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Pre-trailer release

The Oxygen Destroyer creates Hedorah

We've seen how the Oxygen Destroyer wipes out all life within a particular perimeter, but remember they deployed it presumably in the Gulf of Mexico where the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill occurred. The combination of Godzilla's leftover radiation, Oxygen Destroyer, and remnants of oil could create Hedorah from that.

  • Also remember that there are extremophile bacteria and anaerobic (Meaning they thrive without oxygen) bacteria in existence that could have survived the Oxygen Destroyer and thrived...

Neither Titan dies at the end

“One will fall” doesn’t nessecarily mean dying. It could mean that one merely loses the fight and gets knocked out cold. The 2/16 trailer implies the one who falls is Kong.

Godzilla is a Hero Antagonist instead of a villain.

This one ties to the theory above and the Mechagodzilla theories.

Basically, Godzilla’s rampages are not targeting humanity as a whole, but are mainly focused on Apex/Monarch. Note that his behaviour is an angry beeline to his target rather than mass destruction. Mothra’s death being fresh on his mind, Big G would be understandably furious after sensing Ghidora’s presence again. His motive being trying to hunt down the true villain of the movie: Ghidora/Mechagodzilla. Unfortunately, Godzilla has to become the “nessecary destruction” aspect of protecting the balance of nature to do this.

Thus the conflict between Kong and Godzilla is because Kong is unwittingly (and repeatedly) getting in the way of Godzilla’s mission.

Everything comes to a head after Godzilla knocks Kong out when Godzilla FINALLY finds his query, coming in for the kill when both Titans are weakened. This leads to Kong and Godzilla teaming up to fight Mechagodzilla when Kong wakes up. Both survive the fight.

Godzilla won't be on our side as of Godzilla vs. Kong
With all the trailers repeatedly saying "good thing he's on our side", it's seemingly foreshadowing how bad it would be for us if he wasn't. Cue humanity doing something to incur his wrath, perhaps Alan Jonah and his ecoterrorist group trying to kill or capture him, which ends up putting him in a more antagonistic role when Kong comes around to save some humans he's come to care about from the enraged titan.
  • Confirmed (more or less) by the trailer.

Godzilla vs. Kong is a midquel.
Godzilla and Kong have fought before, and perhaps he may make a surprise appearance in this film during the climax.
  • Alternatively, it could justify Burning Godzilla potentially dying in this film from nuclear overload, subverting the Foregone Conclusion of Godzilla surviving the film due to one more entry in the works.
  • Jossed

Godzilla vs. Kong will have Kong fighting the other Titans.
The ending of the film has Rodan, Scylla, Methuselah, Behemoth and the new Female MUTO all accepting Godzilla as their alpha, and the credits mention "a migration to Skull Island. So it's probable that Godzilla is bringing his entire posse to Skull Island to challenge this rival king, and Kong will fight them all one by one, taking on Godzilla last.
  • Alternatively, the aforementioned migration is under the direction of Godzilla as a way of sheparding the other Titans to a place where they can stay and not be in humanity's way, only to have Kong treat it as essentially a home invasion.
Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah will be created by splicing human DNA with DNA from the severed head of Ghidorah.

Certain points were made in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) with what could be done with Kaijus, one of the specific things being DNA. Why put emphasis on this and, Ghidorah's vampiric draining abilities that were taken from Godzilla: Final Wars, and the bio-terrorists acquiring Ghidorah's head without raising the possibility of Monster X?

  • Given that it's seemingly the least intelligent head of the trio that survives, I doubt the terrorists

The severed Ghidorah head is still alive and will regrow into a new Ghidorah.
Rather than being rebuilt as cyborg Mecha-Ghidorah as some have speculated, the disembodied head, exposed to enough radiation, regenerates a new body and two new heads of its own. As it's central head is now the original Ghidorah's Ax-Crazy left head, this new Ghidorah will be more cruel, sadistic and unpredictable than the original.
  • The head that survives isn't the *cruel* head, it's the dopey head. So any regenerated Ghidorah being "more cruel, sadistic and unpredictable" seems unlikely when the sole surviving head was the least cruel and sadistic of the three, and more the outright least intelligent.

