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    Ideas for Future Films 
  • The Great Wall being canonized into the Monsterverse
    • Being another, standalone Legendary monster movie, with far less worldbuilding than Pacific Rim, it would be interesting to have The Great Wall take place in the same continuity, with the Tao Tie being not an alien invader as suggested in the film, but rather a species from within the Hollow Earth that were unleashed to the surface by the meteor that struck the Jade Mountain.
      • The Death Jackals of the Skull Island comics certainly bear a resemblance to the Taotie. Perhaps they could be a related species.
  • Films focusing on other Kaiju besides Godzilla and Kong (one suggestion, courtesy of Steven S. DeKnight, would be a King Ghidorah solo-film)
  • A crossover film with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (since Godzilla and Marvel Comics have had a history with each other), possibly introducing Red Ronin into either universe.
  • A crossover film with Toho's Shin Godzilla (yes, that means a battle between two Godzillas)
  • A Pacific Rim sequel that welds the films into the Monsterverse canon.
  • Kaiju films that would otherwise be unrelated being included in the series (not just Pacific Rim, but also the Rampage and Attack on Titan movie adaptations), making the Monsterverse into more of a "thematic universe".
  • There will be a crossover with the Dark Universe remaking Frankenstein Conquers the World. What's not to say that Universal could partner up with Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures just like how Sony teamed up with Disney and Marvel Studios to make Spider-Man: Homecoming?
    • Given The Dark Universe is officially dead, Jossed.
  • A film establishing Jet Jaguar as a character, possibly making him a Suspiciously Similar Substitute for Ultraman. Except instead of having him go giant-sized, Jet Jaguar will function more akin to Giant Robo.
  • A remake of the 1998 Godzilla which would establish Zilla as a character and could lead to future films or a Live-Action TV series based off of Godzilla: The Series.
  • A Spin-off film Featuring Mothra, Battra and Hedorah. Rising pollution gives birth to Hedorah and his existences poisons the Earth. With the Earth's environment being destroyed Battra awakens to deal with the monster and teams up with Mothra to defeat Hedorah. Once defeated, Battra then attacks Humanity for creating the pollution that gave birth to Hedorah, leaving Mothra to defend Humanity.
  • Alternatively, Godzilla and Rodan could face off against Hedorah. Given he's only vulnerable when at risk of drying out, Godzilla and Rodan, being the only two Titans with fire-related powers, would be forced to cooperate in order to stop Hedorah. It could be revealed that Rodan posses a flame-like Breath Weapon when he's at full strength, and uses this and his flight to herd Hedorah towards Godzilla, who can dish out the real damage. By the end Rodan and Godzilla will have newfound respect for each other and Rodan would become his loyal ally, just as he was in the Toho films.
  • Bagan gets his film debut.
  • Remakes of Toho's nonkaiju films like Matango, The H-Man, Half-Human, ect. as more traditional horror films set in the same universe at a human scale.
  • A remake of The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms; since it's owned by Warner Bros., giving us the Rhedosaurus.
    • Alternatively, a remake with Zilla, whose name comes about when people initially mistake him for Godzilla. And instead of being killed by isotope poisoning and heat stroke, Godzilla shows up instead and lays the smackdown on Zilla.
  • A Remake of Space Amoeba: adding elements of the unmade Godzilla (1994), combining “Yog” with the Gyphon. A meteorite crashes into the mountains and inside is an alien blob and starts assimilating animals in order to create a body with which it can conquer the earth. Meanwhile a small piece of the blob is separated from the main body where it eventually gets washed out to sea and parts of it eaten by two crustaceans and a terrapin, causing them to mutate into two Ganimes and Kamoebas. The three monsters eventually come onto land and battle which attracts the attention of a new Titan, Gezora, who helps Kamoebas defeat the two Ganimes, before battling the Gyphon.
  • An idea for a possible new Destroyah origin film. The head Godzilla tore off of Ghidorah in King of the Monsters? It was exposed to the Oxygen Destroyer affected water far longer than any other thing, and given Ghidorah's alien nature, it could been altered by it since it wasn't destroyed. Picture this: The ecoterrorists stimulate the dead head to try and trigger it's regeneration, but the head's DNA equivalent is altered enough that instead of growing into Ghidorah it becomes something else. Something naturally destructive with a grudge against Godzilla. Destroyah.

