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Drinking Game / Godzilla

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  • Take a shot every time someone uses a very abrupt swear word against a kaiju.
  • Every time a monster fight abruptly cuts away to a non-action sequence, take a shot.
  • Take a shot every time the dub of a movie mispronounces a monster's name note 
    • Do not attempt on Gigantis the Fire Monster.
  • Every time the military launches a futile strike on a kaiju, take a shot.
  • Take a shot every time you see stock footage in the older movies.
    • Take two if it causes continuity flubs like day shifting to night or the wrong monster being on screen.
  • Drink when a monster roars.
  • Drink when a monster's leitmotif or theme is played.
    • Down the glass and pour a fresh one if it's one of Mothra's that has vocals (Mothra’s Song, Sacred Springs, Haora Mosura, etc) being performed in-story by the Shobijin.
      • Either limit yourself to a sip or else attempt at your own risk and have an ambulance on speed dial for her debut movie and for the Rebirth trilogy.
  • For those looking to get fancy with the above two (As well as potentially others), use specific drinks or shots for specific monsters (Feel free to add your own to this list):
    • A Depth Charge for the Big G himself.
    • A Dark And Stormy for Ghidorah.
    • A Float Like A Butterfly for Mothra.
    • A Fireball for Rodan.
    • An Iron Butterfly for Battra.
    • A Grasshopper for Kamacuras.
    • A Green Iguana for Zilla. Once again, you could probably use it.
    • A Screwdriver for any of the mecha or fighting robots.