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Godzilla Jr. is the Hanna-Barbera Godzilla.
Junior always appeared as an adolescent smaller green version of Godzilla. Upon Heisei Godzilla's meltdown, which revived and empowered Junior, the radiation had matured him into a new Godzilla. Jr., unlike his rampaging father, actually is benign and friendly around humans and so becomes the Destructive Saviour of Earth.
  • In his first two appearances, Junior's eyes glow red whenever he senses danger or becomes scared. Reborn as the new Godzilla in the animated series, he can fire lasers from them at his enemies.

Miki's interactions with the Cosmos in Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla were hallucinations.
Come on, she only speaks to them and sees them when no one else is around, and they themselves don't have any impact on the plot. Miki's psychic powers are just going through a weird phase and the Cosmos hallucinations are a product of that.

The red water in Son of Godzilla is actually Gatorade.
Well, someone had to say it eventually. It's red-colored water, and it gives energy to the people who drink it, just like Gatorade.

Godzilla is not a radioactive mutant.
The monster is and always has been part of Earth's natural immune system along with all the other earth monsters to protect it's self from threats from outer space and man made creations gone horribly wrong. If the earth is alive, you really couldn't have a better system of anti-bodies. Humanity over extends itself, monster attack. Alien invaders attack, monsters rise up to defend. Aliens try to control monsters, humanity steps in and acts like medicine to enable the fight to continue. Godzilla is not a mutant, he's always been this way. The ultimate cure for the worst infections.
  • This seems to be the case in the ongoing IDW comic series, what with the Cosmos (IDW's Shobijin) saying that there was much worse to come, and Claire's hallucination of the villainous monsters in the sky.
  • There is one interesting theory: all Kaiju are actually fossils resurrected and altered by radioactive decay, born from naturally occurring nuclear reactors. All of their organic molecules have been replaced by heavier elements through fossilization, and they are able to move because the nuclear reactions are actually defying gravity. So not technically mutants, but radioactive nonetheless.

Godzilla isn't a metaphor for the atomic bomb. He's a metaphor for Imperial Japan.
With the original movie, Honda made the ultimate Take That! to Tojo and Hirohito by depicting Imperial Japan as an oppressive, rampaging Tyrannosaurus Rex (which, by the way, roughly means "Tyrant Lizard King" in Latin) that ends up leaving Japan in ruins, just as getting the country involved in World War II did. The Oxygen Destroyer is the real A-bomb metaphor. Its role in the story parallels the bomb's role in the War: it was a super-weapon built by a reclusive, self-loathing scientist to combat one threat (the rise of fascism) only to give rise to a worse threat (the Atomic age and the threat of nuclear annihilation). And just like Hirohito, Godzilla becomes much less menacing once the super-weapon leads to his defeat: after World War II, Hirohito went from a powerful dictator to a harmless figurehead in Japan's new democratic government. After the first Godzilla movie, the Big G went from the antagonist of a serious Horror movie to the protagonist of a series of Lighter and Softer escapist monster movies.

Godzilla started as a metaphor for the Atomic Bomb, but became a Metaphor for The United States.
Godzilla starts out as an unstoppable atomic monster of destruction that ravages Japan, and all the Japanese can do is watch in horror. Eventually as the movies go on, Godzilla stops being a monster that just destroys Japan, but develops eventually into a destructive protector, saving Japan from other newer more fearsome enemies. About the same time that the U.S. and Japan were drifting from former enemies to allies. Godzilla will show up, and fight off the other monsters, doing some damage, but then leaving Japan when the threat is gone. Godzilla becomes a sort of protector, but one you don't necessarily want around, as he causes a lot of collateral damage. Godzilla goes from being enemy, to wary ally, to friend and protector, mirroring the relationship with Japan and the U.S.

Zilla Jr. is actually the real Godzilla

It actually would explain a lot. Godzilla fans have remarked on how Zilla Jr. is more similar to Godzilla than "GINO" is. He's more aggressive, has nuclear breath, acts much more like the original, and is much more friendly towards humans (Godzilla was never necessarily friendly, but he wasn't exactly a big, dumb lizard either). And Godzilla's human-like behavior and large differences from Zilla could also be explained by being raised by humans, as seen in Godzilla: The Series.

  • Or possibly the son of the real Godzilla and Zilla...some of you may require Brain Bleach after invisioning that. Still, it would explain why he's got the combined power of both of them.
    • But see below.

Zilla is the unacknowledged mate of Godzilla
  • Despite being considered male, the American Zilla is actually female enough to lay eggs, and of course protect them. The American Zilla is similar, if in reverse, to the Jurassic Park dinosaurs; even if it's basically born "male", it can be receptive to breeding urges. When the more testosterone-heavy Godzilla came along, this Zilla went into breeding and egg-laying mode.
    • The explanation given in the movie is that in the absence of a mate, the mutant iguana Godzilla (not Zilla, who is actually a separate member of the same species) underwent a biological shift that caused him to develop ovaries. This is something that can happen in certain species of reptiles and amphibians. Technically it was originally male and became hermaphroditic. They're also biologically different enough that it's not likely they even could mate, least of all because of a huge size difference.

Godzilla is Leviathan
Huge beyond comparison. Immune to all conventional human weapons. Breathes fire. Comes from but is not limited to the ocean. Incredibly ancient, to be only remembered in the oldest legends and myths as a terrifying figure. Hel-lo?
  • He's not "huge beyond comparison"; just about every other monster in the series is the same size. King Ghidorah is almost double the size of Godzilla. I like the theory, but that part is no good.
    • This is a case of needing bigger scales though. The largest animals in history, blue whales are a mere 100 feet in length and they dwarf the the largest land animals known. Godzilla is a 400 foot biped. The only reason he's not huge beyond comparison is because everthing you measure him against is in his league. That's sort of like saying Superman isn't super strong because he always runs up against villians in his league. He's still a 111 on a scale of 1 to 10.
      • The largest depiction of Godzilla for years was in the Hanna Barbara cartoon where he was 300 feet tall. Most depictions put him around either 50 or 100 meters tall. The only one that was taller was Godzilla Earth from the anime movies, which was 330 meters tall and was explicitly a mutant tree.
    • If Godzilla is Leviathan, then who are Behemoth and Ziz? Ghidorah and Mothra?
  • Godzilla doesn't breath fire. It's a concentrated beam of radioactive particles, called an Atomic Heat Beam. He's actually only 50 meters tall in most depictions, which is about 1 1/2 times the length of a Blue Whale. More recent media put him at around 100 meters, which is definitely much more awe-inspiring but still is still tiny compared to the tallest building in the world and therefore well within the confines of imagination. The Leviathan is said to be able to eat a creature three hundred miles long, meaning its food could have its head near Athens and its tail near Rhodes.

