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My name is none of your concern (Or Is It), but on Tv Tropes I go by Eva Unit 01. Why? Because I'm a massive Neon Genesis Evangelion fanboy.

In Real Life (or IRL) I am an American student of numerous descents who is a massive otaku. And by that I mean it in the sense that I am an anime enthusiast or nerd. My life does not entirely revolve around such.... only about 70% does. I'm Not Good with People, but I don't actively try to make an ass of myself either. Usually.


I enjoy supernatural/high fantasy, the occasional urban fantasy works, science fiction, and Mecha anime. I also like the odd Mind Screw and a few cartoons.

I am also an author on, being the (as stated by fans) Crazy Awesome Gundam Kaiser.

About Me

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  • Crazy Awesome: admittedly, I get this mostly from people who review some of the fanfic I've written, so more YMMV than usual here...
  • Spoiler Hound: He explicitly admitted that he deliberately sets all spoiler tags off. There's no other way to describe such behavior. :p (signed: Marq FJA)


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