? The evil witch story was just a cover-up!
    • Doesn't he only change back into human form after being seriously injured? That would tend to confirm the theory...
  • Also, the castle has a Perception Filter around the whole of the grounds to prevent people from remembering it, accidentally walking on the Beast, and getting hurt. The whole thing was a prank by his Time Lady rival, The Enchantress. He didn't say something nice once, and that was his punishment.

Bill and Ted are Time Lords.

The very first Time Lords. Gallifrey was brought about through The Power of Rock - note that their phone booth is capable of travelling through time and space. Sure, Rufus states that he lives in San Dimas, California in the future, but it's entirely possible that it's just named after the Earth locale. Eventually, the Time Lords became less and less like Bill and Ted and devoted themselves to learning rather than rock, but an element lives on - think of the Master, "playing track three".
  • The webcomic Get Medieval features two knights named Sir William le Pret and Sir Theodore de Loguer who say "dude" and "excellent" a lot. Sure, it could be a homage... or it could be Bill and Ted themselves, a decade or so older and time-traveling to the fourteenth century.
  • Look at the opening credits, with the disguising of the time machine as a phone booth, and tell me that isn't an early model of chameleon circuit. Evidently the heritage of this prototype lives on as a glitch in the built-in versions, leading to them being more likely to 'stick' if they shift into a phone booth!
    • Alternately, the Doctor stole his TARDIS from Rufus (she's grown since then, but always liked the phone box look).
      • So who's Rassilon and who's Omega?
    • Time Lords are one of the first beings in existence whereas Bill and Ted come noticeably late into the game. They even have Martians in the sequel
      • Some faction of people from the Bill and Ted future traveled back to early in the universe's existence and established a colony on planet Gallifrey.

Rufus is a Time Lord.

Do we even need to prove this one? I mean, he travels around in a telephone booth, for God's sake! It just seems too obvious!
  • Game. Set. Match.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Wonka is a Time Lord.

This would explain a lot, not least of which why Wonka has two forms.There are a couple options for his TARDIS. It could be the boat in the 1971 version, or the Great Glass Elevator. Alternatively, it's the entire factory—which explains how there are whole ecosystems in there.
  • In the sequel, "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator", they actually go into outer space in the elevator and fight aliens. So that just reinforces your argument.
  • Furthermore, Willy Wonka is shown to have a surprising amount of knowledge about various aliens and alternate dimensions, and why he has no sympathy for people not following his directions.
    Violet: (starts chewing the five-course gum after being told not to) Wow, it's tomato soup! I can feel it running down my throat!
    Wonka: (completely deadpan) Stop. Don't. Come back.

The monster is a Time Lord.

Okay, obligations aside: The monster survives so much punishment not because it is indestructible, but because it regenerates every so often. It likes its form so much, it never changes its appearance. Also, the reason it's destroying the city is that its TARDIS was stolen and hidden in New York, and it isn't small enough to simply walk into wherever it's kept to take it.
  • This could be a good alternative to the above theory that there are two monsters. The monster that destroyed the bridge was smaller because it was a different incarnation.
    • As elsewhere, it explains it being sneaky. It has a very efficient TARDIS. Unlike the Doctor's, it is invisible and quiet - its perception filter works properly.
  • Alternatively, its TARDIS is actually Manhattan Island. As humans built over it, the poor thing can't find the door.

The monster is a Battle TARDIS gone berserk.

Something bad happened to the Time Lord pilot (a Time War refugee, perhaps?), and their TARDIS, mad with grief and rage, used its chameloen circuit to go One-Winged Angel on the nearest available planet. Lucky us.

Donnie Darko was a Time Lord whose Chameleon Arch gradually broke down.

This is, quite possibly, the only explanation of the film's events that actually makes sense.
  • The fact that this Tropers first thought upon reading this theory was "...actually, that makes a LOT of sense" proves it's time to take a 30 minute break and get some fresh air.
'The Philosophy of Time Travel' is in fact his Psychic Paper, which is feeding him the information that he needs to know from his subconscious.
  • Donnie has no need for a TARDIS because he simply jumps into the tornado, which is in fact a hole from the universe through the vortex.
  • Roberta Sparrow/"Grandma Death" was a companion of his from a previous regeneration, who he gave his Psychic Paper, 'The Philosophy of Time Travel', to so that she could give it back to him at the right time.
    • She was so out of it all the time because she was constantly living with the knowledge that after seeing the universe and having such wonderful adventures with "Donnie" he was going to day any day, and she could do nothing but watch.