Future films will engage in Sequel Escalation a la The Fast and the Furious
The Fast and Furious films started out as drama films that were more down to earth, before eventually escalating into the crazy action films we now know them as. Godzilla (2014) was a kaiju film that had few scenes with monster fighting and more drama-filled scenes focusing on the humans just trying to survive, whereas Kong: Skull Island had more monster fighting and even included scenes of the humans getting in on the action. We could potentially see
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), Godzilla vs. Kong, and any future films similarly up-the-ante, to the point that we'll eventually end up with a full-on Destroy All Monsters-esque monster brawl.

Since both Godzilla (2014) and Kong: Skull Island depicted both monsters as "heroes" of the film, defending the world against the worst monsters...
Their showdown movie will feature them fighting at first, but becoming Bash Brothers to fight an even deadlier monster.
  • If this happens, this troper's money is on the "greater threat" being Mechagodzilla.
    • Or Mecha-Ghidorah, after Jonah Alan's eco-terrorist group seeks to weaponize Ghidorah's remains after his defeat.

Mechagodzilla will be built from Adam's bones
Much like how the original Mechagodzilla was built from the skeleton of the original Godzilla in the Japanese films.
  • It was actually the third Mechagodzilla who was built around the skeleton of the original. Still a viable WMG.

Zilla will appear
As a failed attempt to clone Godzilla.
  • Or perhaps as a related species, or a mimic, that is like the hyena to Godzilla's lions. They could also keep the asexual reproduction aspect, which could have Godzilla being Zerg Rushed by dozens and dozens of adolescent Zillas.
  • Perhaps a rename could also be in order, to give it a unique identity of its own. Perhaps give GINO (Godzilla In Name Only) another more serious meaning, like MUTO.
    • Godzilla-Imitation Neo-Organism? Neo because it is a relatively new species in comparison to the millennia old species of Godzilla?

Any Mecha that appears will not originally be a war machines.
Think about it what would be the point of making a Humongous Mecha look like any particular monster? The answer there isn't, instead Mecha's like Mechagodzilla and Mechani-Kong would be built to preform various social experiments with the monsters themselves.
  • I could see that happening with the first Mecha-Kaiju they introduce, Mechagodzilla and Mechani-Kong, using recovered skeletons of other members of the species as a frame to build them around and a synthetic skin to disguise them so they can study the titans’ social behavior with the only weapons being copied from the natural abilities of the titan in question. After the mechas manages to help the original in a fight against another titan the government or monarch decides that they can use Mecha-Titans to help the Titans fight against the next Ghidorah. From there the original mechas are outfitted with additional weapons and new mechas such as M.O.G.U.E.R.A and Jet Jaguar are built with weapons as part of the original design.

Godzilla and co. will be a Four-Element Ensemble
The aquatic Godzilla is water; Rodan, who emerged from a volcano, is fire; Mothra is air; and the jungle animal Kong is Earth.

The post-credits scene of Godzilla vs. Kong will depict...
...the creation of Mecha-Godzilla. After the destruction caused by Godzilla and Kong during their bout, MONARCH decides to take a more active approach to defending Earth against monsters, against Serizawa's wishes. Using the bones of Adam, they will create Mecha-Godzilla (like the WMG above). The scene will show a control room filled with computers. As someone offscreen talks about how MONARCH needs to be more proactive, the camera will pan up to a large screen on the wall, revealing blueprints/3-D schematics for Mecha-Godzilla before the screen goes black.

