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  • The "Oxygen Destroyer" from the original Godzilla film. They dump it in the ocean. Which is made up (mostly) of Hydrogen and Oxygen. Wouldn't an Oxygen Destroyer destroy all the oxygen in the water, turning it into pure Hydrogen?
    • It's explained in the film that the Oxygen Destroyer is a chemical that breaks down oxygen molecules within a small radius causing asphyxiation among other things. That would mean that, yes, the area would be filled with hydrogen, but it probably wouldn't be that noticeable.
      • Fridge Brilliance: All the bubbles in the water during its activation could very likely be hydrogen.
      • If it destroys O2 molecules by breaking them up, it won't necessarily break up H2O molecules.
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    • This theory was mentioned before the creation of the first nuclear bombs, scientists feared that only one nuke could destroy the world. However this obviously is not the case because the duration and maximum output of a nuclear reaction is limited, as would be the case with the Oxygen Destroyer. Yes the OD is not a nuclear weapon but it works similarly as both are weapons of mass destruction.

  • This occurs in both Godzilla vs King Ghidorah and Final Wars. The heroes release Godzilla to fight the villain's monster or monsters, and then the villains stupidly order their monster to go kill Godzilla. Why? It seems that Godzilla in these instances is not friendly to humanity and in both cases the villains just want to cause the destruction of major cities. They should have done the opposite and ordered their monsters to avoid Godzilla as much as possible, then both monsters would be free to cause destruction without interference.
    • Godzilla is extremely territorial. He also has a sort of sixth sense that lets him detect and home in on another monster. Even if the bad guys tried to leave him alone, Godzilla would track them down and destroy them anyways.
    • 'Cause Japan is Godzilla's own 'hood, and ain't no-one trashin' his home turf!
    • They didn't want competition?
    • Also, in Final Wars, the Gotengo was directly leading Godzilla towards the monsters and the Xilian Mothership, even if X hadn't sent monster after monster after Godzilla, he'd ultimately have ended up having all his monsters fight him anyway. He was just being proactive and possibly buying time for Gorath to arrive with Monster X or for Gigan to be salvaged and repaired.
      • Except in both cases Godzilla would be unable to follow the monster in question. King Ghidorah can fly faster than Godzilla can swim or walk, making it easy to stay ahead of Godzilla while still allowing Ghidorah to freely destroy cities. In Final Wars, the monsters were held in stasis aboard ships until they were teleported to Godzilla's location. If they stayed aboard those ships then Godzilla would be unable to fight them.
      • Yes, but Godzilla would have then just gone straight to the Futurians/Xilians and attacked their ships. And remember that in both cases humans helped Godzilla by teleporting the Futurian ship to his location and leading Godzilla to the Xilian mothership.
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    • Godzilla Threshold

  • Why was Dr.Serizawa so concerned about what could be done with the Oxygen Destroyer? It only works underwater, so unless Atlantis is real, it can't really do that much damage.
    • As a survivor of one of the nuclear bomb attacks on Japan, Serizawa was deeply conflicted because he was trying to create something beneficial to the world (a clean source of energy) but as it was only half finished it was only useful as a weapon. You know, just like a nuclear bomb. He was like a Japanese J. Robert Oppenheimer, but he didn't want his invention to become a weapon like that. And if you think an "oxygen destroyer" would only work in the water ... uh, what are you breathing right now?
      • Hell, in Godzilla vs. Destroyah, one of the characters outright states that if it were used on land Tokyo would have been turned into a Mass Grave.
      • Even if it only works in the water, the heck does it make it not a super weapon. Whoever owned could just toss it into the water and voila, all the ships in the area would sink straight to the bottom.
      • Or use it in a lake/sea/part of the ocean that people use for fishing, kill all marine life forms and let the people of the area starve.
      • There's also the proliferation factor. Think of the aforementioned Oppenheimer's concern about the atomic bomb. Science will not only build more superweapons, they will built exponentially more destructive super weapons.

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  • Why do the humans keep sending the military after Godzilla and his kaiju co-stars throughout the Toho films, even when they've been shown to be completely useless against them? You'd think they'd've learned after the very first kaiju attack that they wouldn't be able to do jack shit to any of them. One guy in Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah even admits that the humans are no match at all for Godzilla. So what's the deal?

