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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth stomping over Tokyo for.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Fan Fics, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be zapped. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.

Do warn when a fanfic may head into sexual or non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

The following parts of the franchise have their own pages:

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     Authors, and Websites 

Godzilla Neo by Kaiju Samurai

  • Recommended by Dreamer
  • A great attempt at creating an Adaptation Distillation of the entire Godzilla franchise, even featuring many monsters from non-Godzilla Toho films (Like The Gargantuas, Orochi and the Mantango), featuring a pretty cool story behind it all; which manages to merge the many Godzilla continuities and even add in a few bits of its own, and excellent artwork to back it up.
  • It even manages to get Minila Rescued from the Scrappy Heap by reinvisioning him as a popular manga in the Godzilla universe. Very clever use of the character. —Filby
  • Now has its own page: Godzilla Neo

Godzilla Reborn by King Shisa 08
  • Recommended by Mariic
  • Another great story which takes the Godzilla Neo concept one step further by turning it into a Massive Multiplayer Crossover.
  • Sadly, the art isn't exactly the best, especially compared to Godzilla Neo. Still, the writing should prove interesting. —mdalsted

Godzilla Adventure by RobbieDaBoo
  • Recommended by Ultimate Brawl
  • Yet another Adaptation Distillation of Godzilla, this time with a far cartoonier artstyle. Every kaiju has a distinct personality, treating them more like characters than forces of nature. While early on in the story, it shows promise. Plus, Gigan and Megalon as a two-man Quirky Miniboss Squad is worth a chuckle from concept alone.
  • Now with its own page: Godzilla Adventure

C.L. Werner Unupdated Mirror
  • Recommended by Majin Gojira
  • Many stories, mostly set in a continuation of the Heisei Continuity and often dark in tone. C. L. Werner is an old school fan author who has professional credits to his name and it shows. Lots of monster battles, well written but definitely darker in tone than most of the films these are based on. Godzilla vs. Cthulhu and Koumajutsu: the Coming of Bagan stand out as the darkest I've read.
  • Now with its own page: Godzilla New Era Werner

Godzilla: All Monsters Attack: The Series by Chris McCullough
  • Recommended by Avon Ziggurat
  • Take Godzilla Neo, add the sensibility of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Featuring tons of excellent Mythology Gags and Continuity Nods, some excellent character designs, and a whole load of Crazy Is Cool (Godzilla uses Anguirius as a MACE). The revised characterizations and concepts run the gamut from fun and silly to genuinely terrifying, and the love for Godzilla and what makes him work is all over this. Cross-posted on several sites, it achieved something of a legendary status, but many of the notes are now lost. It has been known to induce powerful depression in people upon their realization that the show will never exist.

NES Godzilla Creepypasta
  • Recommended by Mysterious Mr X
  • A creepypasta written by Cosbydef about a young man named Zachary who receives a copy of Godzilla: Monster of Monsters from his friend. While replaying the game, however, he encounters bizarre and non-worldly imagery and a complete re-design of the game's mechanics and gameplay. During the course of the story, Zachary is continuously haunted by a malevolent entity known as Red, "the Hellbeast", who mentally tortures Zachary while trying to hunt down Godzilla and Zachary's playable monsters. Contains Mass Quantities of Kaiju-esque Fanservice and Impressive Sprite work. A sequel is currently in the works entitled "Godzilla: Replay"
  • It can be read here.

The Godzilla Novelization Project by Daniel DiManna
  • Recommended by Broken Arrow 01
  • Daniel DiManna is a G-fan who has undertaken the Herculean task of writing fan novelizations of nearly all the Godzilla films, even the much maligned films of the franchise, with the exceptions being the 1998 American film and the current MonsterVerse films due to already having their own. His motivations stem from being a fan of novelizations and bringing a unique interpretation to the source material as well as expanding upon it. Also it's adapting the Japanese versions of the films so DiManna has painstakingly researched almost everything, from the shooting scripts and deleted scenes to the culture, economics, and politics of the respective time periods the films were released in so as to ensure verisimilitude. He's also set up some timelines for each respective continuity so as to keep track of it all. The creativity and the experimental style he uses for each entry are excellent, as evidenced in his novella adaption for the Americanized cut of the original in the form of a news report written by Steve Martin. Since he began this project recently, it's still undergoing but it's definitely worth checking out.

