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  • The film used every trick in the book to make it visually interesting, since what works in a live performance will be dull in a film. For example, there are some incredible long, long shots of the cast that required timing, highlighted by "All For the Best".
  • "Prepare Ye", which breaks up "Tower of Babble" and turns the entire cast from fighting philosophers to joyful singers and dancers.
  • "Alas For You".
    Alas, alas for you, lawyers and Pharisees, hypocrites to a man!
    Sons of the dogs who murdered the prophets, finishing off what your fathers began!
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  • "Long Live God".
  • According to one interview, Godspell was written partially as a Take That! against people who suggested that the Vietnam War was God’s will. John-Michael Tebelak was upset by that idea and decided to point out how the Bible preaches love for humanity, not war and violence.