Dorothy Harris, the bus driver, is a Time Lord.

She hasn't aged at all when she picks up Forrest Junior. The bus is her Tardis!

Destro is a Time Lord

  • The events of the film were part of a dark streak the Ninth Doctor had right after the end of the Time War, and then atoned for as Claude.
    • Nah, it's during the Time War. The Time Lords, in a desperate attempt to alter the course of the war (after all, they brought back both the Master and Rassilon), force the Doctor to use Earth as a testing ground for new weapons. After all, metal-eating nanomites vs Daleks? They also took away his TARDIS, so he couldn't leave, and at the end of the film, when they have the final product, they free him. Or maybe UNIT helps him out, but he has ALOT to pay for...
  • You misspelled "Duh."

Calitri is the 9th Doctor and Memphis is also a Time Lord.

Little do people know, this movie is about Memphis going forward in time, stealing the 9th Doctors clothing, and the 9th Doctor trying to get them back. This was done in the dark part of the Doctors life directly after the Time War.

Godzilla is a Time Lord.

This explains how he can be "killed" and come back repeatedly. His previous regeneration was Cloverfield, then Godzilla for the next several regenerations. After that the process went a bit wonky and he became the Roland Emerich Godzilla. After that he was the Spinosaur in Jurassic Park III, looped back and became the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the first Jurassic Park. He liked being a dinosaur so much that he came back for one more go, as the velociraptor that had Muldoon spooked because she took over a pack of raptors and had them testing the fence for weak spots. After that he got in touch with his more fantastic roots as Mushu the dragon in Mulan, and is currently happily retired as the Geico gecko.

Fly is a Time Lord

And his hat is his TARDIS. Ever wonder why he almost never takes it off, even when he's a fish? No, seriously, anyone who watches the movie will wonder how he pulled off that stunt near the end. My answer? He's a Time Lord.

Indiana Jones is a Time Lord.

The fridge is his TARDIS.
  • But it's smaller on the inside!
  • That would be an advanced Chameleon Circuit you're seeing at work - not only does it disguise the TARDIS, it makes the TARDIS look completely normal!
  • Nah, it's got to be the hat. Seriously, he never leaves it behind!

Donny Donowitz is a Time Lord.

Someone that manly cannot die. And instead of a sonic screwdriver, he has a sonic bat.

Hans Landa is a Time Lord deliberately out to circumvent Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act.

And what makes him a Magnificent Basterd? He succeeds.

Both Donny and Landa are rival Time Lords.

Erase the word "Jew" from their nicknames and you have the Bear and the Hunter—like a minor league version of the Doctor and the Master. Of course, with these two, the morality is much less clear cut.

Donny Donowitz is the Fourteenth Doctor.

  • The Doctor has been getting increasingly dark lately, and he eventually goes off the deep end, but he recognizes this, so he fob-watches himself again to keep the universe safe. Unfortunately for Those Wacky Nazis, his new human self is a Sociopathic Soldier (and none too bright). The Master has come back and fob-watched himself as well. After they're human selves briefly meet at the premiere, they both turn themselves back into Time Lords in time for their grand finale. Really, who else could kill Hitler?
    • Also, in the vet scene, Donny wears a black leather jacket that looks similar to the Ninth Doctor's. The Doctor has worn a duster twice, so...
    • Wait, I'm missing something here, are you suggesting the Master's Omar?
      • No, the suggestion is that Landa is The Master, as he seeks to end Hitler's reign while carving out his own little nest egg.

James Bond is a Time Lord.

