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Headscratchers / Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

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     Does Ghidorah breathe? 
  • It's mentioned that the Oxygen Destroyer failed to harm Ghidorah in any way, because his body doesn't need oxygen in its processes. Yet in Antarctica we see vapor clouds in his exhalations, meaning that there must be some sort of respiration going on? Not to mention Godzilla trying to drown him during the battle in Mexico.
    • He may breathe something other than oxygen, or can breathe oxygen if its present but also can survive without it. And Godzilla wasn't trying to drown him in the underwater battle, he was trying to rip Ghidorah apart, to disable him enough to finish him off afterward. Getting him underwater was about inhibiting Ghidorah's agility while maximizing Godzilla's own, not about drowning him.
     Gravity beams don't work underwater? 
  • Why exactly was Ghidorah completely defenseless when Godzilla dragged him underwater? Couldn't he fire of his gravity beams in self-defence, which would have been useful since water conducts electricity and would be more harmful to Godzilla there?
    • answering both questions here. It's not that ghidorah couldn't use his powers or was drowning, it's how ghidorah fights. Notice when the fought in Antarctica, Godzilla was able to overpower ghidorah quickly and push him closer to the hole he popped out, he also over powered him when drug him under water and kept him from escaping. Ghidorah is constantly fighting Godzilla from the edge of his greater range, using his flight to create small retreats to allow him to more safety attack the physically stronger but smaller Godzilla, similar to a fight between a boxer and a slugger. When Godzilla finally got a solid hold on ghidorah's body, ghidorah freaks out and even fires bolts at random because he can no longer put a controllable distance between him and Godzilla. His fears are pretty quickly confirmed as Godzilla starts to dismember him and even the director confirmed ghidorah was going to die if not for the interference of the OD.
      • Godzilla did not overpower Ghidorah in Antarctica at all. He bit and choke slammed one head but got his butt kicked throughout the rest of the fight entirely. Ghidorah is clearly stronger on the land. Godzilla was better in combat in the water which is why Ghidorah, who was also ambushed, was panicking and losing.
      • Actually watch the fight and pay attention to what goes down. the two charge each other and collide a considerable distance from the crater Ghidorah emerged from. Ghidorah is pushed backwards a step or two and then Godzilla bites his head and slams it before we cut away. when we cut back, to their feet, Godzilla and Ghidorah lock up and Godzilla begins to push him backwards and then we cut away again. We cut back once more, Ghidorah and Godzilla are now standing up, with a bit of distance between the two and Ghidorah knocks Godzilla down with a lightning blast but Godzilla quickly recovers and we see Ghidorah actually walking backwards away from Godzilla before we cut away. Cutting back, Ghidorah once again has some distance between him and Godzilla before lightning blasting him again, Godzilla retaliates with his breath, misses and then gets knocked down by a triple blast of lightning and pushed into the crater...which is now right next to the two titans, indicating that Godzilla pushed ghidorah backwards , a sign that he was winning their shoving matches, and that ghidorah was giving ground the whole fight, which isn't a bad thing if you know what you're doing. It's not enough to simply look at the end result, but the exact blow by blow analysis of how we get to the results. It's telling that once Ghidorah had something to distract him, he immediately runs away from Godzilla when he climbs out of the pit. Checking out their second fight, Ghidorah is repeatedly shown wrestling with Godzilla, trying to push him to the surface and to break his grip, but Ghidorah fails to succeed in this endeavor each and every time and Godzilla continues to push him further and further beneath the waves before he then proceeds to dismember Ghidorah. For Godzilla to wrestling Ghidorah down so thoroughly as well as tear his head off indicates Godzilla is physically the stronger of the two, but on land Ghidorah is effectively able to keep a distance from him, rendering Godzilla's strength useless similar to how boxers are able to do the same to sluggers. To further make my point, the director has confirmed that Ghidorah was going to die at Godzilla's hands had the oxygen destroyer not been deployed.
      • Godzilla only pushed him two times and slammed his head once the rest is him getting curb-stomped. He gets bitten when choke slamming and when they grapple in the next shot we see of the fight. He gets blasted on the ground, blasted again and then blasted into the hole. He ran away because the military shot him and surprised him (he’d never been hit with missiles before). Ghidorah won the Arctic fight and Boston fight (round one against normal Godzilla) even though Godzilla was supercharged, had help from Mothra and got an early hit. Ghidorah is clearly stronger and beat him in 3/5 of the fights we know they had. Ghidorah was a summer only losing under water because he got ambushed and was panicking. In Antarctica and Boston he dominated and beat Godzilla.
     Who controls the body? 
  • While Ghidorah's heads are occasionally shown to bicker, his body never shows any sign of conflicting movements suggesting the heads struggling for control. Does the middle head have full control of the body while the others are just essentially parasitic twins? Do they share control for the body but the middle head dominated the other two to become the leader? Or perhaps the heads aren't actually separate consciousnesses, just different aspects of the same personality?
    • The motion capture footage of the behind-the-scenes shows the middle head being in control of the wings, though it's unclear how much control over the rest of the body the other two possess.
    • It's worth noting that in real life examples of "multi-headed" life (more accurately conjoined twins), control is split between each head, with each usually controlling one half of the full body.
     Range of Godzilla's atomic breath? 
  • Godzilla's Big Damn Heroes moment to save Madison from Ghidorah looks awesome, but he somehow hit a direct blast at him from some distance away? How far away can he use it effectively? And why not just fight Ghidorah from a distance, perhaps try to incapacitate him with his atomic breath from further away before moving in for the kill?
    • Godzilla can fire from quite a distance (we don't know his max), but unless its a surprise attack then the further away he fires from the bigger the chance his opponent can just move out of the way (amounting to a vast waste of energy for Godzilla). And as we saw in their first fight, Ghidorah is quite capable of dodging if he sees the attack coming.
     Ghidorah's species? 
  • Since the likes of Godzilla and Kong are stated to be the last surviving members of a formerly populous species, what about Ghidorah? Is he a Single Specimen Species, or were there others of his kind?
    • And given how utterly cataclysmic ONE Ghidorah is to all life on earth, how would have an entire species of them have thrived and survived on the planet without wiping everything else to extinction?
    • Well, Ghidorah lived in ancient times when the Earth was populated by equally powerful monsters, so there was an equilibrium in their ecosystem. Also, they could go for the classic Showa era Ghidorah (it's interesting that the viral website does reffer to him as "Monster Zero") and make him an extraterrestrial being.
    • Possibly Ghidorah IS the last survivor of his species... What happened to the others? Ghidorah did.
    • It's possible that Ghidorah is a mutant abomination and the first of his kind.
    • It's easy to miss, but it's explained in the film that Ghidorah is actually an alien kaiju from another planet who wound up stranded here. They don't go into how that happened, but, yeah, Ghidorah is so alien and cataclysmic because he's literally an alien, and he wants to forcibly terraform Earth to his liking.
    • The Godzilla series has always been weird about its monster origins, but one thing has always been a definite, regardless of film, Ghidorah has always been the only specimen of his kind, generally due to how powerful he is or how he was made.

