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Critics call it, "Hilarious!" "A laugh riot!"

Films with their own pages

Examples without a page:

  • In Being There, scenes like Louise the maid's diatribe about Chance the gardener's sudden rise in social status and Ben Rand misinterpreting his comment about "the room upstairs" are crowd pleasers, but arguably the show-stopper comes near the end: Chance (Peter Sellers) is watching the original The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) on TV, and has just reached its big kissing scene. As per his tendency to imitate what he sees on TV almost subconsciously, he immediately begins to imitate the actors' lip movements. Then Eve Rand (Shirley MacLaine), who desperately needs him, comes in; he grabs her and begins to furiously snog her, even turning themselves around to match the whirling camera in the film. (Bonus points for being a likely inspiration for a similar scene in E.T.!)
  • Quite a lot of the dialogue in U2's film Rattle And Hum qualifies, but the interviews before and after the film's version of Desire are absolutely priceless. "Well, it's a musical journey..."
    • There's also the moment when Adam is giving a long and rambling speech about the artistic merits of their current album — but everyone else is watching Larry instead, who's sitting next to him and imitating all of the random hand gestures Adam is making throughout (before finally just pretending to wrap an imaginary present and tie it in an imaginary bow).
  • Master and Commander: "The lesser of the two weevils".
  • Bob Uecker's performance as sportscaster Harry Doyle is the single best reason to watch the Major League movies. A highlight comes from the second film:
    Obviously Taylor's thinking...I don't know what the Hell he's thinking!
    • Also: "Welcome back to Major League Baseball. Sort of."
    • And from the first movie:
    Doyle: The Indians had no runs on one hit? That's all we got, one God-damn hit?!
    Color Guy: You can't say that on the radio!
    Doyle: Ah, nobody's listening!
  • From Clean Slate, when Dana Carvey's character stumbles into the middle of a speech and is forced to improvise because the original speaker never showed, and because there's a thug on his trail, sitting in the audience waiting for him to finish. At one point, there's a map of Africa displayed on the screen behind him, and Carvey explains the map to the audience like this:
    Pogue: Well, we started here. (He points to a dot, then moves to the next.) Then we went here, here, down here, over here, here, here, and ended up here.
  • While Caddyshack II is considered one of the worst sequels ever, the "Peter Blunt system" is genuinely funny.
    Well, you certainly made it very clear how your legal system works Mr. Young. Now, I'd like to explain a little bit about the Peter Blunt system. You see, I don't go in for lawsuits and motions or any of the legal stuff. No, no, you see what happens is, uh, I find out where you live and then I come to your house, see? And I beat down your door with a fucking baseball bat! And, then I make a bonfire with the Chippendale, maybe roast that Golden Retriever, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, then eat it! And then I'm coming upstairs, junior, and I'm gonna grab you by your Brooks Bros. P.J.s, and then I'm gonna take your brand new BMW, and cram it up your tight ass! Do we have an understanding?
  • The Street Fighter scene from City Hunter - specially Jackie Chan's Chun Li cosplay
  • Waiting when trainee Mitch finally gets to speak and slaps down the entire restaurant staff, before unleashing "The Goat"
  • Life Is Beautiful: Guido 'translating' the concentration camp rules.
  • Doomsday. The cancan dancers. In fact, that entire sequence, but the cancan was what tipped it over the edge.
    • There was also the fact that the song playing was "Good Thing," by the Fine Young Cannibals. Guess what everyone snacks on five minutes later? Then the person-roasting contraption came with the little labeled settings "Rare," "Med," and "Krispy," and the leader, his strippers, and the cancan dancers are passing these little plastic plates to the crowd like it's a fucking school barbeque...
    • There's a Bentley with the good guys in it. There's a bad guy on top of the car trying to get in. There's a bus blocking the road. The protagonist speeds up and goes straight through the bus. The bad guy's head gets cut off in the crash, and comes sailing still-screaming out of the subsequent explosion to crash into and splatter all over the goddamn camera.
    • There was also an exploding bunny.
  • Roberto Benigni's Johnny Stecchino is basically one big laugh riot, but two moments in particular stand out. The first is Dante at the theater, taking all the bananas. The second is the whole sequence with the Cabinet Minister, which stumbles right through most of the movie's Running Gags and sets off a few Chekhovs Guns in the deal.
  • The movies of Stephen Chow, regarded as the master of comedy in Hong Kong cinema.
    • Kung Fu Hustle: Stephen as the protagonist Sing stands up against the Beast, and as a result is beaten within an inch of his life, to the extent that his head is halfway into the floor - despite this, he manages one Last Act of Defiance and picks up a piece of rubble with one hand, giving the Beast a knock on the head with the bit of strength he has left.