The reborn Mothra will team up with Godzilla, Rodan and Kong to battle threats from space.
With Rodan now on Godzilla's side and a new Mothra egg discovered in the credits, and a potential Godzilla and Kong team-up in GvK, the four Earth monsters can end up being a quartet defending the planet from other extraterrestrial threats like Ghidorah.

In a future installment, another kaiju (possibly Ghidorah returned) will again challenge Godzilla's alpha status
...Only this time, while some minor kaiju will promptly submit, Rodan will be the one refusing to bow and will still fight for Godzilla.

Alan Jonah will use Ghidorah's DNA to modify Kong
Ghidorah has electrical-based powers, so in an adaptation of the original King Kong vs. Godzilla, Kong will end up with electricity-based abilities as well, after the eco-terrorists capture Kong and experiment on him.

The severed Ghidorah head will grow into a new Ghidorah that becomes an ally of sorts to Godzilla.
Given that we know Ghidorah has utterly insane regenerative properties, he could potentially regenerate from a single head. And given that the head that survived was the least intelligent of the three, it would feasibly be the most likely to follow the designated Alpha rather then think to usurp power.

Godzilla will eventually end up hostile towards humanity and battle against a reborn Mothra
They make a point of mentioning that Godzilla is on their side "for now", which suggests that they may be setting him up to take a more antagonistic role in a later movie. Godzilla and Mothra have just as often been enemies as they have allies, more so infact and after Ghidorah and King Kong, Mothra is one of the most Iconic Godzilla foes.

Godzilla vs. Kong will have them both start as rivals/enemies but end as Fire-Forged Friends.
It's a bit like a "Batman v Superman" situation: Something will cause Godzilla and Kong to come to blows at first, be it something to do with their different stances regarding humanity, a misunderstanding or just a turf war. However, both of them will then be forced to acknowledge a larger threat, possibly one which caused them to come to blows in the first place. A likely contender for the common threat is the eco-terrorists cooking something up with Ghidorah's head which threatens the entire planet, causing the Titans to put their differences aside and then gain mutual respect after they work together.

Godzilla wins, but spares Kong as a Worthy Opponent
As the directors have stated there to be a definite winner, it's likely Godzilla would win, but as Kong puts up a good fight he gains Godzilla's respect who then spares his life. Perhaps Kong even bows before Godzilla at the end, taking a place as a sort of second-in-command next to Godzilla leading the titans, thus teaming up with him to fight threats to the earth.

Future monsters team-up is elements themed.
Kong is earth, reborn Mothra wind, Rodan fire and if Rodan isn't included, Godzilla (Burning Godzilla) can fill both as water too.

The Ghidorah-head bought by Alan Jonah will be used to create a brand new monster...Bagan, by combining Ghidorah's DNA with Godzilla's.
When Ghidorah's head is torn off by Godzilla, during their fight (prior to being hit by the Oxygen Destroyer), he regenerates a new one almost immediately. However, despite however much time has passed since the left head was severed and Jonah buying it in the stinger, it has shown no signs of regenerating, and does not appear to be alive in any respect. Therefore, the most effective approach would be to salvage its DNA and use it to create a new Titan. Given how much has been made of the importance of Alpha Titans, what could be better and more fearsome than creating a monster born from the fusion of two different Alphas?

Kong will be controlled by Alan Jonah.
Kong will agree with Jonah's line of thinking, and thus sets out to destroy civilization. Godzilla vehemently disagrees with this, and fights to stop Kong from harming the humans he has become fond of, and fought alongside.

Godzilla vs Kong isn't going to be a one vs one fight
Given that they are both Alphas I believe that the two will take command of a pack and fight each other. Possibly all Titans will be split between the two alphas and fight with the opposing group.

Godzilla's main team could be the classics: Rodan, Mothra, and Anguirus. while Kong's main team could be the new titans: Behemoth, scylla and Methuselah

  • This massive fight between two alphas and the damage they cause may end up scaring monarch to be more proactive in reining the Titans and enter the ring with Mechas to become the new alpha.

