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Trailers and Promotional

  • The 5-minute trailer has a few zingers:
    • In a bit of Black Comedy is Rodan taking time to chow down on some unfortunate jet fighter pilots who bailed out of their jets...
    • When some ground forces try to shoot at Ghidorah with their puny little machine guns, the middle head turns to them and menacingly smiles at them, as if to say, "Is this all you got? Try this on for size!" Cue an Oh, Crap! from the soldiers, just before they get obliterated...
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    • Once Godzilla finally shows up, Ghidorah's middle head roars loudly at him. What makes it funny are the reactions of the other two heads: the left one flinches hesitantly as if to say to the middle head "are you sure about this?", while the right one responds to Godzilla's entrance with a Quizzical Tilt, looking confused.
  • One shot in the latest TV spot has a spectacular close up of all three of Ghidorah's heads roaring right at the camera... but the left head is furiously shaking like a puppy attacking a chew toy.
  • Throughout the trailer, Godzilla seems very pissed, and one shot of his Death Glare seems to look like he's almost scolding the humans for waking up giant monsters yet again. Poor big guy just can't catch a break.
  • Finally, Rodan actually IS confirmed.
  • The shot of Charles Dance (known for playing Hand of the King Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones) saying "Long Live The King!" Even funnier for Game of Thrones fans is that his beard and mandarin collar jacket make him look like he's playing Tywin again, only now he's serving a genuine monster king instead of a mere fire-obsessed madman or a psychotic brat in Westeros!
    • For bonus Game of Thrones points, he's shown staring at Ghidorah, a three-headed dragon - pretty much the symbol of House Targaryen!
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  • Godzilla shooting his atomic breath at the sky looks awesome but becomes rather awkward when you remember that unlike Ghidorah, Mothra, or Rodan, he can't fly...
  • There is a shot of Sally Hawkins looking at Godzilla through an underwater window, which may have some hilariously steamy implications. (And perhaps a ton of No Yay Fanfic Fuel....)
  • The Monarch site mentions that King Ghidorah's heads have "disparate levels of cognitive function", which suggests that one of the heads may be smarter or dumber than the others?
    • Word of God confirms one head, implied to be the middle one, is smarter than the others.
    • In the movie we see the above demonstrated by how the center head repeatedly has to stop the left head from (for lack of a better term) playing around with their victims. The thing outright is sniffing and curiously tasting the human bodies at one point!
  • The head of the United States Senate assuming that MONARCH wants to make Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, their pet. Doubles as an In-Universe funny moment as several other senators laugh at this comment. Dr. Serizawa sets them straight in what is also an Awesome rebuttal.
    Dr. Serizawa: No, we would be his.
  • The second trailer ends with Madison saying "Oh sh--" before she's cut off by Godzilla's deafening roar, almost as if the giant monster himself was saying "Watch your language, little girl!"
  • Godzilla running at King Ghidorah in Trailer 2's final shot. He's dashing at a speed completely unfitting for a creature his size. It almost comes off as Narm.
    • To some, the notion that people are nitpicking Godzilla's movement speed as unrealistic in itself is hilarious just due to the fact that Godzilla already breaks far too many laws of physics just by existing and focusing on this comes across as amusingly pedantic.
    • Though really, it's less of the physics and just the sheer image of Godzilla running that makes the whole scene downright hilarious. He's like an angry dog bursting into a full-speed chase after a terrified cat: you can tell just how much he HATES King Ghidorah and just can't wait to get his hands on him.
  • The Mama Said Knock You Out trailer as awesome as it is it's more-or-less a King Ghidorah Humiliation Conga video if you think about it.
    • The first clip of Ghidorah's beatdown is shown when Godzilla is forcefully slamming his right head into the ground, which then cuts to an explosion that sends Serizawa sailing.