Belvera was evil because she was discriminated against
When Moll, Lora, and Belvera were born into their civilization, triplets were probably atypical, doubly so for fraternal triplets. As a result, the three were bullied by society. Moll and Lora had each other and probably a Mothra for support, but Belvera cracked under pressure and probably incurred the downfall of their civilization therafter.
  • So why'd she build Garugaru? A companion?

At the end of Destroy all Monsters, the barriers from Monster Island are gone
We can all say the researchers found it cruel to lock up the Kaiju, so after King Ghidorah's death, the humans can trust the Kaiju once more, and decided not to lock them up, as long as they do not havoc mankind, which they did not ever do again.
  • Man didn't decide to not lock the monsters up... the barriers were destroyed by the Kilaaks' "Fire Dragon." The whole point Honda wished to convey at the end of the movie is that Monsterland only worked when man was gone from the island and the monsters were left in peace. That the monsters were never really "bad", they merely wished to be accepted. And when this finally occurs at the end of "Destroy All Monsters" with man gone from Monsterland, man and monster can live in peace.

More monsters were in DAM, just not on screen
Maybe during the final fight with Ghidorah, Baragon, Varan, and Manda were not there because they were fighting another monster sent by the Kiliaks, such as Gigan and Megalon. We can also say more monsters were battling those 2, like Ebirah, Kamacuraus, Titanosaurus, Maguma, and adult Mothra. Adult Mothra could have been on Infant Island, and was called by Godzilla or some other ally of her's to help fight.
  • The only two of those monsters I could see doing anything major to Gigan and Megalon are Titanosaurus and Mothra. The other three would be either brutally beaten or outright killed after getting maybe a couple of swipes in (probably less in Ebirah and Maguma's cases). I could see Titanosaurus outright tanking the projectiles and beating the stuffing out of the two of them, actually; he's one of the strongest of Godzilla's Showa cast and based on his Terror of Mechagodzilla fights, Titanosaurus is a extremely competent melee combatant, who can thrash Godzilla quite easily (even if Mechagodzilla was distracting him, Titano was damn well holding his own), and Mothra'd be a good distraction with a hit-and-run kind of offense; but pitting two kaiju, one of which is well known for abandoning fights, against one really strong, likely pissed-off, Godzilla-lifting aquatic dinosaur is like siking a Doberman on a pair of goldfish, it's really overkill.
    • Of course there's also the small problem of Titanosaurus being killed stone cold dead as a doornail by Godzilla himself prior to DAM in terms of chronology. (Despite being released prior to Terror of MechaGodzilla, DAM chronologically takes place at the end of the Showa era, as its set in the then future year of 1999, while all other films were typically set in the year they were made.)
      • Wait... Titanosaurus died in TOM? I could have sworn he was alive at the end...
      • Titanosaurus's ultimate fate is ambiguous, having been knocked over a cliff and then never seen again. It's quite possible he survived, being that weaker Kaiju survived worse.

Kaiju age slower than normal
Think about it. How can Godzilla still be well and fighting fine in 1999 when he was an adult in 1955. Simple. About 4 to 6 years equals a year to Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, etc. Same with Minilla, as he is still a baby in 1999.
  • There have been more than one Godzilla throughout the series.
  • Why would Kaiju age like humans in the first place? One would assume that they would be ageless? In comes with invulnerability and extreme regeneration.
  • They are not ageless, as they preform most things an actual living, breathing animal does. Godzilla sleeps, eats, and dies just like everything else.
    • They are almost certainly ageless - considering that, biologically speaking, aging is the function of cellular damage, decay and suicide it seems pretty likely that creatures renowned for their ability to survive almost ludicrous levels of damage, regenerating from it in no time. When considering the Regenerator / Organizer G1 it seems very plausible that a Godzilla could live forever. They're not immortal though and could still very easily die. Well not easily but you get the point.
    • Except you know, Mothra was old when she first fought Godzilla. They do age, just at a much slower rate.
    • Mothra is the rare exception as she appears to be based on the myth of the phoenix. Godzilla and most of the other Kaiju appear to have some form of regenerative healing factor that would make Deadpool jealous, as they have lived for millions of years. Godzilla and Showa era King Ghidorah are likely the oldest characters in the franchise, assuming the Ghidorah that attacks Earth is the same one that attacks Venus (Or Mars, if you go by the dub.).
    • Mothra isn't the only example of a kaiju aging, just the only one that we see in an advanced stage of aging during the almost 70 years of the franchise. Minilla/Minya and Godzilla, Jr. both grow up some over the course of the movies. While it's true that Godzilla has genes that allow him to recover from severe injury fairly rapidly, it's likely he still will age over millennia. The reason cells die isn't due to direct damage, but because of the way chromosomes copy themselves during cell division. The end caps, call telomeres, shorten after dividing too many times. Once they're completely gone, the DNA unravels and the cell kills itself to avoid nonstop continuous replication (AKA, cancer). Real world creatures that live in highly radioactive areas are well adapted to repairing this damage, but still don't live forever. Plus, the Heisei Godzilla starts to have a nuclear meltdown as a result of his aging body no longer being able to handle the uranium that he absorbed during the explosion at the beginning of vs. Destoroyah. While SOME are likely immortal and ageless, others do have to deal with losing strength and power as the age, eventually leading to their death by either battle or environmental factors.
  • That means many of the most horrific kaiju may be truly ageless (Ghidorah, the planet-destroyer, for example), so it's entirely possible that horrific space beasts have been around since the since the start of time and space. But yes, all kaiju with regeneration are effectively immortal; though some may be slightly easier to kill than others based on regen speed (Mira-Goji, for example, would be near impossible to put down, and Shingecki-Goji is literally unkillable, but some of the later Showa Godzillas could likely be put down if enough kaiju-scaled firepower was pumped into them.)

Godzillasaurus lived in the Marshall Islands, and survived extinction
Dr. Yamane could have been wrong. I think Godzillasaurus were a race of dinosaurs that survived extinction, and lived on the Marshall Islands. They all lived in peace together, until the testings went on, killing every one of the poor dinos, minus two young ones, who mutated into the Godzillas.

