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Godzilla films are filled with nothing but epic monster battles and hilarious corny moments often involved with human drama, right?

Not so fast. Turns out the King Of The Monsters has a softer side. These are the moments where the Japanese Kaiju makes you want to go "awwww".

Godzilla media with their own pages:

Showa Era:

  • The ending of Son of Godzilla in which Godzilla lovingly embraces his son and keeps him warm as the island freezes over. It's one of the first times Godzilla shows any sort of compassion towards anyone. The music playing during this makes it even more sweet.
  • During the production for Destroy All Monsters (which was to be the Grand Finale of the series), Eiji Tsuburaya kept getting letters from kids asking to see a real monster. So, he arranged for Toho themselves to invite to the studio around 100 kids who would be entering first grade. In Japan, entrance into grade school involves a special ceremony to welcome the kids, so this lucky bunch got to see all the monsters on the set. On March 26, 1968, the kids assembled at the Mt Fuji set (where the climax and the Final Battle took place) in Stage 11 and were entertained by all 11 monsters (including the dreaded King Ghidorah and the highly disliked Minilla) and they were also greeted by stars Akira Kubo (Katsuo) and Jun Tazaki (Dr. Yoshido), no doubt Godzilla and his monster co-stars made some very heartwarming memories for those lucky kids.
    • Even more heartwarming during the same season, the Imperial Theater of London was staging a production Oliver in Tokyo and one of the plays child stars known only as Michael was a big Godzilla fan and he wanted to visit Toho, much like the lucky 100 kids who got to go. But he couldn't because his commitment to the play wouldn't allow him. So what did Toho studios do? They outright surprised the young lad with a visit from all 11 monsters themselves and actress Yukiko Kobayashi (Kyoko) greeting him in-person. Truly a powerful moment for a diehard fan.
  • It's not much, but Jet Jaguar shakes Godzilla's hand in absolute gratitude when he first saves him and then does it again once the battle is over and Godzilla prepares to leave.
    • Made better by the fact that Jet Jaguar's a frickin' awesome robot, and robots aren't particularly known for having emotions. Somewhere along the way, when he gained sentience, Jet Jaguar learned how to express gratitude.
  • A small one, but in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, it's clarified that Anguirus actually 'called' (with a roar) to Godzilla for help after meeting the disguised Mechagodzilla. These two creatures were introduced to each other as enemies, yet at this point (within the same era of films), they not only view each other as friends, not only does Anguirus call Godzilla for help when he's in danger, but Anguirus knew something was up with the disguised Mechagodzilla as soon as he met him, and wasted no time attacking him. In other words, he knew by instinct that this thing wasn't his friend, and had no hesitations about fighting it on the spot

Heisei Era and Rebirth of Mothra Trilogy:

  • In Godzilla vs. Biollante Asuka goes to comfort Kazuhito after Agent SSS 9 is killed by giving him a hankerchief and complimenting him.
    "You were like Batman." (Japanese version.)
    "Great job, Superman.''" (U.S. dub.)
  • During Godzilla's first fight with SpaceGodzilla, he protects Little Godzilla from harm. He even puts himself in front of Little Godzilla when the latter waddled towards him.
  • Godzilla vs. Destoroyah:
    • Godzilla's reunion with Junior. Even if it does turn into a Tear Jerker at the end. Just seeing them together again is rather uplifting.
    • Godzilla Junior reviving at the end. Our little prince is all grown up. Even better is that, due to his upbringing, he'll most likely be a Gentle Giant who defends mankind against external threats.
  • In Rebirth of Mothra 3, the mortally wounded Rainbow Mothra is rescued by two prehistoric Mothra larvaes. Despite being from different ends of the evolution scale the two babies aid their descendant. Whether it was a burial or intended to give Mothra an upgrade the two babies' actions helped save the future. Also the end where all the parents are reunited with their missing children is actually pretty heart warming.

Millenium Era:

  • In the middle of the climatic battle of GMK, Yuri makes a plea for people to support the last standing monster, King Ghidorah, against the vicious Godzilla and for all the soldiers that had and were ready to give their lives. Important since the reception to the Guardian Monsters were a bit mixed and the message of the film is to never forget your veterans, or they possess the corpse of a super dinosaur mutation but still don't forget your veterans.
    • After snapping at her earlier (in fairness, out of fear for her life) following Godzilla's fight with Baragon, Takeda tracks Yuri down to help her film the events in Yokohama Bay. When they meet, they exchange warm smiles, and have a much different energy between each other for the remainder of the film. He then refuses to let Yuri fall to her death, even at the risk of his own life.
      Takeda: "I won't do it. I won't let go."
  • Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla: Despite Akane having put up personal walls around her, being the black sheep of the AMF, and being the only woman everyone sticks up for her after her teammate begins berating her in the open.
  • Towards the end of Tokyo SOS, Kiryu (the original Godzilla's skeleton outfitted with mechanical parts) refuses the order to kill Godzilla. Rather than destroy his "son", he lovingly picks him up and flies him out to sea where they both rest, presumably until mankind breaks the keys off in the lock of science again. Though, he has time to leave one final message to one of the pilots-
    Kiryu: Goodbye, Yoshido.


  • This PSA made using clips of Godzilla and Minilla. Even Kaiju can be good fathers, too.
  • In an issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, Godzilla is pitted against Destoyoah, when Mothra shows up! For the most part, Big G and Mothra work pretty well together. When Mothra was kicked around, Godzilla always seemed to look angrier. When the fight was over, Mothra was hurt to the point where her sisters had to carry her. Before leaving, Godzilla roars to her, as if to say Thank You.