     Ghidorah's multiple personalities 
  • Are Ghidorah's three heads kind of portrayed inconsistently in the film? Supposedly the middle head was supposed to be the sadistic and intelligent one, the right head the aggressive one and the left head the dumb one, but some say that the left head is the sadistic one and the right head is the smart one?
    • I think some interpret the left head's licking of the soldiers ashes as sadism when it was likely some form of curiosity.
  • Did the right head have any distinct personality? It just seems like he simply follows the middle head's actions, and the only notable thing he does is chomping down on the power generator to charge up their lightning-wing attack, hinting at some level of Combat Pragmatism.
    • It's been stated by Mike Dougherty that the right head is the most-aggressive and bloodthirsty of the three, though that doesn't quite come across.
    • Likely he's the most eager to fight and the smartest in combat. When the middle head roars out a challenge to Godzilla the right head's Quizzical Tilt can be seen as him sizing up his opponent and trying to analyze the situation, and later before Ghidorah flees the Antarctica battle, the right head can be seen spitefully shaking his head. He's also the first to notice important things in battle, such as the speakers in Fenway Park or the electrical transformer.

     Godzilla's temple 
  • Godzilla's hidden resting place is a highly-radioactive area deep within the earth where he goes to recover from his wounds. But given the hostility of the place, how did ancient humans even build the temple without being roasted by the extreme radiation?
    • It may have had lower radiation levels in the past and Godzilla didn't start nesting their till after it got like that.
    • Another possibility, considering how incredible the size of the ruins are (i.e. indicating the capabilities of those ancient people), is that the ancient people who built it had amazing technology or access to some sort of special protection from radiation that is superior to modern technology.
  • The temple and the city surrounding it is a Mythology Gag to Seatopia, an underwater civilization who worshipped kaijus (seen in Godzilla vs Megalon). A prequel surrounding it would perhaps be useful for the Monster Verse.