Kaiju Revolution by Transapient
  • Recommended by DDZ 17
  • If you're looking for amazing Kaiju fanfiction, then this one is for you. Transapient is a DeviantArt user who's combination of incredible artwork and bizarre biological features for the Kaiju makes for a different and incredible fanfic. The fanfic is chock full of Mythology Gags, but has its own unique story, and allows many of the underrated Toho Kaiju to shine. The more scientific look at the monsters here provides for some delving into how the monsters work, and the story is gripping and is tightly plotted. The fanfic also restores many Kaiju to roles closer to their original counterparts: Godzilla is a violent and terrifying menace, Anguirus is Godzilla's nemesis and King Ghidorah has been restored to his status as an incredibly powerful threat who is able to kill off many characters. This fanfic needs a lot more love, go check it out if you're interested!
  • Now has a page!

Terra Monstrum by Dino Hunter 2
  • Recommended by DDZ 17
  • Truly one of if not the best written pieces of Kaiju fanfiction (possible fanfiction in general) out there. I know I already recommended KR, but I had to recommend Terra Monstrum too. The story focuses on the more obscure Earth Defenders protecting the world from even more obscure enemies after Godzilla dies going into Meltdown against Mechagodzilla. The Kaiju are exceptionally well-written and, in some cases, more human than the humans are, the action is incredible and the story runs the full gamut from exhilarating to heartbreaking. It is well worth a read and shows just what a talented writer can do with fanfiction.

On the shoulders of Titans by Mr_Crocodile
  • Recommended by randiroo26
  • An amazing collection of fics that read well both as stand-alone stories and together as a series, Mr_Crocodile weaves a number of Kaiju into an elaborate alternate history fic. He goes above and beyond by including an annex for the series that compiles visual media that compliments his stories remarkably, as well as adds resources to help put the pieces of the stories together and some additional background. Some of the visual media are a large collection of detailed, color-coded maps created by the author himself depicting shifts in governmental or organizational control throughout the timeline of the series. He is not only committed to accuracy and continuity, but manages to create characters you want to root for (or maybe not) within the first paragraphs of each installment that keep you on the edge of your seat through the last words.

Shin Monsterverse by DalekMercy (Tumblr mirror)
  • Recommended by bf2234
  • An interesting story that takes the premise set up by Shin Godzilla and fuses it with the original Godzilla series, Ultraman, and the Monsterverse among other continuities. Currently has a reboot

     Fan Film 
Fan Film

Godzilla X the Kaiju Killer by Chris Elchesyn

  • Recommended by Figment Jedi
  • Synopsis: In the far future, a human Super-Soldier escapes from the Killer Space Monkey Mugal's command and attempts to destroy a capsule containing a destructive bioweapon. He fails, releasing Stalkkus, a Psycho for Hire who decides to spare the super soldier, calling him Ikibrod ("Brother" in his tongue). Refusing to associate with Stalkkus, Ikibrod goes off to find something that might have a shot at killing Stalkkus and releases an imprisoned Godzilla to do the job. Plus Mugal is still in pursuit of his two escaped bioweapons. The planet it all takes place on is revealed to be a New Eden. Humans were mostly wiped out while under the service of Mugal's forces, and Earth became Planet Daikaiju
  • Tags:Fan Made Film

Wolfman vs Godzilla (archived SciFi Japan link)
  • Recommended by Mysterious Mr X
  • Synopsis: A professional fanfilm that has been in production since 1970. When an explorer finds himself down in a forbidden catacomb in Spain, he becomes cursed with lycanthropy, causing him to become a Wolfman at times. At the same time, Godzilla returns to wreck havoc, which causes problems for both the main cast and the military, who are looking to eliminate them both. Often described as "The Howling and The Amazing Colossal Man meets Godzilla."
  • Tags:Fan Made Film

Monster Island Buddies
  • Recommended by Mysterious Mr X
  • Synopsis: A web series based on the Godzilla franchise which can be found on YouTube. It is a humorous take on the Godzillaverse. The show deals with the lives of Godzilla and his friends on Monster Island (which happens to resemble a giant house) as well as other fellow kaiju as they face everyday problems and powerful enemies in a comedic way. Despite being made with toys, it is adult-oriented in comedy.
  • Tags:Web Video

