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Headscratchers / Godzilla: The Series

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  • Season 2 Episode 1: Future Craven already told HEAT that the D.R.A.G.M.A.S are genetically-engineered, why did Elsie sounds so surprised to hear the same thing from Future Hicks?
    • She was probably still in shock about what has happened to the world.
  • Ok, so, in the first episode, during the fight between Godzilla and the military, Hicks threatened to have Nick tried for treason, but what exactly did Nick do that was so traitorous?
    • Hiding Godzilla's existence. He's a threat to national security.
  • Monster Wars: Robo-Yeti, why didn’t it appear? Even as a cameo? Maybe this should go under a new WMG page, but I was rewatching the series recently. Was intensely disappointed that when Cyber Zilla attacked Tokyo was disappointed that we didn’t get Robo-Yeti vs Cyber Zilla fight or atleast cameo.
    • Who says he hadn't. Robo-Yeti may have been fightign the Tachyon aliens off-screen.
  • So what's up with Crustaceous Rex's name? I know Nick's more of a worm guy than a squid guy, but this thing has nothing in common with a crustacean.
    • That name doesn't sound like it was made up by Nick, most likely it's Randy's doing.