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Nightmare Fuel / Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

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The Devil has three heads.

  • The five-minute trailer with the full awakening of Ghidorah... and it's every bit as nightmarish as you could possibly imagine. Madison's mom is the one who awakens Ghidorah, smashing apart his icy prison with explosives. Then a massive, glowing crack appears in the ice, out of which emerges a spiked tail, rattling like a rattlesnake's, followed by a head...and another head...and then one more...
    • The middle head is downright terrifying in how intelligent and intentional its actions are compared to the other two. It actively stalks humans and will stop at nothing to torment and spite them. It even displays an absolutely wicked Slasher Smile whenever it is about to attack other monsters or do something terrible to the human cast.
    • The left head, although not as bad as the the middle head, blends a psychotic appetite for cruelty and destruction with a childlike sense of inquisitiveness. It delights at vaporizing humans with gravity beams while curiously licking the ground to taste their ashes. Like a toddler pulling the legs off of bugs or burning them with magnifying glasses, the left head is basically playing and the humans are his toys.
    • And the right head, while the least sadistic, shows surprising combat pragmatism in battle, even using a power generator as an Improvised Weapon of sorts. He may be the middle head's loyal sidekick, but he might arguably be even smarter.
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    • In general, the terrifying thing about this Ghidorah is how intelligent he is overall. This Ghidorah isn't a pawn of invaders, he isn't a brute, he's the mastermind. He's the most powerful Titan on the planet, dangerous enough to destroy civilization by himself, and commands all the other Titans...and he's both actively malevolent and smart.
  • To further amp up Ghidorah's Satanic Archetype, one of the shots in the latest trailer has him perched atop Rodan's volcano, wreathed in flames while a crucifix is seen looming ominously in the foreground - almost as if the Kaiju is asking humanity where their God is now, or to declare themselves it.
  • The same trailer also shows a battered Mothra, her wings charred and tattered, charging Ghidorah head-on and taking three gravity beams to the face. Given her track record, it's unclear if she survived it...
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  • In one TV spot, a panicked Mark Russell asks, "How many of these things are there?" To which Serizawa responds, "Seventeen, and counting." And a screen later shows a map of the world, with dozens of red dots on each continent...
  • Monarch knows how tall Ghidorah is, standing at a massive 521 feet tall (or 158.801 meters), but his wingspan? Monarch is still working on finding the wingtips to figure that out. Just how big is this Dragon?
    • The last shot of him in the trailer shows just how much Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan have their work cut out for them when they take him on. In higher quality versions of the videos, his eyes ominously glow from out of the darkness...all six of them.
  • It's stated in viral marketing that Ghidorah can create cataclysmic thunderstorms just by flying and in the first trailer we get to see said storm...
  • In the Comic-Con Sneak Peek, you can hear what sounds like Ghidorah's scream around the 0:30 mark. It does not sound friendly.
    • Hell, it's basically a retouched version of his creepy, giggling Showa roar! This powerful, malevolent creature of death and devastation sounds like he's laughing maniacally.
    • It's briefly heard in the second trailer as Godzilla and Ghidorah charge at each other, and it's a more threatening remix of the Showa roar, with a bit of the Heisei screech thrown in.
  • Rodan's shadow is shown as he flies over a city...which crumbles behind him.
    • What makes it all the scarier is that Rodan usually has to fly at high speed to do that much damage in the older movies. Here, he's taking a leisurely glide, and utterly laying a whole town to waste (or at least ripping off most every roof).
  • The brief shot we get of an utterly destroyed Washington D.C it really shows just how humanity is on the brink of extinction, not to mention that Rodan is flying next Ghidorah's storm almost as if guarding him, possibly implying they will team up.
  • There is a brief shot of Ghidorah looking through a window at Madison and it seems pretty clear he's looking for her. A cataclysmic, world-ending monster, a living natural disaster, is specifically out to get you. Yikes. In the movie though he was after the Orca.