King Ghidorah is smarter than he looks
Because the Big Bad being smarter is cool. I think he can speak some alien language, along with Gigan, but does not choose to do so, because nobody on Earth will understand him.
  • Or their sound effects really are them speaking, but in a soundwave our ears can't process, so we hear them as vicious screeching and maniac cackling.
  • It's likely they communicate through a combination of vocalizations and body language like most animals do, and that what just sounds like cackling and roars is actually more nuanced. However, being that we don't understand what it's supposed to mean, it just sounds like noise. This happens in the real world; the word "barbarian" came from the Ancient Greeks thinking other languages sounded like babbling.

Godzilla was killed at the end of Monster Zero
In the following film, Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster, Godzilla is found sleeping. It is quite possible he was dying, the humans were able to revive him with lightning.
  • How the hell did he get into that cave, though? Let alone without the Red Bamboo army noticing?
  • If he was only dying, he wouldn't have been killed. He'd have to be fully dead.

Son of Godzilla takes place in the 1980's or 90's
Even though Kaiju age slower, if SOG takes place in the late 60's and DAM takes place in 1999, Minilla would still be older. Reason why he is not? SOG takes place in the 80's or 90's.
  • Godzilla is shown teaching Minya on Monster Island in "Godzilla vs. Gigan" which definitely takes place in the 70s.
  • Aging slowly is a good enough reason for him not to have gotten much bigger. One species of coelacanth found in the real world doesn't reach its full size or breeding maturity until they're about 50 years old. Some species of tortoise don't reach that stage until 25 years old either. So a prehistoric, nearly immortal monster taking more than a few decades to go through childhood isn't all that strange. But there's also the case to be made that Minilla is... different. His body proportions aren't like his father's or Junior's, having a pug-like face and human-like proportions. This could be a result of just being much younger and less physically mature, or it could be that his development has been affected by being forced to hatch early. There are probably other health-related reasons as well.

Godzilla dies at the end of Son of Godzilla if it takes place in the 80's.
A follow up to the above WMG. At the end of Son of Godzilla, Godzilla comes back the dying Minilla in the snow, as he holds on to his child, as the snow buries them both. Sure the guy said they are hibernating, but one thing. REPTILES ARE COLD-BLOODED. Now I guess it is possible that they are warm-blooded, but unlikely. So naturally, they would die. However, if Godzilla is able to keep Minilla warm, it is possible that Godzilla froze to death, as Minilla moved on, and became the Godzilla in Destroy All Monsters. The Minilla in that movie can be an all new baby.
  • Reptiles are cold blooded, but dinosaurs weren't. And Godzilla is a dinosaur. Also, he can shoot fire so he likely has an internal heat source for that either way.
    • Most modern reptiles are cold blooded, but several lineages including the ancestors of mammals were likely warm blooded. There is also the tegu, a lizard which becomes warm blooded during its mating season but changes back to cold blooded afterwards.
  • Well, not fire so much as radioactive energies, but they do heat and explosive damage more than anything, meaning the nuclear fission keeps him from becoming so cold he would die.
    • Also Godzilla survived being frozen for years between Godzilla Raids Again and King Kong Vs Godzilla.
  • Nuclear fission and Godzilla's endothermy (both size-based and true endothermy) likely make Godzilla basically impervious to frostbite or cold weather, hence why he can survive frozen in a block of ice for years at a stretch. He can still be killed (via severe enough wounds or total nuclear meltdown), but he's unable to freeze to death (aside from being shot by the Absolute Zero Cannon, of course).
Every Godzilla is just a different member of the same species.
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah almost confirms this with it’s conundrum about Godzilla’s presence after the switch was made. Perhaps the Godzillasaur on the Marshall Islands was trying to protect its nest. Regardless of whether the Futurians switched the bodies of the dinosaur in 1944 and Godzilla in the present day, the eggs would’ve still been affected by the radiation producing the same mutation. This explains the variance in appearance, powers, and personality. It would also explain the presence of other Baby Godzillas being found.
  • On that note, the Minya from Son of Godzilla and the one from Destroy All Monsters are separate. The former would grow into the adult Godzilla in DAM.

Megalon is a cyborg like Gigan
That would explain his bombs, drill and laser beams.
  • It's lightning, not lasers, but yeah.

King Ghidorah is never really under mind control
After his initial defeat he merely allowed various aliens to believe they were controlling him. That way he gets backed up by either the alien military (Monster Zero) or another monster (Vs. Gigan). If any of the aliens had succeeded in conquering the Earth they would have had a nasty surprise when Ghidorah turned on them once they had served their purpose. He was the one really in charge the whole time.
  • Gigan could be Ghidorah's battle partner and closest ally, if this is the case.
    • Hell, maybe the Xiliens and Kilaaks were actually under 'his' mind control.
    • Or, like the theories about Gigan below, he's an alien mercenary. A dragonic alien merc, that is.
    • It doesn't seem likely Gigan would be either a mercenary (being an undead cyborg abomination according to both of his movie appearances), and almost certainly isn't friends with Ghidorah. Ghidorah has appeared as a major threat on his own more often than being controlled by aliens. But pretending to be controlled just for the chance to destroy Earth is very much a possibility.

The Futurians are actually from the Showa timeline and accidentally created the Heisei timeline
They say they were getting rid of Godzilla so he couldn't defend Japan, something Godzilla hadn't yet done in the Heisei timeline. Then Wilson tells them the new Godzilla is unfriendly...when was Godzilla ever friendly in the Heisei era? So, when they teleported Godzilla, it resulted in an alternate timeline. The Dorats were created using DNA from the dead Showa Ghidorah.
  • This... makes way too much sense not to be canon. This is now canon in my mind.
    • The lines sighted here are from the English dub. In the original Japanese dialogue, Wilson (nor anyone else) makes no such references to "Godzilla defending Japan" or "being unfriendly." Many of the lines in the Heisei dubs are just made up and do not reflect the real dialogue at all.
      • Then this WMG would only apply to the continuity of the dubbed version.

The Heisei Godzilla films are a prelude the Showa era.
It has been a widely accepted canon amongst fans and officials of the Godzilla franchise that the events of the Showa and Heisei occur separately within their own continuity. That’s if you look at them within in their own connected-in some cases loosely- chain of order, but what if the continuity was reversed to show that the canon established in the recent and 90’s eras are a build up to the classic films.The order of events would follow in this sequenceGodzilla-1954, Rodan-1956, Return of Godzilla- 1984, Godzilla vs. Biollante- 1989, Godzilla vs. Mothra- 1991 (see below, Mecha Godzilla, Space Godzilla, and Desotroyah- 1992, 94, 95, The rest of the Showa series (Raids Again->Ghidorah-> Monster Zero, etc.)I originally wanted to try and tie in the Shinei era films but even they have their own stated continuity patterns that would need to be amended. The best possible choice from that period would be Godzilla 2000 because it stands alone in terms of continuity and could either be dealing with the adult form of Junior.The decision to remove Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah from canon is in part to the rather tricky nature of the time travel plot. Granted it could still fit in- otherwise the opening of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 93 with Mecha King Ghidorah would have to be discounted.

