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Nightmare Fuel / Godzilla

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With aliens that can pose as human beings, kaiju that stand taller than many of our modern buildings, the possible threat of enormous, heavily-armed robots destroying the home you love and plots to steal science experiments for profit (and world conquest) and various other horrible things, it's no wonder the Godzilla universe is a Crapsack World. And add planet-killing space dragons to that list and... yeah, it's kinda nightmare-inducing.


  • The GMK incarnation of Godzilla. He's essentially a giant zombie version of the original Godzilla controlled by the vengeful spirits of forgotten soldiers who died in WWII. White soulless eyes, a permanent scowl on his face, wants to wipe out all of Japan (and possibly humanity in general), and even ends up killing three gods (IE: Baragon, Mothra, and Ghidorah) that were sent to save the world from him.
    • And, at the end of the film his disembodied heart is still beating at the bottom of the ocean In other words, you can't even kill him, meaning he'll soon regenerate and come back to wreak havoc once again.
    • While his design is often mocked for being "chubby," it's actually apparent that Godzilla's gut was deliberately designed to be swollen, in order to give him the appearance of a distended corpse.
  • SpaceGodzilla's fate: After he is defeated by Godzilla, he gets trapped in the form of tiny crystal particles, floating in space for all eternity.
  • King Ghidorah, even with his Badass Decay, falls under this. Try to imagine a three-headed dragon that travels from planet to planet essentially wiping out all life from it. Oh, and that he's often under the control (or at least a willing servant) of various alien races that want nothing more to take over the planet. Don't think it can get worse? Well, take in the fact that he ENJOYS his job.
    • The Heisei incarnation's origin is rather terrifying. It pretty much starts out as three cute genetically-engineered pets that are left alone to fend for themselves on an island near Japan. Then the island is hit by a nuclear bomb (the same one that created the original Godzilla) that causes said three pets to fuse with one another into a single giant dragon.
    • Many people think that King Ghidorah's high-pitched roar is Narm... but listen more carefully, and you'll notice it sounds like psychotic giggling.
    • The GMK incarnation of Ghidorah seems to be horribly weak at first, until you realise that's just because he's a juvenile and hasn't grown back all of his heads yet. Oh, did we mention all of his heads? Well, that's because he happens to be the Yamato No Orochi. No wonder his soul was purified prior to the events of the film.
    • Ghidorah gets his own pretty awesome invocation of nightmare fuel in IDW's Half Century War miniseries by James Stokoe; After Space-Godzilla and other in-continuity monsters are taken down, Ghidorah and Gigan are shown in silhouette at the end of the fourth issue en route to Earth. The fifth is entirely devoted to the human lead and Godzilla taking them down, suggesting those two are the very worst the universe can throw at Earth.
    • Ghidorah makes his debut in the Monsterverse with an unforgettable blood curdling scream. Badass decayed? Not anymore! He manhandles Godzilla during much of the movie and despite being apparently killed, he returns in Godzilla vs. Kong as the one in control of Mechagodzilla, giving Godzilla one of the most brutal curbstomps of the entire franchise.
  • Gigan. Sure, he's not the scariest-looking Kaiju out there (at least his Showa incarnation isn't). But, take into consideration that he's the first monster to make Godzilla bleed. Oh, and there's the little fact that he absolutely loves causing mayhem and destruction and prefers to hack his opponents with either his scythe-arms or his buzzsaw-belly rather than use his optic blasts. Not to mention, his Final Wars incarnations are terrifying and what nightmares are made of. With his trademark buzzsaw belly, his cycloptic visor seeming glow a menacing and evil red and scythe-like blades for hands, his first version is bad enough but his Modified form ups the ante with FOUR CHAINSAWS replacing the blades, a sharper and serrated head spike and a slightly-more-deliberate slasher smile, not to mention his sadism and evilness are much bigger than those of his Showa incarnations. With the sadistic joy and glee he takes in causing as much death and mayhem as he can, making his enemies slowly suffer via hacking and shredding them to bits with his buzzsaw, blades, and chainsaws, it is no surprise that Gigan is considered one of Godzilla's most evil, cruel, and sadistic opponents...
  • Biollante, Anti-Villain and Dark Is Not Evil applying her second form is still really scary to look at. In spite of being the monster to root for it's disturbing when she pierces Godzilla's hand with a vine and then easily fits his whole head into her mouth and snarling. Less than five minutes of footage and no one forgets that monster.
    • One of the scariest (and saddest) aspects of Biollante is her Roseform's cry. It sounds like a human girl wailing in fear. Erika knows what she's become, and she's scared.
      • Then there's the fact her mouth in her second form looks like a crocodile head and has MULTIPLE ROWS OF TEETH even on the roof of her mouth and on her tongue. Not surprising seeing as the person who came up with her was a dentist.
    • Biollante is one of the few monsters that is truly immortal. In the end she transforms into her particle form and floats into space. What makes this especially terrifying and quite tragic is the fact she is aware that she is a human soul trapped in a monster's body. Imagine willingly exiling yourself from your own home because you are aware that you could potentially be a danger to others, even if you're one of the most docile Kaiju in existence.