Kong was originally part to the Dark Universe
The original King Kong was created by Universal and thus technically a member of the classic Universal Monster lineup. However, the decision was made to drop Kong from the lineup for two VERY big reasons: 1) Having King Kong fight against Godzilla in an official American made movie was way, WAY too good an opportunity to pass up for Legendary; and 2) The Monsterverse overall seemed to be a better fit for Kong thematically than the Dark Universe. No matter how powerful, scary, and badass you make Dracula or the Mummy, both are going to be completely overshadowed by the 800 ton gorilla near the building.
  • Umm, to correct you there, while Kong is owned by Universal, the character wasn't created by Universal, but by RKO.

The inevitable crossover movie between the Monsterverse and Pacific Rim will be a loose adaptation of Godzilla vs. Megalon

Jet Jaguar could be reimagined as a Jaeger (His name easily fits into the two-word Word Salad Title Jaeger naming scheme.) and Megalon and Gigan could be easily reimagined as Kaiju. (With the Precursors taking the place of the Seatopians and the Nebula M aliens, and Megalon's drills and Gigan's cybernetics being based on the reverse-engineered Jaeger technology the Kaiju are shown using in the trailers for Pacific Rim: Uprising.)

Potential Toho Kaiju in future films
  • Titanosaurus: He would fit right in since he's a prehistoric sea creature and could be something of a nonviolent Gentle Giant. His design could take influence from spinosaurid dinosaurs, perhaps having a slimmer, more athletic build to better differentiate him from Godzilla.
  • Baragon: He's stated to be a therapsid, type of Permian era creature, maybe give him large mole-like claws and a sensitivity to bright light.
  • Varan: He'd be a prehistoric relative of monitor lizards and be redesigned to more closely resemble them.
  • Manda: She'd have been the inspiration of asiatic dragons and still have that design but have a more aquatic appearance such as fins and webbing. She could be an ancient sea creature or if you want to go more sci-fi a genetically engineered weapon/guardian of a lost civilization.
  • Anguirus: He could more closely resemble a spiky terrestrial crocodile and his species could share a symbiotic relationship with Godzilla's, thus explaining their friendship.
    • That aesthetic could probably be imported, but it's unlikely they'll make the two species symbiotic since they've already done that with Godzilla and Mothra, and doing the same with Anguirus would seem repetitive.
      • Perhaps less Symbiotic as a partnership, more a Predator/Scavenger symbiosis? unlike Godzilla, Anguirus feeds on meat, it still has to be irradiated meat from a Kaiju, but Anguirus species survive by eating the corpses of Kaiju Godzilla leaves behind.
  • Megaguirus: She could be a colossal eusocial dragonfly-like insect with an even more buglike visage and be prey/natural enemy to Rodan and her children could provide a more direct threat to the human characters.
  • Maybe SpaceGodzilla. I imagine they'd want to build on the concept that alien life exists in this universe. I think they'd find Mechagodzilla a bit too corny, so maybe an alien clone would work better. Of course, Toho's Spacey was created by a really corny freak accident, not deliberate alien engineering, so they'd have to tweak his backstory for this to work.
  • Gigan. Possibly the most obvious follow-up to Ghidorah, considering their shared origins.
  • Biollante, a product of Kaiju-plant-growth-cycles getting out of control.
    • Alternatively, she could be the inspiration of the World Tree myth.
  • Hedorah: He could be created from the ecosystem-healing radiation emitted by the Titans having unexpected interactions with toxic waste dumped into the ocean and mutating the bacteria within it.
  • Destoroyah: He could come about in the exact same way as his Toho origins, having been microscopic, prehistoric crustaceans reawoken and mutated by the Oxygen Destroyer, possibly as a similar species to Shinomura.
  • King Caesar: Found standing dormant in the ruins of an ancient underground civilization, at first confused for a massive statue due to having very rock-like skin and an overall appearance reminiscent of a golem. He could also be another Alpha Titan, albeit a more benevolent and cooperative one similar to like Mothra.
  • Gorosaurus: Since he was based off of the Tyrannosaurus-Rex from the original King Kong, it would make sense to place him on Skull Island, have him and Kong feud over territory, etc.
  • Megalon: He would be a product of ancient science, since the only other way to explain his rotating drill hands would be to make him an alien.
  • Orga: He would be created by Allen Jonah by combining Godzilla's DNA with that of a Skullcrawler, thus creating an Eldritch Abomination that looks even more deformed than the original Orga.
  • Gamera: This isn't a serious entry, I just wanna see if you guys think Kadokawa would go for it.