Godzilla is a Time Lord
Kind of. Just not a Time Lord, but a Time Animal. That explains why he changes his looks every few films. He regenerates alot.
  • Or maybe Godzilla's just got a lot of siblings...

Godzilla and Mothra are in love
Why not? It's no more ridiculous than 80% of any thing else in Godzilla.
  • I actually did think this at times as a little kid. True, it was fueled by pure seven year old girl logic, but it made the movies even more entertaining.
  • Certainly a Slap-Slap-Kiss relationship
  • Sort of canon in the Monsterverse according to its director and head writer, Michael Dougherty. According to him, Godzillas and Mothras have a symbiotic relationship, and often describes it in using romantic or intimate language, like stating that they snuggle together and are actually co-alphas, with her as his equally revered queen. Further material suggests the symbiotic connection between a Godzilla and a Mothra carries very similar mutual affection to what they would share with a mate of their own species.

The reason Minilla looks almost nothing like his father
The Kamacuras broke open the egg too soon, causing him to deform.

Monster Island and Monsterland are two different places
Monster Island is actually Sollgel Island from Son of Godzilla,which explains it's appearance in Godzilla vs. Gigan and Godzilla vs. Megalon.
  • This is Toho's official position. Monster Island is somewhere in the South Pacific. Monsterland is actually Ogasawara Island, which is 100 miles south of Tokyo.

Zilla Jr. mutated as a result of Zilla's radiation
The Baby Zillas were continually mutated while still inside of Zilla. Zilla Jr. got his powers from the mutations happening just so, also making him sterile. He isn't anymore radioactive than a microwave (like most versions) but the inside of Zilla was, which caused the mutations.
  • Technically the creature you are referring to is still named Godzilla, and his son Godzilla Jr. While the species name was changed after the rights reverted back to Toho, Zilla as the name of a monster refers to a different member of the same species. Trademarks can't be retroactively changed, and the official Toho creature seal used for that movie lists the monster's name as Godzilla even now after numerous home video releases.

Godzilla is a Tarrasque.
There's (usually) only one of him in the whole world, most conventional weapons do nothing to him, he destroys the hell out of everything he encounters, and your only hope is to make him go back to sleep (until the next movie).
  • Godzilla is quite frequently depicted as either a mutated but mundane organism (usually a dinosaur) or part of a larger species (The original Godzilla being canon to most other movies which start their own version, plus Minilla and Junion). Godzilla has also been killed several times over the course of the series, including in his debut appearance since every other movie stars a different Godzilla. But besides that, the Tarrasque is not a unique creature but one who comes from a world where a stable breeding population of the creatures exists - on their own world they are far less destructive and far more active, without the thousand year hibernation cycles.

NES Godzilla Creepypasta can be tied into the film series.
After the events of Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, the Dimension Tide sends Godzilla into a virtual limbo between the fictional world and the “real” one where kaiju are products of fiction. Godzilla is manifested in this world as a sprite in a video game called, Godzilla: Monster of Monsters. The only catch is that Godzilla is at the mercy of the individual playing said game in their reality.Throughout the narrative of the Creepypasta it is implied that the characters within the game are living creatures. So you would actually be controlling THE Godzilla!
  • The post-credits sequence in Godzilla vs. Megaguirus shows the Dimension Tide did not work and Godzilla is still in our dimension... he was merely shoved deep underground.
    • That doesn't necessarily preclude this WMG from being correct. In most fiction, inter-dimensional travel often involves time differentials between universes. The Creepypasta universe could work on Narnia Time in relation to the Godzilla-verse.

Gigan is an intergalactic mercenary
It's been noted many times that Gigan clearly enjoys his work. Moreover, unlike most of the other monsters, he must possess at least some degree of intelligence, if only to use all of his high-tech weaponry possible. It's not too much of a stretch to suppose that the big Cyborg is a Psycho for Hire in fact as well as trope. Perhaps he's from a planet where everyone grows to four hundred feet, and realising the size advantage that this gave him over all the little people, left his planet to pursue a career as a nigh-unstoppable mercenary. He may well have a different employer in every film; alternately, he has a long-running contract with Ghidorah (whom he worked with in Godzilla vs Gigan and Final Wars), and his work with Megalon and the Seatopians was simply a sidejob.

  • According to both of the movies he was in, Gigan is an extraterrestrial kaiju killed by and rebuilt into a cyborg as a biological weapon by alien invaders. He isn't being hired to attack Earth any more than a tank would be.

If Destoroyah is killed instantly, every microbe making up his body dies
Destoroyah merging creates a Hive Mind, which has advantages, but at the same time, if the fused creature is killed before he can separate, the entire body dies due to the Hive Mind linking them all.
  • This would make sense, since Destoroyah's death was due to being frozen and then smashing into a superheated ground, causing him to explosively evaporate. Being made of microbes, it's quite likely at least SOME of them survived the process, but he only resurfaces in the Godzilla Island series which isn't canon to any of the movies.

Godzilla didn't die at the end of Godzilla vs Destroyah
Think about it, every time Godzilla absorbs radiation, he converts it into body mass/energy, being an effective form of evolution. Godzilla's 'death' was actually his transition into his next form, which considering the only way he could really get anymore powerful with that dramatic of a transition would make him in a nigh-omnipotent eldritch abomination with the Jr. being his avatar.

Manda's "Black Curse" killed King Ghidorah in "Destroy All Monsters".
In Atragon the Muans threat that if the world does not surrender to them, Manda will place his "black curse" upon the world. We never actually get to see that in action and are subsequently lead to believe it is just some superstitious nonsense the Muans believe. But how can we be sure he doesn't have said power. He is "supposed" to be a god, after all? Maybe it wasn't just the brute strength of the monsters, but Manda's chieftain-type magic that lead to Ghidorah's demise? And while we're WM Ging "Destroy All Monsters", perhaps Baragon was tunneling underground beneath the fighting monsters and this is why Angilas sinks into the ground slightly when dropped from mid-air by Ghidorah and Ghidorah's corpse sinks into the ground when the Kilaak base is destroyed. This only leaves Varan's lollygagging unaccounted for.

