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  • The film used every trick in the book to make it visually interesting, since what works in a live performance will be dull in a film. For example, there are some incredible long, long shots of the cast that required timing, highlighted by "All For the Best".
    • Another for the film that's sort of tied into the above: the sheer amount of effort that went into making the majority of the film take place in a seemingly completely deserted New York, despite all the long tracking shots. With several scenes taking place in what would normally be incredibly busy and densely populated areas. And combine this with the fact that the film was made long before the technology was available for film crews to simply digitally remove people/objects. The result is incredibly effective.
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  • "Prepare Ye", which breaks up "Tower of Babble" and turns the entire cast from fighting philosophers to joyful singers and dancers.
  • "Alas For You".
    Alas, alas for you, lawyers and Pharisees, hypocrites to a man!
    Sons of the dogs who murdered the prophets, finishing off what your fathers began!
  • "Long Live God".
  • According to one interview, Godspell was written partially as a Take That! against people who suggested that the Vietnam War was God’s will. John-Michael Tebelak was upset by that idea and decided to point out how the Bible preaches love for humanity, not war and violence.