Potential American Kaiju (pre-existing) in future films.
  • Skeetera: Her ability to mutate further and gain new powers by drinking the blood of other kaiju would definitely make for an interesting story.
  • The Tricephalon: Picture King Ghidorah mixed with a Dimetrodon, it came from a Godzilla playset from 1979 and was created as a stand in for Ghidorah himself. Perhaps they could introduce him as being the result of Jonah and his ilk experimenting with the DNA in Ghidorah's severed head to creat new monsters to push their agendas.
  • Gaw: The Death Jackals seem to be the MonsterVerse's version of the Deathrunners from the Kong: King of Skull Island. It would make sense to make their alpha the villain of a future solo Kong film.

Potential original Kaiju in future films
  • A gigantic worm or centipede creature that constricts its opponents, and probably has a big disgusting Lamprey Mouth.
  • A simian creature like Kong, but built more like a baboon, smaller and more agile. It could combine dexterity with a far greater agility than any Kaiju we've seen thus far.
  • A giant pistol shrimp. One of vanishingly few creatures in nature that comes with its own Hand Blast (of sorts), nd something that can challenge Godzilla on his own submarine turf. Also it looks pretty creepy, especially with its post-shedding translucent carapace, which I think the filmmakers would appreciate.
    • This sounds like what the Monsterverse version of Ebirah would be like.
  • Any monster from the NES Godzilla Creepypasta.

Potential recycled Kaiju from unmade projects in future films.
  • Bagan, specifically the interpretation of him as a joint clone of Godzilla and Ghidorah. We've got our opening there after both of the latter had their fight. And the guy could really use some exposure.
  • Berserk: Mixed with Elements of the Techno-Sentient from Godzilla: the Series, it would crash on earth and start assimilating technology to grow bigger with the intention of wiping out any resistance to an invasion by its alien masters.
  • The Gryphon: it’s definitely something that’s probably second only to Bagan in untapped potential.

There will be a recreation of the famous ending sequence from the original King Kong movie
Just like the title says, a future Monsterverse movie will recreate the famous sequence from the original 1930's classic. Kong will end up grabbing a beautiful, blond human woman, climb up the Empire State Building, fight off flying enemies that are swarming him, and possibly end up being killed by the cumulative done to him by said flying enemies. However, the circumstances surrounding said reaction will be entirely different: Kong winds up finding and rescuing the blond woman, whom the big ape befriended earlier, from alien invaders, and the flying enemies will be either alien fighter craft or smaller flying aliens trying to kill him as well as the other defending kaiju, and Kong's death is treated as a tragic heroic sacrifice that spurs the other defending kaiju to fight harder.

Instead of Mechagodzilla, we'll get Tristar's Cyber Godzilla
It would be a wonderful nod to fans of the Tristar version and a badass redemption of Zilla.

All the Titans aren't all of the same origins
Since it appears they are fully going that Ghidorah is alien and the Word of God by Michael Doughtery wanted to make the Shobijin thing be revealed post credit, chances are there are other titans with origins that aren't just giant thought to be extinct animals on the planet. This feels like a good Sequel Hook to use in Godzilla vs Kong as long as Toho keeps the license going.