In the IDW comics, Monster X will become Keizer Ghidorah in the last two issues.
I'm pretty sure if IDW brought in Monster X, they're going to have him transform into his ultimate form and really wreck shit up.
  • And this time He will transform with a fusion dance with King Ghidorah. After all if you've got the rights to use both of them...
  • Except for the fusion dance part, confirmed.

Gigan is not inherently evil, he's just a alien mercenary-for-hire (that is also a spy) that likes the thrill of the hunt.
He's had a turn before (Godzilla Island), so maybe Gigan's not a Psycho for Hire at all, but more a mercenary-for-hire? After all, he (and Ghidorah, who is more a true Psycho for Hire)'s often seen running from fights if they go wrong, and we've seen him under the "control" of many different races; the Space Hunter Nebula M, the Xians, the Seatopians, the Vortaak, etc., so it seems plausible that either;

A) Gigan and Ghidorah are both mercenaries-for-hire; Gigan is the sane, calculating one who plans and Ghidorah is the insane, powerful brawler that takes the most effort to put down.B) Gigan is a mercenary, but Ghidorah is just eager to destroy as much as possible so he jumps ship to the latest invaders.or C) Both are part of a mercenary duo, but Gigan is considered the "leader", as he's the saner of the two.

But what all these races don't know is that Gigan is really a Double Agent who is simply gathering as much information as he can on them so as to eventually betray them all for treating him as if he were an animal. He will (possibly, certainly, maybe not) relay all the information on the alien races he's collected to humanity and tell it all to the kaiju on it, as he had explicitly told Ghidorah (and possibly relayed to Godzilla and the other Earth-defending kaiju), wait untill all the races converge on Earth, and then turn and kill their leaders for their mistreatment. He will then either kill the fleets as he leads them, then kill humanity to colonize Earth and rule it with an iron claw or take the helm of alien leader, and negotiate a peaceful comprimise with Earth. He then begins adjusting them all to Earth's society and rules, and sucessfully integrates all of them into the human society, and thus they all end up happy.

  • However, he also takes sick glee in the destruction he engages in. He's one of Godzilla's most brutal and cruel opponents in the entire franchise. So it's more than likely he's legitimately evil. It's also stated that Gigan serves whatever alien race sends him to Earth because they make him, being that the original version was a "space dinosaur" that served the same purpose on his world that Godzilla does on ours. They killed him and then rebuilt his corpse into a cyborg monster which they can control. The Final Wars version was similarly a cyborg created by the Xilliens specifically to invade Earth.

Ghidorah's badass decay and death in "Destroy All Monsters" is due to his continual enslavement by alien races.
In the first movie he appears in, we're told that King Ghidorah flies around the universe destroying planets and feeding upon them for energy. That's why he's so powerful in that movie. He's just coming to earth for the first time since the last time he destroyed a planet. However, after his defeat at the hands of Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra, he is almost immediately taken under mind-control by the Xians and used in a gambit to invade the earth. After that, he is again under the control of the Nebulans and the Garoga. By the time "Destroy All Monsters" takes place in 1999, Ghidorah hasn't destroyed any planets—i.e. "fed"—since before he came to earth. Famished and substantially weaker, especially against 11 opponents, Ghidorah eventually expires and dies.
  • That...makes so much sense. Desghidorah is said to feed on the lifeforces of planets, and Grand Ghidorah derives his power from child souls, so maybe Showa Ghidorah derives his strength from death, planet-scale or otherwise? Maybe Ghidorahs as a species derive energy from outside sources or concepts? Showa-era Ghidorah doesn't do much (if any) killing past Invasion of Astro-Monster, so it could well be that he was substantially weakened by the fact that his source of strength was being denied from him and that in 1999, he had weakened so much as so that Minilla's smoke rings could actually affect him. It certainly didn't help that Anguirus, Godzilla and Gorosaurus were all pummeling him already, though.

Okay, so the Heisei Godzilla was created in 1977 when a nuclear sub crashed into the Godzillasaurus and transformed it into the Godzilla that attacked Japan in 1984. So how did he become buried under Daikoku Island between 1977 and 1984?
... Bagan. :)

Hey, in an interview in the book "Heisei Godzilla Perfection", Tomoyuki Tanaka said that Bagan was canon to the Heisei series...

Super Godzilla takes place after VS. Destoroyah
It's never specified exactly when the game really takes place in the timeline (beyond 199X), and plans for a movie adaptation went to Development Hell and were ultimately canned, so Super Godzilla never received a proper place in the Heisei timeline. However, due to Godzilla's meltdown taking place in 1995, and the game's date being only 199X, it's plausible that Super Godzilla takes place sometime between 1996-1999, and a possible timeline would be as follows;

1954 - The original Godzilla appears, ravages Tokyo and is ultimately killed by the Oxygen Destroyer. Destoroyah is awoken and mutated at this time. (Gojira)

1984 - A second Godzilla appears 3 decades after the first and ravages Yurakocho. The Super-X, a nuclear transport vessel, is modified to fight Godzilla, but the craft is destroyed and Godzilla victorious. However, the mutant is lured into Mount Mihara by recordings of birds, and is trapped in the volcano. (The Return of Godzilla)

1989 - The second Godzilla emerges from Mount Mihara and battles with a clone of his cells, combined with the cells of a rosebush and a human female named Erika Shirigami; the plant beast known as Biollante. Though Godzilla is able to emerge with the victory in both fights (first against Biollante's rose-like stage, then against a monstrous abomanation form), the ANEB (Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria) is injected into his system, and Godzilla weakly trudges to the ocean before falling into the water, too weak to continue fighting. With Godzilla subdued, humanity can breathe a sigh of relief. Biollante's cells drift into the atmosphere, and some may have run afoul of a black hole and fused with an alien crystalline organism, creating a horrifying creature... (Godzilla vs. Biollante)

1990 - Godzilla suddenly vanishes, and instead a three-headed, two-tailed golden serpent known as King Ghidorah seems to replace him. The Futurians use three genetically-engineered pets, known as Dorats, to create King Ghidorah to replace Godzilla. The plan works; however, a nuclear sub suddenly vanishes in the Lagos Isles, where Godzilla was created. The Futurians don't pay heed to this, however, and humans send out another vessel to mutate Godzilla's original state, a simple Godzillasaurus, into a new Godzilla. The sub discovers Godzilla was already mutated before Godzilla destroys it and absorbs it's nuclear power. The super-charged Godzilla emerges and quickly tracks down the Futurian's weapon; easily decimating King Ghidorah. Emi turns the corpse of Ghidorah into a cyborg, called "Mecha-King Ghidorah", to defeat Godzilla. Mecha-King Ghidorah is ultimately defeated as it and Godzilla plummet into the seas... (Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah)