Chiefly, it explains how he's been in action for so many years while remaining young, and why his appearance constantly changes. Also, why he's The Ace. And hey, he is British. (As a Time Lord, he refers to himself as The Bachelor. Which means we now have The Doctor, The Master, and The Bachelor—can The Associate be far behind?)
  • Blofeld is also a time lord (plastic surgery? Regeneration, more likely). Perhaps even the Master, or, barring that, the War Chief, if those two are different persons...
    • Hugo Drax in Moonraker has an identical black suit and beardofevil to the original incarnation of the Master.
  • It's not unknown for Time Lords to suffer amnesia after regenerating. This explains why Craig's Bond is at the beginning of his career, not realizing he's already been a 00. Given his new, more unpredictable personality, M isn't keen on letting him know.
  • In "The End of Time", Timothy Dalton plays the Lord President of the Time Lords, who somehow survived the Time Wars. This speaks for itself.
    • Not just any Time Lord either. He was Rassilon, THE Time Lord, pratically everything on Gallifrey was named after that guy.
    • Okay, here's my theory. Rassilon was NOT sealed inside a tomb for his crimes. The stone casket we see in "The Five Doctors" does NOT contain Rassilon's body, and the holographic image of him that appears is only a projection based on data from the Matrix. Rassilon was in fact exiled to Earth in the early 21st Century with his memory wiped, and given the identity of a British secret agent named James Bond. He may have even been turned into a human using a Chameleon Arc (though if this is the case, his ability to regenerate must have something to do with Rassilon's incredible power still lingering even in human form). At the time, he looked like Daniel Craig, which explains why the events of Casino Royale could be considered his first assignment. A few trace elements of his ruthlessness still remained, which explains his brutality in this incarnation. After an indeterminate amount of time and number of regenerations, the Time Lords decided to send him back in time to the 1960s to stop Blofeld (who, as we already know, is also a Time Lord). The rest of his timeline can be explained by the notion that the Time Lords sent him ahead and/or behind a couple of years depending on the urgency of a particular assignment. This explains why he appeared to revert to his previous appearance between On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Diamonds Are ForeverDiamonds are Forever actually takes place BEFORE OHMSS in Rassilon's subjective timeline, since the Time Lords were keen to stop Blofeld/War Chief from prematurely advancing Earth's technology to orbital weaponry. He just can't remember being yanked out of time to do it. Similarly, the Brosnan films take place immediately after the Moore films from his perspective — the Time Lords urgently needed him to stop, erm... the Korean guy from Die Another Day, or something. Then, he is sent back to the '80s, where he regenerates into his darkest incarnation — the Dalton version of Bond/Rassilon. The violence of License to Kill stems directly from Rassilon beginning to remember his past self owing to the psychic shockwave created by the Time War. Finally, in their desperation, the Time Lords extract Rassilon from Earth, restore his memory, and declare him Lord President of Gallifrey.
    • Clearly the Ninth Doctor and the Craig Bond/Rassilon have had dealings in the past...
  • The director of Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond movie, has explicitly compared Bond's changing appearance and personality with Time Lord regeneration. So does that make this Confirmed?

That crazy kid is a Time Lord

Think about it. Time Lords regenerate when they process huge amounts of energy. Kid gets WHALLOPED with enough energy to take down a T-Rex and shakes it off. Sure, he looks the same after, but that's entirely possible in Who-canon.

The T-Rex is a Time Lord

  • Think about it ;)
    • But only the one in the first movie. It only makes sense some Time Lords would pick non-human shapes. The only question is: where's his TARDIS?
      • In the building where he destroys the raptors somewhere. He was trying to reclaim it.
      • Alternatively, he's a sentient TARDIS.
    • It doesn't work that way. Time Lords always look human- or rather, humans look like Time Lords. They made it so that sapient life will evolve to look similar to themselves when at all possible.
      • Except in Faction Paradox where Wartime necessity has forced them to modify the process to produce combat-appropriate forms. While most go for giant armoured hulks, this one has a sense of style.
    • T-Rex is a Time Lady. She was female.
      • Since the dinosaurs were engineered to be female, but turned out to be able to change sex from female to male because of their incorporated frog DNA, that's a moot point.

Lola is a Time Lord

No explanation? Really? Fine. Lola is not only a time lord, but one trapped in the Toymaster's games, more specifically a roulette scenario. She also has a sonic screwdriver, but instead of a screwdriver, it's a small device embedded in her throat, just above or replacing her vocal cords. In the first scenario, she uses the first of her regeneration energy to heal the gunshot wound, and the rest to activate a safeguard she set up previously, that transports her, her TARDIS, and her current companion (Manni) to the a set time (in this case, the start of the Toymaster's challenge). In the second round, when Manni gets hit by the ambulance, she activates the safeguard again, this time healing Manni (the residual time lord energy allows him to remember her yelling at him when he hadn't heard it yet in the third round). The third round is when she realizes that as long as she plays by the implied rules, she's never going to make it. She runs into the roulette parlor, and then wins (with the help of a sonic voice technobabble thingy in the third round). The toymaster, her "fathers" in the scenario, "dies" at the end, and the scene actually fades around Manni and Lola in the final shot.