Godzilla is not the last of his kind.
What appears to be another MUTO shows up in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), plus this would justify the possible existence for Godzilla Jr. in the future.

A Dorat will appear.
If Alan Jonah manages to revive Ghidorah's severed head it will first have to grow a new body and end up in a smaller formnote  than it previously had, at least temporarily.

The Gotengo or a similar vehicle will appear.
It would be a MONARCH vehicle, a sort of global operating titan engagement ordnance.

MUTOs get some DNA from whatever animal their eggs gestate within, Xenomorph-style
The ones we see in Godzilla (2014) are sleek, angular, and almost metallic looking. The MUTO Prime from the tie-in comic has the same body plan, but has big scales, huge foreleg musculature, and a more powerful jaw, a bit like Godzilla himself (while its origin isn't known, it's sort of implied to have grown from an egg that was implanted in one of Godzilla's species).

The Monsterverse's version of the Shobijin follow a cycle, just like Mothra
Dr. Chen and her sister are all but explicitly stated to be the Monsterverse version of the Shobijin, confirmed both by Dougherty and KOTM's novelization. Supplementary material reveals that the Chens are descended from a long line of identical female twins, including their mother and aunt and grandmother and great aunt, as well as Ilene Chen's daughters. Given that Mothra lives through a cycle, being born, metamorphosing into her imago form and laying an egg to ensure her return if she dies, it would only make sense that her priestesses would also have a cycle. So every Shobijin is born as a set of twin girls.

Adding to the above, the Shobijin aren't entirely human here
Seeing as the Monsterverse is going for a more realistic feel, it's unlikely that they'll just straight up say that the Shobijin are magical fairies, but rather, they'll depict them as Ambiguously Human entities who have supernatural powers of their own, namely a psychic connection of sorts with Mothra. I think this is hinted at in the final battle, where Dr. Chen looks almost as if she's anticipating Mothra's arrival about half a minute before Mothra actually shows up.

Godzilla is the real Leviathan
Even though a titan in Loch Ness is dubbed Leviathan, Godzilla may be the actual creature talked about in the old testament. Leviathan is described as having impenetrable scales, shooting fire from his mouth, and being immune to all human weapons. Even having "eyes like the rays of dawn" should sound familiar. Leviathan is explicitly described as "King over all that are proud", and it is stated that "nothing on earth is his equal". Meanwhile Godzilla rules the titans and the only single threat to that rule came from another world. The biblical Leviathan is even sometimes interpreted as a metaphor for nature's wrath, which fits perfectly with this iteration of Godzilla.

If there is ever a crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe...
The given reason that the Avengers and/or SHIELD didn't take action in 2014 would be a government policy that delegates any Titan-related activity to Monarch, and their inaction five years later was due to the remaining Avengers being occupied with their own problems in the aftermath of the Snap.
  • Additionally, half of Monarch's security personnel were among the victims of the Snap, partially explaining why it was so easy for Jonah and his eco-terrorist group to accomplish what they did. The other part being that Emma Russell was one of them.

The Destroy All Monsters of the Monsterverse will include a final battle with Toho's "Big Five" Kaiju.
For no other reason than because Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Mechagodzilla and King Ghidorah all at once would be the definition of awesome.

The Titans are a Last-of-their kind pack
All the individual titans have their own individual origins (as some are older than others) but Godzilla has long united them as each being either the last of their kind or the only of their kind for a common goal of a peaceful co-existence with humans. Ghidorah tried to usurp that to help them make the Earth his own playground.
  • Continuing from this Godzilla fought the MUTOS when there were many of them. Now with one believing herself the only one left, has willingly joined the group.
  • Godzilla will likely lead the titans to Skull Island to try and convince Kong to join the group.
M.O.G.U.E.R.A. will eventually debut as a Pragmatic Adaptation of Giant Mecha in general
When you think about it, there's no real reason that a piece of Military equipment would need to be shaped like anything, regardless of size. M.O.G.U.E.R.A. might turn out as a giant super-tank, a Starfish Robot, or a Military Mashup Machine.