      • Even worse? It's heavily implied later on in the Heisei era that Biollante's spores being in outer space created the far more sadistic Spacegodzilla.
  • Monster X. It's pretty much the only opponent to hold the big G up (apart from Caesar, Anguirus and Rodan teaming up) and its roar/Evil Laugh is scary as hell. And guess what? It's Kaiser Ghidorah, and he's even worse.
  • The Godzillaverse itself qualifies! Imagine living in a Crapsack World choke-full of Kaiju, aka humongous, near-indestructible and VERY pissed-off monsters who gleefully screw the square-cube law (aka something so big should not exist, yet it does). They include mutants, ancient deities and alien planet-destroyers. At any moment at least some may attack your city and raze it to the ground, potentially millions of people could die, there is no time to rebuild because probably they have already spread death and destruction somewhere else, humanity can't do anything to stop them. The kicker? The most heroic of them (Godzilla himself) is a dinosaur mutated into a walking nuclear holocaust, and he is one of the most destructive. Sure, he's more of a Chaotic Neutral Anti-Hero, but he still, seemingly to some people, gives not a shit about mankind ~ though it depends on the incarnation, as unlike the increasingly heroic Showa version, the Heisei and (most) Millenium ones may leave others alone if not threatened, but still maintain their status as destructive forces both of and beyond nature. Yeah. In all brutal honesty, it's something straight out a Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror Story.
  • For some, Godzilla's iconic roar has a hell of a lot of scare potential. No living thing should ever be able to produce that kind of eerie, high-pitched wail. It makes him sound less like a roaring dinosaur and more like some kind of ethereal demon—which actually makes sense, when you consider that a life-form that big isn't scientifically possible in Real Life.
    • This is intentional. Toho Studios couldn't find a suitable animal-like roar that would fit a creature Godzilla's size. So, composer Akira Ifukube created the trademark roar by running a leather glove over a double bass. It's changed slightly over the years, but the general "SKREEEOOOOONK" aspect has pretty much stayed the same.
    • Godzilla: The Half-Century War invokes this with Godzilla's first appearance. There isn't even an attempt at onomatopoeia; just jagged, broken sound waves in a speech bubble. You know what it sounds like.
  • In the Dark Horse Comics series of Godzilla, G-Fans were given plenty of scary moments. What really stuck out was the arc when Godzilla got poisoned and started to bleed from his mouth and his eyes. It doesn't really help when he's acting like a rabid animal... a giant rabid animal that breathes fire.
  • The fate of anyone who gives their soul to Gekido-Jin. Let's just say you'll never know peace.
  • The first Dark Horse Comics Godzilla comic. All of it. The creepy atmosphere, Godzilla's design and that worm-''thing'' that was sleeping in the slab that summoned Godzilla in the first place.
  • Burtannus. Although she is not what you'd call scary, she has her moments. The first is when she is attacking a village in Brazil and she kills someone with her lightning. You can actually see the guy's skeleton! Also, her first appearance in the comic when Burton Helzer and Kino come across her young.
  • Bagorah. Just Bagorah. From his design, his method of attack and his insatiable appetite for flesh. He even tries to make a meal out of Godzilla.
  • Mechagodzilla's first appearance was pretty frightening as well. One of the first monsters he goes after is Godzilla's longtime sidekick, Anguirus. At first, it just looks like the Godzilla we all know and love has snapped and is on a destructive rampage. Anguirus tries to stop him, only to get the stuffing beaten out of him. Then "Godzilla" reaches down, grabs Anguirus' jaws and breaks them. He more or less breaks his lower jaw in half. What makes this even more disturbing is that, at this point, Anguirus has no idea this isn't the real Godzilla, his friend, doing this to him.
    • Anguirus knew that it wasn't Godzilla, that's why he attacked it.
  • The ending of the ongoing IDW Godzilla comic issue 11 which has Godzilla going up against Space-Godzilla and Monster X who, up to this point of the comic, have proven to be some of the most powerful monsters so far.
  • Issue 12 gives us a multitude of Nightmare Fuel. The remaining Monster Kill Crew trying not to drown while Mecha-Godzilla is being flooded in the midst of a two-on-one monster fight, Monster X giving Godzilla one brutal smack down, even getting him to bleed and finally transforming into Keizer Ghidorah, which even makes Godzilla have an Oh, Crap! moment.
  • Issue 13, the fight between Godzilla and Keizer Ghidorah.
  • Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters has a ton of this. The first issue has Godzilla kill two kids just by rising up from the ground. And it gets worse. We are then introduced to the evil psychic twins who manage to gain control over Rodan and Battra and hope to take control of Godzilla later on in the series, lots of unsettling apocalyptic imagery and the undeniably brutal monster fights. But the creepiest and scariest moment comes in issue 5 where there is an exodus of people evacuating Los Angeles due to Godzilla's attack and, while a fight breaks out on the road, Godzilla shows up and outright vaporizes everyone on the road, except for a little girl who ends up traumatized. In fact, the aftermath looks just like a nuclear bomb hit the area. Then there's the animal deaths which precede a monster showing up.
