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Majin Gojira does not want to be described. Majin Gojira is many things, and (since he is a voice on the internet) nothing. Majin Gojira likes to write, but is easily distracted, apathetic and hooked on spellcheckers. Majin Gojira wants to see more true Hollywood terminology logged in as tropes. Midpoint Whammies, Acts, Act Breaks and so on. In truth, though, he just ended up focusing on monster tropes and shows he liked.


Majin Gojira also wants to be a published author.

And while Majin Gojira is thinking about it, he'd also like animation to be taken as a legitimate art form.

All of these things have an equal likelihood of occurring.

Further Information withheld.

Events in the recent past have lead me to save a particularly nasty discussion for posterity. This is not meant to glorify or bash the opposing party, but only to display what has happened. It is not pretty, it is not nice, and I am rather ashamed of it myself.

Read at your own risk.

     From The Fundementalist Discussion  

The person this argument was held with was temporarily banned for repeatedly deleting comments in discussion. I save it here only for posterity and no other reason. Not for Grandstanding or saying "I won". If I had managed to change the posters opinion is the only way victory would be declared in any honest sense. This is just a sad, but necessary, state of events.


It was a dark moment that has since past. This is but a record of what transpired.

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