The Titans' Radiation is actually a form of magic
It would explain how the titans are able to defy our understanding of physics and biology.

Ghidorah is an artificial life-form
Not this troper's idea so much as one that at least two different people on the internet have come up with. Basically, the idea regarding the Mysterious Past of the MonsterVerse incarnation of King Ghidorah is that it was originally a Bioweapon Beast created by an extraterrestrial civilization (like the old Toho incarnations), but unlike in Toho, Ghidorah's masters were unable to control it and it exterminated them before coming to Earth.

Ghidorah's chipped horn
Ghidorah's Healing Factor brings up a curious question: why does the right head's (Ni's) Ear Notch horn remain permanently chipped, even after the Healing Factor was triggered by Rodan's volcano and by chomping on the Boston transformer? A couple possible explanations proposed in YouTube comments:

  • The Healing Factor only targets damage to flesh and the endoskeleton, and not damage to bone spurs that are naturally on the outside,
  • Or Number 2: Ghidorah didn't always have its Healing Factor, and Ni's horn got injured before this. There's a couple possible explanations for this:
    • Ghidorah's species aren't able to regenerate from birth, but rather the ability develops as they mature, and any injuries they suffer before this are more likely to leave scars. Or...
    • Ghidorah copied or stole its regenerative ability from another alien Titan, perhaps one it met on an alien world while it was travelling the stars before finding Earth. Perhaps Ghidorah Life Draining Godzilla after he absorbed Mothra's radiation wasn't just about stopping Burning Godzilla — perhaps Ghidorah was trying to take Godzilla's Atomic Ray, Mothra's Born-Again Immortality or God Rays, or another one of their abilities for itself as a kind of trophy. Makes you wonder how many of Ghidorah's other powers belonged to and were assimilated from other beings...

Among Ghidorah's heads, Kevin is Forced into Evil by the other two
The Token Good Teammate treatment of Ghidorah's left head (San, A.K.A. Kevin) by the fanbase holds more water when one considers a lot of the head's specific behavior throughout the film, and further hints by the director and by the Ghidorah-heads' actors.

Kevin has no compunctions against joining the other two heads in trying to slaughter humans, Mothra or Godzilla when all three of the heads are working together, nor does Kevin seem inclined to protest when Ghidorah is doing something else that's particularly evil; but on his own, the only really evil things this head does are savaging Godzilla's neck when Ghidorah is Life Draining him, giving out the odd Slasher Smile, and licking the G-Team's ashy remains. In regards to the aforementioned times when Kevin does act evil of his own volition: him Life-Draining Godzilla could very well have been provoked by Godzilla previously ripping off Kevin's head before it regrew, or it could've been Kevin merely being Obsessed with Food (namely with eating Godzilla's tasty radiation) since he did display this attitude before in Antarctica; him licking the G-Team's corpses after Ghidorah kills them appears to be "innocent" Psychopathic Manchild curiosity more so than anything truly malicious on Kevin's part; and one of the only times Kevin sported a definitive Slasher Smile was when Ghidorah was pursuing the Argo above the ocean. While Ghidorah's attack on the Argo while it was fleeing was purely sadistic on the three-headed dragon's part, Kevin's Slasher Smile may have been more due to being caught up in the thrill of closing in on prey (even the likes of Godzilla and Rodan seem to particularly enjoy fighting at times) rather than actually enjoying picking on a fleeing aircraft.

The director and the mo cap actors have both described Ghidorah's middle head Ichi as the "alpha" of the three heads, and have furthermore stated that the wolf pack mentality applies to the hierarchy Ghidorah's three heads have, as much as it applies to the Alpha Titan's relation to the other Titans. The mo cap actors furthermore state that Kevin tends to obey Ichi's orders without thinking about them. Note that in the film, Rodan acts particularly vicious when he's under Ghidorah's control, but seems to pull a quick Heel–Face Turn after Godzilla kills King Ghidorah.