      • Earlier in the movie, Sing and his fat partner's attempt on the Landlady's life with throwing knives goes so horribly wrong it must be seen to be believed.
      • "What, have you never seen an ice cream thief before?"
    • Shaolin Soccer: "Why did you make yourself look like an alien?... Go back to Mars! Earth is very dangerous!"
      • Also their replacement goalie's CMOA appearance is ruined when she walks into the goal post... of the other team.
    • The opening of From Beijing with Love, a merciless spoof of 007 movie openings, culminating in a silhouette of Stephen shooting one of the writhing female forms several times.
  • From the 2001 crime/action film Bandits-
    Terry: (Suddenly wakes up) BEAVERS AND DUCKS!
    • The little girl (who is actually Bruce Willis' daughter) burping.
    • The scene where Kate hits Terry with her car, and accidentally hits him again with the car door when he tries to get up.
  • Tampopo: The ramen-making training montage, and Tampopo fainting on seeing the pig's head.
  • From Thunderheart: "That's a rock, these are ray bans!".
  • Down with Love: The er....suggestive Split Screen phone call between Ewan McGregor and RenĂ©e Zellweger and the entire conversation about men's socks.
    David Hyde Pierce: Let's be accurate. Make sure you've got it fully extended. Have it up the whole way.
    Ewan McGregor: It stays up all the way all day long, man! That's the miracle I was telling you about: better living through chemistry! You've got...16 inches.
    David Hyde Pierce: 16 inches! How long does a man's hose have to be?
    Ewan McGregor: That's 32 inches of confidence in every step. Don't forget, I've got two of 'em!
    • And Renee Zellwegger's character giving The Summation in about a minute at eighty miles an hour.
    • And Ewan McGregor's facial expression after said Summation.
  • Split Second (1992), the Rutger Hauer Scifi movie set into the far future of two thousand and eight, after witnessing the killer tear through a metal wall: "We need bigger guns!"
    • It does; Let proposition A represent Max is CONTROL, B represent Siegfried is dead, and C represent Max is dead. The propositions A implies B, and A implies C, may be accepted as true; since neither B nor C are true, A cannot be true. The logic is sound, even if the assumptions aren't.
  • The Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace scene with a deaf and mute bridegroom in Four Weddings and a Funeral. Made even funnier because the groom is the one who "translates" the sign language.
  • While The Proposition isn't necessarily the happiest film in the world, Nick Cave still shows he has a sense of humour when Officer Dunn shoots his toes off, and Officer Stanley, asleep in a chair, jolts awake and runs to see what just happened...straight into a closed door.
  • Starsky & Hutch: Will Ferrell as the prison inmate with the dragon fetish.
    Alright guys, I'm not gonna lie to you. This is gonna get kinda weird... Two dragons.
  • Hamlet 2 isn't the funniest film but the "Raped In The Face" song is worth listening to.
  • Any movie by Todd Phillips must have The Dan Band. Who either shouts an F word during an otherwise clean song (Old School) or sings 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" (The Hangover). These are usually the funniest parts of those movies.
  • The Firemen's Choir in Bud Spencer's movie Watch Out, We're Mad. Seriously, if there is an antonym to Awesome Music, that song is. Alas, Poor Assassin...
    • Also the following scene, with the violin.
  • The whole window cleaning platform scene from The First Wives Club, especially the part where Duarto has to divert Morty's attention from the window.
  • The Devil's Brigade, for a war film, has a bunch of them during the unit's first combat mission. With nary a shot being fired and minimal casualties (on all sides), the sequence includes two truly funny bits.
    • A German officer commanding a small detachment and having two of the soldiers at a time peeling off to stand guard...only for each pair to be taken down in turn by the Canadians and Americans, the last pair as he's still walking. He turns around to issue his final orders and has a completely stunned expression as all of them have simply disappeared.
    • Throughout the entire sequence, they cut to scenes of the garrison's commanding officer getting out of bed, having a bath, dressing, eating a civilized breakfast. And then he goes out on the balcony and sees his entire force neatly assembled (some half naked, having been captured in the shower) as prisoners and the Allied captors with the biggest shit-eating grins imaginable.
    • Also, from earlier in the film:a thin, bookish looking Canadian, who teaches self-defense, deliberately provokes the meanest American (who's played by Claude Akins!) and then proceeds to totally own him. The Canadian then asks for people to sign up for his self-defense class. Every other American soldier does so immediately.