    • Mothra encases all three heads in webbing that pins them against the side of a building, the left head is the only one that seems the least stuck. Godzilla, seeing the opportunity just aggressively shoves his entire body through it. One of Ghidorah's heads even hit the ground while in sync with the beat.


  • After Serizawa and Graham walk out of the Senate meeting, Coleman runs after them but leaves everyone to watch a video on Titan reproduction. Better yet, said video seen briefly is the clip of the two MUTOs courting in the 2014 film with everything blurred out as if it's nudity.
    Coleman: I think this is the one with the genitalia blurred out. . . but if it's not, leave a complaint with my assistant.
    • Let's not forget the disturbingly hilarious Fridge Logic this implies: the two MUTO were rubbing heads as they courted, and the female immediately had fertilized eggs after the brief encounter. And the video blurred out their heads. Implying that their heads ARE their genitalia.
  • When we first see Godzilla here (not counting from the intro’s flashback), Monarch is observing him underwater where his spikes are shown to be pulsating as a means of intimidation. He stops, it gets dark, and everyone watching him thinks he’s stopped. Cue Big G glowing and growling as he has just moved close enough to their viewpoint to frighten everyone.
  • Mark gets a lot of mileage out of his knowledge of animal behavior. When Godzilla is acting threatening towards Castle Bravo, he convinces them to stand down their weapons so as not to provoke Godzilla further. Then he tells them they should open their blast shields, to show Godzilla they're not a threat.
    Rick: Sure, let's bring him in for a beer. You out of your goddamn mind?
  • Madison watches Jonah rubbing his face, wearing a trademark Tywin Lannister scowl. Seeing her, he moves his hand, blocking his face momentarily, and uncovering it with a warm, charming smile. Madison responds by rubbing the corner of her eye with her middle finger. Jonah thinks this is Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Mark is aghast when he learns Monarch knows there are at least 16 other Titans including Godzilla. His temper gets heated when he's first brought onto Castle Bravo and advises that Jonah probably isn't going to try to capture the Mothra larvae when he has the ORCA. He sums it up as 'why go after this one (a larvae) when has the keys to your magical kingdom of horrors?'
  • Ghidorah's left head is something of a goofball (at least as much as a Ghidorah head can be goofy), easily distracted and curious (basically playing with the soldiers even as they shoot at him, then nuzzling/licking the fried corpses). The center head has to repeatedly discipline him with a Dope Slap and then a horn pull to keep him on task.
    • The idea of Ghidorah's three heads displaying differing personalities is amusing in itself, with the middle head being the intelligent and dominant one, the right head being the aggressive and irritable one, and the left head being the dimwitted, easily-distracted one. It wouldn't be too inaccurate to describe them as a dragon version of Shenzi, Banzai and Ed.
    • Rick at one point refers to Ghidorah as "Moe, Larry and Curly".
    • The left head is a dunce compared to the the other 2 heads apparently. In The Stinger his decapitated head is discovered by fishermen, and Alan Jonah has interest in it. Considering this new incarnation's regenerative abilities, it possibly won't be long now until he regrows an entirely new body, along with new heads presumably within a year or so and he'll be the one in charge for a change.
  • After Ghidorah's middle head grabs the chunk of ice Dr. Graham was standing on, the right head snatches a piece that falls from the middle head's mouth. The left head then looks up momentarily at the other two before turning to the rest of the humans, as if to say "Hey guys, can I have some too? Oh, nevermind, I'm just gonna catch a few of my own then."
    • And then the left head immediately takes a missile to the face, much to his annoyance.
  • After Ghidorah knocks down Godzilla with his gravity beams, the right head can be seen angrily snorting and shaking his head, as if to say, "That's what you get for messing with us, punk!"
  • Once the dramatic scene where Emma explains why she set Ghidorah free (which is very taunting due to a family getting split apart along with the sheer destruction wrought by the monster) is over, Dr. Chen is not in the mood for being polite, and says what most of the audience is probably thinking:
    Dr.Chen: That bitch.