Dr. Chen's "for now" line will pay off with Mecha Godzilla.
In the film, Dr. Lin ominously says "For now." when one of the soldiers says "Good thing (Godzilla)'s on our side." Now think about this from Godzilla's perspective. Humans woke up Ghidorah, made things WORSE by using the oxygen destroyer. Which for all he knew, was meant for HIM not Ghidorah. Humans pretty much fuck up everything they come in contact with and have tried to kill him several times. Add to that Dr. Serizawa's death, he's probably getting sick of our shit as it is. When Mecha G is inevitably built, it'll be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Maybe he won't be antagonistic toward us. Just more of a "Oh you assholes think you can do it better? OK, fuck you then." Only REALLY coming to help when we're in way over our head to show he hasn't completely given up on us. A Godzilla Threshold if you will.

  • This looking more likely after the trailer's release.

Jonah will use the severed head to create a new version of Ghidorah.
Mankinds tech doesn't seem to have went through the acceleration the previous Godzilla films got to, so the idea of a Mecha-King Ghidorah is unlikely, but perhaps they will use the popular alternative these days, Genetic Engineering Is the New Nuke. It is mentioned that the Monarch base holding Ghidorah had his DNA samples, whose to say that Jonah took these, plus any other samples they had from other Kaiju, perhaps they fuse Godzilla's DNA with Ghidorah Creating GODorah ? With that being the lead Kaiju, with smaller offshoot hybrids from other Kaiju being Godorahs subordinate monsters?

    Post-trailer release 

Post-trailer release

The "Godzilla" destroying cities and attacking Kong is actually a disguised Mechagodzilla
Godzilla's acting uncharacteristically aggressive because he's actually a fake: just like in the Showa films, where Godzilla is seen being more violent and even mauling his close ally Anguirus, until it was revealed that it was actually Mechagodzilla with false skin. Perhaps he'll be a Terminator-style cyborg in this iteration.

  • This troper had the same thought! Why would a Godzilla we've seen being an outright good guy in all previous appearances suddenly start attacking humans for no reason? Madison says they're doing something to provoke him, but I think it's because that's not really Godzilla, and Kong knows it.
  • In a Freeze-Frame Bonus in the first trailer, it's possible to spot Mechagodzilla during one of the scenes of Godzilla's supposed rampages.

Assuming that this IS Mechagodzilla, he's rampaging since he has Ghidorah's brain.
The severed Ghidorah head in the last movie had to be used somehow. Perhaps it or at least its mind and memories is incorporated into Mechagodzilla somehow: plus, the head in question was the Ax-Crazy one of the three, and without the other heads's conflicting personalities to keep it in check it goes on a full-out rampage.
  • All three of Ghidorah's heads were Ax-Crazy, and the head that survives (San/Kevin) was the most Psychopathic Manchild but was also if anything the least vicious of the three — Kevin overall seemed to be more interested in curiously investigating things than killing them except for when Ichi bossed him around or when the heads were working in sync. If Kevin's mind is controlling Mechagodzilla without his brothers bossing him around, he'd probably be more likely to try leaning down to curiously investigate running humans, maybe smash a building once he grows bored of them and attack a fleeing boat or two for kicks, but he'd probably be quick to back down once Godzilla or Kong tried to put him in his place (which would make for anti-climax in this movie).
    • Still, considering that Ghidorah's nervous system is non-centralized, perhaps the other two heads' minds are also able to re-manifest inside Mechagodzilla...
    • ...or alternatively, perhaps the trauma of having his brain scooped out and incorporated into Mechagodzilla drives Kevin's mind in Mechagodzilla to become even more malevolent due to Being Tortured Makes You Evil.

The final trailer shot of Kong striking Godzilla's face with his axe will be a Robotic Reveal for Mechagodzilla
The impact destroys Mechagodzilla's false skin and reveals his true identity: only then do the humans realize that the one causing all the destruction isn't Godzilla at all.

Godzilla is acting this way because somebody did a Kiryu
Godzilla is either angered in general that the bones of a parent/relative/ancestor are being used to make the Mechagodzilla, or is tracking Mechagodzilla down to defeat/destroy a perceived rival.

