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Creator / Danne Lehmussaari

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Daniel "Danne" Lehmussaari is a Finnish-Swedish directornote  known for his low-budget horror and splatter movies.

His works became especially popular through the reviews in the series Felix Recenserar by Swedish YouTube channel MonteFjanton.

His works include:



  • Creator Cameo: Sometimes plays roles in his films, such as a guy leaving the bathroom as the protagonist is entering it in En drink med Dracula.
  • Genre Shift: According to an interview with Felix Nordh, he first started out making action movies. The change to horror came about when he met a guy with experience creating gory props and makeup. Besides, living in the small town Gällivare, it is easy for him to find abandoned locations that inspire him to come up with horror plots.
  • Parody Assistance: Danne himself asked MonteFjanton to review Svart Död in their series Felix Recenserar before the movie's release, even though the guys were known for their scathing criticism.