Yuri is a Time Lord.

Illegal arms dealing is his TARDIS.
  • Pleae tell me that there is something (such as a building or a ship) in Lord of War named "Illegal arms dealing" and that this guess isn't reffering to the activity of dealing illegal arms.
    • Nah, if Yuri's a Time Lord, he's not the Doctor, he's the Master. Always has a nefarious plot, doesn't care how many people he kills, even when you (in this instance, for "you" read "Interpol") think he's beaten he just comes right back. Yep, he's the Master.

Neo is a Time Lord

  • His TARDIS changed periodically. And when "died" in Revolutions, he didn't PERMANENTLY die. He regenerates as...the player character you create in The Matrix Online.
    • Or, as has been actually hinted in the game itself, Sarah Edmontons.
    • Computer simulations look larger "on the inside" than the computer they are installed on. The Matrix is Neo's Tardis.
  • Besides, Neo is a later incarnation of Ted "Theodore" Logan.

Kris Kringle is a Time Lord.

And, by extension, Santa Claus. Everything in the movie that seems to be magic is either advanced technology or a Bill-and-Ted gambit.

General W.R. Monger is a Time Lord

It's how he's maintaining his appearance at 90 years of age. Not only does he have extraordinary longevity, he's managed to control the regeneration process so that he just keeps regenerating into the same body.

Jack is a Time Lord.

Is everyone a Time Lord on the Wild Mass Guessing page?
  • He's also Batman. Parenthetically, has Christian Bale done so many different accents that he's forgotten what his real one is? He was all over the place in that rant.

Anton Chigurh is a rogue Time Lord.

the briefcase full of money was his TARDIS, hence why he'd go to great lengths lengths just to get it back.

Peter Pan is a Time Lord.

  • Why do you think he never grows old?
    • Tinker Bell is his TARDIS.
  • Captain Hook is a young Davros.
  • Neverland is an island on Gallifrey.

Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and Davy Jones are Time Lords and Calypso is a Time Lady.

On the cannibal island, Jack was able to fall several hundred feet, smashing into several wooden bridges as well, and then get up with no injuries or signs of pain. Barbossa was also able to return at the end of the second film. There was Tardis aboard The Black Pearl which was why Barbossa mutineed so he could use it to escape Earth. Jack however due to his drunkeness forgot where he put the Tardis, which was why he couldn't use it to escape when he reclaimed the Pearl from Barbossa. The Tardis was eventually destroyed when the Pearl was dragged to Davy Jones's Locker by the Kraken. The Dead Man's Chest is also a Tardis, which is why Jack was so eager to get it in the second film, although Davy Jones was unaware of this at the time because Calypso never told him to make him stay on Earth as punishment. In the maelstrom, Calypso's energy was released and displaced her energy everywhere. This caused Davy Jones a brainstorm where he suddenly realised the chest's full potential. The roar he lets out as the storm erupts is him realising Calypso has decieved him yet agin. After getting stabbed by Will, Jones lost his will to live and fell into the maelstrom with no desire to regenerate. The energy displacement in the storm also revealed the location of another Tardis: the Fountain of Youth. Of course, Jack and Barbossa being the only Time Lords would understand the significance of it, and is the cause of their race to New Orleans in the fourth film.
  • Or, alternatively, the Pearl itself is a TARDIS, It would explain Jack's obsession with retrieving it.
    • And those bottles Davy Jones had all those ships locked up in... Bigger on the inside!!
  • Actually, Jack Sparrow is really Captain Jack Harkness. This can be proven in the fact that Jack Harkness specifically mentions a really annoying time when he had to deal with cannibals, and how that was a close call. A close call to being tied up and eaten for centuries, that is. Also, the movies are his creation, since he wants to hint to the Doctor about his immortality, so that any regeneration that will recognize him will know what had happened to him along the way.

The dog is a Time Lord.

  • ... The ...keys... are his Tardis?
    • Sea Turtles.

Charles Darwin is a Time Lord.

That's how the movie manages to be an Anachronism Stew and still make sense. Plus, he's voiced by David Tennant. You know in your heart that this makes it true.