     Mayfly Mothra? 
  • So Mothra hatched as a larva, pupated, and emerged as an adult all in the span of one day? Justified in the original films, as she is explicitly magical, but in the more realistic setting of the Monsterverse it kinda sticks out. Especially since it took the male Muto 15 years to pupate.
    • The Titans seem to have a form of intelligence that lets them know when something has gone, or is about to go, completely pear-shaped, anywhere on Earth (note how Godzilla went to intimidate/warn Monarch even before Emma awakened Ghidorah, then beelined for the Antarctica base himself.) They can also clearly understand the intentions of humans, either in a group or as individual people. When Emma said that "[Mothra] really wants to be born" she may have though she was being poetic about the egg's sudden activity, but maybe she WAS accidentally right? It's possible Mothra sensed the intentions of the humans around her, hatched, and then sped up her own metamorphosis so she could be there to help Godzilla fight Ghidorah. Keep in mind, in the original series, Mothra is considered a divine entity, unlike the radioactive monsters or the alien invaders, so she may have both the foresight and the control over her own biology to pull this off.
    • Are we sure that is a consideration still required? Monarch's materialists already got handed their crow with Ghidorah's impossible biology. What's to stop Mothra from proving the same way?
    • The novel and the director both imply that Mothra is indeed a supernatural goddess in this continuity, so seems likely that this is the case.
    • Alternatively, Mothra seems to have Jellyfish immortality, constantly rebirthing herself after hibernation. Considering she's at least as old as Godzilla, there's no way she just came into existence as a larva. As far as natural explanations go, that seems the most likely.

     Benefit of the Titans? 
  • So apparently the radioactive emissions of the Titans are a good thing? I mean, they help plants grow, somehow, but isn't the radiation still, like, really bad for humans?
    • Depends on how long the radiation stays at dangerous levels.
    • Perhaps the radiation given off by the Titans is distinct from radiation that we're used to, maybe after being processed by the Titans, it stimulates organic life without damaging it.
    • It's probably more complicated than that. Some of the Titans might actually be able to metabolize using pollutants like CO2 and oil. Scylla was found under an oil field, so that can't be a coincidence. After all, creatures their size need an ABSURD amount or energy just to STAY ALIVE , let alone move and fight.
    • It's very likely the case that they turn 'negative' radiation into a 'positive' form as a byproduct of their biology. Keep in mind they eat radiation, it wouldn't make sense for them to emit the same thing they take in.

     Rodan down and out 
  • What happened to Rodan after Mothra stung him? He just sort of fell down and seemingly died, and then was gone for the rest of the fight, but then showed up alive and well at Godzilla's "coronation". Was he like, unconscious the whole time?
    • "Well" is something of an exaggeration. He's clearly still badly wounded, a glowing molten hole in his body from where Mothra stabbed him. And if you look at when it happens, Rodan is not implied to die, as we can see him flailing about in pain on the ground.
    • Mothra has a stinger, so it may well inject venom like a bee or wasp. Now, bees and wasps can kill similarly-sized creatures with their venom, but maybe Mothra's affects kaiju like bees and wasps do a human: nonfatal, but extremely painful.
    • There's also the fact that Rodan didn't just get stung, he gets straight up impaled. While he survived, it's not unlikely that he blacked out from the sheer agony of that.

     Kong trapped? 
  • Where was Kong during the whole "Ghidorah summons the Titans" fiasco? Was he aware of it but had no means of leaving Skull Island? Or did he simply not care?
    • Kong himself might be an alpha species and thus did not respond to Ghidorah's call. This could be why the Titans will be converging on Skull Island, seen in the newspaper clippings of the credits scene. The Titans may be going there to see who will be the new alpha, and Kong was sitting it out to wait for the winner between Godzilla and Ghidorah.
    • Also, if Kong is like real gorillas in this respect, he probably can't swim. Though there might be tunnels that give him access to other parts of the world.
    • In the novelization it's stated that Kong did hear Ghidorah's call but chose to ignore it as he's unconcerned with what goes on outside Skull Island.

     17 Titans? 
  • At the very end where the Titans all bow before Godzilla, how many are present? There's Rodan, Behemoth (the mammoth-ape), Scylla (the spider), Methuselah (the mountain creature) and a female MUTO. Are there more in the scene?
    • Those are the only ones I noticed in the scene. It makes sense that not all of them would be able to make it to the site of the battle in time.
    • Also let's not give Monarch credit where it's proven to not be so credible. There could be more. (And you know for studio profits and merchandise too)
    • They only said they had discovered 17 around the world, most of them still in hibernation. Ghidorah's roar might've just not woken everyone up.