    • One fan on Tumblr pointed out that across both the teaser and first trailer, Ghidorah seems awfully interested in Madison. He could kill her instantly without even noticing, yet seems to be going out of his way to hunt down and torment a defenseless little girl.
    • To really emphazie this the Monarch Viral marketing shows that Godzilla has been keeping tabs on Ghidorah. It says a lot when the Kajiu that took on two MUTOs and basically demolished them is concerned about the possibility of one Kaiju being unleashed.
  • The Viral site for the film shows Monarch has several outposts all around the world, but only those related to the movie's kaiju stars (minus Godzilla, who's being tracked) are currently visible. We don't know what could be lurking on those other places. And given the Tohoverse has a rich menagerie of monstrosities...
    • To make matters worse, two are located in the Middle East, one under Egypt and one under Israel. Whose to say that in this world the ancient Egyptian pantheon and the God of the Abrahamic religions weren't inspired by some sort of kaiju? And if so, given how eclectic the Egyptian gods are and how utterly indescribable God is said to be, just how horrifying were these monstrosities?
    • Several of those sites are in the middle of inhabited areas of North America, Europe and Russia, the UK, and the Middle East. If the female MUTO almost left Las Vegas in ruins just by passing through to find her mate, imagine what any of those monsters could do without having any other goals in mind, and just lashing out at the strange new cities, sights and sounds before them, and how many lives would be lost.
    • The cave painting of Rodan is noted to have human blood in its pigment. Dr. Chen posits two possibilities behind this. The first is that it's the blood of warriors who died fighting Rodan and done as a tribute to them. The other? That it's the blood of people who were sacrificed to Rodan to make sure he stays benevolent.
  • The second trailer shows numerous monsters rising from their apparent slumber and it becomes horrifically clear that while Ghidorah might be the worst threat he’s also not the only one.
    • In the first trailer, it was very hard to gauge Rodan's size due to all the aerial shots. Here, we see him emerging from the volcano from a human perspective, and it looks as if some sort of massive demon is clawing its way out of the mountain!
  • We finally get to see the three-headed evil space dragon in all his glory and he is terrifying to say the least.
  • Mixed with some Tearjerker the opening of the second trailer with Madison trying to contact help only to hear others frantically asking for help themselves and screaming in terror. It gets to be to much for the poor kid and she tries to shut it out by closing her ears.
  • The second trailer has the representatives of MONARCH, including Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, try to argue with Governmental representatives that the threat created by the Titans requires them to determine which of them humanity can rely on. One representative jokes that this indicates that MONARCH expects humanity to treat Godzilla as a pet. Serizawa is quick to correct them that it's the other way around- that humanity would be Godzilla's pet. Essentially, our very survival depends on gaining the favor of a massively powerful entity far older than anything else on the planet, and who unlike Kong regards humans with indifference at best.
  • Trailer #2 has two quick shots of other Titans awakening: the first in a sandy/desert area with enormous arachnid/arthropod legs erupting from the ground; and the second in a forest area just outside a town with a gigantic hill of rock, earth, and trees moving forward and rising up with hints of spikes poking through. ALL of them are getting up now, and the world isn't big enough for humanity AND multiple Titans...
  • A brief clip is shown of a fighter jet desperately trying to out-speed Rodan, who is slowly gaining on it with his talons outstretched like a massive bird of prey.
  • The second trailer shows a brief clip of a monster with volcanic-looking black-and-glowing red flesh, walking through a city and setting everything around it on fire. The worst part? It appears to be Godzilla himself.
    • It's not just burning everything, however. Whatever this monster is, it's causing nearby metal structures to instantly melt from its presence alone.
    • If it really is Godzilla, remember what happened the first time he went into Burning mode...
    • Confirmed, as of this toy reveal. What it means for Godzilla's ultimate fate remains to be seen...
  • The closeup shot of Godzilla's face where he slowly turns around and gives the most terrifying Death Glare imaginable. The fact that his face appears to have been heavily mauled and is missing chunks of flesh doesn't help.