  • Sam's general Butt-Monkey status. When Mark goes to sort the Argo's hangar bay door problem, he asks if anyone knows the way. Sam immediately volunteers - to which Mark asks if there's anybody else...
  • The human characters arguing about Ghidorah's name and how to pronounce it. One of them even asks if it's pronounced Gonorrhea.
  • Stanton's liquid intake. In the first meeting, his coffee cup is clearly marked "Not Yours". By the time the group are discussing Ghidorah shrugging off the Oxygen Destroyer, he's graduated to swigging from a hip flask.
  • Mark asking if they have a "snappy nickname" for Rodan. And later on, he refers to him as Big Bird.
    • Really, Mark is the odd one out in this movie, as while all the other characters respond to the Titans in either reverence or fear, Mark hates Titans so much he couldn't care less about MONARCH's attitude towards them, often referring to these giant, god-like monsters with the same level of disdain one might have for a particularly annoying pest.
    • Mark's reaction to the realization that Ghidorah is heading over to their location upon hearing Rodan's calls...
      Mark: He's either coming for food, a fight, or... something more intimate.
    • The above is especially funny when you consider the alliteration he was going with and how he broke the pattern.
  • Mark's reaction to Rodan's "catchy nickname"...
    Dr. Chen: Local legends called it Rodan, the Fire Demon.
    Mark: ...That's comforting.
  • As Rodan continues to pursue the Argo and take out the fighter jet escorts he starts to approach a second jet up close. Instead of the pilot ejecting he maneuvers away with Rodan's expression being very 'oh, a wise guy eh?' *Cue murdering the rest of the squadron.*
  • Rodan doing a barrel roll mid-air while being shot at by planes counts as both this and Awesome.
  • Black Comedy at its finest: a jet fighter pilot ejects from his plane... right into Rodan's jaws.
  • As Ghidorah is regrowing his missing head, the middle head tears off a chunk of extra flesh off the stump of the neck to help the new head emerge. He then chews and swallows, before making a face that says, "Hmm. We taste pretty good."
  • After Mothra appears before Monarch, and helps them find Godzilla, Barnes asks if Godzilla and Mothra are a "thing". Even after Rick tries to clarify that the two likely have a symbiotic relationship, Barnes simply responds:
    Barnes: That's messed up.
  • As they stand looking in awe at Mothra, Mark asks Rick if he's recording. Rick responds that he records everything. Then repeats "everything" in a low, lascivious tone. Mark gives him a weird look as the implication sinks in.
  • King Ghidorah destroys a Dunkin' Donuts billboard. 'Nuff said.
  • In the scene where Ghidorah arrives at Fenway Park, the middle head is searching intently for Madison, the right head roars skyward in rage...and the left head is looking in the opposite direction, clearly distracted by something else that caught his attention.
  • When Ghidorah starts blasting at Madison, the right and middle heads blast in short bursts, aiming and continuing to blast...and the left head is just continuously spamming his gravity beam like a trigger-happy maniac.
  • Mothra webbing two of Ghidorah's heads to a building, leaving the left one to untangle the other two, who are like "HURRY UP, YOU IDIOT!"
    • After trapping Ghidorah's heads in her silky snare, Mothra sounds like she's laughing at them!
    • And then that head has a visible Oh, Crap! expression when it sees Godzilla's reflection in the side of the building seconds before he slams them through it.
  • When Rodan swoops in and intercepts Mothra, he lets out a squawk that sounds amusingly like the Red Bird from Angry Birds.
  • At one point Ghidorah starts chowing down on a power line to absorb its energy. Godzilla reacts what seems to be confusion...then does a visible double-take.
  • The fact that the other Titans arrive after Godzilla finishes off Ghidorah. Remember that Ghidorah called them to his aid in the first place: too bad for him that his cavalry was too slow!
