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  • Anubis, without hesitation putting himself between Apophis and all the souls he's escorting through the Land of the Dead.
  • When Bek witnesses Ra unleash the power of his spear upon Apophis. He has to hide below the deck of Ra's ship to avoid getting incinerated. Ra then grows twice his normal size, his body becoming surrounded by a fiery aura. Ra fights Apophis, firing a beam of flames at Apohophis which forces the beast to retreat.
  • Hathor coming out of nowhere to save Bek and Horus from one of the giant fire-breathing serpents. How does she do it? She first helps it by removing the spear that Horus had jammed into its jaws. She then charms it with her powers, seducing it into immolating itself.
    Hathor: (to the serpent) You are so very... cold.
    • Horus deals with Astarte by binding her to make sure she'll ride her snake off a cliff.
    Astarte: Too bad you can no longer fly!
    Horus: Neither can you!
  • In the space of a few moments, Horus chooses to save Bek over retrieving his lost eye and apologises to Bek, a mere human, for still failing to save him before they start falling to their deaths - only to suddenly transform into his winged form, a feat he'd thought impossible without both of his eyes, and carry Bek safely to the ground (though Bek is already mortally wounded).

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