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Heartwarming / Godspell

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  • "Save The People" has some serious potential to be a CMOH. The lyrics certainly are, to say the least. Unfortunately, many productions don't do this particular song justice. The song is generally supposed to be upbeat and hopeful, and when everyone's dancing and singing and putting their all into it, this song can be a huge Heartwarming Moment.
  • The "Long Live God/Day By Day" segment of the finale can be very heartwarming if done right, especially coming on the heels of the devastating Betrayal/Crucifixion sequence. With Jesus dead and his friends emotionally wrecked, the slow build up of the "Long live God" tune as they take him down and its segue into a positively joyful reprise of "Day By Day" just drives home the main point of the show (Jesus' teachings of love and forgiveness), despite the absence of an explicit resurrection.