     New MUTO? 
  • One of the new Titans awakened was a Female MUTO, whose presence Godzilla tolerates and who actively bows before Godzilla. Aren't the two species natural enemies? Wouldn't they try to kill each other on sight?
    • Presumably with no male around there is no risk of her reproducing. Its also possible that the 2014 MUTO were only such a threat because they were a new generation that knew nothing about the balance of power that currently existed among the Titans. The female MUTO in the movie may know her place and proper behavior.
    • That seems likely, as the New MUTO bows to Godzilla, whereas the two in the 2014 film openly challenged and attacked him. Maybe Godzilla's beef with them had nothing to do with their attempt at reproducing, but because they were openly defiant to his power.
  • So where was she during the first movie? How come she wasn't responding to the male MUTO's mating calls like the other female MUTO, are they monogamous and only breed with their assigned "sibling"?
    • Or she knew Godzilla would hunt the others down, and decided to stay out of it.
    • She was probably within the hollow earth at the time, remember the other two were taken above ground by Monarch, perhaps she was too far away to hear the call, or as put above they are monogamous, the two in the previous movie did seem rather... taken with each other, either that or it's a first response gets the guy.
    • The new MUTO looks different from the other two (grey skin, different crest and two fewer legs) so it's probable that it's a different sub-species of MUTO that may lack the parasitic reproductive method of the other kind and has no animosity towards Godzilla's species.
      • She doesn't have two fewer legs, she has four front legs, two hind legs and a pair of smaller arms, just like the original Femuto of 2014.

     Godzilla's super mode 
  • After Mothra sacrifices herself to protect Godzilla the dust from her wings triggers an orange glow in Godzilla. Did he absorb her radiation as she died? And why was Ghidorah trying to "leech" out this energy from him?
    • To the first question, it seems likely her scales did something. Fans seem divided on whether it was the nuke or Mothra that enabled Godzilla's burning form. As for why Ghidorah would drain Godzilla, he wants all the power he can get, plus he recognizes the danger that energy may pose. He may also simply have to weaken Godzilla via the draining before he can have a chance of killing him.
    • Look closely at Godzilla's first nuclear pulse, you briefly hear Mothra's roar and see a faint outline of her wings in the fiery explosion, perhaps hinting that Mothra's essence lives on within Godzilla, and in a way she is still fighting alongside him.

     Ghidorah's middle head 
  • In the final scene, how come Ghidorah's middle head isn't vaporized by Godzilla's atomic pulses unlike the other two? And it seems that this head was still alive even after being severed from the body!
    • Perhaps its made of tougher stuff than the rest of the body? Perhaps the center head is the "true" body of Ghidorah's species, the rest of it just an extension that grows from it. Or perhaps its simply a reference to how the first head of the hydra of Greek mythology was immortal. There are several possibilities.
    • Given Ghidorah's extraterrestrial nature perhaps Bizarre Alien Biology is in play. He is after all an alien Animalistic Abomination resembling a reptile, not an actual one.

     Ghidorah's regeneration 
  • Since the three heads have different personalities, did the regenerated head have a different mind from the lost one, or was it just "respawned"?
    • More than likely the latter. It still acted the exact same way as it did before it got decapitated.
    • It does start acting more explicitly malicious and aggressive after regrowing though. Perhaps it remembers the trauma of being severed and painfully being reconstructed?
  • Word of God does state that Ghidorah's neurons are not centralized, sort of like an octopus' arms, so the regrown head retains the personality and memories of the original head.
    • Given that the post-credits scene features Jonah acquiring a Ghidorah head, we may see him return in a future film.

     Godzilla's dorsal spines 
  • Why are Godzilla's dorsal spines in the trailer much bigger and more jagged than they were in the previous movie? Are they somehow linked to his powers and abilities?
    • Perhaps it's not actually the same individual Godzilla, but another of his species?
    • Or it's a sign of Godzilla continuing to evolve?
    • It could be an indication of his strength in a way, i.e. the more well fed he is on atomic energy the larger his spines grow. After all, by the end of the first movie he had the fallout from the nuke to feed from and possibly the female MUTO's irradiated corpse as well. Additionally, humans could have been purposly feeding him nuclear waste to keep him away from populated areas, keeping him well fed and allowing his dorsal spines to grow.
    • While we'll need to wait and see if the movie even acknowledges it, but the out-of-universe reason is simply the staff tweaking Godzilla's design to closer match the Japanese version. This includes bigger spines, a redesigned tail tip, and more claws on each foot.
      • If the rest of the franchise is any indication, the Doylist answer seems to be the correct one here - Godzilla has rarely looked the same in any two different movies, always for meta reasons, from suits getting too worn out to improved designs being thought of. In this case it's probably no different - they just implemented what they considered improvements to the design.
    • Welp, if the prequel comic is acknowledged as canon, we now have an in-universe reason as well: a short time after the first film, Godzilla's spines were shattered in a fight with another MUTO. Seems he regrew them over the next five years.
      • And the film provides the way in which he regenerated. It seems whenever Godzilla is badly injured or near death, he retreats to temple hidden in one of the Hollow Earth tunnels he uses. This temple is located over some kind of wellspring of radiation, and both allows him to recover and to adapt his body over a period of years to better handle the conditions he is faced with. Its theorized that this is how he was able to live for so much longer than the rest of his species.

