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Headscratchers / Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

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  • Okay so they spent over 20 years flying through space to get to this new planet after the Earth was ravaged by monsters. On the way many people died due to illnesses, starvation, or suicide from the stress from space travel. Upon finding out that the planet is uninhabitable, they decide to return to Earth... via a warp jump-drive that gets them there in a minute, if that! This begs the question... WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!?!?! Countless people died on the 20+ year journey to the new planet, why couldn't they have just used the warp jump-drive to get to the planet?!
    • They were searching for a habitable planet but already knew the exact coordinates of earth, they cant just plug in "habitable planet" to the warp drive they have to physically search for it, they also state such a long jump was potentially dangerous
    • True, but the same problem exists with the return back to Earth; they only had the exact coordinates of Earth from when they left. Since it's been 20'000 years for Earth, the position of not only Earth but the entire solar system would be different due to the rotation of the galaxy.
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    • That, and there's a montage of the "rumor" of a return to Earth spreading through the ship, implied to be days or weeks long, during which they were probably calculating where they were in relation to Earth, how to get there, and if the ship would feasibly be able to make that journey. One voice extra specifically mentions the "navigation team."
    • Presumably that fancy calculation machine they keep mentioning was apparently able to keep track of Earth's position through all that.

  • This is actually a meta-headscratcher but why is the YMMV page talking about Values Dissonance when Haruo's desire for revenge is clearly shown to be in the wrong?
    • His lust for revenge may be clearly wrong, but was he right in being wrong? As in, Honor Before Reason.

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