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Hello. It seems you stumbled onto my page and are wondering why my name is the title of a John Woo flick.

Well, you know the old saying...unless you have no idea what I'm blathering about.

Okay, lemme start over since I sort of fumbled my awesome introduction.

Greetings, I am the troper known as-okay screw it, I've ruined everything so I'm just gonna get on with it.

An outspoken autistic Mexican American who is an Otaku, film buff, bookworm, gamer, and casual comic book reader as well, and hails from The Golden State. Which means I'll be dropping mad references like crazy and I'll call you dude by habit. This can either be annoying or cool, depending on who you ask. And I'm also a fan of The Big G. No, LIKE I'm a MASSIVE fan and I can't stress this enough how much of an understatement this is. And I lean to the left (although I happen to be fascinated with guns which isn't very liberal of me, I suppose), so uh, I can come off like an extreme jerkass to bigots. But if you're not a bigot yourself, then maybe I won't be mean towards ya and we can all just get along. Also an aspiring writer trying to get past his writer's block at the moment.


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Stuff that I LOVE:

    Anime and Manga 




     Video Games 

Tropes that may or may not apply to me:

     The Tropes in Question! 

Let's go bowling.


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