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  • What exactly is the purpose of "Turn Back O Man"? It seems to be a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. In this troper's production, it was just a fun number, but in the movie, it looked like she was tempting Jesus. Unlike the other numbers, it doesn't tie in with a parable or advance the plot.
    • Community theater cast member here (Gilmer, Celisse, whatever you want to call her): That's not really what's supposed to happen. In "Turn Back, O Man", the disciples are still having fun while Jesus is off by Himself singing pensively. His followers are completely oblivious as to what is to come, and they can't understand why Jesus doesn't want to join in. The actress is trying to make Him part of the number, not tempt Him. Immediately after the number ends, Jesus says, "Stop. This is the beginning." It should be an example of Dramatic Irony by way of Foregone Conclusion. It's not your fault by any means, but I think your director missed the mark with that number.
    • I think part of the issue is that the movie changed the placement of "Turn Back O Man" to take place significantly earlier, long before we get any sense of the impending crucifixion. I think (speaking for the movie as the above response gave a good explanation for it in the show), it's not so much that she's seriously trying to tempt Jesus but they all seem to be making fun of the idea of excessive wealth and how seductive it can be - the song comes right off the back of Jesus saying you can't serve both God and money and then the disciples all start pretending to be rich snobs, then during the song they're all dancing round a massive house obviously reserved for the wealthy. So it ties in with the story in that sense. I agree it's a very odd song since there's a complete Lyrical Dissonance going on with the melody sounding more like a "Jessica Rabbit"-style 20s lounge song (which is typically seductive while the lyrics are the opposite of that). Personally, I'd rather they'd dropped this song (if they had to move it from its place in the show) and kept "Learn Your Lessons Well" for the movie but there we go...