The briefcase is a TARDIS.

And Samuel L. Jackson's character is a Time Lord.
  • Samuel L. Jackson as a Time Lord? COOLEST THING EVER. "Who put these motherfuckin' snakes on my motherfuckin' TARDIS?"
    • "And you will know I am a Time Lord...WHEN I LAY MY VENGEANCE UPON THEE."
    • "I hid this uncomfortable piece of metal (Fob watch) up my ass for two years. "

Doctor Frank N. Furter is a Time Lord and his castle is his TARDIS.

He is a scientist working with ideas and equipment far beyond those of Earth Science. He seems to have acquired a large number of human companions whom he likes to show off for. And his most notable piece of technology is sonic - i.e. The Sonic Transducer - "an audio-vibratory physio-molecular transport device" capable of "traveling through space, and who knows... PERHAPS EVEN TIME ITSELF!"
  • As for his TARDIS, Doctor Frank N. Furter lives in a castle which is located, rather incongruously, in the middle of Ohio near Cleveland. The castle itself is confirmed to be capable of traveling through space and (probably) time.

Sherlock Holmes is a Time Lord.

Watson is his constant companion. The Basil Rathbone series frequently set the movies in the "modern" (the 40s at the time) era. He always ends up in trouble, solves mysteries and subverts and disrespects the police. He has many hidden talents and immeasurable knowledge about random things. The Third Doctor was probably modeled after him to a certain extent.

Star Trek 2009

Spock is a Time Lord.

And has been for all these years...

Benjamin Barker is a Time Lord.

The man spent fifteen years in an Australian prison; at any point he could have been shivved, hung, poisoned; any of a hundred deadly fates await the unwitting prisoner. He regenerates (hence the change of name) and the new model is left focusing on what scraps of sentiment and memory his former incarnation could cling to. The years, no doubt, have been less than kind indeed.
  • that would explain his regenerating to a much younger man for the movie version...
    • And also why no one seems to recognize him when he returns to London.

Yoda is a Time Lord

We all know that when Time Lords get really old, they get really small. His house on Dagobah is his Tardis.
  • Doddery old dude, white hair, grouchy, mangles his lines... oh shit, he's William Hartnell.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Time Lord

If you strike him down...

Grand Moff Tarkin is a Time Lord.

In his younger days he actually helped fight off a Dalek invasion of Earth. This was prior the his Face–Heel Turn of course...

The Ones are/were Time Lords.

Ancient, undying beings who can control space and reality in ways unthinkable to mortals, known only by descriptive titles (the Father, the Son, and the Daughter), unable to directly interfere in the affairs of the greater galaxy (barring the Son's attempts, of course)...they seem to check out. They actually share a single TARDIS between the three of them, in the form of the Mortis Monolith itself— it's way bigger on the inside, seeing as there's a whole damn PLANET in there! The Father was at the end of his regenerations by the time Anakin and his buddies showed up, which is why he needed someone to replace him on the Throne of Balance after his impending death. The Daughter and Son, on the other hand, stayed dead when killed due to some special, regeneration-cancelling property of the Dagger of Mortis and his connection to the Father's own life force, respectively. Abeloth, on the other hand, having started out as a mortal woman, was originally their companion. She was cast out by them after her betrayal and subsequent transformation into a being of the Dark Side.

John Connor is a Time Lord

Fighting the real Last Great Time War against Skynet and its armies of much scarier, meaner badass Cybermen. He's had so many different appearances over the years, been the focal point of many a paradox and fighting across every corner of the whole Timey-Wimey Ball. A chronological order of his regenerations can be hard to pin down, but the most reasonable would be:
  • 1st: The Edward Furlong John Connor. Part-human, on his mother's side (Kyle Reese is also a Time Lord). Juvenile delinquent, he stole the TARDIS his future self would later use to send back Arnie and save his life.
  • 2nd: The Thomas Dekker John Connor. Calmer, cooler, but still growing and maturing. However, future Companion Cameron (who already knows much about his future, "Spoilers.") shows up and whisks him and his mother ahead forward over their own timeline and into another, which causes a Meta-Crisis and the creation of another John Connor, who regenerates into...
  • 3rd: The Nick Stahl John Connor. Weaker and not as competant a fighter as his other regenerations. Without his mother's guidance and protection, he tries to hide from the Time War, but Skynet continues to send machines after him. Survives Judgement Day, but in order to be a more effective fighter in the following war, he regenerates into...
  • 4th: The Christian Bale John Connor. Born in war, the most capable and battle-hardened of them all. Meets an early regeneration of his father, the Anton Yelchin Kyle Reese, whom during the war regenerates into the Michael Biehn Kyle Reese, and is later sent back by John to save his mother and ensure the first John Connor is born.