1991 - A meteor strikes the ocean and creates many natural disasters. A team is sent to investigate the effects on Infant Island, and discover a giant egg and two tiny girls, the last of their kind, who refer to themselves as the Cosmos; and their role is to watch over the balance of nature. They tell of an ancient civilization that angered the Earth so much that it created and unleashed a black moth called Battra to counteract the disruption of nature they were creating. Alas, Battra was too destructive; and so the Earth created Mothra to counteract the black moth.The two clashed, the civilization was killed and destroyed, and eventually the two sealed themselves in eggs; Mothra's being the one the team has discovered. The Cosmos agree to go to Japan with the egg, but Godzilla intercepts them and seems to be intent on destroying the egg.Fortunately, Mothra hatches, and is saved from being killed by the mutant when Battra appears in a larval form and attacks Godzilla. The two dissapear into a underwater eruption and Mothra departs. The Cosmos are then kidnapped by the company secretary, whose C.E.O plans to exploit them for all they are worth; obviously, this enrages Mothra, who makes a beeline for Tokyo.Eventually, Mothra cocoons and changes to her Imago stage, and Battra also changes to his Imago stage. And Godzilla, too, is converging on Tokyo. Mothra and Battra fight in the Tokyo skyline, and Godzilla soon joins the rumble. Eventually, Mothra convinces Battra to help her subdue Godzilla, and the two carry Godzilla to sea once again. Godzilla, however, tears into Battra's neck ferociously, killing him and forcing Mothra, who can't hold the weight of Godzilla and Battra's corpse alone, to drop the two into the sea. Mothra seals Godzilla into the ocean, and the moth leaves with the Cosmos; Mothra heading into space to stop a meteor that Battra was to stop. (Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth)

1992: The remains of Mecha-King Ghidorah are salvaged, and it's technology reverse-engineered, by the Japanese in order to combat Godzilla with a robotic duplicate; a Mechagodzilla. Armed with state-of-the-art weaponry and incredibly durable artifical-diamond armor; the mechanical defender was specifically designed to destroy kaiju; Godzilla included. Meanwhile, an egg is discovered on Adona Island; a titanic pterosaur known as Rodan then attacks the team discovering the egg as they flee; Godzilla and Rodan run into one another and fight to the death; Godzilla mortally wounding Rodan and leaving the pterosaur to die in pursuit of the egg. Mechagodzilla is launched once more to intercept and destroy Godzilla. The egg hatches; revealing not a infantile pterosaur, like was expected; but instead an infantile Godzillasaurus; the same creature as Godzilla. The infantile godzillasaur is named Baby Godzilla, and proves extremely placid to humanity, and the creature eats ferns and hamburgers with equal vigor, suggesting godzillasaurs were omnivorous.Godzilla senses Baby's arrival and begins destroying anything in his path or between him and Baby Godzilla. Mechagodzilla's first duel with Godzilla was mostly one-sided; with Mechagodzilla decimating his organic rival in power; however, the duel ended in Godzilla managing to reverse the Shock Anchors' electric currents and cripple Mechagodzilla's systems, allowing Godzilla to escape. He resumes searching for Baby; but after the humans hide Baby from any of Godzilla's senses, the titan returns to the sea. Baby Godzilla proves useful for the battle against Godzilla; Baby's second brain is located and they plan to use this to their advantage against Godzilla.

Mechagodzilla is repaired and the outdated war machine Garuda is upgraded to aid the war machine in battle. Rodan is revived by Baby's calls, becoming Fire Rodan, and also converges on his location. Rodan and the upgraded Super Mechagodzilla, a combination of Mechagodzilla and Garuda, engage in battle.Alas, Super Mechagodzilla proves far too much for even the revived Fire Rodan, fatally wounding the pterosaur. Godzilla arrives, and Super Mechagodzilla also proves it's might by nearly killing Godzilla, destroying his second brain and preparing to finish off the King of The Monsters. Fire Rodan, in a last-ditch bid to protect Baby, sacrifices all of his energy to Godzilla, his body dissolving into nuclear energy and melting the artificial diamond armor of Mechagodzilla. Godzilla would absorb this and gain the Spiral Ray; and it was now that the revived Godzilla was able to overwhelm even Super Mechagodzilla's armored chasis. The beams crippled the marvelous machine, and the crew escaped as Mechagodzilla was destroyed, Garuda with it. Godzilla would adopt Baby and return to Birth Island, where they would stay for another year...(Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II)

However, up in the cosmos, a horrible creature had formed from Godzilla's cells in the plant creature Biollante, some of which ran afoul of a black hole, and it was making a beeline for Earth. It had only one objective;

Destroy Godzilla.

1993: The remains of Mechagodzilla are used to create MOGUERA, a mech that can split into two seperate vehicles; the Land Moguera and the Star Falcon. The robot is sent to space to intercept a UFO; which turns out to be a bizzare, crystal-laden clone of Godzilla himself! Despite it's speed, MOGUERA's systems are failing, making the mech no match for Spacegodzilla's might. Spacegodzilla continues on towards Earth unfazed.

Godzilla and Little Godzilla, the mutated form of Baby Godzilla, are at peace on Birth Island, until Spacegodzilla lands on the isle and battles Godzilla; stealing Little Godzilla from his stepfather's arms and brutally beating Godzilla. Spacegodzilla's crystals spread throughout Japan, and Spacegodzilla's base became Fukuoka. MOGUERA is brought in for repair, and afterwards flies with Godzilla in pursuit of Spacegodzilla. The two begin assaulting the cosmic clone, and eventually Spacegodzilla renders MOGUERA useless when it destroys the two crystals erupting from Spacegodzilla's shoulders. Godzilla fatally wounds, and kills, Spacegodzilla with the Spiral Ray. Spacegodzilla's cells drift into space as Biollante's did, and Godzilla absorbs the radioactive properties of Spacegodzilla's body, and this would ultimately kill the kaiju. (Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla)

1994: Godzilla reappears in Hong Kong with bright orange patches of skin all over his body, his spines glowing orange and his eyes red. The Spiral Ray is now Godzilla's default beam, and nobody knows why this is happening. The immense radiaton Godzilla is now emmiting has annihalated Birth Island, and Little Godzilla appears to have died.