  • Charlie Bartlett audtions for a school play:
  • Most considered Renee Zellwegger's Oscar for Cold Mountain a Consolation Award, but her Large Ham performance has its hilarious moments, highlights including decapitating an annoying rooster with her bare hands and "So, you have never wrapped your legs around this Inman?".
  • Hamburger the Motion picture: when the class is running the restaraunt and the little girl tries to steal the cookies, prompting every on of them to instruct her, so politely, to return them at once.
  • Titanic 2 - an elevator full of passengers is about to descend to the lifeboats. Another passenger runs up and tries to force his way in... and is promptly punched out by a steward. Especially given the rest of the film, it was hilarious.
  • "AAAAAAAHHHHH!!" thonk, flipflipflipflip, splash. (Immortalized by Billy Crystal, in his hilarious song-and-dance Oscar routine, as "Propeller Guy".)
  • Tombstone: The Cowboys watching a juggler perform. "Professor Gillman? I seen him before in Bisbee, he catches shit!" "Hey professor, catch this!" (Shoots one of the clubs out of his hand)
  • In Empire of the Sun, Basie says he'll "bet his life", indicating his copy of Life magazine.
  • Why is Adam Sandler planning an English remake for a Swedish movie like Kopps? Probably because of one of the single funniest scenes of the whole movie history (the dialogue is dubbed in Italian, but don't care, it's just your usual bunch of robbery lines). Doubles as Awesome Music that mixes Rule of Cool with Rule of Funny.
    • He discovers the PA system with the oscilloscope. Birdie num-num. Howwwwdy partanar!
  • In A Chinese Ghost Story 3, the hero, a young monk, had his golden buddha stolen from him. Seeing him running after the thief, the customers of an inn give him a hand and stop the guy. Leading to this:
    Customer 1: Tell us, monk, what did this man do to you?
    Monk: He's stolen my golden buddha!
    All the customers: GOLDEN?!?
    Monk: Er, non, just a plain, regular buddha... (Cue the customers trying to keep the buddha for themselves)
  • The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe:
    • He's a violinist in an orchestra, he's in an affair with the harpist, who is married to his friend the tympanist — suspicions form, they're all on pins and needles at a concert playing Mozart's 40th Symphony, missing their cues, playing the wrong tune, and driving the conductor mad.
    • The plot of the movie has him marked as a decoy agent by an intelligence head to get his in-house rivals to expose themselves pursuing him. At the airport he's being surreptitiously photographed by several agents while he has a big piece of chewy candy in his mouth — every picture they take of him has his face contorted as the candy sticks in his teeth.
  • Jack Nicholson (as Darryl Van Horne) gets an epic and hilarious rant in The Witches of Eastwick.
  • Starballz is an odd film... but it does have the line: "When I fuck a garbage can, I gotta fuck it in the ass." Delivered seriously.
  • The Stupids - When Stanley Stupid unwittingly ends up on a talk show and the topic is about unusual families, he breaks out into "I'm My Own Grandpa", which is a classically funny song in itself, and it gets even funnier when almost EVERYBODY on the set starts bobbing their heads (and soon their arms) to the song, complete with priceless facial expressions from the hostess and Buster, an extra sung line from the hostess, and Stanley topping it all off by inviting the audience to join in.
  • License to Drive:
    • Les's grandfather's car getting towed.
    [Les jumps on the hood of the tow truck.]
    Driver: Get off my truck, boy!
    Les: Look mister, you can't do this to my car!
    Driver: Boy, I driven with deer, elk, and even bears strapped to the hood of this truck! So no 64-pound sack of shit is gonna shake me a hell a difference!
    Les: Listen mister, I'll give you everything I got!
    Driver: [stops his truck and Les goes flying off the hood] Just how much you talking?
    Driver: (laughing) Eighty dollars?!
    • The whole scene where the drunk driver took Les's grandfather's car.
  • Chocolate: The guy in the butcher shop who first has his thrown knife bounce back at him and stick in his shoulder. Then he gets hit with another knife when he starts to recover, but this time he only gets the flat side in the chest instead of the edge.
  • Dune (1984): Paul is teaching a group of Fremen The Weirding Way. He instructs Orato to attempt to destroy it in various ways.
    Paul: "Yell at it."
    (a few chuckles from the crowd)
    Orato: "BREAK!"
  • There's a funny moment at the end of the kiddie film Go Potty Go, which involves a bunch of cartoon animals parading in their underwear, portrayed completely seriously. Made even funnier by the facts that it's Goofy Print Underwear for most of them and even the animals who usually go naked put on underwear just for the parade.