     The name "Titans" 
  • Are the monsters in the Monsterverse now officially designated as Titans, including Kong, the MUTO and the Skullcrawlers, or is it just a quasi-religious fanatic term that the ecoterrorists are using?
    • And would that mean that "MUTO" is now the specific name of the particular sexually-dimorphic insectoid species of the previous film, and no longer a catch-all term for giant monsters in general?
    • We'll probably find out how far we're to take the trailer calling them Titans. Obviously the trailer could be over-selling the seriousness due to Doughtery describing humanity's response to kaiju as being over-reacting in an interview. But then again given the director's previous two efforts some are thinking the series is going more literal with this line of thinking.
    • The synopsis for the film indicates that another mysterious organization, aside from MONARCH is in play. Perhaps “Titan” is their term for kaiju.
      • Word of God confirms that once a creature is identified, the term MUTO no longer applies to it.
    • The tie-in website refers to the Power Trio of Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan as being in the Genus "Titanus", so it's probably safe to say that it's an official designation.
      • The classification of them being in the same genus seems dubious though, as a genus is a group of closely related species (think lions, tigers, and leopards), and a Permian lizard, a pterosaur, and an insect are clearly not closely related.
    • From what we got in the film it looks like so far we are to take it they were worshiped like gods and we don't completely understand them. However Ghidorah is pretty much completely alien and bizarre and Mothra is handled in many ways that makes one question how much Reality Ensues is still with the franchise going forward. The next film has promises to explore more of the origins, so perhaps we will get a more fullblown explanation next year.

     Restoring the world to Kaiju by killing Godzilla
  • I find Emma Russell's allegiance to Titans a little questionable. If she did, won't Godzilla's death contradict everything she believes in?
    • The film makes it quite clear that Emma Russel is a crazy idiot. The moment she reveals her true plans, everybody on Monarch — and her own daughter — call her out as delusional in some way, from Dr. Serizawa's visible horror at her plans to her daughter calling her "a monster". She even comes to her senses in the final quarter of the movie and tries to thwart her own plan.
    • Her plan also had a single fatal flaw (beyond all the moral problems with it). She assumed Ghidorah was a natural part of the world like the other Titans and thus would seek to restore balance, when in fact he was an alien invader who sought only his own prosperity and was only kept in check by Godzilla.
    • And killing Godzilla was never part of her plan. Again, she had no way of knowing that Ghidorah didn't belong in our ecosystem at any stage, or that he would prove such a match for Godzilla, or that the military had a new weapon which might actually kill either of them. The plan was basically just "let the Titans do what they do," not realizing that what Ghidorah does is "be an Omnicidal Maniac."
    • It's also stated in one scene that the plan was to introduce the Titans one at a time over the course of weeks. Ghidorah was just the first target to be released after the Orca was completed. All the other Titans awakening and rising was because Ghidorah was calling them as the alpha of the planet.

    Getting Ghidorah's head 
  • The fishermen were shown to have dredged up the head Godzilla tore off Ghidorah but how did they get it without anyone noticing and reporting to Monarch, the thing is massive?
    • With the world recovering from "the biggest disaster in history" it's not surprising that stuff like this could go unreported. Plus there is noted to be a very lucrative black market in Titan blood and parts, adding incentive to not report discoveries.
    • I feel like with all the mess Monarch and the US govt gave the local fisherman in that area, a lot of them probably consider money now far more important than reporting to the "proper authorities".