The younger Godzilla later reappears, however; this time mutated into a very Godzilla-esque form and he is now named "Godzilla Junior". His spines are not nearly as threatening as Godzilla's; they're still barely nubs. Junior has been feeding on whales, and eventually is lead to deal with the menace of Destoroyah. Junior succeeds in defeating the Aggregate and Flying forms of Destoroyah, and Godzilla reappears and makes his way to Junior.

Destoroyah reappears, however, in it's final form. The new leviathan is very powerful; able to knock away Godzilla easilly. The micro-oxygen Precambrian life form, however, snatches Junior and flies high into the air, and a helpless Godzilla must watch as his stepson plummets to his death. Godzilla makes his way over to Junior's broken body as Destroyah continues flying, and soon the crustacean seizes Godzilla and drags him across the city; Godzilla too consumed with grief and horror to fight it off.

Godzilla's rage escalates, and he attacks Destoroyah with fury; his Spiral Ray proving devastating to the beast. Godzilla pummels, beats and heats Destoroyah, and the menace flees, nearing death. Unfortunately for Destoroyah, the Super X-III and a large group of maser tanks freeze Destoroyah in midair, causing the micro-oxygen horror to plummet to the ground and explode in a shower of ice chunks. Godzilla's rage subsides as his meltdown begins, and the Super X-III and the maser armada focus their attention on Godzilla, trying to cool the melting Godzilla enough so as to not have his death take the universe, world or country with him. This suceeds, and Godzilla melts without destroying anything. His nuclear energy passes to Junior, who is revived into a new Godzilla.(Godzilla vs. Destoroyah)

1995: Godzilla Junior, now the next Godzilla, is mostly peaceful; and as such humanity lives with him in peace. However, when a new King Ghidorah appears and begins ravaging Osaka, and strange soundwaves seem to be controling other kaiju, Junior is given a mind link to Miki, and the mutant and his comrades are seen making his way to Osaka. Junior makes landfall, and advances with haste to the centre of the city, where King Ghidorah is currently located. This King Ghidorah proves more of a challenge than the one Godzilla faced, but eventually Junior overcomes the three-headed beast, killing it, and continues on.He then encounters a false Godzilla, who is revealed to actually be a Mechagodzilla! The real King ultimately defeated the doppelganger, but the aliens kidnap Doctor Shirigami admist the chaos, and have taken him to Lake Ashino, where the aliens have created another Biollante.However, Junior soon appears and kills the second Biollante, and the Super X-II rescues Shirigami; who reveals he had recovered samples of Godzilla and King Ghidorah's DNA, and had been using them to create a serum that was to enhance the physical attributes of any being. The aliens, however, had invaded the lab and stole the samples to create this second Biollante. Shirigami then injects some of the serum into Godzilla Junior, enhancing his strength even more. Enraged, the aliens release Battra into Yokohama, where it lays an egg. Godzilla arrives, destroys the egg and kills Battra. The aliens then release the revived King Ghidorah, now a cyborg called Mecha-King Ghidorah, upon Yokohama.Fortunately, the aliens make a grave mistake in revealing that seven canisters of of Shirigami's strength-enhancement serum are placed around Yokohama. Should Junior find and absorb them all before Mecha-King Ghidorah can destroy half of Yokohama, he will transform into a more powerful form. Godzilla succeeds, and he transforms into a super-charged form called Super Godzilla! The newly-charged Godzilla confronts Mecha-King Ghidorah in the ruins of Yokohama, and ultimately Super Godzilla defeats and destroys Mecha-King Ghidorah. The aliens, however, have one last trick up their sleeve...

"The titan known as Bagan had previously dueled with Mothra and Battra in ancient times, and their battle was forever immortalized in legend as Bagan's defeat and entombment saved the world from destruction. However, the aliens knew that his immense power had deteriorated over the centuries, until the creature had fell into a deep torpor. With the sample of Shirigami's serum as well as Godzilla and King Ghidorah's DNA, the aliens inject Bagan with the samples, enormously enhancing it's power. They took the terrible dragon to Yokohama, where it would duel Super Godzilla in an epic battle. The serum, combined with Godzilla and King Ghidorah's cells, made Bagan a formidable foe, and it took hours for Super Godzilla to eventually best the supercharged titan and return the beast to it's tomb. The aliens retreat, their best monster now bested by Godzilla Junior, and the serum wears off as Junior reverts to his normal state. Miki releases the mind link as Junior gives a triumphant bellow of authority, then returns to the ocean and heads off to rest, humanity indebted to him due to his pivotal role in the conflict. Junior then turns to the nearly-half demolished city of Yokohama and lets out another heroic roar, his first battle, and certainly his most difficult so far, finished."Super Godzilla

  • "King Ghidorah" takes place in 1992. "Mothra" takes place shortly after the same year. "Mechagodzilla" takes place in 1994 and "Spacegodzilla" shortly after the same year. "Destroyer" takes place in 1996.

How did Rodan become entombed in Washigasawa before the events of "Invasion of Astro-Monster"?
Godzilla did it. After saving the world from Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster, they both decided to take some time off and according to the original "Rodan", he likes hanging around inside mountains. So Godzilla dug a hole for his buddy to sleep in and then covered him back up with the rocks they'd dug out. The King is quite a guy!
  • I think it was stated this was the baby Rodan seen in the original Rodan.
    • Nope. Never. Not in any version of any of the films. That idea is something a fan made up that unfortunately caught on.

Godzilla 2000, Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, and Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla will be released on stand alone Blu-Rays
To coincide with Godzilla (2014), Sony is planning on releasing four Blu-Ray double feature sets of the Godzilla movies they own, which include...

Notice how Godzilla 2000, Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, and Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla are absent from these. That could be because Sony is planning on releasing these movies by themselves on stand alone Blu-Rays. It could especially be the case for Godzilla 2000, as there are two versions of that movie that Sony could put on one disc (keep in mind that the double features are including both an english dub and the original japanese dub).