Curly is a Time Lord.

Every wonder why The Stooges are in different time eras? This might be how they are able to be in the Roman era, the 1930's, the Civil War, then suddenly to Caveman times. Also, Curly regenerated into Shemp, Joe, and Curly Joe. Moe and Larry are travel companions.

Kevin is a Time Lord

His room (His Tardis) is full of time holes. You can push the wall and make it bigger on the inside!

WALL•E is a cybernetic Time lord

Meh, it had to be said. His regenerations are as follows;
  • R.O.B.
  • Johnny 5 (Short Circuit)
  • R.O.B. from Brawl
  • WALL•E
    • Nah. His first incarnation was clearly R2-D2. Or perhaps he was first K-9, and acquired some of his master's abilities.
    • Well, WALL•E is voiced by the same guy who did R2-D2's beeps and whistles.
      • A precursor to WALL•E could be Twitch from Robo Rally. If that's so, M-O could be squash bot and Twonky, given its incredible intelligence and depression, could be EVE. Since Hulk X90 is programmed to be delusional, he could be the precursor to AUTO.

AUTO is also a cybernetic Time Lord

Admittedly, he hasn't had as many regenerations yet, and they are as follows:

Wall-E and EVE are amnesiac TARDISES

They think that they are the things that their chameleon circuit made them look like. They where left behind when their time lords died in the time war. Years of isolation and mindless servitude in one form does that to you.

The cockroach is a coprophagic Time Lord

Think about it: several times it seems like it's dead, but it isn't. Obviously, it keeps regenerating.
  • Or it could be a cockroach version of Captain Jack.
    • It's a COCKROACH. It doesn't need to be a Time Lord.

The "I" from "Withnail and I" is the Eighth Doctor living as a human

After all, we never officially find out his name just like a certain Timelord. It's possible that one of the letters he picks up at the end restores his memories and he then heads back to his TARDIS having decided not to take Withnail on as a companion for obvious reasons.
  • This fits because the BBC Eight Doctor books have him wandering Earth with no memory of who he is for the whole of the 20th Century. The books conveniently leave out what he was up to in the '60s.
  • Or Withnail is the Ninth Doctor from an alternate universe.
    • Also worth noting that Richard Griffiths was a serious contender for Seventh Doctor...
      • Griffiths was also on the shortlist for potential Eighth Doctors if the original series had continued past 1989.
  • Alternately, the entire film is what goes through the Eighth Doctor's mind as he regenerates. He meets his potential future self (Withnail/Grant/The Shalka Doctor), has to defend himself against an alternate version of himself (Griffiths) and then decides to take a new path - at the end of the film, he's got a shaved head and a leather jacket and tells Withnail not to come to the station with him. Now, if they can just cast Ralph Brown in the new series to explain Danny the Dealer...
    • And all dat dey need to do to get 'im on board is find a fouzand brown M&Ms to fill a brandy glass, in Sri Lanki - formerly Ceylon

Withnail was not born a Time Lord, but eventually became one.

Okay, here me out. What Could Have Been, if the BBC hadn't pulled the plug, is that eventually the Seventh Doctor and Ace would have gone to Gallifrey, and Ace would have entered the Academy to become a Time Lord. Something similar happened to Withnail. He met the Eighth Doctor (after confusing him with 'I'), and decided to travel with him. After finding he is much happier away from Earth than he was on it, he decides to enter the Academy and become a Time Lord. Then the Great Time War happened. Time Lord-iness hasn't taken away Withnail's cowardice, so he steals a TARDIS and gets away from Gallifrey right before it is destroyed. Now, one of two things could have happened:
  • A) Thinking the Doctor is dead, he assumes his identity as a homage to the man, changes the TARDIS to a police box, and resumes adventuring as the Doctor.
  • B) He hits his head as he escapes and wakes up really thinking he is the Doctor.

Either way, he's out there, who we call The Nth Doctor, traveling in the Doctor's name, either in his memory or as a mistaken memory.