    Legality of Oxygen Destroyer missile? 
  • The OD was seemingly developed by the US Military. If it works anything like the original OD, nothing will live for decades in the waters off the coast of Isla de Mara. Did the US unilaterally decide to send such a terrifying WMD into Mexican territorial waters, before the Mexican authorities could make an informed decision about the consequences to its wildlife and population?
    • Maybe. They could have figured that it was a "better to beg forgiveness than ask permission" situation. Or maybe they did ask for permission, without knowing how bad the OD would be (assuming it's as bad as in the original continuity), and Mexico gave it to them. They did mention it was still in development and they were launching early.

    Rodan: full of hot air 
  • OK, no, not literally, but somewhere along those lines: the movie shows that Rodan produces such tremendous amounts of heat he can melt rock into lava and his wings, particularly his wingtips, are constantly burning, giving them an ember-like appearance. Even the blood from an open wound glows bright yellow. A Giant Flyer of his size and shape is physiognomically and aerodynamically impossible, but could his internal heat actually be high enough to help keep him aloft?
    • His internal volume is way too small for hot air to contribute any significant buoyancy. It's Artistic License – Physics through and through.

     "The one with the genitalia blurred out" 
  • The video shown at the Monarch court hearing of the MUTO's mating rituals was allegedly the censored version with the genitalia blurred out. Except it's clearly seen in the video that it's the MUTO's heads that are blurred out. Are they trying to imply that their heads are in fact their genitalia?
    • To be fair, he did say "I think". He might've just confused it with a different video.
    • Didn’t understand that ethier. The guy probably just didn’t know what he was talking about as it’s highly unlikely their heads are their genitalia.
    • That was the joke. Him saying, "I think this is the one where the genitalia are blurred out" and then having the whole thing get pixelated in the background while the camera is focused on him walking out is a funny juxtaposition for almost any in-universe reason you want to come up with.
    • In Aftershocks, the MUTO Prime's ovipositors extend from her face in the form of tendrils, so it's actually a fun bit of continuity since yes, the implications is the MUTO's reproductive organs ARE in their heads.
    • Which is a bit of Fridge Brilliance when you remember that the female MUTO already had fertilized eggs in her clutch, even though the male just touched noses with her and left right away. They actually mated there, as opposed to just courting.

     Madison heads home 
  • Why exactly did Madison go back to their house in the middle of a four-way monster fight? You'd think the safest route would be to head outward to the outskirts of town, but she barricades herself inside the house, right smack in the middle of the battle!
    • The novelization establishes that she was in the middle of a Despair Event Horizon, fleeing to the only place her not-working-properly-due-to-panic mind felt was still safe — the home where she grew up.
    • It's also a somewhat reasonable expectation that, if she believes either one of her parents would come to find her, that would be the one place they'd think of as an "in case of emergency, gather here". Whether she underestimated the destructive potential of the fight or was irrationally hopeful it wouldn't get there is another matter.

     Methuselah cross-country traveling 
  • Methuselah, the mountain Titan, was said to have awakened in Munich, Germany. Yet somehow he shows up at Godzilla's coronantion, in Boston? Did he somehow manage to traverse the Atlantic Ocean? Behemoth awoke in Brazil, so he could have traveled up Central America (and perhaps waded through the Panama Canal), while Scylla awoke in Arizona, also in North America, so her travel to Boston on foot also makes sense. But Methuselah, on the other hand...
    • We see clearly Behemoth, Scylla, the female Muto, and Rodan. Did we see Methuselah at the gathering too?
    • He's there. The camera doesn't focus on him, but in the final shot where Godzilla roars into the sky, you can see five monsters bowing before him.
    • He could have swam, or walked along the bottom (and perhaps used a Hollow Earth tunnel as a shortcut).

     Titans obeying Ghidorah? 
  • If Ghidorah is outside the natural order and an invasive alien species, then why are the Titans all responding to his alpha calls? And given that his endgame is to terraform Earth to make it inhospitable to all life but himself, wouldn't the other Titans seek to oppose him for their own self-preservation?
    • He uses a form of communication that they understand, and so it seems due to this and his sheer level of power he counts as a fellow Titan despite his extraterrestrial origin (much as humanity as a whole seems to count as a fellow Titan despite our much more recent origin). As for self preservation, most of the titans have lived through many a extinction event and vast changes in climate. What Ghidorah seeks may be even worse than that, but they may not realize that until it is too late. Plus they all know they lack the strength to oppose him, and would likely just get killed if they tried, so obeying him is self preservation (even if it only extends their lives a bit).
    • Another possible factor could lie in his ability to regenerate. His regeneration could also include a remarkable ability to adapt to his surroundings. Since the Titans are arguably the greatest threat in his goal to terraform Earth, he’d need to develop a means to deal with them without going through the difficult task of just killing them all.
    • It's a bit WM Ging but I think we may be leaving the "animals on instinct" idea behind in this franchise. As it seems like the titans group is made up of last of their kind or only one of their kind organisms, I think they are loyal to a leader more for the sake of "we have no one else" than anything else. When Godzilla calls the shots he has kept them in line and presumably no one could best Godzilla in a fight to be the new alpha. Ghidorah on the other hand could and sees the others more as pawns for his bidding. Mothra appeared to the only one who dared not follow the new alpha, but in reality Ghidorah probably would have executed any of the other titans when he tired of them or they tried to challenge him.