  • Rick states that Godzilla's likely to go nuclear-critical, in the middle of what's left of Boston, by saying, "In twelve minutes, it's going to be a bad day to be a Red Sox fan."
  • Rodan being all bootlicky before Godzilla, straight after siding with Ghidorah and nearly killing Mothra. He's basically the kaiju version of Starscream.
    • The look he gives Godzilla (note, he still has basically a sucking chest wound Mothra inflicted on him with her stinger) practically screams "Uh... please don't kill me?" It gets better: Rodan lands in front of Godzilla and roars a challenge. Godzilla, fresh from utterly obliterating Ghidorah, just looks at him like "You want to do this now, take your shot, because you're never gonna get a better one." Rodan seems to consider that for a moment, before basically prostrating himself before Godzilla.
    • In a bit of Fridge Logic, the implication that Rodan spent most of the climax just thrashing on the ground screaming in agony for the entire night somewhere offscreen becomes darkly Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • Still think nothing can top Godzilla's "Kiss of Death" on the Female Muto in the previous film in terms of Crazy Awesome? What about Godzilla lighting up Ghidorah's severed but still-living head in his mouth like a cigar, causing its eyes and mouth to light up like some morbid jack-o-lantern before exploding?
  • The Death Glare Godzilla gives each of the Titans in turn. It's like he's saying, "I could do this all day, if you want..." Naturally, after his epic trouncing of Ghidorah, none of the others takes him up on the challenge.
    • Rodan attempts to challenge Godzilla as to say "Fight me, bro!" when the latter gives him a Death Glare that speaks "Do you really want to fight me when I just vaporized Ghidorah?" with Rodan bowing down as to say "My bad" out of compliance.
  • While driving to find Madison, Mark and Emma are fighting and a soldier comments that if he had parents like them he'd have run away too. When Emma then turns her anger on him he repeats what he said with a "I don't have time for your shit" tone.
  • The credits listed Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Rodan and Mothra as themselves as part of the cast. Looks like that meta joke about contacting Ghidorah's agent was true.
  • After Dr. Serizawa revives Godzilla with the nuke, the kaiju swims up to the surface to observe the humans on their sub. Given that Godzilla's depicted as a Grumpy Old Man in this series, the look on his face is as though saying; "You woke up that bastard Ghidorah, then you damn kids hit me with a bomb that near killed me, and THEN you blew up my house... I should kick your ass for any one of those things alone...but that nuke was a tasty home delivery, and the delivery guy died, bless him, and I gotta go and beatdown a dragon, soo..." (fires breath into the sky) "Don't let it happen again."
  • Serizawa quotes what sounds like an old piece of wisdom, but claims he actually got it from a fortune cookie. A very long fortune cookie.
  • There's another bit of black humor as the Osprey deploys in Boston to look for Madison. Martinez makes a sign of the cross while Barnes closes his eyes and steels himself. The moment two red shirts just in front of them get off they get disintegrated by some of Ghidorah's storm lighting.
  • Right after Godzilla incinerates Ghidorah's wings with his nuclear pulse, Ghidorah starts to stumble on his back, and his facial expressions pretty much have him saying "Stay back! STAY BACK!"
  • Fridge humor? The only piece of Ghidorah to survive the movie (so to speak) was the severed left head from the second battle. In other words, Ghidorah's LEFT HEAD is all that is LEFT of him.
    • If that comes across as a pretty weak joke, consider the fact that the left head was the idiot of the three. If Ghidorah does manage to regenerate from this head... just imagine what the new Ghidorah will be like!
  • As a pissed-off Rodan chases the Argo, (which is leading him right to Ghidorah), getting closer and closer to the plane; one can imagine that he's thinking; "Almost got em, almost got em... a little bit closer...(looks up and see's Ghidorah) HOLY SHIT!" (Crashes straight into the dragon)
  • Godzilla’s final fight with Ghidorah takes on a somewhat funnier tone too when one considers that he’s been given the equivalent of an adrenaline shot from the nuke, therefore is probably mentally going through the equivalent of Caffeine Bullet Time, only to crash as Ghidorah eventually gains the upper hand.