The human antagonists have an elaboration of the ORCA from Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) that can control Titans, not just attract them or calm them down, with either the intent to sell them as Living Weapons or to gain support for a Kill 'Em All plan on the Titans. And what better Titan to start with than the most powerful of them all, the Alpha Titan himself... Godzilla? Kong will know that Godzilla is Not Himself and will attempt to free him from the humans' control.

Kong will be the winner.
So far, the teasers have spotlighted Kong, and they're showing him in a sympathetic light. He's the human-loving, noble Titan, meanwhile Godzilla is the "anti-hero". The Adaptational Heroism to make Kong's victory over Godzilla easier to swallow from King Kong vs. Godzilla will be repeated.

Plus, he'll finally get the title "King Kong" by taking the title away from Godzilla as the new King of the Monsters!

  • I'd actually make the argument that neither of them are going to be the "villainous" monster. From what's already been seen, it looks like a group of humans are going to abduct Kong from Skull Island (as humans are oft want to do) and try to use him as a weapon to kill Godzilla when the other Alpha Titan tries to rescue him. From there, it can be argued that the narrative requires Godzilla to win by freeing Kong from his bondage and allowing the Ape to return to Skull Island in peace. Besides Kong gets his king title from being the King of Skull Island.

Skull Island will become the Monster Island/Monsterland of the MonsterVerse.
Fairly self explanatory. It seems despite only appearing in the late Showa Era films Monster Island is a rather iconic location in the Godzilla Universe, especially among the American audience as the place where all of Earth's Kaiju live.
  • Assuming the island lasts. The end credits of "King of the Monsters" mentions 'seismic activity' in the area around Skull Island, suggesting it may eventually meet its usual fate of collapsing into the sea.

Kong will die
After the two stars have settled their differences and joined forces, at some point in the climax Kong will do a Colossus Climb up some famous large building, and the movie will provide a Leaning on the Fourth Wall moment (like a sad music cue or something) to confirm what the audience has realized: that Kong cannot escape his destiny

As for Kong's death itself, he will make a Heroic Sacrifice, climbing up a building to do something like knock a flying Mechagodzilla out of the air or maybe destroying a tower that's helping it somehow, but will be fatally wounded in the process. This will cause Godzilla to go full Let's Get Dangerous! and deliver a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to his robotic doppelgänger.

Kong and Godzilla's species weren't ancient enemies, they were allies against Ghidorah
In the trailer, someone says "There was a war and they're the last two standing". Now, we know that Kong and Godzilla are both Alpha Titans - and thus were unaffected by Ghidorah's control. Who's to say that their kinds didn't pull an Enemy Mine to fight Ghidorah when he arrived on Earth? Godzilla and Kong, both of whom are the Last of Their Kind, will team up again to fight a common adversary (possibly Mechagodzilla) in the present, reviving their species' old alliance.

If Mechagodzilla shows up, he'll be a Composite Character of previous versions of the character.
Specifically, he'll be a straight up villain, like his original film. As well as built around the skeleton of a previous Godzilla (Adam from the Godzilla (2014)) like the Kiryu Saga.
  • Partially confirmed by the first trailer: Mechagodzilla does indeed show up and wreak havoc on mankind, firmly returning him to his villainous roots.

Godzilla is attacking humanity because of the construction of Mechagodzilla
Godzilla's reason for attacking mankind is to actually stop what they've built and the reason will be that Ghidorah's parts were used in creating it, thus making Mechagodzilla a threat to the whole planet

After the film the Good Titans will be divided into two factions lead By Godzilla and Kong.
It's been established that both Godzilla and Kong are "Alpha Titans" so regardless of how the battle plays out neither one will become subservient to the other.

  • On Team Godzilla
    • Mothra
    • Anguirus
  • On Team Kong
    • Gorosaurus (In Reference to the Skull Island meat-eater)
  • Uncertain
    • Rodan (his allegiance might depend on who wins the fight)
    • The Canon Foreigner Kaiju

Mechagodzilla is being used to frame Godzilla
Much like his debut film, Mechagodzilla starts out disguised as the real Godzilla and goes on rampages in order to turn humanity against him and the other titans. However whoever responsible for this plan didn't expect Kong to get dragged into it which would ultimately end up revealing the ruse.
  • Alternately, Mechagodzilla was made by an anti-Titan organization with the goal of killing them all.