  • In Rebirth of Mothra, we are given Desghidorah who looks less like an Expy of King Ghidorah and more like a three-headed gothic dragon who can split the ground open and unleash flames from it. In its sequel we have Dagarla who can basically create a waterspout and he releases poisonous starfish... THINGS. Then we have its own take on King Ghidorah who has his Eldritch Abomination status beefed up to eleven as a soul-eating monster who can regenerate from a single surviving piece of himself. Also, his first target when he arrives on Earth are kids who he puts into a dome to save for a snack. Not only that, how he teleports them is disturbing, especially when he rips the daughter of the main character's parents right out of her father's arms.
  • In Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, just before Zilla makes landfall, we briefly see his eyes in a tidal wave with someone surfing in it. Chris Mowry and Matt Frank have officially made Zilla scary. Well, maybe not scary but unnerving. Once on land, he tries to eat the main character.
    • Issue 3. Manda destroying the USS Goldenstein while Gezora finishes off the rest, the appearance of the Devonians and Cryog and a juvenile Destoroyah infiltrating a convention and killing people. Then there's the ending which has Godzilla arriving on Malibu beach with a giant scar in his chest before he collapses]]. Prior to this, Godzilla was dragged under the water by some unknown Kaiju.
    • The next issue reveals the creature who majorly wounded Godzilla was Destoroyah.
    • The latest arc has so far started off with the return of Minette and Mallorie as well as an introduction to a mass-produced line of MechaGodzillas, one of which manages to nearly kill Anguirus.
    • As if that wasn't enough, an entire army of them is deployed against Godzilla.
  • How Mecha-King Ghidorah was established in this universe. Basically, the Cryog found King Ghidorah and used Gigan to lop off his middle head and replace it with a robotic one, and, considering the other two heads' reactions, it was rather painful.
  • The fate of Minette and Mallorie. Basically, they end up seemingly lobotomized.
  • The Trilopods.
  • The miniseries Cataclysm finally introduces Kamacarus into the IDW comics with their Final Wars design but a slight tweak to their mouths. They are terrifying as they viciously hunt down and pick off a group of human scavengers.
    • In fact, the entire story of Cataclysm is terrifying. It's set several years after an unknown event caused multiple Kaiju to attack cities all over the world before disappearing for some reason, leaving human civilization in utter shambles and the Kaiju being seen as nothing more than ancient gods whose wrath was justifiable punishment towards mankind or scary stories told around the campfire... only for them to come back.
  • More out of universe but ever wondered how they created the silk spray for Mothra larva and Kumonga? Molten styrofoam. And they would spray this non stop at people in big, if thick, heavy suits.
  • Many of the ways Godzilla defeats his enemies are pretty gruesome. A few examples include biting down on the neck of his opponent until it kills him (Godzilla Raids Again), blowing off the head of his opponent with his atomic beam (Godzilla vs King Ghidorah), ripping off the arms of his foe and uses his arms to taunt him after that (Godzilla vs The Sea Monster), and causing his opponent's head to explode after getting swallowed whole (Godzilla 2000).
  • A minor one, but the reveal of the Space Hunter Nebula M's true forms are very unsettling. Katsaridaphobia, anyone?
    • Speaking of aliens, when you think about it, there have been at least ten movies in the Godzilla franchise with some kind of extraterrestrial life form or race trying to take over the Earth. It really makes you wonder how many hostile alien life forms are waiting to attack.
  • 'Son Of Godzilla' is a mostly light-hearted film aimed at a younger audience, with a lot of comedy and sweet moments of the adorable Minilla trying to be like his grumpy dad, Godzilla... but then we get *Kumonga*.
    • First of all, Kumonga is a giant spider. No fancy gimmicks, no bits of other animals mixed in there, it's literally just a giant spider. Gross.
    • Second, the build-up to it's reveal. Lots of shots of the empty valley, with nothing moving... but a constant sound of something happening. Creaking, clattering, booming... something is in there, it's big, it's alive, and it's getting closer, even if you can't see it.
    • Then, the reveal itself. Huge, spindly legs rise out from under the earth, stretching and flexing as the rocks and soil finally part, and the monstrous arachnid rises from beneath the ground, pulling itself up on it's too long, too numerous legs.
    • Lastly, Kumonga picks on Minilla directly, fighting him alone and binding him in his webbing before going to eat one of the Kamacuras, presumably leaving Minilla for later. Minilla doesn't have a lot of fans, but it's safe to say nobody wanted to see the poor kid get eaten alive by a giant spider. Thank god his dad shows up in time...
  • In 1995, Toho released an album entitled Sound Effects of Godzilla, which collects sound effects used for Godzilla movies throughout the Showa era. After several tracks compiling monster roars and the whirring of military equipment, one of the later tracks, "Godzilla Lands" is an audio version of a Godzilla rampage from a civilian's perspective. In other words, the listener hears Godzilla destroying the city and heading towards them with no way to stop him, illustrating a horrifying scenario without actually showing it.