     General Fics 
Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.
Kaiju War Chronicles by Christian Salabert, Thomas Singleton, Joshua Reynolds, Eugene Tan, Kenneth James, Kristian Zatkoff, Hayes A. Jones, Jacob Haas, Stephanie Hughes, Forrest Freund, James Webster, and Nick Anstett with new writers being still added.
  • Recommended by ZOMG Pingas
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Introducing Tohokingdom's very own K.W.C. (Kaiju War Chronicles), a huge collection of stories written by various writers. Some are connected to one another while others are their own timeline. Stories can range from just having the monsters fight each other to switching to the human's point of view and seeing the world of Godzilla through their eyes. Some stories are deep with an evil plot while others are simply fun matches with just fighting. There are several epic matches, some noteworthy ones being the Bagan vs Everyone trilogy (matches 50, 51, 56), Everyone vs Everyone (Match 100), Godzilla vs Gamera (Match 14), Godzilla vs Dogora (Match 108), and many, many more. Ultraman, Gamera, King Kong, and even Zone Fighter are part of the roster.

The Monster Wars Trilogy by Juan

When Aliens Attack by Evan Sizemore, Neal Krafthefer, Donny Winter, Matthew Tracy, Logan Shelton, Gertrude Smith, Kent Germain and Ryan Dempsey
  • Recommended by Figment Jedi
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A collaboratively written epic, When Aliens Attack tells the story of Godzilla's apparent death opening a floodgate for pretty much every alien race to ever appear in major Kaiju movies to invade and fight over the Earth.

Godzilla vs. The Zillas by GodzillaGuy
  • Recommended by Godzillawolf
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Some time after the defeat of the Xilian invasion, Tokyo faces a new threat. The offspring of the Zilla who took part in the fight, several thousand strong, converge on Japan in masses. With the vast army of monsters threatening to reproduce and overrun the world. Only the combined might of Godzilla, Minya, Gamera, and the Gotango crew can hope to stop them.
  • Tags: Multi-Canons

Soul of a Monster by Zillah 91
  • Recommended by Eva Unit 01
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: "One day, the Kaiju, titans of our time, vanished, and a boy was born with blazing eyes and an unnatural fury. Now, events are in motion, and they will have greater consequences than any could have foreseen." In other words, the various Kaiju vanish for some reason, and are reincarnated as humans who can transform to varying degrees to use their old powers again.

Kaiju Wars Episode 1 through Episode 10 by Zillah 91
  • Recommended by Eva Unit 01
  • Status: Episodes 1-9 Complete, Episode 10 Dead
  • Synopsis: Remember how awesome Godzilla: The Series was? Zillah 91 sure did. Now imagine it as a series of fanfics set in Japan, free to use all the classic monsters. Godzilla? Check. Anguirus, Gigan, and Mothra? Check. It helps that each episode is very well-written and that the author has pretty obviously seen all of the source movies repeatedly, yet each story seems less like a rip-off of the original and more like fresh new perspective on the whole thing, and while the episodes ARE sequential, you can read, say, episode 8 without having read 1-5 and 7, and you can still enjoy it. Definitely a must-read.

Godzilla vs Jagereth by Zillah 91
  • Recommended by Bouken Dutch
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Miki Saegusa is a homeless teenager on the streets of Tokyo with nothing to live for until she finds herself caught in the battle between Godzilla and a nightmare from the distant past.
  • Comment: A well written Godzilla story that is much more than just Godzilla fighting another Kaiju. It also focuses on the accidental bond formed between the King of the Monsters and the young psychic Miki as they face off against Jagereth.

Godzilla Triumphant by KaijuKid
  • Recommended by Dancou-Maryuu
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: 10 years after Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, Godzilla Jr. rises from the depths under the influence of a strange alien invader, and is making his way around the world for one purpose; to assemble the mightiest army ever to walk the face of the earth. But for what purpose? Miki Saegusa and her allies scramble to find the answers before the world is obliterated by this unstoppable force, and before Godzilla is completely Triumphant!
  • Comment: A fun fancomic that picks up where the Heisei Era left off, and gives the spotlight to plenty of not-often-seen kaiju. It should also be noted for how it seamlessly integrated monsters like Anguirus, Dogorla, Varan, Baragon, Gorosaurus, Gigan, and even Jet Jaguar into the Heisei Era.