  • If Toho is so vicious about protecting their copyright of Godzilla's name, his likeness, the associated soundtrack, and even his roar... why have they not gone after Rugrats? Reptar and Dactar share Godzilla and Rodan's likeness and powers - and it's not like they haven't gone after parodies and even coincidental likenesses in the past.
    • In all likelihood, the producers of Rugrats got permission to use their likenesses. Or Toho just doesn't consider it worth their time.
    • In the case of University City vs Nintendo, Donkey Kong was considered a ripoff of King Kong. However because King Kong was so old that he was considered PUBLIC DOMAIN, Universal had no right to defend King Kong. The same would be true for Raptar and other parodies. Going to court would be dangerous because of this, Toho's reputation would be at risk for such hostility.
      • Reptar and Dactar probably fall under the Fair Use or Parody Protection acts and thus are either completely untouchable or certainly not worth the effort Disney would put into pursuing them. As for King Kong it wasn't a matter of it being so old that it was Public Domain it was a matter of nobody at Universal had bothered to up the copyright, something Disney has (to anybody's knowledge) yet to do.
      • ...Disney?
      • The difference is that, unlike Godzilla, there isn't any way to tell whether something is stealing the appearance of King Kong, or whether they're just showing a regular gorilla, whereas Godzilla looks markedly different from any known species. Also, "Kong", unlike "Zilla", is an actual Japanese word meaning "Gorilla", while "Zilla" was invented by Toho. So it's not really the same thing.
      • Kong is not a Japanese word. Kong was invented for King Kong, and that's specifically why DK uses Kong as well: Miyamoto/Nintendo assumed, from the name King Kong, that Kong simply meant gorilla and didn't refer to a specific character. Additionally, Toho didn't some up with Zilla. That was the American translation team's doing.
      • Technically, "Zilla" is derived from a Japanese word, like Godzilla's name was; as "Gojira" is derived from "gorira" and "kujira", thus "Jira" is derived from "Gojira", then "kujira" (as the root of the "jira" part of "Gojira"), meaning "whale".
      • The name Godzilla was thought up by Toho (as was Zilla) for use in the American translation, not by American Distributors. In fact he is usually referred to as Godzilla in Japan now instead of Gojira.
      • Also, it wasn't decided that King Kong was in the public domain. What was decided was that Universal's double-dipping by arguing sole ownership of the trademark against Nintendo while having previously argued that King Kong was in the public domain to wrest control from RKO Studios invalidated their lawsuit over Donkey Kong, and the rights to King Kong were divided between Universal, RKO, and the creator Merian C. Cooper.
    • Reptar is a parody and a Show Within a Show, which has long-since reached its conclusion. Toho are not going to waste their time taking every guy and their Not Zilla to court, when each is a nod to, and recognition of, Godzilla and the franchise. It all helps keep Godzilla current and relevant within media mainstream and various circles, keeping him fresh in people's memories.
    • It's likely that the creators of Rugrats got permission from Toho to use a parody of Godzilla in their show....Or Toho just didn't bother going after them.

  • How is Japan (or any country for that matter) able to afford all the damage Godzilla and his colleagues cause throughout the franchise?
    • Insurance claims, raising taxes, quantitative easing. The usual things governments do when they need to magic up extra cash from nowhere. Money only exists as far as governments say it does, so it isn't really that much of a problem.

  • So, in The Return of Godzilla the cast used a specialized transmitter attract Godzilla. Given that this plan worked so well, why was it never brought up again in the Hesei films? It wasn't until King Ghidorah that Godzilla was mutated further into a 100 meter tall behemoth.
    • Well aside from the fact that it would defeat the purpose of keeping the big guy around for future films if you could do that, where in the hell would you actually lead him to? There's only so many volcanoes out there and Godzilla's not an idiot. He'd figure it out that the signal he was following was a little too obviously fake after the last time.

  • Multiple Kaiju, most notably King Ghidorah, have been said to have exterminated entire world more technologically advanced than earth. How? Even assuming highly advanced civilizations could never kill them (even though other Kaiju can simply beat them to death), they're very big and very slow, so hiding from them, underground or in the wilderness, and using radar and planes to run from them if you are discovered, seems trivially easy.
    • Earth has Godzilla (and Mothra in her 1990s Rebirth trilogy) protect itself from threats such as King Ghidorah. I'm guessing all those other planets weren't as fortunate.

  • Why was Emi even helping Wilson and Grenchiko at all when she herself is Japanese? Before her Heel–Face Turn, she was actively helping two terrorists in trying to wipe out her own country.

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