     Ghidorah’s heads personalities 

  • So which head is the most sadistic and which head is the least sadistic? It seems like the latter would go for the right head. But sometimes he has been called the most crazy but other times, due to his tendency to lick dead corpses the left head is considered the most sadistic. But usually the middle is called the evilest of the heads. The right head seems the least sadistic but which head is the least, most and in between in terms of sadisim?
    • Well, first of all, you're kinda splitting hairs here. Ghidorah as a whole is an Omnicidal Maniac who just loves killing and destroying for its own sake, so "least sadistic" is a rather meaningless qualifier. It would also vary based on what, exactly, your definition of "sadism" entails. I would say the middle head, the dominant one likely responsible for long-range planning, is most sadistic; the right head, more a Blood Knight Combat Pragmatist, is second; and the left, being more innocently curious but still likes killing for its own sake, is least.

     Godzilla sleeps off the Bahamas but got woken up in the Pacific by a nuclear sub? 

  • How did Godzilla get awoken by a nuclear sub in 1954 off the Marianas in 2014 but in this movie he's sleeping in not!Seatopia right next to Bermuda, with a natural nuclear reactor (presumably) for fuel? More to the point, why would Godzilla be away from said natural nuclear reactor in the Pacific to begin with? A fight with another Titan?
    • The temple is implied to be where he goes to regenerate when he badly needs to heal and/or adapt himself. However, this doesn't mean its where he spends most of his time, even in dormancy. Being near that much radiation for too long when he doesn't need it may not be healthy for him (much as eating too much can harm any living thing). He has a whole planet worth of Hollow Earth tunnels to move through and the natural radiation in the deep sea and underground to feed on, and chances are the nuclear sub just got too close to another spot where he happened to be sleeping/dormant.
    • Atlantis is shown to be Godzilla's home for all intents and purposes, but that doesn't mean it's the only place he stays. Especially since his bizarre biology means he doesn't need to eat or sleep like we do. In addition to what the bove has said, it's entirely possible he just picks random sea floors to nest for years at a time.

     Godzilla and nuclear overload 
  • In 2014 Godzilla is shown taking the 15 megaton Castle Bravo blast to the face in the 1950s. He clearly has no ill effects from a much larger bomb. In this movie a presumably smaller one puts him in immediate danger of melting down and exploding. That's.....odd. So in the 1950s he could absorb a much larger bomb without this but in the 2010s a modern one nearly kills him?
    • Recall that despite the size of the bomb in the video being much larger, the actual lines in the movie state that the nuke they used on Godzilla in the past was much weaker than modern nukes. Its also possible that if he's in the cooling water/not engaged in a battle Godzilla may be more capable of safely releasing excess radiation (recall the threat of meltdown is not mentioned until some time after the bomb hits him, and well after he left the water).
    • Another possibility is the fact that the nuclear bomb could have been a Neutron Bomb, which are also known as Enhanced Radiation Weapons, they aren't big on yield but they produce a lot more radiation than a regular bomb.
    • Based on the apparent size of the explosion and how it completely shattered absolutely massive kaiju scaled architecture the bomb used on Godzilla at the temple is far larger than any nuclear weapon ever detonated or even seriously concepted in the real world. We're talking gigatonnish yields here. Which would ineed make Castle Bravo look like a firecracker.
    • Godzilla was next to a radiation wellspring too, so the bomb could've made the area 'flood' so to speak. Would also explain the huge yield.

     How the heck does Behemoth eat? 
  • Real elephants and their extinct cousins only get away with having such short necks and humongous tusks because they have long, prehensile trunks that can gather edible plant matter from the foliage. But Behemoth's stubby trunk isn't able to reach the ground, and the tusks would prevent it from lowering its head to feed. Its calicothere-paws are built for knuckle-walking and possibly digging, not grasping food and raising it to its mouth. We know that this creature must eat physical food, not subsist off photosynthesis or radiation or whatever, because dung from the Behemoth is cited as very potent fertilizer. Yet its basic anatomy seems to make eating all but impossible for the critter.
    • He doesn't seem to have a mouth either, further compounding this issue.