Great Minds Don't Think Alike by Kaiju Alpha
  • Recommended by Dancou-Maryuu
  • Status: One-shot
  • Synopsis: While watching Monster Zero regenerate, Alan Jonah receives an unexpected encounter.
  • Comment: A quick, but insightful read that gives us a peek into two villainous characters from Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Wild Child AU by Star_Going_Supernova
  • Recommended by Marcus S Lazarus
  • Status: In-Progress
  • Synopsis: After the battle between the MUTOs in San Francisco, it's Madison rather than Mark Russell that goes missing. Godzilla doesn't leave San Francisco alone, and Madison wakes up very far from home.
  • Comment: An unconventional but fascinating storyline unfolds as eight-year-old Madison Russell is essentially adopted by the King of the Monsters after he assumes her family died in the battle with the MUTOs. While there are fantastical elements as spending time in close proximity to a Titan causes some changes in Madison herself, there are some genuinely touching moments as Madison is essentially Raised by Wolves, with the King and Queen of the Titans acknowledging her as their "pup" and Madison doing everything but outright call Godzilla "Dad" in turn.
  • Now has a Tropes page

Abraxas by Hrodvitnon
  • Recommended by Derv0sB2
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: Within the head lies the seat of the soul. Despite all appearances, Dr. Graham didn't die that night. Ghidorah still has plans for her, punishment for her efforts to contain him. He will remake her in his own image. And now Jonah has them both. But the head left behind to keep her is far too curious for his own good... and far too eager to learn.
  • Its Trope page can be found here.
  • Comment: A somewhat openly-darker story than Monsterverse canon, with emotional drama, which follows and stays true to the pagan vibes of Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) and the spirit of the Monsterverse overall. Both the main protagonists are developed and endeared to the reader, and the author has really done their homework on All There in the Manual Monsterverse material. If you think Vivienne Graham's canon death didn't do her justice, or have wondered what Ghidorah's curious "Kevin" head could become under the right circumstances if he was separated from Ni and Ichi, or you just want an emotional read with Beware the Nice Ones-type Kaiju, evil-laboratory horror, and Forced Transformation overlapping with Interspecies Friendship; this is worth reading. Also available to read on Archive Of Our Own with additional author's notes.

Destroy All Monsters by Script Genius 12
  • Recommended by Dancou-Maryuu
  • Status: One-shot.
  • Synopsis: Anywhere, Anytime. Destruction comes in all forms.
  • Comment: Not sure what I can say without ruining the story. I'll just say you'll be questioning who the real monsters are.

control's graveyard by dropout_ninja
  • Recommended by Bariton3
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: A consciousness crawls back into a discarded head. Apex Cybernetics loses its chance at buying a dead skull. And the king of the monsters has to deal with a whole lot of annoyance in the fallout.
  • Comments: A great character study that delves into the mind of King Ghidorah, and manages to make him alien and genuinely despicable while still somehow keeping him sympathetic. The fic also has great characterization for Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan, giving them a lot of depth and personality.

Song of the Tiny Ones by Cyndi
  • Recommended by eagle108
  • Status: Complete, one-shot
  • Synoposis: Where a severely injured Godzilla goes off to recover from his first battle against Ghidorah in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), being reminded of how he had been once worshipped by humans, and his rebirth by Serizawa spurring on his drive to once again be a protector against a false king.
  • Comments: It's an interesting glimpse into Godzilla's mind on his thoughts of how humanity had once seen him as a god, how humanity eventually forgot, and once again remembered him.

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.
The Fire Series and The Water Series By Miss Queen B
  • Recommended by Lilpurplebird
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Godzilla/Mothra, Rodan/Mothra, accompanying one-shots imply Behemoth/Scylla
  • Synopsis: (Playing with Fire) When the King disappears for reasons unknown, Rodan finds himself stuck in the middle, comforting the heartbroken Queen. Forgiveness and rebuilding a friendship with her was something he wanted, but falling for her was something completely out of his control.
  • Comment: A surprising refreshing and rewarding interpretation that shows even kaiju have human elements without breaking character. Taking place during the MonsterVerse, this follows Mothra as she has a slowburn affair with Rodan after Godzilla leaves her to deal with some personal demons. It's split into (as of this posting) two series, the first being the growing affair and the ensuing anguish that strains the King and Queen's relationship; the second is the reconciling aftermath with a surprise, plus flashbacks to show how Godzilla and Mothra's courtship started. The heart of the series is the character study between the love triangle as they slowly come to terms with the consequences of their actions, as well as the adoring relationship between the King and Queen and why it is they need each other. And yes, sex is crucial here, but is handled maturely and more for emotional, character support than just physical gratification.

