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Tear Jerker / Godzilla

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Examples with their own pages

Showa Era

  • Even the Americanized version of Godzilla includes a few. The whole reason Steve Martin was in Japan to begin with was because he was on his way to Cairo, and decided to stay a few days because he wanted to spend time with his college friend, Dr. Serizawa. This decision leads him to witness untold death and destruction. And the ending, as he watches his friend Dr. Serizawa sacrifice himself, he does so with a glazed, empty look in his eyes. It's impossible to tell if it's because of the head injury he received, or because he's in the beginning stages of PTSD.
  • Doubling as a heartwarming moment, Son of Godzilla ends with Godzilla and his son embracing each other as they hibernate on the now snowy island, and it's made even sadder with the music playing during it.
  • The dub of Godzilla vs. Gigan has a few tear-jerking moments for the Space Hunter Nebula M.
    Alien 1: (crushed under wreckage) Kubota!
    Alien 2: (groaning and in form of a cockroach) I'm here...but what wrong?
    Alien 1: And why!? Why did the machines go wrong? (morphs into true form and gives a painful dying groan) Everything was going so perfect...going so well! (death groan)
  • Terror of Mechagodzilla. Just...Terror of Mechagodzilla. From Titanosaurus, a normally very timid and placid creature, being forced to kill people and destroy cities against his will, Katsura's suicide, Mafune's death, Godzilla getting tag-teamed by two foes, both of which rival or exceed him in power, Titanosaurus' demise, the whole film is essentially a Tear Jerker.
    Ichinose: You shed tears... Then you are human. You have a human heart like anyone else!

Rebirth of Mothra Trilogy

  • Rebirth of Mothra trilogy: The death of Mothra Leo's mother is very tear-inducing. What can especially get you is Mothra Leo putting his head under her wing, crooning for her not to leave him and trying to prevent her from drowning. He fails and she sinks into the ocean with very sad music. Every a reviewer who picked on the film at Million Monkey's Theator said it was an emotionally draining scene for two models made out of rubber and styrofoam.

Millenium Era

  • "Goodbye, Yoshido." (This is what Kiryu (aka the 3rd MechaGodzilla) says to one of the main characters right before sacrificing himself to save Godzilla from death at the end of Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S..)

Monsterverse & Reiwa Era

  • Shin Godzilla has Shin Godzilla's Villain Song "Who Will Know (Tragedy)", mournful theme from Godzilla's perspective where the beast is torn between succumbing to his hopelessness and a drive to push forward and survive if only for a little while longer.


  • In issue 2 of Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters, there is a father who has lost his children to Godzilla in issue one. He spends the first half of the issue questioning why this monster would take away his children. It ends with him strapping explosives to his body and throwing himself at Godzilla, detonating them and only giving the King of the Monsters a nose itch.
    You took my children from me!
  • From the sequel to Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters we had the death of Urv. Also, in the first issue, Boxer's flashbacks after his charge is killed by a bunch of rednecks trying to take down Godzilla which focus on his daughter who was killed by Godzilla's first rampage on American soil.
  • Also from the comic, Harrison, Boxer's son doesn't speak as he took a code of silence the day Boxer left him and his mother when he was only nine-years-old and would only speak again when he came back. He still doesn't talk, even when Boxer tries to make amends.
    Boxer: Look, kid. I really hate letting you out of my sight. But this is the only way the plan can work. I mean, you realize why I brought you along... To keep you safe, right? Curse at me if you want. Just give me something. A word. A syllable. Tell me you understand!
  • When Hikari is knocked out due to Kiryu being flooded, Boxer tries desperately to revive her.
    I can't lose another child.
  • The death of Boxer.
    Harrison: "DAD!"
  • From Godzilla: The Half-Century War, we are given the death of Colonel Schooler and Ota's reaction. Manly Tears, people. Manly tears.
    • How about Ota's heroic sacrifice in the final issue? Even the manly tears shed manly tears that day. Especially when he's yelling at Godzilla to look at him and fight just before the Dimension Tide's black hole collapses on itself. And the kicker? Godzilla is still alive.
  • Godzilla: Rulers of Earth has a couple of these:
    • Sanda reaching out for Gaira as the latter is fighting Varan. This hits especially hard in a later issue when he finds out his brother hates humanity because of how they locked him up.
    • Dr. Allison is more than thrilled to see a Devonian. However, in issue 12, it turns out the one good Devonian was really the Cryog emperor in disguise. To make it worse, the Emperor kills him.
    • Godzilla's seeming death via nuke.
    • The death of Mothra and the destruction of Infant Island.