Mechagodzilla is the reason Godzilla went on a rampage
An alternative to the above, it's possible the Mechagodzilla is why Godzilla is causing mayhem. Reasons why could vary, from using part of Ghidorah's recovered head to the skeletons of the other Godzilla found at the beginning of the 2014 film.

Ren Serizawa will be a villain
This troper isn't the first one who's had this idea since the trailer launch. It's confirmed on IMDb that Dr. Ishirō Serizawa's son Ren who was mentioned on the Monarch website will be appearing in the film, and in the recent trailer, he's seen at approximately 1:41 with a screen seemingly depicting Mechagodzilla behind him. The idea of Ren being ideologically unlike his father would fit with the Godzilla: King of the Monsters novelization, which reveals Ishirō Serizawa chose to pass a Serizawa family heirloom down to Vivienne Graham on her birthday, suggesting Ishirō wasn't as close to Ren as he was to Graham.

Possible reasons and ways Ren will be an antagonist vary. Perhaps Ren has thrown his lot in with Alan Jonah and the Eco-Terrorists, or alternatively maybe he's part of an anti-Titan, pro-human organization who want humans instead of Titans to be the dominant species again after KOTM (sort of the William Stryker to the eco-terrorists' Brotherhood of Mutants, if you will).

Kong's relationship with Godzilla is that of pupil and mentor
This could be a touching tribute to how King Kong played a part in Godzilla's creation and show another side to the Titans hierarchy. While Kong is a member of an Alpha species that rivals Godzilla's, they are still a part of Earth's natural ecosystem. Godzilla may have gotten wind of Kong's species' near-extinction and intervene, taking in and raising Kong.

The Titans will be called Kaiju at one point.

Once they become Fire-Forged Friends, at some point later in the movie Godzilla will intentionally use his Atomic Breath to charge up Kong's axe during a fight

Godzilla won't appear until the final act of the film.
The Godzilla we have seen in the trailers so far is actually Mechagodzilla in disguise. In the trailer, Godzilla's atomic breath looks more like a laser beam. Now while prior incarnations of Godzilla have depicted his atomic breath as some sort of beam (particularly Shin Godzilla), Godzilla's atomic breath has, in the preceding two films, been consistently depicted as being akin to a flamethrower. The reason it looks like a beam is because it actually is a beam weapon being used by the robotic war machine.
  • The real Godzilla will be, for whatever reason, indisposed (maybe subdued by the Anti-Titan group using an ORCA device) and will be freed to assist Kong against his mechanical doppelganger.
  • The problem with this theory is that it would mean that the film wouldn't have an actual fight between Godzilla and King Kong, so it's really cheating the audience.
    • It would certainly be in-line with the director and the movie's tagline stating that "One Will Fall" and that unlike its predecessor there won't be a draw between Kong and Godzilla, but a clear winner. So as not to disappoint either the pro-Godzilla or pro-Kong camps, this is the best possible compromise, unless its a lie.
      • Or it could be a case of Exact Words: One will fall, but it won't be Godzilla or Kong.
      • The fact that there doesn’t appear to be a "One Will Stand" side of that statement lends credence to this idea.

Both Mechagodzilla and Godzilla will be active from the start, but due to the former being disguised, Kong and the humans won't catch on until later.
The group who built Mechagodzilla (possibly around the bones of the long-dead member of Godzilla's species from the first movie) send him to attack cities and frame Godzilla for it, thus turning humanity against him. The real Godzilla gets steamed by what they're doing and starts attacking their facilities, trying to hunt down his impostor and put a stop to the madness. Kong is brought in to try and bring Godzilla down, not realizing it's a fake causing the major harm, and it's only after the two heroic Titans have already fought and nearly killed each other that Mechagodzilla is exposed, forcing Godzilla, Kong, and the good humans into an Enemy Mine against him and his creators.
  • This seems most likely, as the film is titled "Godzilla vs. Kong." If Kong is fighting a disguised Mechagodzilla most of the film, that could create a bad case of Never Trust a Title.