     Rodan and the Oxygen Destroyer? 
  • If Rodan is an earth-based creature then how did he survive the Oxygen Destroyer's detonation? He was knocked into the water after Ghidorah defeated him right?
    • Presumably he had swam/flown out of range of the blast by the time the Oxygen Destroyer detonated. He's already out of the water when Ghidorah emerges to proclaim victory over Godzilla.

     How did ancient humans survive Ghidorah? 
  • If his just waltzing around is terraforming the planet how is there any record of him existing at all? Assuming Godzilla stopped him in time whenever he tried to destroy Earth, any nearby humans would've been reduced to paste.
    • I forget if the source of this info is the novel or the various news articles we see in the credits, but the civilization that worshiped Godzilla and built that gigantic temple was actually quite advanced and thus able to stand up to Ghidorah. Ghidorah still killed most of them and destroyed their civilization, but with their weapons and technology the humans were able to last long enough to help Godzilla win and the survivors were able to leave some records.

     How did Godzilla know that Ghidorah was about to be released? 
  • In the intimidation display scene, the humans realize that Godzilla is en route to Antarctica to deal with Ghidorah. But how could he have known that Ghidorah was about to be awakened? Emma and Jonah were planning it in secret and unless Godzilla is telepathic, there’s no logical way that a gigantic ‘’animal’’ could have been aware of the motives of two humans.
  • When they arrive to the Antarctica outpost they say they are already getting a ECG signal from Ghidorah, so it's evident that he was already half-awaken from the drilling. Perhaps Ghidorah was already subconsciously emiting some sort of signal that Godzilla managed to identify.

     How did Ghidorah get to Earth? 
  • Frankly, I’m a bit surprised this hasn’t been brought up. How did Ghidorah make his way through deep space to Earth?
    • It's unknown, in the movie they say the old legends claim he fell from the stars but that's it. Perhaps it came hibernating deep inside an asteroid, perhaps aliens purposefuly left it here, our guess is as good as of anybody on MONARCH.
    • I think it's worth noting that Ghidorah is an alien superbeing that has abilities that quite simply don't exist on Earth, including a Healing Factor that enable it to regenerate parts in minutes, survive being frozen and an Oxygen destroyer that almost killed the strongest thing in the world. It is entirely possible that he simply flew to Earth through the void of space. Which raises further, more disturbing questions like; Where did he come from? Are there more? Why did he choose Earth?
    • It seems like they are running with it's an alien being that just doesn't follow our normal "rules" on Earth. In fiction and on Ancient Aliens, we tend to think aliens will follow all the rules that we have tested and apply to us as Earth beings. If something like Ghidorah ever showed up and broke all those rules, humanity probably would be screwed.

     MONARCH kinda sucks at security and tactics 
OK, I kinda could buy they Ecoterrorists could take by surprise the MONARCH outpost where Mothra was being contained, but it seemed that after that no attempts were made to bolster their defenses (both electronic and physical) and put everybody on a stricter security alert. Bear in mind that Jonah's forces were just a dozen of armed people at most, and yet the Antartica outpost falls so quickly they weren't even able to send a distress signal, and the hacking of the containment measures (something MONARCH already knew was something the terrorists were able to do) in the Isla de Mara outpost went equally fast and unimpeded. Also, the terrorists leave their Osprey right in the front of the Antartica base, and when the MONARCH forces arrive using that same entrance... they ignore the terrorist's only way of escape? Why not leave a couple of guards, or at least do something so any of the hostile forces won't find their escape vehicle up and running just fine?
  • Frankly, I thought the same thing and I'll just chalk all that up to poor writing. Apparently Monarch has the full power of several governments and at least the American Military supporting them, but also can't properly protect heir own bases.
  • Bluntly Monarch thinks itself a top level organization when in reality it's a very poorly run and thought out exercise in futility.
  • Well, MONARCH in Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla (2014) was a civilian research division, with minimal or nonexistent authority over the military forces attached to them (or they were attached to, depending on how you look at it). Since Godzilla and the MUTOs, it's evolved towards a paramilitary organization with a kaiju-hunting focus. But there's a lot of internal inertia to overcome; the civilian scientists aren't just immediately going to fall in with military discipline and security protocol, especially if it interferes with the efficiency of their research. Essentially, behind the scenes there's probably a huge military-versus-civilian tug of war that results in security measures not being implemented, or potentially ignored if they are.

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