    • Additionally, getting further boosted by Mothra, and going into Unstoppable Rage! Two words: Roid rage.
  • Doubling as kind of adorable, one of the news items in the credits is a Twitter post about Carnival Breeze getting a surprise visit from Godzilla. There's something inherently humorous about Godzilla being treated not only as something tourists gawk at, but essentially a full-on celebrity.


  • The inclusion of a remix of Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla", sung by Serj Tankian of System of a Down is both this and a Moment of Awesome. Like, who could have seen this coming?
    • The addition of the Japanese male voices in the background. At one point, their chanting seems to synch to the main lyrics in a call-and-response. . . except it sounds more like they're correcting the singer's pronounciation.
    History shows again and again how nature point out the folly of men. Godzilla!
  • Meta example: On Twitter, Michael Dougherty posted a teaser image of King Ghidorah, and one commenter replied "But does he still go bidibidibidibidi" to which Dougherty bluntly replied "Yes". And there was much fan rejoicing.
  • One TV spot shows Rodan charging Ghidorah solo. The fans promptly began to poke fun at Rodan trying to solo King Ghidorah of all monsters with stuff like this.
    • Also just the fact that Rodan seems to be a Chaotic Neutral figure who's just fighting everybody. He's got no morals, allegiances or loyalties of any sort, he's just one royally pissed-off pterosaur who just wants to beat everyone up.
  • In a meta example, toy companies have released several rather... peculiar KOTM-related merchandise, including a Godzilla pet costume for dogs, an inflatable Ghidorah suit with hand puppets for the two side heads, and a rather horrifying-looking Mothra mask, among other rather questionable stuff.
    • There's also the widely-mocked Rodan figure that due to its color and texture had many fans describing it as looking like beef jerky.
  • Not counting Godzilla Earth, Legendary Godzilla was the biggest Godzilla (108) meters on record until Shin Godzilla came along at 118.5. Now, Legendary has gotten a growth spurt, putting him at 119.8 meters. Given their respective nations, it's almost as if the US and Japan are in a one-upmanship contest arguing; "No, mine's bigger!"
  • In combination of both this and Awesome Music, one of the trailers is set to, of all songs, "Mama Said Knock You Out!" by LL Cool J, in what is definitely a Mythology Gag to when Godzilla won the MTV Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • The fanbase's clapbacks to critics attacking the film have been pretty hilarious at times. Notably, the fandom's collective rage at one Rotten Tomatoes critic who had the nerve to call Mothra "an ugly disgusting moth." Fans were not pleased.
  • Charles Dance and his lukewarm feelings about the film can be contrasted with his IGN interview where he responds to Godzilla comments. He reads all the comments with flair, humorously remarks on some of the usernames, reacts with an enthusiastic "YES!" at a Game of Thrones reference, and is even offended on Godzilla's behalf when he thinks someone is "implying that Godzilla is mentally deficient".
    Charles Dance: No, he is a very very bright, very smart Godzilla.
    • The comment was actually calling Godzilla a "chunky thicc zilla" (which is funny on its own), but Dance naturally has no idea what it means. He also mispronounces "homies" and "kaiju", but his delivery makes it wonderfully entertaining.
      Charles Dance: "Why are Godzilla and Mothra fighting? I thought they were hom-ees?" These words I've never seen before...
      Charles Dance: "I'm hyped to see Gonorrhea—" What?!
  • This highly entertaining merchandise for Memetic Badass Kevin Ghidorah.
  • During the dvd commentary for the Mothra vs Rodan fight, one staff member suggested that Mothra’s retractable stinger is actually an ovipositor, meaning she could’ve implanted her young into him. Mike Dougherty had a mini freakout over the idea of Rodan being pregnant.

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