Kong uses Godzilla's own scale against him
A minor point, but it seems the "blade" of Kong's axe is one of Godzilla's scales. It glows blue even before absorbing Godzilla's breath, and is probably the only material that could seriously penetrate Godzilla's skin.
  • Indeed. Adding to this, there seems to be a shot of Kong standing atop numerous glowing Godzilla scales in what appears to be a subterranean cavern, and there's the trailer's hints combined with the cave painting that Kong and Godzilla's respective species had a war with each-other which might've contributed to the two becoming endlings. So the axe was probably made by Kong's ancestors and is found by him stored somewhere.

Godzilla and Kong will have their first proper fight after teaming up against Mechagodzilla
This is assuming the Godzilla is Mechagodzilla theory is true. For most of the movie, Kong will fight Mechagodzilla, and the real Godzilla will show up in a Big Damn Heroes moment; after Mechagodzilla is defeated, they will fight since there can only be one Alpha Titan and the final battle will determine who becomes King of the Monsters.

Mechagodzilla's purpose is making humanity the new Alpha
Considering the massive positive effects Titans are having both on the environment and for new natural resources that humanity can use after the ending of King of the Monsters coupled with humans and Titans finding coexistence for now; surely only the craziest, most powerless and backward humans and groups of humans would still be spouting that all the Titans need to be indiscriminately wiped out (as in only the people whose opinions have too few supporters and who are mostly too stupid to gain an effective organization), even if a lot of humans probably feel some resentment that humanity isn't the dominant species anymore.

Perhaps Mechagodzilla's intended purpose, and the Titan-threatening conspiracy's intentions, are not to wipe out all Titans (at least not right away), but to use Mechagodzilla to defeat Godzilla and Kong so that Mechagodzilla, and therefore its human controllers, will be the new ruling Alpha over the other Titans.

Mechagodzilla is disguised because of Kevin
If Mechagodzilla is indeed disguised as Godzilla during the film and framing him, one issue that's been pointed out by others is that the idea of Mechagodzilla getting a Terminator-level lifelike sheath which makes him completely indistinguishable as an impostor seems a bit out-there (as in far-fetched) for the MonsterVerse's naturalistic standards.

This troper's theory is that that's where the severed Ghidorah head from The Stinger of Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) comes in, assuming it isn't just used to graft the endoskeleton or to act as Mechagodzilla's brain. Due to Ghidorah's unnatural abilities such as its Healing Factor which fundamentally doesn't exist in Earth's known natural order, the DNA in its severed head, upon analysis, provides Apex or whoever else might be responsible for Mechagodzilla's creation a massive scientific leap that gives them the key to creating a skin sheath that's completely in Godzilla's likeness.

Godzilla and Kong's ancestors never fought against each other in the Great Titan War
It is stated in the trailer that there was a war, and that the two of them are the last ones standing. However, its never specified who fought who in the Great Titan War, aside from one of Kong's ancestors fighting those bat kaiju. Godzilla's species and Kong's ancestors could have simply never encountered or avoided fighting each other. It's also possible that they were allies against more aggressive kaiju, such as the MUTOs or Skullcrawlers or possibly Ghidorah.
  • This theory isn't impossible, but I think it's more than likely Godzilla and Kong's respective did indeed previously war against each-other. Remember the cave painting of a member of either species fighting in the end credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), and Kong is way too young to have been around in ancient times.

Apex is actually serving the Eco-Terrorists' goals
We know Apex are described as a "sinister" group who are likely up to no good, and the running theory is that their goal is human domination over/extermination of the Titans by using Mechagodzilla, making them a Contrasting Sequel Antagonist to Alan Jonah and his pro-Titan Eco-Terrorists. But what if the organization has actually been covertly infiltrated and taken over by Jonah's Eco-Terrorists, and their real aim behind Mechagodzilla is not to make humans the dominant species over all the Titans, but to usurp the Alpha kingship from both Kong and Godzilla so the Eco-Terrorists can rule and reshape the world's ecosphere the way they think it should be ruled? (Rumor has it that Ghidorah's decapitated head will indeed appear in Godzilla vs. Kong.)



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