  • It's also possible that Sony no longer owns the rights to Godzilla 2000's Japanese dub, and I'm not sure they'd still have the rights to GMK and Against Mechagodzilla, either, which would mean having to get the rights for them from Toho again. It's also rather odd that The Return of Godzilla hasn't seen a Blu-Ray release, but it's sequels have. Maybe they're saving it for May of 2014?
    • The Return of Godzilla hasn't seen a DVD or a Blu-Ray rerelease in recent years because of legal matters that haven't been specified to the public, and so far, there haven't been any announcements for one (the closest we have to any sort of notification of a rerelease is this, and even that might not be reliable).
      • Godzilla 1985 (the American version) is the version that's in legal turmoil, not The Return of Godzilla (the Japanese film and International dub which was initially called "Godzilla").
  • Both confirmed (Godzilla 2000 is being released on a stand-alone Blu-Ray, which will include both versions of the movie) and jossed (Giant Monsters All-Out Attack and Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla are being released on Blu-Ray, but as a double feature, not on stand-alone releases)

Those orbs Godzilla yanks out of Hedorah are eyes and here's why:
First of all, "Godzilla vs. Hedorah" ran out of money during production, mostly because Tomoyuki Tanaka was in the hospital and unable to keep the expenditures in check. Corporate Toho told them to stop shooting. Yoshimitsu Banno and Teruyoshi Nakano, being consummate filmmakers, decided to hell with that and kept making the movie. The only problem was that they could only shoot with the materials they had. The props for Hedorah's eyes were built... but unpainted. Having to make due with what they had, Hedorah's eyes were now white-colored instead of red. This is also why an old leftover model from "Monster Zero" was utilized for Godzilla's flying scenes. Yasayuki Inoue's storyboards for the film also clearly identify the orbs as "Hedorah's eyes" and are drawn as such.

Now, why does Hedorah have both eyes intact later? This is because the first time, Godzilla dries out a bigger Hedorah that we never got to meet. Sometime between the first fight and when Hedorah begins to fly, the more timid Hedorah met another larger one and they became one. The latter is the one Godzilla killed first. The one that tries to escape is the one Godzilla encountered in their first battle. It is flying to be sure, but it is not transformed because it does not have that ability any longer. Notice that from that point on, Godzilla easily manhandles Hedorah and once more has the upper hand just as he did in their first fight.

The upcoming Godzilla game will be ported to other consoles
So far, it's only been announced for a release on the Playstation 3. A Playstation 4 port could be possible, and since it's being developed by Namco Bandai, who are also working on the new Super Smash Bros., it could also get a Wii U release.
  • It got ported to PlayStation 4, considered an improvement over the PS3 version since it includes additional features and better graphics. However, it appears Sony had an exclusivity agreement and the game wasn't ported to any competing system or even PC.

Godzilla's size is not a violation of the square-cube law
Many people claim that a creature of Godzilla's size could not exist because he should get crushed under his own weight. The thing is, in the films, Godzilla is always getting crushed under his own weight. But one of Godzilla's powers is a super-regenerative ability, so Godzilla's body heals before any issues present themselves.
  • Which would result in constant, indescribable agony. No wonder Godzilla is in such a bad mood all the time.
  • That, or he just has so much muscle that he's strong enough not to get crushed.
  • Or, he's full of air sacs and hollows, just like a bird, and those hollows are full of lighter-than-air gasses that make him *just* light enough to float on land (for his drop-kicks and atomic breath-aided flying) and in the ocean (for when he appears to be "standing" in the water).

The Godzilla in Final Wars is Godzilla Junior from Gv D.
The Godzilla in Final Wars doesn't cause intentional destruction, isn't so aggressive, and the sillhouette of Godzilla Junior rising from the end of Gv D is shown during the opening credits.
  • Problem, though; the Godzilla from Final Wars looks radically different from Adult Junior at the end of VS. Destoroyah and the backstories of the two films are irreconcilable. If anything, more suggests the Godzilla from Final Wars being the original '54 Godzilla than it being Junior.
    • It wouldn't be the first time the supposedly same Godzilla character looked radically different between appearances. Despite the Heisei movies being a single continuous series, Godzilla himself goes through numerous different appearances that vary in proportion, head shape, head size, and color. The Final Wars Godzilla is also twice the height of either Heisei Godzilla or Junior, meaning if it was Junior he'd have grown even more and possibly going through some development in the process. And the Final Wars Godzilla is actually closer in appearance to the Heisei design than the rest of the Millennium movies, using the traditional design for the spiked plates on the back and a more upright stance.

After Gv D, the events of Neon Genesis Evangelion take place, with an alternate ending.
Godzilla Junior dropped off the map, and after he did, Second Impact occurred.

This alternate ending I'm talking about goes like this: Episodes 25 and 26 never happen, and God appears on Earth, revealing that all of the angels were seduced by Satan to do his bidding. He had nothing to do with it.

Soon after, as God and Gaia begin to return Earth to normal, a group of researchers in Antarctica studying the recovery of penguin populations is attacked by a mysterious force. This force then destroys a cruise ship and appears in Sydney, revealing itself to be the Godzilla from Godzilla Raids Again, who broke out of his icy tomb from the end of said movie. Units-01, 02, and 00 are scrambled with their new ankle-mounted jets enabling flight (and the pilots got severe therapy and it was revealed Rei was never a clone; it was a cover-up for NERV's medical technology; she's actually Shinji's sister). In Sydney, all three EV As are destroyed, releasing the spirits within. Asuka is injured, while Shinji and Rei managed to ditch with the new ejection seats. This new Godzilla proves to be indestructible; not even a kamikaze by Unit-01 fazed him. Soon, Godzilla leaves and Asuka is medevaced.

What follows is a TV series of awesomeness, monsters, and Shinji x Asuka.

They're a race of galaxy-busting Eldritch Abomination super-dragons, at least to our eyes (and maybe all the aliens seen in the Godzilla franchise). Who knows what the rest of the universe sees them as.

The "World of Godzilla" series will be renamed the Reiwa era.
Now that we know that Naruhito will be Emperor Reiwa when he becomes emperor, this would be the best way to go, in keeping it in-line with the Showa and Heisei eras.

  • Half-Confirmed/Half-Jossed-The "World of Godzilla" movie series looks like it’s going to be part of the Reiwa Era, but Shin Godzilla and the Godzilla Anime Trilogy also fall under that net.

In Godzilla: Final Wars, The Xilien Ship was Monster X's Restraining Bolt.
Monster X doesn't become Kaiser Ghidorah until directly after the Xilien ship is destroyed, theoretically, Monster X was under Xilien control until that point, perhaps the ship, and by extension, X, was keeping him under control and Monster X was his "controlled" form, made to keep his destructive power under control (Remember the Xiliens needed humans alive at that point, with no control he became Kaiser Ghidorah, his destructor form, which was X's final "screw you" to humanity.

And this movie will then end with the music of Twisted Sister after proceeding to be a total Mind Screw for everyone that saw how the battle ended.

King Ghidorah was originally named King Hydra
In a case similar to King Joe from the Ultra Series, the name of King Ghidorah was originally King Hydra(pronounced Heedora in Japanese) but was changed because of a misunderstanding/mistranslation. King Heedora - KingHeedora - King Ghidorah.