Dorothy is a Time Lord

  • Her house is her TARDIS.
    • Or she was a former companion, got her memory wiped, and the tornado triggered something like Emergency Program One in reverse!
  • The Witches are Time Lords, Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West. We never see their Tardises because they never leave the planet. All of their 'magical' supplies are actually technology, likewise the shoes. Both of them are banished Time Ladies who are engaged in a turf war for control of Oz, Glinda putting on a facade of friendliness while sending a girl to do her dirty work, while WW is more openly cruel. The bucket of 'water' was some other, nastier substance that happened to be lying around.

The Marx Brothers are Time Lords

  • I would need to re-watch some of their movies to figure out the details, but... just off the top of my head: Their highly varied, yet at the same related eccentric mannerisms and their collective habit of seemingly stumbling through the plot only to invariably bring it together in the end point to one conclusion: Somewhere down the line, at least three, and possibly all four of them "died" and regenerated in a series of tragicomic mishaps. These four incarnations we know and love were drawn together, possibly unaware of their destinies and the nature of their "brothers". All four of them are incarnations of a single Time Lord.

Jareth is a Time Lord.

His Time control abilities come from his time lord heritage while the smoke and mirror magic comes from his other parent. the labyrinth may or may not be a TARDIS under this theory.

Valentine is a Time Lord.

And his tower is his TARDIS. Helena and the Really Useful Book are his companions.

Mr. Potato Head is a Time Lord.

Now before I get a huge backlash against this let me propose my theory: We've seen with several fictional robots, aliens or (non) human characters, once a body part is removed from them, the part has consciousness and can move on its own. We even have several tropes dedicated to this (Animate Body Parts, Easily Detachable Robot Parts, Helping Hands, etc.) Now, Mr. Potato Head is a toy that is designed to be taken apart. All of his facial features/body parts can be easily removed, and as we've seen from the Toy Story trilogy, each of his parts can function on their own once it's removed. Therefore, I propose that every body part that has ever gained consciousness after being removed was actually played by a part of Mr. Potato Head. This would make sense as he also wouldn't need a TARDIS. His entire body is his TARDIS since that's where all of his parts can be stored, as well as giving him infinite Hammerspace to store all his accessories. Finally, Mr Potato Head seems like the oldest, curmudgeonly agitated toy in Andy's room giving evidence to his elderly existence.

Wreck-It Ralph is a Time Lord, and his stump is his TARDIS.

How else can he fit inside the stump in Fix-It Felix Jr.'s Attract Mode? We can rule out the possibilty of a tunnel inside the stump since Ralph still emerges from it after it was pushed into the dump by a bulldozer.

Vanellope is a Time LADY

She just doesn't remember her previous regenerations thanks to King Candy locking her memories away in a Chameleon Circuit hidden within the game's code. He also ensures she never remembers anything about being a Time Lord by also locking away the memory of the other racers who were once her subjects and friends. She fixes this problem after crossing the finish line and regenerates back into her true form, that of the Princess (or President if you prefer). Her TARDIS? Her racing kart of course! Her "glitching" could be a result of the faulty chameleon arch coding that King Candy implemented into the game. She loves sweets (one of the older doctors had a bit of a sweet tooth as well) and on top of that, when she regenerates into her true Princess form, everyone suddenly realizes exactly who and what she is. She also takes some delight in scaring the crap out of her subjects by threatening to have them executed. The Doctor wasn't exactly the friendliest person all the time you know.

Mr Litwak is a Time Lord

His TARDIS is his network of arcades (the worlds contained behind the screens are way bigger than could actually be housed within them). He created the video game characters as an experiment (creating a whole world inside his TARDIS), and as a result isn't using it for traveling as long as the experiment last. Possibly the chameleon system also broke down while the TARDIS was disguised as an arcade room which is why he has to make his creations resemble famous game to keep up the pretense.

The residents of Pepperland are Time Lords and the Yellow Submarine is a Tardis.

First off, it's bigger on the inside.

Secondly, there was a scene in the movie where the Beatles traveled through time, even encountering themselves at some point.

  • Furthermore, Pepperland is Gallifrey, and the Sea of Time is the Time Vortex. Nowhere Land is the void.


Flynn is a Time Lord and his helicopter is a TARDIS.

How else do you explain a helicopter flying from London To Paris without refueling once?


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