     Crossover Fics 
Crossover Fics

Together by Corvus no Genmu

  • Recommended by Dave The Analyzer
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: Gamera
  • Synopsis: King and Guardian fic. They walked until the claws of their feet met the gentle caress of the ocean’s waves. They turned slowly, to look back at the one who was their enemy and yet not all the same.

Kaiju Moon by Shritistrang
  • Recommended by Fish Called Waldo
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairings: Godzilla(Mamoru)/Mothra(Usagi) with a minor in Ebirah/Baragon
  • Synopsis: Simply, Mothra becomes Sailor Moon. In more detail, Mothra and various other Kaiju become Sailor Scouts and Godzilla becomes Godzilla Kamen. The Sailor Scouts, and the Kaiju Sailors deal with the Dark Kingdom, Death Busters and ChibiSpaceGodzilla, along with Godzilla's denial, and Gendo Ikari and son.
  • Tags: Godzilla/Sailor Moon/Neon Genesis Evangelion crossover, Crack Fic.

The Bridge by Tarbtano
  • Recommended by mariic
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Gamera, and Pacific Rim
  • Synopsis: The Dimension Tide cannon, wrongfully long thought to launch black holes, is fired at several kaiju and sends them to the Equestrian universe. Behind the chaos that ensues on both sides, it seems something far worse is hinted to be at work in the background.
  • Notes: Set during the latter half of Season 4 but before the finale by several weeks.

The God of Destruction Comes to Remnant by DragnonKingDragneel25 (Trope Page: The God of Destruction comes to Remnant)
  • Recommended by ultimomant
  • Crossover with RWBY
  • Status: Dormant; last updated September 2021
  • Synopsis: Humanity attempts to get rid of Godzilla with an experimental weapon, but instead of destroying him, it sends him to Remnant in the body of a dinosaur Faunus. Asskicking and carnage ensues. Fic begins sometime before RWBY Vol 1.
  • Comments: Warning, eventual harem. Godzilla may be rough and antisocial, but he learns quickly and his interactions with Velvet and Coco are adorable. The crossover is extended when it is eventually revealed that Rexy and Blue from Jurassic World and the now grown-up protagonists of The Land Before Time have also been sent to Remnant as Faunus. Later, Mothra, her son Mothra Leo, and Godzilla's sons Minya and Godzilla Junior also arrive. Trust me, it's better than it sounds.

Colossal Encounters by Dalek Prime
  • Recommended by EnigmusPrime
  • Crossover with: The Loud House
  • Status: Dormant; last updated March 2018
  • Synopsis: Stranded and separated across an unknown island after a disaster at sea, the Loud family now must escape a land ruled by monsters. But to their surprise, some of these creatures may be the key to their survival. With each Kaiju they bound with, the Loud's will soon discover their destinies and together, they will become the earth's only hope from a dangerous new threat.

The Little Mermaid & Godzilla: A Friend in Need by Japan Boy
  • Recommended by Mysterious Mr X
  • Crossover with: The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Ariel's daughter Melody meets and befriends Godzilla, who has shrunk down to ten feet tall after an encounter with a revived Morgana and her henchfish. Godzilla, in turn, is shown the compassionate and loving side of humanity from all of Melody and Ariel's friends and family.

King of the Monsters by Shadowblade 217
  • Recommended by Ikibrod 9000
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: As an army of alien creatures known as Kaiju threatens to wipe out the human race, Raleigh Becket must return to active duty and fight alongside his fellow Jaeger pilots and Godzilla, King of the Monsters, to put an end to the alien threat before all of humanity is destroyed.
  • Tags: Fusion Fic between Godzilla and Pacific Rim

Hail to the King by Thuktun Flishithy
The Bringer of Balance by TheMAO17
  • Recommended by ultimomant, Robinton
  • Crossover with RWBY
  • Status: Complete. Rewrite incoming.
  • Synopsis: It's the RWBY Volume 3 finale. The Grimm are invading. Cinder has the Fall Maiden's power and the Grimm Dragon at her disposal and believes she has won. However, her plans have upset the balance, and now it is time for Godzilla, King of the Grimm, to restore it. Godzilla is based on the creature from Godzilla (2014).