So in a way, the Kevin head is as much a puppet of Ghidorah (specifically Ichi) as Rodan and the other Titans it enslaves over the film (even if he's more like a limb with its own sentience than a forcibly-controlled exterior tool), and the director's joke that Kevin probably wouldn't be a bad guy if he weren't taking orders from Ichi could be taken that much more seriously. Which in turn makes you feel a bit more sorry for the left head when it gets vapourized for the last time in the climax...

The real root of Emma's Face–Heel Turn
Not this troper's idea either.

One of the main criticisms with Emma Russell's Face–Heel Turn before the film's main time frame, is that it makes zero sense that someone who lost their child to a kaiju rampage would respond to it the way Emma did. The truth of Emma's motivation? Whereas her ex-husband blames the kaiju for one of them causing their son's death, Emma blames the human race for awakening the kaiju with their atomic bombs and strip mining activities in the first place, hence her using Humans Are the Real Monsters as her justification for awakening the Titans and expecting them to inflict Gaia's Vengeance on millions of families just like she suffered.

Ghidorah's octopus-like Bizarre Alien Biology, and how its Multiple Head Case works
Basically this troper's explanation of how Ghidorah can recover Kevin's memories and personality when regrowing his head, in relation to Mike Dougherty's statement that it's because Ghidorah has octopus-like scattered neurons. From what this troper knows, octopus limbs possess partial independence from the brain because two-thirds of the octopus' neurons are outside the brain and distributed in the limbs: if Ghidorah's heads have different personalities because the neurons are focused in them, then logically the left head that grew back should've behaved differently from the head that got severed due to new neurons being grown. Some viewers argue that Kevin became more malicious after his head was regrown, but looking closely shows he still has some of the same personality at the Boston battle as he does pre-decapitation, such as getting distracted and having somewhat docile-looking facial cues compared to the other two heads. An additional bit of evidence that needs to be taken into consideration: the Monarch website states Ghidorah's heads each have a brain (or an organ similar enough to terrestrial organisms' brains to be mistaken for one), and cranial scans indicate each head's lobe has a differing density which lead Monarch to suspect even before Ghidorah is freed that its heads each have some individuality and independent thought from each-other. So there are two possible explanations for how Ghidorah recovers severed heads' minds when regenerating them that this troper can think of:
  1. Specific information in the heads' individual brains are relayed to and through the neurons and ganglia in the main body, and those ganglia can "back up" each head's personality like a computer file in the event that one of the heads is severed.
  2. Basically, the personalities and possibly the consciousnesses of each of Ghidorah's heads are in the heads' brains (and maybe some extra neurons that are bunched in their necks), but their memories are somewhere else: when Ghidorah is memorizing sensory input or its heads' thoughts, the information feeds into a single shared memory bank in Ghidorah's body, and this is why Ghidorah's heads when regrown have the same memories. As for why Kevin's regrown head has the same personality if his personality was in the ripped-off head's brain: as I said, the brain probably controls the head's personality because of its lobe density, and Ghidorah's biology is programmed to regrow any one of its heads with that head's unique lobe density intact (so the middle head is always programmed to be a leader and sadistic, the right head is always programmed to be angry, and the left head is always programmed to be a lookout who gets distracted).
Ghidorah and his allied Titans were the cause of the Permian-Triassic Extinction.
It's vaguely implied that the Permian period was the last epoch in Earth's history (before 2019 anyway) that many Titans were active simultaneously, and perhaps there's a reason for that. We've seen first-hand that Ghidorah is perfectly capable of single-handedly causing an extinction event, after all. It's hardly a stretch to pin the largest known mass extinction in Earth's history directly onto his multi-headed shoulders. This might even have been the event that cemented his rivalry with Godzilla.

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