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Memes / Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

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  • "Smoking the Dragon Blunt"Explanation (spoilers) 
  • With KOTM receiving mediocre reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, it's become commonplace for fans to joke that Ghidorah (or Kong) running the critic site and/or bribing critics to sabotage Godzilla's Hollywood career.
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  • Godfather: King of the Mobsters.
  • Perhaps to mock fans throwing increasing speculative theories around as facts, some fans are jokingly trying to prove that the oil field scorpion monster is King Ghidorah and that he would turn into a scorpion in the final fight of the movie. Some have even edited the teaser images to make fun of the concept, claiming that the three heads seen in one shot are scorpion tails.
  • The brief shot in the second trailer of KOTM where Ghidorah spreads his wings menacingly at Godzilla has drawn comparisons to DIO's "Oh, you're approaching me?" meme from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. This scene is even recreated in this glorious image with Godzilla as Jotaro and King-Ghidorah as DIO.
    • As well as these glorious fanart pieces. AWAKEN, MY MONSTERS!
    • Godzilla himself is compared to Jotaro since they're both dark-colored badass heroes note  with personal grudges against their respective villains and they battle said villains in close range.
    • The reveal that Ghidorah has the vampiric ability to drain his victim's energy, as well as his fate as a living severed head only further fueled comparisons to DIO, as well as his tendency to strike intimidating poses or his association with the color gold.
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    • Many have also compared Rodan to Avdol's Stand "Magician's Red", or compared Mothra's Heroic Sacrifice to power up Godzilla to Caesar's "TAKE THE LAST OF MY HAMON!"
  • Calling the monsters "Titans" has prompted quite a few comments of "Where is Eren Yeager when you need him?"
  • The fact that the second trailer was teased in the December 2018 Comic-Con drew lots of jokes about how "we have trailers for trailers now".
  • The reveal of Mothra's new design, with curved claws on her forelimbs, has inspired plenty of jokes comparing her design to the Pokémon Scyther and Kabutops.
    • Many Pokémon fans also frequently compare the film's main monsters to Pokemon that resemble them, such as Tyranitar (Godzilla), Aerodactyl (Rodan), Volcarona (Mothra) and Hydreigon (King Ghidorah), also poking fun at the 4-trainer Battle Royale mechanic introduced in the Sun & Moon games where four trainers can either team up or just beat the heck out of each other (which the film's main Titans are pretty much doing.)
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    • The introduction of Dynamax Battles in Pokémon Sword and Shield drew jokes from the fandom comparing it to this film, as the Pokemon are greatly buffed up for three rounds and grow to Kaiju size. Many have expressed a desire to see a Dynamax Tyranitar fight a Dynamax Hydreigon for this very reason. Even more Hilarious in Hindsight with the reveal of Gigantimax Charizard.
  • The shot of Sally Hawkins looking at Godzilla through an underwater window has prompted jokes that she wants to have sex with him.
    • With Dr. Graham getting killed by Ghidorah early on, many fans have expressed outrage that "Sally Hawkins deserved better!"
    • Also, "Ghidorah's favorite crackers are Graham."
    • "Who's gonna tell the Amphibian Man about his girlfriend's fate?"
  • With Charles Dance uttering the line "Long live the king" and considering one of his most well known roles, cue the Game of Thrones jokes.
    • On a related note, people referencing House Targaryen for King Ghidorah's appearance (since their sigil is fittingly a three-headed dragon).
    • "The Dragon has three heads, and the left one is Jon Snow"Explanation 
    • "The Lepidopterans send their regards."Explanation 
  • Due to how spectacular the trailer for this movie is, hundreds of people have started making trailers for other movies using the style of this trailer. Some have even remade Godzilla trailers like this, from Godzilla (2014) to Shin Godzilla!
  • "You mean you want us to make Godzilla our pet?" "No, we would be his." Cue fandom jokes about Godzilla keeping an ant farm but with humans.
  • Mothra's title as "Queen of the Monsters" has had some fans musing about Monarch shipping Mothra and Godzilla. Some are even joking about names of such a Crack Pairing, such as "Mothzilla".
    • The meme has further gained traction with Michael Dougherty himself acknowledging it on Twitter, dropping some Ship Tease in his descriptions of Godzilla and Mothra's "symbiotic relationship".
  • Ghidorah spreading his wings in a threatening posture as he faces off against Godzilla has also drawn comparisons to the "T-pose to assert dominance" meme.
  • It certainly isn't as hate-fueled as GINO for the 1998 Godzilla but Mothra has been teasingly revered to as MINO after her figure was revealed with some dramatic changes. note 
  • Godzilla sprinting straight at Ghidorah has spawned memes of "Very big lizard boi running at incredible hihg speed".
  • Rodan has been affectionately compared to Starscream due to having flight, speed and an association with the color red. And most importantly Rodan's sulky resignation to submit to Godzilla was what sealed it.Note 
  • Ghidorah's three heads have drawn comparisons to the three hyenas Shenzi, Banzai and Ed from The Lion King.
    • Likewise, there's a similar one that depicts Ed, Edd, and Eddy from Ed Eddn Eddy as Ghidorah's three heads.
  • "Ichi, Ni, San AKA Kevin"Explanation 
  • Fans have taken to using a screenshot from Thor: Ragnarok of the Hulk throwing his hands up and frustratedly yelling "Big monster!" as a counterpoint to the mediocre reviews King of the Monsters is getting.
  • Early on in 2019, some concept art leaked allegedly showing the new King Ghidorah design that had disproportionately long limbs. The concept was widely mocked by the fandom, with many jokingly comparing it to a giraffe, though it was later mitigated after the leaks were revealed to be fake.
  • "Is that a monkey?"Explanation 
  • The SDCC trailer is widely agreed upon to have both Awesome Music and Visual Effects of Awesome, to the point where multiple people have done fan-made trailers for other movies in that style.
  • Godzilla: Endgame Explanation 
  • Crawl and Godzilla are the same movie.Explanation 

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