  • Rodan stands out as the Token Evil Teammate out of him, Godzilla, and Mothra. While the latter two are downright protective of humans, or so indifferent that harming them doesn’t even cross his mind, Rodan shows he has no problem taking out any humans that get in his way. He's literally the first monster to bow to Ghidorah as the new King of the Titans, and actively fights at his side against Godzilla and Mothra in the final battle.
  • The final trailer has a moment of Godzilla and Ghidorah's fight where Ghidorah bites at Godzilla with one head, then proceeds to slam his other two heads into his opponent at lightning speed. Godzilla's got his work cut out for him.
  • Also in the final trailer, we get a healthy dose of Adult Fear from Rodan's flight were a boy is being pulled away by the winds of his flight as a soldier and the boys mother futilely try to save him. Thousands of people are inevitably gonna die? Well, kids are part of that statistic. Thankfully, this doesn't happen in the movie itself, as the boy is never shown being torn away by the winds and is later shown on board the evacuation Osprey when it just barely makes it onto the Argo.


  • The opening logos feature ancient stone carvings of mangled new creatures, which are Titans we haven't even seen yet. Furthermore, they're shown as found video, which distorts suddenly as loud stomping is heard.
  • Alan Jonah and his men break into the facility studying Mothra and gun everybody down. The last, completely terrified scientist puts his hands up in surrender, but Jonah nonchalantly shoots him in the head.
  • This adaptation holds no punches in showing off just how powerful King Ghidorah is. There's a reason why he's traditionally Godzilla's only true rival.
    • When the Oxygen Destroyer missile hits, Godzilla is seemingly killed by the blast. But Ghidorah, who had one of his heads ripped off by Godzilla moments ago? He doesn't even flinch.
    • He then showcases his Healing Factor, which a horrified Monarch reveals is something completely unprecedented in all their studies of Titans. Godzilla can regenerate, but it takes years in a dormant state to do so. Ghidorah regrows his head in seconds. The regeneration itself is a gory mess, tendrils of flesh rebuilding Ghidorah's left head as the other two tug the extra meat aside to aid it its reconstruction.
    • He comes incredibly close to killing Godzilla on not one, but several occasions. If it weren't for Godzilla obtaining his Burning Mode through Dr. Serizawa's Heroic Sacrifice, Godzilla probably would have lost to Ghidorah. The first time they fought was more of a tie but Ghidorah probably would have beaten Godzilla as he was winning fair and squad before he flew off.
      • Ghidorah is literally never touched by Godzilla in their entire first fight, except for one of the former's heads being bitten into and subsequently choke slammed by Godzilla at the beginning. The rest is Ghidorah completely dominating Godzilla. He even knocks Godzilla into the hole he came from after dodging Godzilla's atomic breath before blasting him with gravity beams from all three of his heads.
  • The shot of Rodan, here presented as a more antagonistic version of himself feared as "the Fire Demon", bowing to Ghidorah, cementing the space dragon's position as the Usurper King of the Monsters.
  • The roar Ghidorah emits atop the volcano to awaken the other Titans is spine-chilling, and what's more, he sets them loose on the world to cause untold destruction that could very well have claimed millions of lives, at least.
  • Ghidorah is not only an Alpha Titan but he's not even from this planet. He's completely outside the order the Titans function within and his very existence destabilizes the world. But what's scary about this is the Fridge Horror: what kind of world would create such a monster?
    • Even more horrifying: Somewhere in the universe is a world filled with creatures just. Like. Him. And apparently they're capable of traveling through space.
  • Ghidorah's death. The first nuclear pulse roasts his wings to a crisp. The second melts his two side heads, crying out in agony as they are reduced to charred skulls. Ghidorah backs up in obvious terror as Godzilla advances. The middle head survives this...and by the look on his face, he knows he's utterly screwed. Then comes the third pulse, delivered by Godzilla right to his chest, which completely and utterly vaporizes Ghidorah's body. Everything bar the head itself...which is still alive! Roaring and struggling as Godzilla grasps it in his mouth, charges one final Atomic Breath, and blasts Ghidorah to atoms.