Battle of the Kings by giftheck (on Archive Of Our Own, and DeviantArt)
  • Recommended by Dancou-Maryuu
  • Crossover with: Zootopia
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Judy Hopps/Nick Wilde
  • Synopsis: Set two years after the events of Zootopia. A nuclear meltdown in the country of Hinode results in the awakening of a legendary beast. The beast's awakening causes another to flee towards Zootopia. Can Zootopia survive an inevitable clash of the titans? And how will Nick and Judy cope?

The Power of Choice by Hey It's That Guy
  • Recommended by ultimomant
  • Crossover with RWBY
  • Status: Dead; Rewrite is ongoing
  • Synopsis: The asteroid containing Monster X lands on Remnant instead of Earth. Realizing he is finally free of his Xilien masters, Monster X tries to live a life of piece. Unfortunately, his size, black body and white bone armor cause the inhabitants to mistake him for a Grimm and attack him, while Salem plots to destroy this obstacle to her plans, especially since his powers have strange interactions with the Grimm.
  • Comments: The author admitted this story was inspired by The Bridge.

The Moth and the Robot by helloshepard
  • Recommended by Dancou-Maryuu
  • Crossover with Transformers
  • Status: One-shot
  • Synopsis: Set directly after the 1992 Godzilla vs Mothra movie. Intent on keeping her promise, Mothra heads to space to stop a planet-destroying comet.
  • Comments: A delightful quick read showing Mothra bonding with an oft-overlooked Transformers character.

To Thaw a Hero's Heart by JasonBorn97
  • Recommended by ultimomant
  • Crossover with Frozen
  • Status: Complete, has sequel called The Unknown (Dormant; last updated March 2021).
  • Synopsis: After the fight with the MUTOs, Godzilla gets sent back through time to Arendelle, Norway only to wake up to be one of his worst enemies; human. Meanwhile, Elsa is fairly ruling her kingdom with no pressure, until an attempt of assassination where she meets a powerful stranger. Will Elsa help him or will his past scars be too much for her?
  • Comments: Since Godzilla does not actually have a name (Godzilla is just what modern day humans call him; he would have no way of knowing about it), he gets named Mathias. In Arendelle, he slowly learns to accept humanity and gets a romance with Elsa.

The New Age of Monsters by welcometodunscaith
  • Recommended by Kitsune 1
  • Crossover with Symphogear, Pacific Rim, Gamera, and Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: In the year 1954, atomic testing in the Pacific created a monster: the creature known as Godzilla. After his demise, however, the human race knew no peace as strange beasts awoke all over the world in the coming years, beginning the First Age of Monsters. After decades of furiously innovating defense systems, fighting off the kaiju by the skin of their teeth, humanity breathed a sigh of relief as kaiju sightings dropped drastically beginning in 1995. Then, after twenty-five years of relative quiet, the human race is thrust into their struggle for survival once again when Godzilla, regenerated and bigger than ever, triggers a resurgence of giant monsters all around the globe. Humanity's greatest weapons and defenders will be put to the ultimate test, but more than anything, this ordeal will test their resolve, and their bonds. Welcome to the New Age of Monsters, a tale of drifts, songs, and sync rates.
  • Comments: The author’s skill at writing from a kaiju POV is what kept me reading, even though I didn’t know many of the other properties.

Godzilla Blessing: Atomic Wrath on Konosuba by Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus
  • Recommended by Tropers/bf2234
  • Crossover with: KonoSuba
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Godzilla is not a fan of the party of heroes who try to stop him from just walking about.
  • Comments: A short and hilarious fanfic with Godzilla as the only sane individual amongst the madness that is KonoSuba. Well worth a read!

Godzilla: Rulers of Earthland by Godzilla Boy
  • Recommended by: Tropers/bf2234
  • Crossover with: Fairy Tail
  • Status: Dead, full rewrite in process
  • Synopsis: Four years after the Trilopod War, the world is once again at peace. But when a devastating battle sends Godzilla and the rest of the Earth's Kaiju, both heroic and villainous, to Earth Land, they must learn to adapt to this new world and new society alongside the mages of Fairy Tail and face against threats both new and old.
  • Comments: A well-done, if somewhat rushed, fanfiction with a good concept and well-writted interactions between the kaiju and human characters. Luckily, the author has stated that they intend to build upon the concept put forth by the story and make sure that the interactions between the human and kaiju characters would be fully fleshed-out as well as develop the kaiju characters as they arrive in the world of Fairy Tail.