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To tell you the truth, I am Robinton.

I have written Minecraft mods. I have gotten bits of a few of them added to the game. Yes, I inspired Minecraft's Anvil format. And 4096IDs (though I don't think it works yet, and I'm probably not the only inspiration there). And the new condensed debug screen.

You may have heard of me.

I got my username from Masterharper Robinton in Dragonriders Of Pern. Harper Hall Trilogy, to be precise. Why? If I had been born in the Middle Ages, I would have been a bard. A life of singing, telling stories, and wandering over miles and miles of terrain certainly appeals to me. As it is, I read and write stories, and occasionally attend drama. Oddly enough, my parents are Reasonable Authority Figures, and also fit about half of the positive authority / mentoring tropes.


My real name is Daniel, and I sometimes also go by Veriton.

If you see a variant of either of my usernames ending in "TheTaller", it's probably me. I have also gone by "ApolloTheTaller" at least once.

I'm a Computer Science major in college. Sophomore. Straight 'A's. No, I can't do Hollywood Hacking. Yes, I can write video games.

I was homeschooled through most of high school. My comment on the few times I took classes at public high school is "Awesome, if it weren't for what awful things some kids say." I was a bit sheltered, so take that with a half-grain of salt. My comment on being homeschooled is "Very awesome, but no school swim team, and merely 'Adequate' essay writing lessons."

Now rise and be all that you dreamed!