  • After all we've seen of Ghidorah and his healing ability, we end the film on Jonah buying the severed left head which had been dragged up from the dead IS that thing? Might we be seeing the rise of Mecha King Ghidorah?
    • And assuming that it is still alive, and able to regenerate, is it possible that severed parts of Ghidorah could potentially grow into new Ghidorahs? Imagine Godzilla having to contend with more that just one of him...
  • The Oxygen Destroyer is a pretty big one in itself. Imagine if you will, a bomb that leaves absolutely no collateral damage in a two mile radius but ensures that anything alive within that radius will be killed instantly. What other weapons could the governments of the world conceive of to combat the threat of the Titans? And what monsters would arise as a result?
    • In the original film, Dr. Serizawa feared the Oxygen Destroyer's potential so much he sacrificed himself so it could never be remade. Here? It was created by the military, and they know its true potential since it nearly killed Godzilla.
  • Godzilla's intimidation display at Castle Bravo can be this. You hear a roar echo through the water, and open the blast shields to see a giant leviathan that could shred the entire facility like paper slowly swimming in your direction, looking like some sort of Lovecraftian demon.
    • This is followed by the lights suddenly going dark only for Godzilla to pull a jump scare as he rushes right past the blast doors.
  • Ghidorah's entrance in the Isla de Mara battle. The Argo is being pursued by Rodan into the storm Ghidorah's made, and Rodan's about to grab the aircraft - when suddenly he veers away, and the lightning suddenly illuminates the far larger Ghidorah looming out of the darkness right in front of everyone in the Argo. No wonder Sam and Chen look terrified.
    • Heck, Rodan looks terrified in the split second before Ghidorah arrives. Let that sink in: The 154 foot tall, 39043 ton fiery pterodactyl that sleeps in volcanoes and can level cities just by flying over them is terrified by Ghidorah's presence. Though this doesn't stop him from fighting the guy.
  • During the climactic battle, Godzilla seems to have Ghidorah on the ropes, even dragging one of the latter's heads through a portion of a building, when one of dragon-like kaiju's heads bites down on an electric transformer. There’s a wide shot of the power draining shown by the whole city going dark...and then Ghidorah flares his wings and lights it right back up again, spewing lightning bolts from pretty much every point on his body. It’s a terrifying sight to behold.
  • Rodan's awakening. The city is full of noise from the mass of evacuating people but then and unearthly screech cuts through the air and everyone goes silent as they look to the volcano.
  • What ACTUALLY killed Emma at the end - the car flip, the falling rubble, or Godzilla? Because the last one could have been either his mere presence which was melting steel and concrete or the Nuclear Pulse, which was frying Ghidorah to ash. No matter which way you slice it, it was agonizing if brief. note 
  • The movie's final line of dialogue is truly nightmare inducing: Dr. Stanton been glad Godzilla is on the humans' side, and Dr. Chen replying with a "For now." Considering men like Jonah still exist, it's not impossible that Godzilla will have to face human threats one day...and it would not be a merciful sight.
  • After Mothra gives Godzilla an assist at Boston, Ghidorah ends up deciding to keep her busy. We get a particularly ominous moment as a result of this—as Mothra wheels back, claws bared, ready to attack Ghidorah, we see the sky behind her slowly beginning to glow a fiery red...and she barely has any time to react as Rodan swoops in from the clouds and intercepts her.
  • Despite being shown as nothing less than heroic the whole movie, the way Godzilla suddenly takes note of the humans watching him after his Pillar of Light is very subtly terrifying for fans familiar with older Godzilla films, as this one scene will bring to mind the many, many times Godzilla's regarded humans in the past and the destruction that always followed.

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